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Day Fifty-Five

-Thirty minutes into my shift, I had only been visited by one guest. This was comforting at first, but then I realized this was simply the calm before the storm. I am going to savor every minute of this Black Friday Eve Ever as much as I can.

-I found an elderly woman spending her morning toying with me. Each time I would attempt to step away from my register to take care of something, she would begin to approach me, only to walk away again once I returned. She spent a solid five minutes playing at this game, pretending to peruse the endcap displays, leaving me looking like a chump time and time again. 

-A woman stopped mid-payment to stare at the sky and remark, “I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s everyone my age, but sometimes I just have to stand here and shout out my phone number.” She did not shout out her phone number at any point, leaving me somehow with more questions than if she had. 

-I befriended the single #1 most adorable baby in the history of the world. She emitted a very excited squeak as I handed her a sticker, eagerly repeated the word “dog,” clutched it to her face, and immediately fell asleep on it.

-An older woman sprinted into my lane in slow-motion, throwing her arms in the air as if praising a miracle and announcing to me that my wait has ended. I was waiting for something to change my life forever, and she was right. 

-I went to retrieve an abandoned cart left at the end of my lane, but just as I was about to start pushing it, the elderly woman who had been taunting me earlier in my shift jumped up from the ground to claim it, having been entirely unseen. Clearly, my store has a poltergeist who is far too committed to tormenting me and my too-tired-for-an-opening-shift self.

-A man became upset as he found that he had to use the chip reader. He adamantly refused to do so, telling me that “the Internet says chips are dangerous.” I attempted to reason with him, telling him that the Internet also says that the Holocaust never happened, but rather than seeing my point, he stared at me and told me that he already knew that. 

-From an adjacent lane, I heard a man tell the cashier that “Y’all here will never be Cracker Barrel.” He is not wrong by any means, as retail and dining are entirely different industries and it would be definitively wrong if our establishments were the same. Having said that, we would undoubtedly crush them in any competition.

Method Actor - Anthony Ramos x Reader

Summary: On the stage of 21 Chump Street, the reader is playing Naomi Rodriguez opposite a very talented Anthony Ramos. He seems to have feelings for her, but she fears that this is only acting. 

Warnings: Two or so curse words, but nothing other than that! 

Word Count: 1,433 (I cut down! Yay!)

A/N: Two fics in two days. I feel like I should apologize for being so over-excited! This burst of inspiration, combined with an added adoration for Anthony Ramos meant I couldn’t stop myself from writing this one. I hope you enjoy it! It’s got the same slight angst feel to it but I’m a sucker for a fluffy ending. Let me just add @alexanderhamllton because the poor girl has only gone and cursed herself for asking to be tagged in my pieces! Enjoy, and send in requests and prompts! I love those. 

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The problem is, the moment you met Anthony Ramos was the day your feet slipped from right under you. So this is what it meant to be swept off your feet. You hadn’t been hoping for much when you signed up to audition for 21 Chump Street, you really hadn’t. With such a strong, talented rising star writing the piece, Lin-Manuel Miranda had been (in your mind) taking a huge chance casting some new girl as Naomi Rodriguez. And yet, here you were, two days before the premiere at rehearsals and you couldn’t take your eyes off the curly-haired boy in front of you. You had gotten close, during the process of the musical, and you were happy to know such a sweet boy, but damn it, were you whipped, and fast.

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US Figure Skating Championships like:

Nathan Chen friggin skates 5 quads in a program like it’s nothing. I’m so sooo glad he’s american because that means I can love him instead of despise him for the monster he is. (Fun fact his combined score is 1 pt lower than Yurio’s combined score in the GPF, so basically he skates like a monster even in those basic no stress competitions where no one can compete with him anyway)

Vincent Zhou skated beautifully it will be nice to see where he goes especially being so young. It feels like he has so much more in him and is nowhere even close to peaking yet. Congrats on 2nd for him!

So sooo proud of Jason Brown for skating as well as he did with a broken foot. Made me feel like a chump for ever complaining over an injury. That he didn’t even attempt a quad the entire competition and still landed in 3rd is a testament to how incredibly beautiful he skates, no one can touch him with that. I hope he gets better and starts landing those quads so he can really compete with Nathan!

So I was watching BH6...

and this scene with Honey Lemon came up, and I got to thinking…

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…how much does tungsten carbide cost?  Honey Lemon said she had 400 lbs of it.  

After a quick google search and some skim reading, tungsten carbide costs anywhere between ~$14-$25 a pound…………….

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I can’t decide whether I should be angry or awestruck….

She’s redefining mad genius

The Circus at the End of the World, Chapter 11 by mad-madam-m

He found an old table, set up the candles on it, and blew them to life. The flickering light made a little bubble in the darkness of the car, just him and the candles and the piano.

It was the safest he’d felt in a long time.


I did it!!! I finally did it!!

I once ate an uncooked brick of ramen noodles. I was out camping and it rained really hard. Our tent collapsed and the firewood was too damp to actually cook them. So I stood barefoot in the mud like a chump, chicken-flavored seasoning lovingly added, munching on a chunk of raw noodles like an asshole.

Uhm,, I was wandering through tumblr and found this picture of lin and I thought what he was wearing looked real cute and his hair was amazing so I drew it.



[Apartment - Finished!]

I lied, I finished it about a day ago, but I spent all day yesterday grinding out levels and watching Youtube videos like a chump! But here it is, the apartment suite that Marius has been living in with his Brother, Cyrus. (His room is through another doorway.) Would that I could get an actual home, my dreams of actually decorating  a full house could come to fruition. But an apartment shall suffice til 4.0. 

Mists Subdivision, Ward 12, Apartment 85! Stop by sometime, just remember to knock first!

it’s fucked up to even advise the demon chump like have you not seen what he’s done to mere informational agencies in the span of a week alone? and you asking why elon musk advising him is terrible and foul? aint shit good coming from that except e. musty getting paidt so he can finally go fuck mars rocks.