like a dream come true huh

Mornings (McCree x Reader)

McCree x “I came to drop off something of yours really early in the morning and OMGWTF YOURE SLEEPY, IN YOUR UNDERWEAR, AND REALLY REALLY CUTE”

It’s like 2 AM. Pls help.


McCree was never a fan of mornings.

This particular morning Reyes had planned for a strike team to leave for a mission at 0800. This included the young gunslinger.

He yawned as he stood in Reyes’ office, getting an earful of the mission details an hour before departure. At the end of the briefing, Gabriel passed a file to the younger man and said,
“Mind passing this along to Y/N?”

Reyes would never admit it, but he was trying to get you with McCree ever since he saw the look Jesse gave once you during a training session when you complimented his shooting ability. He figured the poor kid could use a little love from someone like you.

Plus, it was getting a little annoying watching Jesse’s pining for you every time you laughed at one of his stupid jokes. Thankfully, it was 0700 and McCree was a little more susceptible to Reyes tricking him into talking to you alone.


Jesse left with the file and didn’t realize you were probably asleep until he knocked three times on your door. You didn’t have any missions or meetings today. He cleared his throat and straightened out his uniform before you opened the door, in an effort to be as presentable and charming as he could be.

However, he was certainly not prepared for what opened the door.

You swung the metal door open and Jesse’s jaw dropped to the floor. You had crazy bedhead, your slouched figure seemed to be barely standing, and most noticeably YOU WERE HALF NAKED.

He scrambled to look down both sides of the hall to see if anyone was around and quickly ushered you back into your room and closed the door. His face turned a deep red as he saw you appeared to only be wearing a bra and small shorts.

Although usually he would shamelessly flirt with you in suggestive situations, McCree tried to be a gentleman and took off his hat to shield his eyes and turned the other way as he stuttered,
“UH- MISS- I- UM- YOU are very UNDRESSED right now.”

Either he was trying to be a gentleman or the image of you undressed was a bit too much like a dream come true. He couldn’t count the times he imagined you wearing something similar to what you had on, under him, on a mattress-
OKAY NOPE. He told himself to stop those thoughts because he was already flustered beyond belief.

You looked down on your body and saw that yes, you weren’t wearing much, but due to the fact you had comeback from a mission at 0300 and were dead tired, you didn’t realize the dilemma.

“Huh. I guess I am,” you sleepily drawled. You peered up at the back of McCree through half-closed eyes and realized he wanted you to put some clothes on.

At this point, he was desperately trying to think of something other than how much of your skin was exposed to him…. and how good your room smelled…. and how good you would look pinned to the wall… NO STOP JESSE. He thought something along the lines of “NOT a good idea fantasizing about another agent especially when she’s standing half clothed right there.

“Lemme find a shirt or something….” you mumbled as you rubbed your eyes. Slowly, you plodded over to a dresser and rifled through a drawer lazily. You came upon a shirt and tried to pull it over your head, but alas, your head had gotten stuck.

“Jesse..?” you quietly said.

The cowboy slowly turned around to see you struggling to slip a shirt on.
He froze where he stood. Jesse thought you were completely adorable and would have exclaimed this, but he wasn’t sure how much you would remember when you broke out of your sleepy haze, so he kept his mouth shut.

You whined a little,

He could hear your little pout behind the fabric over your head. His heart skipped a beat. He realized your sleep-influenced voice was more attractive than he could imagine.

He moved forward to carefully help you and chuckled nervously,
“Dang, darlin’. Got yourself into a real bind… you must be really sleepy.”

As soon as the shirt was correctly put on, Jesse cleared his throat. You explained,
“Got back late from a mission couple o’ hours ago…”

You sat down on your bed and McCree almost forgot why he was in your room in the wee hours of the morning anyways.

“Uh- Reyes wanted me to pass this file t’ ya before I had to leave on a mission at 8.” He scratched the back of his head and set down the file on your desk.

“It’s marked ‘Time Sensitive’ so try to work on it ASAP. or uhhh…” he gestured towards your bed.

“After you get some more rest. You gotta take care of yourself, alright?”

Honestly, you could listen to Jesse’s Southern accent all day long, and you more than wanted to listen when he told you to do something.

“Alright..” you sleepily replied, and before McCree could process what was happening you stood up and wrapped your arms around his waist, signaling a much-needed hug.

His heart was beating so fast, he was sure you could feel it. Instead, you decided to kill him by planting a small kiss to his cheek and promptly fell back into the bed.

He stood there shocked as you waved off again to Dreamland.

“Good night, Jesse….”

“Good morning, Y/N,” he replied, but he was met with snoring.

He tiptoed out of your room and as soon as he was back in the hall, he almost collapsed from how flustered he was.

Maybe McCree could get used to mornings. (As long as they were spent with you.)


Yes, you awake hours later COMPLETELY EMBARASSED you opened the door to McCree while half naked.

Insecure- Carl Grimes

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “could you please do a carl imagine where you and carl have known each other since like season one and started dating at the prison (season 4). and when you get to alexandria you’re afraid that carl will like enid and you get insecure and afraid that when carls not with you that he’s with enid. in the end he explains that you’re the only one he loves out of every girl or something like that! thanks:) (sorry if confusing)”

Anon requested- “Hello! I was wondering if you could write about being Glenn and Maggie’s adoptive child and being jealous of them giving Enid lots of attention???? And fluff???? (Ps your writing gives me LIFE)”

Word count: 1242

Warnings: blah idk like being jealous?? lol

 ok i know i should be answering ships (because i have over 20 in my inbox lol) but i needed to finish this !!! i needed some fluff! (also sorry this took so long to the people requesting) 

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At first, you were thrilled to join Alexandria. It seemed like a dream come true, especially when Rick actually allowed you and Carl to share a room together.

Carl had mentioned something about wanting to explore a bit, so the two of you strapped Judith in her stroller and took a walk. You talked about all the things you’d missed, or just about a book one of you read recently.

While turning a corner, the three of you came upon Jessie. A blonde woman who lived just around the block from you.

“Well, hi there!” She greeted with a bright smile. You returned it, but Carl was originally hesitant. “Nice day, huh?”

“Yeah, nice day.” You repeated, feeling somewhat awkward. You hadn’t really talked with anyone outside of your close knit group in months, so your social skills were rusty.

“Any plans for today?”

“Mhm,” You hum, “Me, yeah. What about you, Carl?”

“None really.” He mutters, a little uncomfortable. You could tell he was slightly shy, but more so just wanted to be left alone.

“Well, Carl,” Jessie’s smile grows, “Why don’t you come over for dinner? Some of the kids your age will be there. And we have video games.”

You look at Carl, witnessing as small smile tugs at his pink lips. He nods, enthusiastically, while you chuckle softly. He did miss video games.

“Great! We’ll see you around five?” She laughs, happy to help him adjust to his new life. He agrees, then you say your goodbyes as you walk off again.

Carl gives you a gentle smile. You know what he’s about to say before he can. “You know I can’t,” You sigh, “I made plans with Glenn and Maggie. They’re already worried I’m pushing them away.”

“I know, I just,” He exhales deeply, disappointed, “I wish you would be there tonight.”


Laughter erupted throughout the large dining room. A large smile was plastered on everyone’s faces as you all joked about stupid things.

“Jesus, you really did that?” You chuckled, raising your eyebrows toward Maggie. She only smirked, tilting her head to the side a bit as she cut into the food. “Ok, you’re officially my idol.”

“Just make sure he’s outta the car before you do it. Otherwise, well, that would be bad.” She advised. Holding back a laugh, Maggie smirked larger, winking your way.

Glenn added, “Bad might be understating it.” with a devilish smile on his face.

“I doubt I’ll find a working tractor in Alexandria anyways, Maggie.” The smile only grew on your face. You looked down into your plate, sticking your fork down into the mountain of spaghetti. Looking back up to your adoptive parents, you twisted the fork around, then brought the food to your mouth.

“You never know, (Y/N).” Glenn joked, reaching over his plate for the small salad bowl.

“So,” Maggie began, “Made any new friends yet?”

You swallowed your food, shaking your head slightly, “Uh, no. Not yet.”

Glenn commented, “Oh, well, we met a nice girl around your age the other day. Her name was Enid.”

You chuckled awkwardly, “Cool.” Your view falling back to your plate. You didn’t really mind that they were meeting new people, in fact, you were happy. But for some reason the girl’s name made you feel uncomfortable.

“She’s actually a lot like you.” Added Maggie, causing the odd feeling in your stomach to grow even more. “You two would make good friends.”  

