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#Sweet Elite 30 days challenge

Day 6: Draw them on a date!

- Cato Newell - 19 - Departement of Fine Arts -

After a long day, Cato was about to relax for a second, hopefull to get something to eat. Then this little story happened and he had to eat with Tadashi, who was persevering enough to interrogate him for the whole recess, questioning him, if he had something to hide.
My Own Desert Places - MemoryDragon - DC Animated Universe [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Batman had been making himself scarce since the media storm started, but he shows up for an interstellar mission when no one else could go. Clark just wishes he knew what to say to fix things, but that can wait until after the mission.

Unfortunately unfriendly aliens, crash landings, falling trees, and the freezing cold makes everything much more difficult. Now Clark can only hope they can stay alive long enough for the rest of the League to find them. There are worse times to have a heart to heart with his best friend, right?

(There is a much worse time. Figures that’s when Bruce would stop avoiding it.)

I was going through a bit of a rough time a little while ago, and decided to try to find a community/fest, because having other people to talk to and encourage always helps. I’m aro/ace, and was a bit exhausted from writing so much romance in my last fandom. I thought it’d be nice to go back to the start with a new fandom, where I wouldn’t have to force a romance if I didn’t get that far. I found a big bang fest that looked like it would work for me, as I had an idea I’d put on the back burner a while back for those two characters. The rules said nothing about gen (only relationships, which the relationship was the primary focus for that idea, even if ambiguous on romance), so I sent the mods a message asking if that was okay. Most fests I’ve been in tend to accept gen, or really any fic so long as it’s within the proper fandom and/or characters, so I wasn’t expecting a no.

I was told no. I was told romance was the only thing they accepted, though pre-slash was okay. Pre-slash still implies romance though. When I spoke with the mods directly to clarify, I told them I was aro/ace and uncomfortable with trying to force a romance at the moment. I was told once again, no. It had to be romantic, but I could post during amnesty week with all the late people and no chance to be matched for art, because they were a small fest and always welcomed new people. I was told they had nothing against gen fic, some of them even wrote it from time to time! This was just not the place for it. So I could either force myself to pretend to not be aro because they could sometimes write fic with no romance, or I could give them free advertising by posting with them, but no matter how hard I worked on my fic, it would never be worthy of actually being part of the fest. They were all very polite about it. I just had no space in their little group.

I left feeling broken. Like if I could only be normal for once, I could have a space there. I had already started writing a bit, but even before the fic was more than three pages, before anyone knew what the plot was, it was denied.

Things got worse before they got better, but when I got my head above the water, I knew the fic had to change. I couldn’t stop writing it, because then I’d be silenced. I also couldn’t keep writing it as it was, because every word hurt. So I kept the plot I had planned from the start, then added Batman being outted as Ace. It was going to add roughly 10k to the word count, but I’d seen so much aphobia recently that it needed a place to go. Every word still hurt, but it now had a reason to.

This fic is to say I’m here. I’m not silent. And because it’s no longer for a fest, I could and did add more characters for team feels. Friendship is a valid and important relationship, more important to me than romance ever could be. And friendship is just as deep and meaningful as anything a romantic pairing could be. So there’s no romance in this fic, though there’s a few ambiguous relationships you’re welcome to take however you like. There’s no art for the fic, because I wasn’t allowed in the group as I was, but the story won’t be erased because of that.

I’m not broken.

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Can you maybe do the UT bros in constant rambling?


” but you’re smiling tho, bro”


And here you go mysterious anon! :D with yet another little dialogue because I can~

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Hi I literally don’t want to leave Zora’s Domain for more than like two minutes and I’ll give you three guesses why

(I’m not content with hylian(?)sidon yet his hair looks like a dr pepper but I’ll keep workin on it)


me too, plagg… me too.

Marichat May (Identity Reveal)

welcome to adrien inner mind theater (again-ish)

my headcanons are that this nerd reads a lot of shoujo manga and that he really does think he’s beautiful af so here you go—

30 day otp challenge | day 4: cuddling somewhere


Inside, they pretended they would dream, but they did not. They sprawled on the living room sofa and Adam studied the tattoo that covered Ronan’s back: all the sharp edges that hooked wondrously and fearfully into each other.

Ahhh! I’ve passed the midway point for the 7 Day Phanart Challenge by @chillphann​!!

Day 5: Same Age
“I really think that 14 year old Dan and 14 year old Phil would’ve gotten along quite well.”
“I think they’d’ve been friends!” |||