like a defense shield or something

“not if it was your switch”

If the MCU is America’s collective post-9/11 id-fic (and it totally is), Cap 2 is already starting to look like an artifact of the Obama era. Because if Cap 2 has a fatal flaw, it’s failure to grapple head-on with the seductive, numbing fantasy that something like Project Insight could be a necessary evil–even a justifiable evil–as long as it stays in the hands of responsible, measured, well-meaning people who have no interest in abusing their power and really, truly are only in it to protect others.

I think the movie does ultimately reject that fantasy, at the moment where Nick Fury responds to “it’s the next step, if you have the courage to take it” with “no, I have the courage not to.” But it chickens out of explicit condemnation and leaves a lot of mixed messages and easy outs for self-justification. More than that, it never quite lands on a resolution for the tensions it raises between “power that no men can be trusted with” and “power that only good men can be trusted with.”

Given what 2016 hath wrought, it’d be interesting to see an alternate take on Project Insight. One where SHIELD is entirely responsible for its development and initial operation, and manages to keep their own use of it moderately dubious rather than outright evil–but once HYDRA set their sights on taking it over, SHIELD’s unaccountable security culture is a hideously effective vector for HYDRA’s brand of totalitarianism. Set up the infrastructure for a police state, and every jackbooted thug in the vicinity will be salivating for a chance to control it; even if it’s possible to use it responsibly, that doesn’t mean squat if you can’t shut out the opportunistic maniacs working the system from the inside for a chance to get their finger on the switch.

Everyone has emotions.

Some have “different” ones, fast, weak, unidentifiable, unconscious, varied, limited etc..

Many people write they “think” they are “psychopaths”, because they don’t have “emotions”.
They might feel cold, dull, apathetic, “dead”, they might have experienced something that resulted in emotional shielding, a state of “logical awareness”, of “self-defense”, but only very few might never leave this state entirely.
And even this is caused by an emotion, most often: “pain”.
Meaning, if you think you are not capable of emotions in general, you most likely have proof that you were and that you will be capable of it once more.

Also being emotionally affected is not the same as having emotions.

Dude, Leverage follows that storytelling advice that everything should either advance the story or the characters, and it follows it scrupulously.

Even something as small as why Eliot doesn’t like baseball (until he plays it): “I don’t like any game you can’t win on defense.”

“Winning through defense” (both as in sports and as in defending others) / “aggressive defense”? That’s how Eliot lives.

There are a lot of reasons why Eliot doesn’t like guns, but I bet this is one of them too. You can defend someone with a gun, but it’s always an offensive action, not a defensive one. You can guard, you can react, you can frighten away, but you cannot shield.

Anyway, nothing seems to be wasted on this show, and it’s fantastic. As a viewer I’m enjoying it, and as a writer I’m going “!!!!”

I'm such Quakerider trash

Like I know 100% that the blackout looters were talking about Robbie’s Charger when they were talking about how it was a shame something so nice was in the hands of someone who can’t take care of her, but a small part of my Quakerider shipping ass sort of saw the scene as a double entendre of them talking about Daisy and Robbie getting super defensive and protective over her.

smile, my girl; taehyung (2/7)

❝when all they want to see is your smile.
►730 words // smile, my girl (2/7);; series 
♥ for @taereads bc kiley hurts me with jimin go fluck a dUCK

Today, the world seemed a bit darker than usual from the moment you woke. Although it was almost blinding for the rest of everyone around you, it felt like a shield weighing you down, refusing to let you to bask in the glow of a brand new day. It wasn’t like you, to be honest.

There were times where sure, you’d foresee that the day ahead would be utter crap but this… oh, this was another new thing coming. You had no specific reason for acting this way; it’s something inevitable, catching you off guard from the second you opened your eyes, seeping in until all you can pick up is the tears pooling from within and nothing else.

And it sucked.

On your defense, it’s not like you could do anything about it. It just felt like it was going to last for the timespan of today so you don’t try.

But Taehyung does.

He notices the frown that digs on your lips as you try to focus in class. How the words flow from one ear, out to the other and how the frustration bottling inside your itty bitty heart takes over when you refuse to look up, slowly resting your head down on your book as if you’re begging to just think straight. Even when the bell rang, you don’t move a muscle and Taehyung takes advantage of the emptying classroom to approach you.

As Taehyung gets to you, the two of you remain and he gets down on his knees. Both hands come to place on your table before he puts his chin atop of them, a small pout forming on his lips as he stares at you. He doesn’t like how quiet you’ve become - as someone who reflects and compliments his character in a relationship, as a whole, regardless of status - it was frightening.

He carefully moves one hand, reaching out to poke your arm, to which you don’t respond to until a few seconds later. His eyes are fixated on you as you straighten your back, blinking and taking in the image of the vacant room. Then you turn to look down on Taehyung who looks at you with his cheek pressed to his hand on the table, his other reaching up to hold onto the side of your face with ease, “You’re not okay… are you?”

You don’t bother to mask it in front of Taehyung. Simply because, you don’t. There was no obligation to. Shaking your head, you reach up to peel his hand off your face, bringing it to your lap where you start to play with his fingers; something Taehyung knows you like doing whenever you’re lost - clueless, mixed up with your emotions to pinpoint which.

“Do you know why?” Taehyung murmurs, shifting closer, moving his head away so he can use his hand to join with yours on your lap.

You only shake your head again, and Taehyung sighs.