A lot like me, what does that mean? You silently thought. Trying to shake the feeling from your mind, you looked back to them.

“So uh,” You started, trying to think of another topic, “What have you two been up to?”


When you left Maggie and Glenn’s home, the stars were out. You didn’t feel anxious walking through the dimly lit streets of Alexandria. A soft breeze blew through the air, making you shiver slightly. In an attempt to get warm, you wrapped your unzipped hoodie around yourself.

It would’ve been easier to just zip up the sweater, but your mind was preoccupied, so you didn’t even think of it. Instead, you dwelled on the fact that there was a girl, your age and without parents just next door to Maggie and Glenn, while you were across Alexandria.

A relief filled sigh escaped your lips as you stepped up the stairs to your cookie-cutter home. Usually, Carl would be sitting on the swing with Judith in his lap, but today he wasn’t.

A confused expression painted your face, but you shook off the feeling, entering the house. Inside, it was even darker than outside. You ran your hands along the wall, flicking on a light switch in a few seconds.

When the room was illuminated, no one was there. You called out, “Hello?” only to met with no response. Rick and Michonne must’ve been out with Judith still.

You get ready for bed, which really just consisted of you rising your face and slipping out of your tattered clothes and into an oversized shirt and sweats. They were the closest thing you had to pyjamas and probably one of the more unflattering outfits you kept.

Subconsciously, you wondered to yourself what Enid might wear to bed. realizing the girl was on your mind yet again, you scolded yourself. 

Though your bed was empty, you crawled into it, pulling the thick covers over your body. You lay on your side, looking over to Carl’s side with sad eyes.

You must have been waiting for another fifteen minutes before you heard someone coming up the stairs. As it was only one person, you assumed it must be Carl.

Surely enough, the teenage boy walked into your shared room, a large sigh escaping his lips.

“Hey.” You smiled, “You were out for a while.”

“Yeah, I guess I lost track of time. Sorry.”

He slid off his shirt, throwing it across the room. His back was exposed to you as he reached into the drawers to grab a clean one and put it on. A yawn left his lips as he began climbing into bed with you.

At the motion, you moved closer to him and he wrapped an arm under your neck. You nuzzled your face into his chest, mumbling into the fabric of his shirt, “Did you have fun?”

“Yeah,” He chuckled, the vibrations running down his chest. “It was a lot of fun. Ron was pretty good at the games we played, Enid was almost better than him.”

Enid. Of course.

“Enid?” You asked, a slight waver in your voice.

“Yeah, she’s kinda like you. She gave me a few comics to read.”

“Oh.” You muttered under your breath. Carl noticed how you seemed to grow more and more silent as he talked about Enid.

“Something wrong?” He asked, drawing small circles on your skin. You took a moment to think, before shaking your head.

“Just tired.” you lied.

You didn’t need to say what was wrong. Carl already knew by your sudden change in tone. So he sighed, cupping your face. 

“Just know I love you, (Y/N). It’ll always be you.”

A soft blush came over your face, and all your worries left. You smiled brightly, laying a gentle kiss on his lips.

“I love you too, Carl.”

[TL] W Darling Series Vol.3

I’m back with W Darling Series! I’m translating Hirarin’s volume because he’s my favorite seiyuu. Plus, his is the cutest and dorkiest of the three. ♡♡ As always, please correct me if I translated something incorrectly.

WARNING: This is a r18 drama CD!!

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Fluffmas Day 1-First Snow

Fluffmas Day 1- First Snow (Poly Hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N: Thought I’d try the Fluffmas thing. Hope you enjoy~

“C'mon just a little of the white stuff. I’m not asking for ton of it, just a little taste.” you begged.

“What the is our petite lapin doing now?” asked Lafayette, looking at how you were gazing expectingly out the window, completely ignorant to the movie they were supposed to be watching.

“Beats me, but she’s been like that for half an hour.” said Alexander from his blanket cocoon, the cold obviously too much for Caribbean immigrant.

“She’s trying to get it to snow by praying to the weather.” answered Hercules, snickering at your antics.

“Like the Big Guy in the sky will change anything.” commented Alexander, bitter from the cold.

“Don’t assume the weather’s a dude. Ever hear of a little lady called Mother Nature and I know if I’m nice enough to her she’ll help me out!” you defended, not breaking your staring contest with the sky.

“Why do you want it to snow so badly? I don’t see how that’ll do any good.”

“That’s because unlike you, Mr. Bitter Blanket McFreezy Pants, I am excited to see my first first snow.” you grinned.

“Your first first snow?”

“Yep, the first snow of the season will be the first time I ever see snow!”

“I thought it snowed in California?” asked Lafayette, you thought it was sweet he remembered where you’re from.

“Not where I’m from, the only time it ever snowed happened before I was born and it lasted less than five minutes.” you sighed. “Ever since I was little I wanted to have a white Christmas and snowball fights and build snowmen and have snow days and catch snowflakes on my tongue -”

“We get it, hun.”

“Sorry, the point being is that I want flurries and TONIGHT is supposed to be the first snow of the season!”

“But the weather report says it’ll happen around midnight and yelling at the sky won’t make the snow come faster.” said Hercules, looking at the weather app on his phone.

“Yeah, it’s snow time to be impatient. At times like this you gotta keep a cool head.” John joked, getting groans from the others.

“No, you guys are always going on about doing the impossible, so I’m going to stay right here by the window until I see snow!” you yelled, a crazy look in your eyes. “I will stay planted in this spot until I get a winter wonderland! Now you guys can stay with me or go to bed because I am not throwing away my shot at seeing snow!?”

The guys shared looks as you continued to stare at the sky. None of them saw the point of staying up to see the snow.

-Hours Later-

When you didn’t come to bed with them, your boyfriends got worried. Laf, John, Alex, and Hercules quietly (or as quiet as those 4 can be) snuck downstairs to check on you. They saw you still in the same spot by the window.

When they got closer they noticed you had fallen asleep. Your face was pressed against the glass and you were mumbling in your sleep.


The guys giggled at your sleep talking, they were silenced when you mentioned them.


That’s when your boyfriends realized something.

“Oh man, she really wanted us to see the snow with her.” whispered John, as he and the others huddled together.

“We’re so used to the snow by now that we didn’t realize how much it meant to her.” sighed Hercules.

“She did say how she much wanted to see la neige since she was a petite fille.” said Lafayette, running his hand through his dark curls.

“We must of made her feel horrible.” said Alexander. “What can we do to fix this?”

“You can start by shutting up and parking your butts next to me.” a voice from behind them caused them to jump. The boys turned to see you smiling at them.

“You were pretending?!”

“Maybe I was and maybe I wasn’t, who knows?” you teased. “Now stop trying to figure out how to make me feel better and make me feel better.”

You motioned for them to grab some chairs and sit next to you.

You smiled with stars in your eyes. “It’s happening.“

You looked out the window with child like wonder as little specks of white began to fall from the sky’ making the grass and trees sparkle. You and your boyfriends sat in comfortable silence as you watched your childhood dream come true.

“Wow. It’s so pretty.” you said, amazed.

“Was it worth the wait?” asked Hercules as you laid your head on his arm.


“Maybe Mother Nature waited to show you snow so you could see it with us?” inquired Alexander, giving you smile.


“This is kinda like that Steven x Connie moment from the Winter Forecast episode!” remarked John.

This caused all of you to break into laughter. You pulled your boyfriends into a big group hug.

“I’m so happy I’m with you guys.”

“Us too, mon petite snowdrop.”

This is the new, hype thing now when it comes to promos, huh? Like or reblog if you’re interested in roleplaying with am aspiring musician fandomless OC. He’s a total sweetheart who loves making friends and has a passion for creating music and to, one day, make his dream come true. Can fit into any universe. Also has a Shadowhunters AU where he lives a life as a vampire.


A/N: heyy i’m taking a break with those prompt requests sooo i wrote this. enjoyy. ps thanks to my sister for spell checking, love u

Reader is an actress in Teen Wolf and is basically Stiles’s best friend besides Scott. Reader’s character has a crush on Stiles and in the next episode they will have some kissing scenes and Morgan (the host) is asking questions etc.

(Y/N) = your name

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) = your last name

(Y/C/N) = yor character name

(Y/BF/N) = your best friends name


“Hello everyone, it’s your host Morgan here. Today I have two special guests from Teen Wolf, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and Dylan O'Brien!” he yelled and the audience cheered a lot. “So, (Y/N), how does your character feel about Stiles being in love with Lydia?” Morgan asked.

