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Okay, but since the writers are clearly screwing with everyone now, and so many fans were convinced Tom Hiddleston would be playing a third Holmes brother…

The ACTUAL BEST thing they could do is say they were taking John to meet Sherrinford up in the tower. When they get there, he sees Tom Hiddleston. But then it turns out Tom’s just the maintenance man or something.

You hear, “I am Sherrinford.” And Mary steps out.

Birdy-effin-Edwardsed, man.



Marco: “Star, it’s not real. The point about Earth magic is that you allow yourself to be entertained by pretending it’s real….”

Me: …….

Marco: “…. Just like love.”

Me: (O _ O) 

Me: That’s… That’s deeply messed up. WHAT THE FUDGE OF AN ANALOGY ARE YOU SAYING MARCO?!

Marco just went dark for a sec. Star’s probably thinking Marco’s messed up somewhere deep down in there- like this guy seriously has problems- like there’s something wrong with this kid. I’d agree with her about that in that moment. 

It’s Friday!

I have no Friday dramas.

I’m caught up on everything.

What is this madness.

There’s pluses and minuses to starting a game literally right when it comes out (bang dream)

-I will not be missing anything, unlike with all my other games where I started after they’d been out for a bit

-I can’t look up guides bc none have been made yet

-I could possibly help newbies to the game in like, a few month or more

-I only know like half of what is going on in this game, and half of that is from my knowledge of other rhythm games


Sohye being confused as hell after for once not being the one criticized for making all the wrong dance moves


He said he liked you from the moment he met you on the plane to Thailand.

He said he wished you were sitting next to him on the flight back too.

And although he has enough miles racked up…to wrap around the earth over and over, you were the first person he wanted to seat next to him. I’m sure he didn’t send those flowers, either. He doesn’t like white flowers. That punk…is a psycho who sends flowers to me, a man. He sent flowers when I won an award too. But they were always blue, without fail. The dress he stayed up all night to make for you was also blue.

Let’s trust Jung Won. He is…lonelier than I. He is nicer than I. He’d be better to his woman than I. He has more money than I. But above all, he is healthy, manly and tall. He will give you nice shoes and take you to nicer places…than I would…He is…Anyway, there’s a reason I set you up. You should hear him out. And Jung Won is a victim. He may seem like he does whatever he pleases, but he doesn’t do anything he wants. I know that.

nine episodes in and jealousy incarnate has finally hooked me. as of now i’m firmly on team na ri; i support her and trust her to make the decision that is best for her. 

but damn if hwa shin’s inner turmoil didn’t have me grinning like the sadist i am. i want him to pine for her, i want her to be epicly romanced by jung won. it’s no less than what she deserves. i want hwa shin to watch. i want him to regret how he’s treated her. 

in all seriousness though, i ship na ri/hwa shin seriously hard right now. GIVE ME THE PAINNN.

“Pyo Na Ri, you fraud. It’s raining. You said it would be great weather for a date. Na Ri. You fraud.”

Gallows Humor

[A/N: A drabble that is about 60% a cut scene from the newly revised, more angsty, canon-compliant version of “Simple in the Moonlight.” Still canon compliant but just didn’t fit with the tone of that longer piece.]

He watches as Clarke and Abby walk away from the campfire and rest against a massive tree trunk on the far edge of camp. Their hands are still clasped and weariness is draped over every movement, but Abby looks relieved and content to be sharing the same space as Clarke for the first time in months.

He smiles to himself and turns to face the campfire, rubs his thumbs idly over the bandages at his wrists.

“What happened?” Octavia asks.

He crosses his arms in front of him to keep from fidgeting with his wounds and shrugs.

“I wouldn’t take the chip.”

Raven stirs beside him.

“I’m guessing you went through something similar?” He asks, nodding to her wrists.

She shakes her head, gives him a wry look that’s streaked through with guilt and sadness.

“I took the chip of my own free will.” She trails her fingers up the newly stitched wounds. “This was for Abby.”