“Well… it’s lunch, and honestly I’m so hungry I could eat a horse. So… come with me? You don’t have to talk or anything. I just… I wanna eat with you,” You stare at him blankly as he squeezes his fingers in yours and then you see the change of direction he has with his words when - “U-Unless you’re hungry too! Then yes, we can go eat together! I’m not implying you must eat if you don’t want to or anything, but you must eat if you’re hungry. And just- Y/N, come with me? I don’t wanna leave you alone,”

Although it was hard to a moment ago, Taehyung witnesses as a small smile creeps up onto your face as you grip onto his hands, nodding slowly that grants him permission to tug you up. He leads you out with him, and along the hallways, he stops just to quickly hug you tight, murmuring a quick I love you before he goes back to holding your hand with slightly blushing cheeks, there’s a bashful expression on his face as he guides you to the cafeteria even though you can get there with your eyes closed.

That dark and heavy pit of ill feelings disappears with Taehyung, the radiant sun in your life that never failed to provide you warmth and love on a cloudy day. It was impossible not to smile around him.

I love you too, Taehyung.

Practicing talking is actually a very good way to prepare yourself for socializing.



Alright so that’s not only beautiful but I think a new power? I get the title now, and I’ve seen Garnet creating bubbles, but maybe just like with shape-shifting it’s something all gems can do? Except now he is bubbling himself as a defensive measure.

Is Steven going to learn how to do holographic projections next?

Wow, that thing didn’t even budge. It must be a very powerful defensive tool, which is weird because Steven already has his shield.

themystickoalatomato  asked:

Love your Soul Eater AU! Have you thought about the Date Tech boys, or the other teams? Maybe Hanamaki would be a type of gun like Iwaizumi? Since the two compete a lot or something like that?




Futakuchi and Aone are a super duper strong close-range pair with a really solid defense (Due to the large size of Aone’s weapon form combined with Futakuchi’s agile handling??? AYY IRON WALL DEFENSE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

lmao at first I thought of making Aone a shield because wall defense ayy but then I imagined Futakuchi as Captain America WHOOPS 

Their defense is amazing but they’re not very effective in long-ranged battles
(except on rare occasions where Futakuchi throws Aone out of frustration or something and then aCTUALLY HITS THE OPPONENT; Futakuchi doesn’t normally do it because Aone usually hits something else or gets stuck in a wall like “wow how did you get up there Aone???” “Futakuchi.” “oH I see”)


Cute baby sons oh my gosh??? Can’t really say Koganegawa baby as in little baby because he 191.5cm he huge baby (*´・v・)

LMAO ANYWAYS YEAH THEY’RE A CLOSE RANGE MEISTER-WEAPON TEAM AS WELL!!! They’re a bit inexperienced compared to Fukutachi and Aone (ayy first years) but they’ve got loads of potential!!

(Koganegawa keeps flailing/hitting the wrong thing when he’s in his weapon form but he’s getting better!!! :DD Sakunami is a very nice and patient meister :) - thumbs up-)

Third years Moniwa (Meister) and Kamasaki (Gauntlet) are teachers at the DWMA and are happy to provide and support their students (GO GO LET’S GO LET’S GO DATEKO :’D)

Iwaizumi is more of one clean shot kind of weapon whereas Hanamaki deals out loads of rounds to defeat opponents

 And so, in regards to the competitive streak for being similar genres of weapons:

 You are absolutely right friend!!! Matsukawa (Meister) and Hanamaki (Submachine gun) like to practice with the Oikawa (Meister) and Iwaizumi (Sniper Rifle)

Or maybe just Iwaizumi and Hanamaki

most of the time it’s just Iwaizumi and Hanamaki ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[EDIT] whOOPS Koganegawa is a flailing morning star and not a mace :)!
Thank you so much Tina! :’DD

Soul Eater AU! HQ!!
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I might be late for gemsona week, but oh well. I’ve been battling a very annoying cold for the past 2 weeks, one of which involved watching my siblings for several days. Haven’t had my mind together to do anything art-related in what seems like forever.

Since Amethyst is already a character and Tiger’s Eye would’ve been too similar to a gem fusion, I went for something iridescent. An Agate stone was made awhile ago, so I’m not sure what this gem’s official name would be. Since this is a stone of strength that pushes negative energy back, I gave her sharp bracers  that could be used to cut enemies and when combined, can form a shield for defense. When this semiprecious stone gets emotional, the colors in her hair change. These sheets are just too empty without character expressions.

robofists-revenge  asked:

The story I'm currently writing centers around a group of protectors who only wield shields during battle. They're mostly going up against fictional, unarmed monsters, but they will sometimes go up against other people, who would also usually be unarmed, but some may have knives or swords, and one will be wielding a battle hammer. My question is, is there a style of fighting out there dedicated around using a shield both defensively and offensively WITHOUT a sword?

I’m pretty sure, at some point in European history, a style like that existed. But, I’m equally certain it existed as a contingency, to keep a combatant alive long enough to replace their weapon if it was lost or destroyed in combat.

Fighting using only a shield is in the range of comic book nonsense and Dark Souls challenge builds. Not something you intentionally want to take into combat.

The shield exists to provide protection from weapon strikes. I mean, that’s the entire philosophy behind it. While you could just grab a shield and bash an unarmed opponent in the face, it’s not the entire reason to carry one.

If your character is just obligated to bash people in the face, then a truncheon or baton will allow them to do that, while being easier to carry, lighter, not obstructing their vision, and remain usable in tighter quarters.

This is just a “right tool for the right job” kind of situation. Just because you can use a shield to pound nails doesn’t mean you should.

If your character is facing armed opponents, then a shield alone isn’t going to be enough. Again, the idea is you have a tool to deal with your opponent’s weapon, but the shield itself isn’t particularly good at filling both roles. At that point they’ll need another weapon, whatever that may be.