“Um, it’s kind of similar situation to what Stiles and Lydia had in season 1. It’s obvious to everyone that my character likes Stiles and everyone else knows about it but I guess that Stiles is blind and doesn’t see it, but something happens in next episode,” you said smirking. Morgan laughed.

“What about your character, Dylan? How can he not see (Y/C/N)’s crush on you?”

“I don’t know, I think Stiles and (Y/C/N) are so close together and being cute best friends so he hasn’t thought about (Y/C/N) loving him in that way,” Dylan said glancing at you. “But who knows what’s gonna happen!” he said and the audience cheered again.

“So you’re telling us that there will be something between your characters?” Morgan asked with an excitement in his voice tone. You and Dylan looked at each other mysteriously.

“Maybe, maybe not” you said laughing. “Okay yeah, we have some kissing scenes. But I can’t tell you more, Jeff would kill me if I spoiled too much.”

The audience went wild, everyone cheered and clapped. Dylan just smiled and throwed his hand over your shoulder and made them cheer even more.

“Okay, next we’re gonna reveal some secrets! I’ve been calling for your friends and family asking some stuff about you that none of your fans know. Let’s start with you, (Y/N).” Morgan said and rubbed his hands together.

“Is that correct that you became an actress just a while ago?”

“Yeah, Teen Wolf is my third project”, you said nodding.

“And before becaming famous, you were hardcore fangirl? Is it true?” he asked and audience whistled.

“Um, yeah, it is,” you knew where this was coming for.

“I called your best friend, (Y/BF/N), and asked something about you. She said that you were a huge Dylan O'Brien fan!” he said and screened a picture of you, wearing a hoodie which said ‘lol ur not dylan o'brien’ standing in front of your wall, covered posters and pictures of Dylan.

“Oh my god,” you laughed and buried your head in your hands. Dylan laughed so hard that he almost fell on the floor.

“You got to kiss your idol in the show, not every fangirl get to exprience that! How does it felt?”

“Well, it was kind of a dream come true,” you said and felt a bit embarrassed. “But since I’m an actress now I try not to fangirl over it, my manager said that I have to act like a professional.”

“Stop laughing at me,” you said and slapped Dylan in the arm.


The interview was over and you two walked back to your trailers. You still had some episodes to shoot.

“So, hardcore fangirl, huh?” Dylan asked.

“Oh please, like you never fangirled over someone”, you said cheeks turning red.

“Don’t be embarrassed! I think that’s cute.”

“Me fangirling over you is cute? I almost started to cry when I watched videos about you”, you laughed.

“Do you still have that hoodie? We could take picture of you wearing it, standing next to me,” he suggested.

“Of course I have it! That’s a good idea, good thinking, O'Brien.”

You walked to your trailer started to look for it. And there it was, at the bottom of your closet. You put it on and Dylan laughed when you came out of your trailer.

“It looks so big on you.”

“It’s soft and comfortable, don’t judge me”, you said and tried to find someone who could take the photo but there was no one in sight.

“Let’s ask Tyler”, Dylan said and grabbed your hand and lead you to Tyler’s trailer. He knocked and soon Tyler opened the door.

“What are you wearing?” he asked you and bursted into laughter.

“She’s a fangirl don’t tease her”, Dylan said trying not to laugh.

“Can you just take a photo of us?” you asked.

“Yeah, of course mrs. O'Brien”, he joked.

“If you don’t shut up, I will punch you,” you threatened him.

You stood next to Dylan pointing the text of your hoodie smiling widely. Dylan rested his hand on your shoulder, side-hugging you looking like he’s gonna laugh. Tyler took couple of photos and gave your phone back to you.

“Where did you buy that hoodie? I want one”, Tyler asked you.

“Are you still making fun of me or are you serious?”

“I’m serious, that’s cool,” Tyler said. “We could fangirl over Dylan together!”

You just shooked your head and went to your trailer.

You picked up the best photo of you two and tweeted it with a text saying “once again one of my dreams came true, thanks @dylanobrien <3”


Later that night you scrolled through your twitter and saw Dylan’s tweet. It was the same photo you tweeted, with a text “I found out that my adorable co-worker is a fangirl and @tylergposey is jealous of her hoodie”.

That tweet made your inner fangirl come alive, because Dylan doesn’t tweet much and now he tweeted that.

You knew the whole Teen Wolf cast would tease you about this whole thing, especially Tyler, but it didn’t matter; you were too happy to let it bother you.

Until Next Summer

Part I / Part II

Summer: You’re not even an SM artist, but due to a close bond with SHINee, you are often found wandering the halls of the company. And that’s when you first met a certain trainee that catches your eye. [Possibly a pilot to a series?]

Idol: Johnny of NCT

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: My random writing, honestly.

When you had first debuted, you had been the youngest artist currently active. And, while there were plenty of people who had adored you, you had felt alone, and pretty scared. The closest person to your age had been Lee Taemin, so you had naturally formed a close bond with SHINee. Despite not even being from the same company, you had found yourself spending most of your time in SM Entertainment’s practice room or even simply roaming the building with nothing to do.

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Love You I Do (BrOhm)

Prompt: Chat!AU Bryce decides to try the old Song Lyric Texting Prank on Ohm. Ohm gets confused.

Song Used: Love You I Do - Jennifer Hudson

Ohmwrecker -> Brycemcquaid

Ohmwrecker: Hey, up for rainbow six? Toonz is askin

Brycemcquaid: I never met a man quite like you

Ohmwrecker: What

Ohmwrecker: Like what?

Ohmwrecker: Jus check the group chat bro

Brycemcquaid: Doing all he can

Brycemcquaid: Making my dreams come true

Ohmwrecker: Dude are you joking around or

Ohmwrecker: Just

Ohmwrecker: You up for a game dude?

Brycemcquaid: You’re strong and you’re smart

Ohmwrecker: Um thanks??

Brycemcquaid: You’ve taken my heart

Ohmwrecker: Ohohohh Brycey, have I now?

Brycemcquaid: And I’ll give you the rest of me too

Ohmwrecker: What happened to the innocent little Brycey I know huh?

Brycemcquaid: You’re the perfect man for me

Brycemcquaid: I love you, I do

Ohmwrecker: Wait bryce are you avtually being serious

Ohmwrecker: actually*

Ohmwrecker: Oh who cares

Ohmwrecker: I cant even joke and tease right now

Ohmwrecker: Cause idk if youre joking??

Brycemcquaid: Mmm, I love you

Ohmwrecker: Dude can I call, I cant tell if youre serious

Brycemcquaid: I never ever felt quite like this

Ohmwrecker: Like what…

Brycemcquaid: Good about myself

Ohmwrecker: Uhhhhhhh

Ohmwrecker: Thats good Brycey

Ohmwrecker: but from what that ive done?

Brycemcquaid: From our very first kiss

Ohmwrecker: Ok you’re certainly fucking with me now Bryce

Ohmwrecker: What do you mean?

Ohmwrecker: I havent even met you irl

Brycemcquaid: I’m here when you call

Ohmwrecker: Yea dude I know that

Ohmwrecker: but what is this about

Brycemcquaid: You’ve got it all

Brycemcquaid: And confidence like I never knew

Ohmwrecker: Uh thanks

Ohmwrecker: But you’re far more confident anyways??

Brycemcquaid: You’re the perfect man for me

Brycemcquaid: I love you, I do

Ohmwrecker: Alrigjt yea you’ve got to be joking right

Ohmwrecker: Did cartoonz put you up to this??

Brycemcquaid: You’ve got the charm

Ohmwrecker: Im flattered Bryce

Ohmwrecker: But you know Im joking with you half the time

Ohmwrecker: Since you’re straight as hell

Brycemcquaid: You simply disarm me everytime

Ohmwrecker: How man what

Brycemcquaid: As long as you drive

Ohmwrecker: What

Brycemcquaid: I’m along for the ride your way

Ohmwrecker: I dont even understand that

Brycemcquaid: You said it before

Brycemcquaid: There won’t be a door that’s closed to us

Ohmwrecker: No one said there is though? ?

Brycemcquaid: I’m putting all my trust in you

Ohmwrecker: Dude I’m always here for you, whats going on?

Brycemcquaid: ‘Cause you, you’ll always be true

Brycemcquaid: Ah, I never could have known this would be

Ohmwrecker: What

Ohmwrecker: Be what

Brycemcquaid: You and you alone

Ohmwrecker: What do you mean?