At his confused look, she sighs.

“She wouldn’t take the chip. Obviously. So they…they tied her down and I…did this. Jaha wouldn’t let her help me unless she agreed to take the chip.” She crosses her arms and huffs angrily. “Guess that bitch’s programming could code violent coercion as consent.”

He breathes in sharply and chews on his lip. Guilt crawls and coils in his stomach. That he left her behind. That he couldn’t help her. That they couldn’t help each other.

“I’m surprised, Kane.” Murphy drawls out across from him. “You always struck me as the type of guy who’d die rather than give in, or some shit like that.”

He looks down and rubs his fingers across the bandages. Tries to work out a response.   

“It wasn’t the torture, was it?” Octavia says quietly, interrupting his thoughts. “That wasn’t why you gave in.”

He breathes in deeply and raises his eyes to her, shakes his head once.

“What was it, then?” Bellamy asks.  

He clenches his jaw and twists his fingers tightly in his lap, the memory of it still too raw in his mind.

“He pointed a gun at Abby.”

He looks around the campfire, into the faces of the delinquents; is surprised to find sympathy and discernment - as though what he’s said is a confirmation rather than a confession.

“Now that is surprising,” Murphy observes after a quiet moment.

“Shut up, Murphy,” Raven replies sharply. 

Murphy raises his hands in front of him in acquiescence, settles further down against the boulder he’s leaning against.  

“Anyway, it’s probably got to be the least surprising thing about all of this,” Nathan finally adds after an uncomfortable pause.

He glances around the campfire once more, sees the shrugs and nods, finds that he can’t help but shake his head and chuckle quietly. He looks back over at Abby, feels himself relax at the sight of her leaning against Clarke with her eyes closed.  

After a long moment, he hears Raven clear her throat. He turns back to the campfire and sees her reach over and smack Octavia lightly across the leg.

“I guess that means I win,” she says quietly, a hint of a smirk on the lines of her mouth. 

Octavia gives her a puzzled look before nodding slightly and spreading her hands in front of her in symbol of concession. She looks up briefly and taps her fingers against her thumb, as though counting down silently. Finally, she frowns and sighs. 

“Yeah, I guess you do.” 

He furrows his brows and looks back and forth between the two of them. 

Octavia tilts her head at Raven, who merely raises her eyebrow and purses her lips in return. 

Finally, Harper sighs and clears her throat. 

“We might have, uh, made bets as to when you were going to confess your love to Abby.” 

The sound he makes is halfway between confusion and embarrassment. He finds himself wanting to laugh, strangely, though he can’t really place why.

“Kind of a weird, fucked up time to bring it up and claim your victory,” Murphy comments dryly, “but yeah, seems like that’s pretty much a declaration.”  He turns to Marcus and shoots him a smirk. “Guess you two must’ve been running a pretty alright setup back at Arkadia if everyone had time to make bets on your love life.” 

He turns his head sharply and clears his throat before nodding once. 

From there, the conversation turns to other things, the different groups catching each other up on each part of the story. Every once and a while, a snippet of a chuckle drifts up into the night. 

He doesn’t know how they went from torture and coercion to making bets on his love life, but he’s grateful for the distraction from the battle they’ve just fought. After what they’ve all gone through, he finds that he doesn’t mind being a topic of conversation or the reason for a strange sort of humor - even if it’s part tragedy and partly at his expense. That’s a burden he doesn’t mind shouldering. 

anonymous asked:

how do you think the whole crossover will go down, like will barry get put into the coma at the end of sg, cos i feel like they need as much of the episode for the dream stuff. how do you see it going down??

I know what this crossover is mostly about based on articles, but I still expect anything to happen. (I didn’t even think I was gonna watch it in the first place lmao). But I think that barry might get in the coma in the beginning of the flash part of the crossover, but maybe at the end of the supergirl ep, idk. (but yeah it’s seems like the dream part of it is the main part). But overall I think this crossover is going to be pretty interesting.