like a boyfried

Buckle up my dudes because I’m about to go in full analysis mode about wrencus and I’m not even sorry!

Before we really dig into why I think Wrench grew to like Marcus, I won’t be oblivious to the fact that Wrench does/did(?) have a crush on Naomi (coffee lady) because it did happen and I can’t just ignore the fact that it happened. I’ll try to keep it as accurate as possible. Also, this post is all over the place and I apologize for it. I had to write this either at night or when I had time in class. And yes, there will be spoilers in this. Let’s begin!

Since Marcus and Wrench’s friendship starts almost from the very beginning, it’s obvious there’s only friendship going on and nothing else. They like the same things such as the Jimmy Siska movies, have the same passion for hacking, the same humor and so on. The more the game goes on, the closer they get, but no sign of romantic affection is shown from any of the two (at some point).

Let’s fast forward waaaay deeper into the game because I don’t wanna spend 3 hours writing about their friendship until something happens for the sake of this post.

So, Wrench asks Marcus to meet him at his favorite coffee shop to talk about the FBI. Marcus takes notice of the fact that Wrench keeps looking at the waitress and can easily tell he’s got a crush her.

Wrench says he doesn’t know if she thinks his mask is hot or creepy. Marcus decides to ask the waitress and she replies “both” with a smile. He then decides to let his friend and Naomi alone together to continue on his mission. That was a huge hint that Wrench is attracted to women, although he is known to be awkward around the opposite sex (as said in one of the audio files). It was also said that he had a traumatic childhood and used his mask as a deflecting device. Why? We still don’t really know for sure.

A little later, over the phone, Marcus asks how it went. Wrench says they (Naomi and him) would go see a band together and that she had “her shit together”. As he keeps talking, he gets interrupted and gets captured. Marcus quickly goes to see where Wrench is via camera and sees he’s being threatened by Dusan’s men. His mask isn’t on his face anymore and after the whole talk moment is over, Dusan refuses to give Wrench’s mask back.

Once Wrench is freed, Marcus immediately calls him to say he’s going to get his mask back. Wrench keeps denying the offer, claiming Marcus has “more important shit to take care of”, but Marcus goes anyway. When he successfully retrieves the mask, Marcus meets him to give it back. And that’s when things start changing between them.

Wrench was so vulnerable at that moment, and Marcus understood what Wrench was going through. Wrench says he would never turn on Marcus, and Marcus explains all Dusan wants is to tear them apart and that he won’t let him do that. Wrench puts his mask back on and thanks him.

And now people, that’s exactly when I think Wrench starts developing feelings for him, whether he realized it or not. When he turns his head to look at Marcus, he looks sad but there’s something else. I just can’t really put my finger on it. Now I can go full wrencus mode on you guys. Buckle up.

To prove my point, from that exact moment to the very end of the game (and the dlc that I will oh, so gladly talk about because hot damn), Wrench becomes very protective of Marcus and more… Idk, open? He was always protective and open, but it just got more intense from there.

After the mask incident, we never, like literally never, hear of Naomi again. There wasn’t a single mention of the band Wrench and her were supposed to go to. Was it intended or was it a simple mistake from Ubisoft? I mean, her picture still stays in the hideout. Let’s dig out more and try to see for ourselves.

The game goes on until the very end and nothing more happens between Marcus and Wrench that we could claim as romantic. So far, their bromance can be interpreted as anyone wishes.

Then, the fucking dlc. This was the biggest “hey Wrench is super gay for Marcus” flag I’ve ever seen in my life. Let’s start with this.

Wrench playfully mentions their “underlying sexual tension” to which Marcus replies with “I’m hurt, I thought we moved on to overt sexual tension” just as playfully (although more serious in his tone to make it “believable”).

Wrench sets his laptop down and says in a husky voice “Marcus, there’s something I wanna show you” (this became a fucking meme for the wd2 crew on twitter I swear). He then finally says “on my laptop dude” smiling at the dumbfounded expression on his best friend’s face.