Brycemcquaid: All for me

Ohmwrecker: Dude idk what toonz or delirious told you but dont believe a word they said

Brycemcquaid: I know you’re the best

Ohmwrecker: Brycey thats flattering

Ohmwrecker: But can you just tell me exactly what you’re trying to say?

Brycemcquaid: You passed every test

Ohmwrecker: What tests??

Ohmwrecker: Goddamn im so clueless

Ohmwrecker: They told you didnt they??

Ohmwrecker: You really mocking me though?

Brycemcquaid: It’s almost too good to be true

Brycemcquaid: You’re the perfect man for me

Brycemcquaid: I love you, I do

Ohmwrecker: Thats like the thIRd time you said that Bryce

Ohmwrecker: Can I just call you

Brycemcquaid: You’re the perfect man for me

Brycemcquaid: I love you, I do


“What’s up, Ohm?” There Bryce was, with the biggest shit eating grin on his face as he immediately turned on his facecam.

“What’s up, Ohm?” Ryan repeated slowly, with big eyes. His mind was going crazy with all sorts of thoughts. Many of them questioning what the hell Bryce was just talking about.

Ryan opened his mouth to ask the taller of the two, before Bryce simply lifted his right hand, phone in hand. He made sure the phone was in frame before pressing play on what seemed to be a song on the screen.

“Never met a man, quite like you-”

The song suddenly clicked into Ryan’s mind, disappointment yet also relief washing over him, “You’re a piece of shit, you know that right Bryce?”

Bryce simply laughed, his hands grasping his headphones as they barely just fell off as he leant his head back.

Ryan hated it.

That the loud laugh and idiotic prank made his heart swell out of pure fondness for the blonde.

“I can’t believe you fell for it, though!”

“Oh, shut up, Bryce,” Ohm whined, his face hidden behind his large hands out of embarassment, even though Bryce couldn’t actually see him.

“Now, what did you mean by ‘Did Toonz and Delirious tell you’? Tell me what, Ry?” Bryce asked, a smug grin planted on his stupid, stupid… Beautiful face.

Ryan smacked his forehead, realising he almost fucked himself over by nearly confessing his feelings entirely.

“N-nothing. Forget about it Bryce, just message the group if you’re going to get on. Cartoonz is getting impatient!”


Brycemcquaid -> H2O_Delirious, Ohmwrecker, TheRealCaRtOonZ

Brycemcquaid: I’m on! :)

TheRealCaRtOoNz: About fukn time dude, someone invite him

Ohmwrecker: Ill add him

Brycemcquaid: Thanks Ohm, remember I love you, I do ;)

H2O_Delirious: LOOOOL WHA T

H2O_Delirious: Broooooooo

TheRealCaRtOoNz: Yo Ohm didnt know you told Bryce you like him already

Ohmwrecker: Fucks sake

Brycemcquaid: Haha, Ohm, forget to tell me something in our call?

Ohmwrecker: Oh ffs, someone just call the group and lets not speak of this again


Anon aksed: My day was awful, my mom called me worthless to everyone and my parents were fighting about me and I just…your fics cheer me up so much. Could you maybe write me some fluff where maybe they’ve just woken up from a nap and sleepy cuddling? Thank you.

I’m sorry you’re having a bad day. I love you and I hope this makes things a little better.

Dean shifted on his bed, trying to get comfortable enough to go back to sleep. He tried to keep his movements to a minimum because Castiel was sound asleep on his shoulder. He had no such luck.

“Dean,” Cas grumbled sleepily, hiding his face against Dean’s chest to block out the sunlight. Dean took advantage of that to move his arm. He wrapped it around Cas’s middle, pressing their bodies more tightly together.

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” He murmured, running his thumb over Cas’s cheek. Cas sighed softly.

“It’s okay,” He lifted his head to kiss Dean.

Napping really hadn’t been on the agenda for the day. They were supposed to be moving Cas into Dean’s room and fooling around while Sam was away for the weekend. But Dean’s bed was comfortable and Sam was going to be gone for three days, so why not take a little siesta?

“I’m gonna like this,” Dean said, his lips still brushing Cas’s.


“Having you in my bed. You’re warm,” Dean kissed his neck. “And soft,” Another kiss. “And you smell good.”

Cas hummed and tilted his head to get Dean better access.

“I like waking up to you, too,” Cas said, running his hands down Dean’s back. He slipped his fingers under Dean’s shirt to feel the warm skin of his back. “When I was human the first time, it was all I wanted. I dreamed about it.”

“So, I’m a dream come true, huh?” Dean smirked. Cas rolled his eyes.

“My dream Dean didn’t talk.” Dean frowned for a moment, then smirked again.

“This Dean doesn’t have to, either,” He said, kissing Cas again.

The kiss only lasted a moment before Cas broke it and settled back against Dean’s chest with a soft yawn. Dean wrapped his arm around his waist again and kissed the top of his head.

“I love you,” Cas murmured.

“I love you, too.”

They spent the afternoon in bed, drifting in and out of dreams and sharing soft kisses that it took them too long to admit that they wanted to exchange.

the one where all the girls are on their periods

in honor of my own uterus ripping itself apart, have some cute fluffly stuff.
AU in which the girls cycles have all synced up, and the boys have to deal with it
After all this time together, you, Addy, Cassandra, and Warren’s cycles have synced up. For the three of you, its bad. But for the boys, it can be worse. Zombie apocalypse, aka no showering, plus constant bleeding and cramping, equals hell for everyone involved. Especially when youre stuck together 24/7. And when one of you starts, the others arent far behind.

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“You always in such a good mood in the mornings?” you tease, holding the back of his head as he mouths at your neck.

He looks up briefly, touching his forehead gently to yours when he speaks. “Only when I wake up with you.”


I just wanted to write about Niall. 

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MHA dub commentary ep 6

  • it’s been a week or so since i watched the dub and i’m remembering how much i loved Izuku’s dub voice
  • and how much i loved Aizawa’s voice
  • last time on MHA: Izuku only broke one finger this time
  • Uraraka’s voice i’m still kinda getting used to
  • lmao Aoyama what would a pretty throw look like??
  • meanwhile Bakugou is having an existential crisis
  • Bakugou. attacking a fellow student in the middle of class with the teacher right there isn’t exactly the smartest……
  • ………………… then again it seems like none of his teachers prior to this ever tried to stop him so i can’t exactly. blame him for trying. since there doesn’t seem to be any sort of precedent against it before now
  • either way that was dumb and you should really stop that, my child
  • thank god Aizawa is an actual competent adult and teacher, probably the first Izuku and Bakugou have had in their lives
  • thank god
  • i’m starting to really love Mic’s dub voice
  • it’s so dorky
  • oooohh gosh little Izuku sounds so cute ohhhhh my sweet child
  • it’s kinda funny how deep Bakugou’s kid voice sounds in comparison to Izuku’s
  • Izuku collapses from basic physical fitness tests
  • same
  • tho he also has a broken finger, so… not same, i guess
  • ok during the crowd scene where Aizawa is pulling up the test results, Bakugou is making this really hilariously petulant look at Izuku who’s in the back an cradling his poor broken finger
  • he’s just pouting so hard i’m skag;ashk
  • also what the fuck kinda fancy-ass hologram tech is that
  • Izuku’s having a mini breakdown and Aizawa’s like ‘lol just kidding’
  • Aizawa no
  • “That was just a rational deception to make sure you gave it all on your tests.”
  • Aizawa you liar
  • Iida freaks out so hard from this that his glasses break
  • Izuku is no longer in this plain of existence
  • holy shit Momo is Riza
  • oh Momo you think it was just a joke but it wasn’t. it wasn’t. he really was gonna send one of y’all home oh my sweet child you have so much faith and trust
  • i like Sero and Kirishima’s voices
  • Momo sounds a bit old but i’m sure i’ll get used to her voice
  • “And go have the old lady fix you up.” 
  • Aizawa
  • Aizawa at least call her Recovery Girl omfg
  • how rude
  • Dad Might’s pride in his son gave away their connection to Aizawa
  • oh he’s so proud. and sucks at subtly
  • Aizawa just. fucking messes with him. he’s like “Oooh, it’s almost like you’ve been in his corner this whole time, huh?” and All Might is like “…FUCK”
  • what a dork
  • “It’s cruel to let a kid keep dreaming of something that’ll never come true.” i always found this aspect of Aizawa’s character super fascinating
  • “In your own strange way, you’re a kind man, Aizawa.” yes, yes he is Toshi
  • Recovery Girl’s office: *gross kissing sound* *horrified screeching*
  • i love the little Kamui Woods pez dispenser 
  • “YOU MEAN THIS COULD KILL ME?!” i just enjoy how horrified Izuku sounds here
  • oh Iida you think a bit of white lying is immoral. you pure soul you
  • “And yours is…. Deku Midoriya?” “DEKU?!”
  • i enjoy Uraraka’s nonchalantly cute mental image of Bakugou screaming “DEKU, YOU BASTARD!!!” as he prepares to run and blow Izuku up
  • “Plus, I think it sounds kinda cute!!”
  • oh Izuku my boy
  • Iida is so confused as to why Izuku would suddenly accept an insulting nickname b/c a cute girl called it cute
  • i love my square son
  • Uraraka is so confused right now
  • “I survived my first day at UA… even tho I kinda failed.” college in a nutshell 
  • i’m remembering how much i enjoyed All Might’s dub voice
  • oh my god wha ta d or k
  • Izuku’s gonna cry just from getting lunch from that one chef hero lmao what an adorable nerd
  • “I. AM. HEEEEEREE!!!! ….. COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A HERO!!” wha t a f ucking dork 
  • Kaminari has a pretty good voice
  • i enjoy how Tsuyu noticed that All Might was wearing his old costume
  • “I’m getting goosebumps, it’s so retro!!” omfg Ojirou you dork
  • i also like his voice
  • also what the fuck All Might why are you walking like that. why. just. just walk normally. are you trying to strut your stuff or what
  • jksa;ghka; All Might is so hammy i have a hard time not just. bursting into laughter with every scene he’s in
  • “Clothes make the pros!!”
  • he is just. so full of hammy lines
  • “THIS IS GETTING ME ALL RAMPED UP!! YOU ALL LOOK SO COOL!!” god he reminds me so much of those teachers who try so hard to relate to their students but just come off as really dorky and kinda desperate
  • please pause at the moment where they show the kid’s sketches and bask in Bakugou’s amazingly average drawing skills. also Iida’s really good sketches
  • i enjoy Toshi’s casual voice. i just. really enjoy it, especially compared to his over-the-top hammy All Might hero voice
  • Inko for best mom
  •  o h gm yd o they ga ve Mineta a l is p
  • he sounds like one of those creepy pervy nerds
  • All Might is struggling not to combust from noticing the similarities between Izuku’s costume and him
  • Tsuyu’s voice reminds me of something
  • i think i like it tho
  • “How much can we hurt the other team?” Bakugou no
  • everyone has actual questions relating to the situation at hand and Aoyama only cares about how awesome his cape looks
  • “NNGH…. I… WASN’T FINISHED TALKING!!!” same All Might i hate when people interrupt me before i finish talking
  • All Might’s reading from a fucking script b/c he’s such a newbie at being a teacher what a dork
  • also that fucking script is tiny in his hands. it looks like it was made for children. lmao
  • i enjoy the obvious video game style and references here
  • Izuku is freaking out so much at the idea of working with a cute girl what a dork
  • ohhh poor Izuku. Bakugou is just itching to kick his ass and he knows it
  • i like this scene. Izuku feels anxious but steadies himself and meets Bakugou’s glare and it surprises/pisses off Bakugou
  • the nerd is fighting back
  • the perspective of the top of the buildings seems off to me somehow
  • it’s kinda funny how All Might tells them that the success for this trial is to embody villainy, and (spoiler) Bakugou fails
  • hah, foreshadowing
  • “Was he seriously just tricking me all these years?” aaannnd here comes the first inkling of Bakugou’s superiority/inferiority complex when it comes to Izuku
  • Iida is curious and kinda concerned about Bakugou, it seems
  • Bakugou why do you care about being rich
  • i always found it interesting how, despite Bakugou’s shitty behavior, his positive points inspire Izuku to do his best
  • “So it’s a fated battle between rivals?” Uraraka knows her shit. also i enjoy her just. randomly understanding MANLINESS stuff that shows up from time to time
  • Aaaaaand here comes Bakugou. boy has no chill
  • “Sneak attack, Bakugou? What kinda man pulls cheap crap like that?” Oh Kirishima if only you knew
  • whoa Mina’s voice is. weird
  • she’s like. not hyper-peppy enough for me
  • awww Izuku taking agency over the insult he’d been called for most of his life
  • it’s kinda funny looking back on these eps b/c i remember just how little sympathy i had for Bakugou when i first saw them
  • how the times have changed
  • ugh i love this music
  • so much about these two in that sentence 
  • oh these children
  • every time i see this ending theme i think ‘just grab a fucking bike Izuku”
  • “Hold on, I didn’t know Uraraka was a baseball player?!” i’m sorry but this like out of context is hilarious

aaannnnd that’s episode 6!!

The Beach- Luke Hemmings Part 2

So I guess you guys are liking The Beach? Lol. You guys are awesome, thanks. So Part 1 is here and again this is semi based off of the song “The Beach” by All Time Low, so go check that song out, I love that band…anyway I’ll stop with my useless talking (or would it be typing??) and I now present to you part 2 of The Beach! Enjoy!

PS: I love Luke Bali pics…….


You woke up crazy early the next morning, despite going to sleep so late. Damn jetlag, you thought, climbing out of bed, seeing Y/B/F/N still fast asleep. Of course… You looked at the clock, 5:15 blinking across its screen. Fuck. Well wide awake now, might as well get up. Normally in a situation like this, you’d just watch tv, but you didn’t want to wake up the whole house, so you grabbed your hoodie, threw on some jeans and decided to take a walk on the beach until a more reasonable hour.  As you walked downstairs you were surprised to hear noises coming from the living room, expecting someone just left the tv on you headed over there to turn it off. Imagine your surprise when you saw Luke on the couch watching a movie instead. He slightly jumped when he saw you. “Y/N? What are you doing up?” “Well, I’m a very early riser…” “Really?” “No, jetlag. I hate being up early!” He laughed. “Same. Jetlag’s a bitch” “Agreed. I was gonna go out for a walk, and-“ “Can I come with you?? This movie kind of sucks…” “Sure” “Sweet. Let’s go!” He gave you a cheesy grin as you walked out the door.

“I still can’t get over how beautiful this place is…” You said, as you both walked along the beach, the sun barely up, casting a beautiful glow on the sand and water. “Very beautiful” Luke agreed, walking rather close next you. “You get to go to many places like this?” “No. Not really. Well sometimes yes, but it seems like we never have enough time to go to the beach, or explore the town when we’re on tour.” “So you get to go all over the world, but don’t see much of it?” “Basically…” “Wow” “It’s not so bad, this is the life I signed up for, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love the fans, and being given the opportunity to play my music all over the world…it’s a dream come true…” He then glanced at you, his face slightly turning red. “Sorry Y/N, here I go rambling…” “No it’s fine! I actually think it’s amazing you feel that way. You are a real musician Luke, you and your band don’t take what you have for granted. You truly care about your music, your fans, each other…your dedication and love for what you do is what makes 5sos my favorite band…” “Favorite huh? Ya…I like the sound of that” He said, smiling down at you. You gushed, looking down at your feet. “Good, because you should” You laughed. You both walked down the beach for a little longer, not really saying much, just enjoying each other’s company.

It was in one of these silent moments that a loud beeping occurred. You both jumped, Luke digging through the pockets in the basketball shorts he was wearing, finally pulling out the source of the noise. “Sorry, stupid alarm. I forgot I had it on…” he mumbled, clearly annoyed with both his phone and himself. You couldn’t help but start giggling. He turned to look at you, raising his eyebrows, but ultimately laughing as well. “Well I don’t know about you, but I’m starving…wanna head back to the house? It’s 6am now…we could make some breakfast.” “Sure Luke, but I’m craving pancakes….” “Sounds delicious!” You walked back to the house, still laughing and teasing each other on the way there.