Since I’m a goddamn savage about looking into things I will be looking into this alright. When Wrench says he wants to show something to Marcus, Marcus starts hesitating and slowly raises his hand, probably to ask where the hell he’s going with all this. At first I thought he was just not liking where Wrench was going, thinking he was dead serious. But after the end of the dlc I changed my damn mind (I’ll bring it up again later don’t y'all worry). For the meantime I’ll just stick to Wrench and then move to Marcus, but not for now. So let’s continue!

After this, they watch a video and nothing happens that really needs attention. Let’s go to another scene.

I was debating whether or not I should include this scene but to hell with it this post is already long as hell why not make it even longer.

Wrench picks back the tool(? Idk what the hell it was I don’t remember kshdksjdhd) he gave Marcus and -jokingly- asks “when you first saw the x-ray, did you recognize the action figure wedged inside your rectum” to which Marcus answers with “yeah it was my Wrench figure, thought it was the perfect hiding spot for him”. They both laugh and Wrench goes back in the WKZ van.

This can be interpreted so many ways and that’s why I wondered if it was worth mentioning or not but damn it all I will elaborate what I think.

When Marcus says Wrench’s action figure’s perfect hiding spot would be his own rectum, could that maybe mean Marcus knows Wrench lowkey (highkey) wanna fuck him. Like listen okay, listen, or read actually, read, this could totally be a funny, random “humor only” moment but it could also very possibly be this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marcus knows Wrench kinda (kinda, who am I kidding) likes him. Anyway NEXT SCENE (This post is all over the place and god are these scenes in order?? Are they?? H e l p).

Once again, another moment that is oddly gay. This one may be even more than the one I just mentioned above, because it was directly hinting at Marcus.

Marcus enters the hacker space and asks Josh and Wrench what they’re doing. Research is what they’re doing, since odd and terrible things are happening to homeless people, who claim the clinic is to blame.

Once they’re done talking about the subject and Marcus is making his way out of the hideout, Wrench quickly goes to him and says he’s been “learning how to hack a colonoscopy sca- cam. Camera. Sooo.” He even makes the 👉🏻👌🏻motion.

This was, once again, a weird hint that Wrench wants to fuck Marcus. Or at least he’s thinking about it.

There’s also weird hints like when Marcus was slapping the ass of a guy with a wooden object and everytime he hits him, Wrench’s reaction is holding onto Josh for balance. Wrench, what exactly are you into?

Another moment we could definitely see as wrencus is the following one. It’s small, but it’s there.

Marcus needs to have a good look of the eyes of his victim and take a picture. Once he’s done, Ray asks “You have fun gazing into his pretty brown eyes?” Marcus’ response was “Uh yeah no. But thanks for planting that thought Ray”. Then Wrench says “Pfff, Marcus has way better taste than that.”

Pretty obvious hint there. Wrench’s eyes are blue and Marcus knows this. He was the one who gave him the mask back. When Wrench says Marcus has way better taste than brown eyes, I just knew he was hinting at himself. Wrench is bisexual confirmed just fucking say it Ubi you cowards.

And from here I’ll finally switch to Marcus and will at some point come back to Wrench (for that one moment).

When Marcus enters the streamer building, Wrench asks Marcus if he can set him up with a free account since he’s never been a VIP of anything before. And Marcus says “Hey, Wrench, you’re my VIP.”

Do I even need to elaborate on this? Do I?? NEXT SCENE.


This was honestly the fucking best okay. Marcus gets captured, almost gets crushed by a car crusher, Wrench is so pissed he pushes a whole in the wall, Marcus escapes and goes straight to Wrench once he’s finally free. The second Wrench sees him, he embraces him for like, ever. Wait actually I’ll go look it up and tell you guys how long the embrace lasts.


Everything was wrencus material. The way Wrench sighs Marcus’ name with relief when he sees him, the embrace that lasts forever, the fact that his eyes are closed because he’s just so relieved he’s safe, MARCUS’ SMILE, the awkward moment when he had to let go. My life span was increased by 20 years.

This is the last scene I will be talking about. This is the moment I thought “hey, Marcus might be super gay for Wrench too.”