By the time you guys reached the kitchen, you both could hardly contain your giggles, pulling out the bowls and pans, and everything else you needed to make pancakes without making too much noise. Luke insisted on mixing the pancakes himself. “It is my favorite part Y/N, just you wait these are going to be the best mixed pancakes you have ever seen” He laughed while lifting up the whisk and pointing it at you. Unfortunately, he had already started whisking the pancakes, and he flicked his wrist a little too hard, so he accidently flicked some pancake batter at you, a big drop landing right on your cheek. “Oh shit I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do that!” Luke without thinking ran to you, lifting his hand up to your face, wiping off the pancake batter with his thumb. It was then he realized what it was he had done, and how close you two were. All you could do was stare up at him, unable to speak, your heart fluttering in your chest. You saw his eyes widen a bit, and heard him gasp, but then his eyes softened, and he smiled, causing you to smile too, leaning you face into his hand still on your cheek. It was then that he slid his hand down to your chin, lifting it up a bit, his other hand wrapping around your waist as he pulled you even closer to him, as he pulled your lips to his. The kiss started out soft and sweet, but soon grew a bit deeper than that. You moved your hands up his chest, then wrapped one around his neck, and ran the other hand through his hair. When you both finally pulled away, you were both breathless, with big smiles on your slightly kiss-swollen lips. You stared into each other’s eyes for a second, until you finally looked down and broke the silence. “So…” You said. “Guess we better get back on those pancakes Luke…” “I guess so…” He smiled, then placed one last kiss to your lips before removing his arms from around you. You grinned back at him, going to grab some oil for the pan. You managed to finish the pancakes, both of you never straying too far from the other, smiling and laughing the whole time.

You took your plates to the living room, putting the rest of the pancakes in the oven for when everyone else woke up. “These are delicious” You said, scarfing down your plate. “Yes they are, we should cook together more often, we make a good team.” Luke said, unable to get enough of his plate either. When you both finished, it didn’t take long, you snuggled up on the couch, watching the images on the television screen, both too tired to pay true attention. You began to close your eyes, feeling his chest move up and down with each breath under you head, and his arm wrapped around you, moving tighter as you shifted a bit in his hold. You both soon fell asleep, the much needed sleep finally overtaking you both.


It’s amazing how long it takes to write something, and how fast it is to read it…huh. Any way hope you liked it, nothing like cute fluff. Thanks for reading!! Anyone want a part 3? -Lydia


Can We Giggle and Giggle and Giggle about...

Killian, Emma, and Leia?

Part 2/2! Here’s part 1 if you missed it. Feat. hilarious daddy!Killian’s excitability. Hope you enjoy! Eeek! 4 days!!

Emma’s mind was spinning, and she flinched with a jolt when she realized that certain things that had never made sense before…suddenly made sense. When Leia was tiny, even tinier than she was now, there had been instances that made Emma panic. It happened  when she was giving Leia a bath, or when she was changing her diaper, and a few times when she was playing with Leia, tickling her incessantly…weird things. The lights would flicker, or something would fall off a shelf, and it always terrified Emma, because she thought that somehow she’d lost control of her magic. The notion was strange, because she’s had her magic under control for years now, but still, she’d never raised a baby before, and she didn’t want to risk anything. So, whenever weird things would happen, she’d call for Killian and insist he take Leia, and he’d always assure her later that she shouldn’t worry, that there was no way she’d ever hurt their child. Suddenly, all of that strangeness made sense. It wasn’t Emma’s magic acting up….it was Leia’s. If she was cold, or uncomfortable, or too excited, magic would spark from her system.

David had remained silent, staring at Emma, letting himself adjust to the idea.

“My baby,” Emma breathed, barely audible. Her mind went to Killian, to how much he hated being the Dark One, and to how much he despised magic as a whole. What would he say?

“Emma, you’re definitely on to something,” Her father said then, putting a hand on her arm, “Your daughter is special, just like you.”

Emma turned to look at him, mind still racing. “But….Henry doesn’t have any magic,” she mused. “Why Leia?”

Her father smirked, then. It was a knowing, almost smug smirk. “Well, Emma. As much as you loved Neal, and as important as he was in helping you become who you are…he wasn’t your true love.”

Emma groaned then, but it was a giddy type of groan. Of course. Leia, the product of her and Captain Hook’s true love, had magic, just like her. She groaned a second time. “My husband is never gunna let me hear the end of this one,” she said against her hands, and her father burst out laughing.

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Stoking the Fire (A BnHA Fanfic)

Title: Stoking the Fire

Word count: 1899

Rating: G

Summary: Shinsou asks to speak with Deku after Deku’s match with Todoroki to try and help him figure some things out.

This is my first shot at fanfics, and  crits are welcome. Prompts are, too, as a matter of fact. Anything, really.

Many thanks to the amazing sugarmagic for inspiration and some editing help!

Thank you and I do hope you like it!

Also read on ao3

“What does your quirk actually do, Midoriya?”

He and Shinsou were sitting in one of the break rooms underneath the stadium bleachers.  The way things ended between them didn’t feel right to Shinsou. There was something he felt guilty about, though he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

“Well… Um – you’ve already seen the extent of it, really.” Even though Midoriya could barely walk after his fight Todoroki, he had still agreed to meet with him.

“I did. It was something, alright. I can’t imagine myself ever going through something like that. Must be why I lost to you…” After walking out of that arena, something snapped in him, and Shinsou couldn’t quite maintain eye contact, looking past the gravely injured schoolmate at the opposite side of the table.

“I don’t know about that! If you have a true, real dream of your own, then doing everything in your power to achieve it is only natural, right?” Everything Midoriya said was always incredibly earnest and  people like that usually annoyed Shinsou to no end. When it came to Midoriya, that didn’t seem to be the case. “Back there, I asked you about heroics, and you didn’t answer me – at least, not entirely.”

“I didn’t.” Shinsou’s smile was not unkind, but it had a rueful tinge to it. “I didn’t know what I really wanted for quite some time. I’m still not sure, come to think of it. Being a hero… It’s was the first thing in a long time that felt natural to me. Felt like something I truly want.  It was like being set aglow. Like carrying a fire within you that would let you overcome anything.”

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I Ruined the Moment, Didn’t I? (Tony Stark x reader)

Request: Hello, sweetheart. First of all, I want to send you my love~ my request is Tony x reader “just kiss already” scenario when they’re so sweet together that everybody want to puke

“Hey, Rogers!  Any chance you were gonna give (Y/N) some backup over here?”  Tony called out, flying overhead to see you taking on four HYDRA guards alone, swooping down quickly to grab you around your waist and lift you to safety.

“I had that,” you huffed.

“I know, sweetheart, I know,” he laughed, “but I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to look like a hero, now could I?”

“I’m sorry, (Y/N), I couldn’t get there,” Steve interrupted over the comm.  “I was a little busy.”

“It’s all good, Cap,” you replied.  You weren’t upset at all, and thought that you were holding your own fairly well while you waited for him, but Tony clearly had other ideas.  “Oh well, how often can a girl live a dream come true? Being swept off her feet by a knight in real shining armor?”

You could hear an uncomfortable cough from Tony behind the mask and his flight wavered ever so slightly. “Dream come true, huh?  Glad I could be of service, my princess.”

“Are they flirting again?” Clint groaned.  

“Yeah, I’m definitely feeling nauseated,” Bruce joined in, “must be flirting.”

“I think it’s cute,” Natasha added, “and quite entertaining.”

“Well I think you’re wrong.”

“I don’t believe that a battle is the most ideal situation to begin courting.”

“See?  Thor gets it!” Clint scoffed, “I don’t know why they don’t get it.”

“We are not flirting! Maybe Clint doesn’t get enough attention, is that it?” you snapped back.  Landing on your feet next to Tony as he sat you down, you slipped slightly when he lost his grip and you began to fall back.  His arm quickly wrapped around you again, now leaning over to hold you just off the ground.

“If you wanted to dance, honey, all you had to do was ask.”


A few hours after returning from the mission, and keeping completely to yourself for the entire flight home, you couldn’t sleep and thought that maybe working in the lab would wear you down.  You had originally been brought to the team to work with Tony directly on a project for Nick, but after living in the tower and working with the team for so long, you never found yourself able to leave.  So, Steve trained you, Tony gave you almost unlimited access to his systems, and you were turned into an Avenger.

During all that time it never occurred to you that maybe you were getting too close to Tony, or that he was feeling anything towards you.  The team joked that you were flirting, but maybe it wasn’t really a joke. You spent hours together everyday, so it just felt like a close friendship to you, and Tony certainly never brought it up.  Maybe it was up to you to do it, and maybe now was the time since he was just about to enter the lab.

“Hey, (Y/N), you realize that it’s 3am, right?”  

“Yep, but correct me if I’m wrong, you’re awake too.”  

A small but fatigued smile crossed his lips as he walked towards you, leaning down to rest both elbows on the table to watch intently as you worked.  It took a long time for him to trust you alone here, but that didn’t stop him from checking in now and again.  “Einstein slept three hours a year.”

“Yeah, you use that line way too much.  It’s not even true, Tony.”  

“Truth is a matter of circumstances,” he said with a long yawn, “it’s not all things to all people all the time.”

“Well now you just sound like Nat,” you scoffed, pausing to set your instruments down to look at him for the first time since he arrived.  “Do you even have anything original anymore?”

Tony pushed himself up from the table and crossed his arms over his chest, looking at you with wide eyes and feigning hurt.  “Wow, (Y/N). Painful.”  

You smirked and shook your head with a low chuckle, reaching down to start your work again when your hand slipped.  You dropped the item and jumped back, cursing under your breath as you squeezed the wound to stop the bleeding where you had just cut your finger.


“Hey, let me look,” Tony said as his demeanor completely changed to that of concern, taking your hand in his and holding pressure against it.  As he held it, neither of you said anything more, and you felt uncomfortable with him for the first time.  Now was definitely not the time to bring up the topic.  His thumb was rubbing the back of your hand slowly, and he wasn’t even looking at your injury anymore; he was looking at you.

“I think it’s okay,” you mumbled, looking back and unable to shift your gaze from him.  You tried to pull your hand away but he held it too firmly. “Seriously, Tony, I…I think it’s…okay.”

He sensed your uneasiness and gripped a little tighter, but all it did was make you more nervous and wanting to leave even faster.  “(Y/N)…”

“I have to go,” you blurted out, pulling your hand forcefully away.  He stood in place as you left him, not trying to stop you and not trying to follow.  He wasn’t even sure what he was going to say or do, but he knew that Clint had been on to something when he saw things going on between you both.        


“Tony, can you just pick the movie already?  We aren’t getting any younger here.”

Tony didn’t reply, not hearing Steve because he was lost in his own mind, staring at you with Natasha while you brought the snacks out to the common room for movie night.  He jumped up quickly to grab a large bowl of popcorn from your hands so that you didn’t struggle, even though you weren’t even close to having any problem.  

“Thanks, Tony,” you said with a smile, “but I’ve got it.  You had better go pick the movie before we end up with some old black and white thing that Steve picks out.”

“I think tonight we should let (Y/N) choose what we watch,” he announced to the group.  

You stopped in your tracks and looked at everyone, shocked by this, “but you always pick for movie night. No one has had a say in what we watch in…well, ever.”

“I think maybe that should change, don’t you?  I’ve been selfish, and to prove my good intent, I would like you to choose, (Y/N).”

Clint leaned in close to Bruce with a smirk and pointed at the two of you, shaking his head.  “I told ya,” he whispered, “Tony wants.  Any bet on if he gets?”

“Not a chance.  He always gets.”

“I don’t know,” Clint sighed, “this one could be a challenge.”

Bruce laughed quietly, but with a grin so large that you noticed and gave him an inquisitive look.  “Oh, then he’s definitely gonna get.”

With a shrug you agreed to go along with it and had JARVIS cue up your favorite movie.  The team took their seats almost as if they were very purposeful in their choices; the only open seat left was next to Tony. Dropping yourself down next to him, you leaned over and rested your head on his shoulder and pulled a blanket up over the two of you.  You felt his muscles tighten and he looked almost uncomfortable.

“Hey, is this okay?” you asked quietly under your breath.

“Yeah…yeah…it’s fine,” he stammered, “I just wasn’t sure if you would want to be anywhere near me, after…that thing yesterday…in the lab…”

“Anthony Stark, are you nervous around me?”

He put his arm around you and pulled you closer, grabbing a handful of popcorn to throw in his mouth, “sweetheart, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  His glance shot towards Bruce, who wasn’t even watching the movie; he was watching something much more entertaining in what you were doing to his friend.  “Shut up,” he silently mouthed to Bruce, returning his attention to the screen.

About half way into the movie you felt your eyelids grow heavy, still leaning against Tony.  You pulled your body in closer and wrapped your arm around his waist to hold yourself steady.  “I might fall asleep on you,” you whispered, “I’ll apologize now.”

“No apology needed,” he replied, bringing his hand up behind you to rest on your head, now gently stroking your hair, only making you more tired from it’s relaxing effects.  He turned for a small kiss on your head then tilted his own to rest against you.  “I just might join you.”

Now the attention of the entire team had turned to you both, with the help of Clint and Bruce pointing out what you were doing.  Steve smirked and tried to get them to stop staring, but he himself couldn’t even pull his gaze away.  “Hey, guys,” he called to you, “if you two could just do this already, we could maybe get back to movie night.”

“Do what?” you murmured lazily in your half-asleep state, your eyes now closed with little hope of reopening.

“I think they mean this,” Tony whispered as he leaned down to kiss you, pressing you back against the couch with one hand still behind you and the other caressing your cheek.  When he pulled back, he looked at you with a hint of fear in his eyes, not knowing if you would accept it or push him away for good.  “At least, I hope that’s what they meant,” he smirked, leaning in again when you didn’t stop him.

“That’s what we meant!” Clint and Bruce replied in unison, looking completely satisfied in their first work as partners in mischief.  “We could see it clear as day, I don’t know why they didn’t see it,” Clint laughed, standing to grab the bowl of popcorn from your table.  “I’ll just take this.  It doesn’t look like you guys will be needing this anytime soon.”  

Love is louder, a bechloe one-shot

Trigger warning!
Story includes graphic (ok not so graphic) description of self harm.

In this story, Emily is Beca and Chloe’s sixteen year old daughter.
This story is AU.

“How is she?” Beca asks as her wife sits on the other side of their bed.
“She says she’s fine but she seems kind of sad.”
The redhead pulls her shirt over her head, hearing Beca sigh behind her. She lies down and rolls over to face her. She can see the hurt on the brunette’s face.
“Canceling her stay for the weekend I get, but this? I knew we shouldn’t bring him back into our lives, Chloe. Emily’s got enough going on at school, don’t you think?”
It’s Chloe’s turn to sigh. It was her idea, after all.
“What was I supposed to say to him, Becs? He is her father, he has the right to spend time with her. I know he is trouble, we both do. But Em loves him and I don’t blame her.”
Beca rolls over to turn the lights off and Chloe quickly hugs her from behind.
“I’ll talk to him, okay?”
“I promise.”

Emily’s in her room. She’s in bed and all the lights are out but she can not close her eyes. She’s tired but she’s not sleepy. Her mind is racing, and so is her heart. She thinks. And she doesn’t. She listens, nothing. Her moms are asleep, she guesses. They wouldn’t like it. But it calls for her. She turns to look at a drawer in her desk at the window. Her mind is screaming. They could find out. Don’t do it, you’ll have to hide forever. I can keep a secret. You’re crazy. Maybe I am. 
Before she knows it, she’s opening the drawer. Slowly, trying not to make any noise. She pulls out an envelope. She remembers the card it came with for her tenth birthday.
Happy birthday Em bear!
Sorry I can’t make it to your party,
I got caught up in work.
You know how it is.
Kisses, dad
She threw it away a long time ago. But not the envelope. She opens it and looks inside. There’s a note.
Try killing yourself, maybe you won’t fail at that.
It wasn’t the first note she found in her locker. No, there were a few before. And many after. But this one stayed with her. Maybe because it was the only one her moms haven’t seen. And maybe because she thought about it. A lot.
Placing the note on her desk, she pulls something else out of the envelope. She holds it in her hand. It lies there peacefully, harmful as it is, yet so gentle. The light from the window reflects on it and she knows there’s no way she’s going to stop now. She takes it between her fingers, bringing it to her skin with shaky hands. She doesn’t like pain. But she’s curious.
She drags it slowly across her wrist, but it draws no blood. She’s shaking too much, she can’t make a nice cut. What are you afraid of, idiot? She thinks. It happens quickly. Her hand slips, purposefully. She sees but she doesn’t feel. And then she does and she is freaking out. It burns. She walks into the bathroom and turns on the water, rinsing the cut. After she stops the bleeding using a gauze, she returns to her room. She lies in her bed. She’s calm. Her mind is calm. She feels settled. And she falls asleep.

“Hey, Chloe, what’s up?”
“Hi, Jesse. Could we talk, or are you busy?”
“Well I’m leaving in ten minutes, is it important?”
“It’s about Emily.”
“Oh! How is she? I tried calling her yesterday, did she lose her phone again?”
“No. I have her phone. Sorry about that. That’s kind of what I want to talk to you about. She’s pretty upset that you canceled your plans the last minute.”
“I know, it sucks. But you know I can’t say no to Miranda. She’d hate me. I’ll make it up to Emily though, I promise.”
“Don’t promise anything. Listen, I know you’ve got your girlfriend now but Emily still needs you, Jesse. And it sucks that you would rather spend three days with the blonde than make your daughter’s dream come true. You know she loves Lady Gaga.”
After a few seconds of silence, Jesse speaks.
“Huh? Sorry Chlo, I’m like, still packing. The cab’s here. Tell Beca and Emily I said hi. Bye!”
Chloe puts down her phone and sighs. Beca’s immediately at her side.
“He’s not even acknowledging it, Beca.”
The brunette rolls her eyes, looking back at her wife with a knowing frown. Before she can say anything, Emily walks into the kitchen. Both women watch the young girl as she pours milk into her cereal. Beca looks at Chloe.
“Morning, love.” The redhead says.
“Did you sleep well?” The other one asks.
Emily looks at them, chewing her breakfast. She nods and walks into the living room before sitting on the couch and turning on the TV. Beca comes in first. She sits down next to her daughter and stares at the screen. Then, she looks down. She takes Emily’s hand in hers.

“Emily… What is this?”
The sixteen year old is still looking ahead.
“Please don’t let this be what I think it is.” Her eyes are fixated on her daughter’s face. Then, she turns to look at her. Blue meets brown and Beca pulls her into her arms, the girl’s face pressed into her chest as her shirt gets soaked with tears.
“I’m so sorry, mom. I didn’t mean to. I’m so sorry.”
“Shh, baby…” Beca pulled away and held her daughter by her shoulders, staring deep into her eyes.
“The only person you need to apologize to is yourself, Emily.”
She starts removing the gauze from her child’s wrist, slowly. She tells her to wait while she gets up and comes back with healing cream and a new gauze. After she’s done, she looks back up at Emily. She hasn’t said anything. 
“Are you going to tell mom?” She finally breaks the silence.
“No. She’s going to find out eventually, though. It’d be better if you tell her before someone else does. It’s not easy hiding these things.”
Emily looks at the ground and nods. 
“Can you help me? She’s probably going to freak.”
“Of course she’s going to freak, Em. She’s your mother. She loves you more than anything, you know that. So do I.”

“Chlo? Do you have a second?” The short brunette walks into the bathroom where Chloe is doing the laundry. She stands up.
“Yep. Did you talk to her?” She asks as she closes the washing machine.
“I did. And there’s something she wants to talk to you about.”
“Okay. Where is she?”
Beca takes Chloe’s hand and both of them are standing in front of the mirror, looking at each other through it.
“Promise you’ll stay calm?”
“Beca, what? What is it?”
“Chloe, seriously, calm down. If you can’t do that, I’m not letting you speak to her right now. She needs your love and understanding, okay?”
Chloe’s mouth falls.
“Is she pregnant!?” She whispers.
Beca slaps Chloe’s arm.
“What? No! Ew, Chloe! Don’t talk about my daughter like that.”
“Fine, fine!” Chloe gives in, turning towards the door, “She’s my daughter too, you know.” She winks as she turns around before walking out.

Chloe’s in bed. So is Beca. Neither of them is asleep. They’re both staring at the ceiling, thinking what to say.
“I can’t believe it.”
“I know, I wish it wasn’t real.”
A phone buzzes in the drawer of Chloe’s nightstand. They both sigh.
”Do these assholes ever stop?” Beca asks.
”Ignore it. They’re kids.”
”They’re asshole kids.”
Another minute of silence.
“At least she told us… She can’t go through what I did, Beca.”
Beca rolls on her side and puts her hand on Chloe’s stomach.
“We won’t let that happen. Everything is going to be okay, babe. If things don’t calm down at school, we’ll move.”
Chloe looks at her wife, “Where to?”
“I have a plan.”
The redhead smiles for the first time since the talk, “You always do.”
Their conversation is interrupted by the door opening.
“Moms? Are you awake?”
Chloe quickly sits up to look at the girl standing by the door. She looks so small. So different from how she used to be. Chloe remembers when Emily was eleven and she would come sneaking into their room every night for a cuddle because she was scared after watching Doctor Who. She smiles at the thought of it.
“Come here, baby.” She pats the space between herself and her wife. Emily is quick to jump on the bed and get under covers. Beca turns to spoon her daughter and Chloe strokes her cheek with her thumb.
“Everything’s going to be okay. Love is stronger than those bullies in school.”
Emily looks down, “But they’re so loud.”
“Love is louder.” Says Beca.

If Rukia and teenage Byakuya were locked in a room...

As requested by anon. :)

Here we are at our last “locked in a room” post! At least for now. The teenage version of Byakuya has already chatted with his adult self and the other Bleach characters have met him, but now it is time for him to talk to his future sister - Rukia.

Teenage Byakuya: Who are you?

Rukia: …

Rukia: …

Rukia (whispering): Y-you’re just so tiny and adorable!

Teenage Byakuya: How dare you address a member of the Kuchiki clan in such a fashion!

Teenage Byakuya: I demand to know who you are!

Rukia: I’m your sister!

Teenage Byakuya: …

Teenage Byakuya: …

Teenage Byakuya: Wait, what??

Rukia: In the future, I mean!

Rukia: Adult you adopted me into your clan.

Teenage Byakuya: Oh. So what noble clan were you a part of before that?

Rukia: Actually I was just from the Rukongai.

Teenage Byakuya: You’re a peasant?

Rukia: Well, I was, yeah.

Teenage Byakuya: I adopted a peasant? That does not make sense. Why would I do that?

Teenage Byakuya: [gasps]


Rukia: You mean Yoruichi? No? Why would it be her fault?

Teenage Byakuya (looking into the distance): In my experience, most things are.

Rukia: You weren’t tricked or anything, tiny Nii-sama!

Rukia: It’s a bit of a long story, but basically you adopted me because I am the younger sister of your dead wife and you promised her you would find me and accept me and so you did.

Rukia: Coincidentally, I look almost exactly like my older sister, AKA your future dead wife! So that’s a little weird.

Teenage Byakuya: …

Teenage Byakuya: …

Teenage Byakuya: So I grow up to be in a soap opera?

Rukia: I-in a way, yes!

Rukia: But tiny Nii-sama, if I may, I would love to take this opportunity to find out what my brother was like as a teenager!

Rukia: It’s a rare opportunity for me!

Rukia: So… do you like to draw?

Teenage Byakuya: Draw? Ha! Drawing is a peasant activity!

Rukia: Actually, peasants tend not to have art supplies in my experience.

Rukia: Or food.

Rukia: Or anything.

Teenage Byakuya: Oh. 

Teenage Byakuya: Well still no!

Rukia: That’s funny. Adult you is very artistic. He makes the most wonderful sand sculptures and cookies and everything!

Teenage Byakuya: I-I do?

Rukia: Yes, adult you is an amazing artist!

Teenage Byakuya: So all my practice pays off!

Rukia: I KNEW IT

Rukia: What do you draw?

Teenage Byakuya: Just…stuff.

Teenage Byakuya: Myself as captain.

Teenage Byakuya: Me beating the demon cat in a race.

Teenage Byakuya: Swords.

Teenage Byakuya: Cool stuff like that.

Rukia: And Admiral Seaweed, right?

Teenage Byakuya: HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HIM??

Rukia: Everybody does!

Rukia: Future you makes Admiral Seaweed cookies ‘n’ stuff!

Teenage Byakuya: So all my dreams come true.

Teenage Byakuya: Amazing.

Rukia: You’re….smiling?

Teenage Byakuya: So?

Rukia: It’s just not something I see very often in the future!

Teenage Byakuya: So I am very serious, then?

Rukia: Very much so.

Teenage Byakuya: That’s so cool.

Teenage Byakuya: I am probably a very cool older brother, huh?

Rukia: …

Rukia: Eventually, yes.

Rukia: Kinda a rocky beginning.

Teenage Byakuya: Rocky how?

Rukia: Now that’s a long story!

Rukia: But just know that everything turns out okay.

Teenage Byakuya: Um, have you met me?

Teenage Byakuya: I have no doubt that everything will be okay.

Teenage Byakuya: My pride will not have it any other way.

Rukia: Well, at least some things never change!

Star-Crossed Myth - Leon (pregnancy)

Hi guys! This is a pregnancy one-shot for Leon.
Thank you for reading!

I’m kind of confused at the moment. I’m just as happy as I am nervous.
I don’t know what to do with myself as I enter the mansion, and walk down the ridiculously long hallway with a racing heart. I don’t really pay much attention to my surroundings and it’s almost as if my feet are moving by themselves as they take me to my destination.

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