It’s night, they’re waiting for the firework show Wrench set up (if this isn’t romantic enough already) and we get two different angles of Wrench and Marcus before it starts (I can only put one because there’s a 10 pictures limit for some reason). It was made obvious that Marcus was looking at Wrench while he wasn’t looking. He looks at him with a smile for a solid 5 seconds and the way he looks at him is just so loving. If you remember what I said about Marcus not liking where Wrench was going when he said he wanted to show him something, that’s what I meant when I said I later changed my mind. Marcus seems to like him too. This moment was just so wholesome and pure. I love it.

There’s so many things I might’ve missed or I just didn’t talk about because there’s just a shit ton of things to talk about. Like the “your future boyfriend” written on Wrench’s profile.

Ubisoft we see what you’re doing. And we like it. Keep doing it.

So, are Wrench and Naomi a thing? We can’t say for sure, Ubisoft didn’t mention her after the mask incident, which was just after we heard of Naomi’s existence.

Is Wrench bisexual? Yes, I’d say without a doubt. Maybe pansexual. I am 100% sure Wrench isn’t straight. He likes both genders, I’m sure of it.

Is Ubisoft intending on pushing it forward? I would love to. It’d be really nice and refreshing to have a main bisexual character. They made Marcus, the main character of a game, a poc. This was a huge step forward for Ubisoft. They even put a trans person who helps you with your quests, a very important character has asperger and they didn’t make him less important than the other characters, they put the option to flirt with both genders and so on. I think they thought having the main character, who is a boy, be in a relationship with another boy, who is a very present character throughout the game, would be pushing it too far. Maybe that’s why they tried to develop the idea in the dlc when they saw people liked the concept.

This is all I had to say, fellas. If you read all of this, tell me what you think. Are they just bros with a really odd friendship? Are they more? Feel free to cry with me about them I would love to cry with someone. Thanks for staying till the end of this goddamn post!




Pairing: StilesXReader

Y/N/N- your nickname (Idk if that is what people use but i just put that there incase anyone get confused)

A/N: So I have been kind of thinking bout this for a while and this is my first fic so please try to be nice. I love dirty talking Stiles just as much as the next reader and I understand that the real way Stiles loses his v card was in Eichen house, but I kind if wanted to do a more funny, realistic version of Stiles and the reader’s first time so like Stiles obviously isn’y gonna talk dirty the first time he has sex. I am going to start taking requests now. A massive thanks to @dumbass-stilinski and @writing-obrien for looking and editing a lot of this. Sorry for being a pain and I really appreciate it. I also want to write more fics but I have no idea what to write about so requests would be great. I already have begun a mini series. Okay, sorry for the long note I’m done now, Enjoy.


As soon as I became part of the pack, even before that, when Scott introduced me to Stiles in freshman year, there was a connection. We literally had eye sex for a solid 15 seconds before I heard his quiet, gravelly voice.

“Hi. Y/N, right?”

“Yeah aha, nice to meet you, Stiles.” I put my hand out for a handshake in an attempt to be polite. He returned the favour by grabbing my hand and bringing it to his lips, which sent a confusing shiver through me as he quickly pulled away.

“I am so sorry, I don’t know why I did that. Uhh anyway, Scott has been saying nothing but good things about you. I even looked on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and-wow what a disaster, this is the worst first impression I have ever made in my life. I’m gonna go before I make a fool of myself. I’ll see you at lacrosse practice Scott. It was really nice to meet you, Y/N.”  

Just as Stiles disappeared from the hallway, Scott said, “Wow, I have never seen Stiles so nervous and awkward. I mean, Stiles is socially awkward but that was a whole new level.”

“No that wasn’t even bad, I made it so awkward when I just stared at him for like a thousand hours without saying hello.”

“Y/N it’s fine. It’s not the last time you are going to talk to him. And when you hang out with him, it will be with the pack, which I will introduce you too at lacrosse practice. See you then?”

I nodded. When I thought I heard the last of Scott, he quickly turned around and whispered. “Oh and by the way, I was with Stiles when he was on your Facebook and trust me, he was really impressed with what he saw.”

That was two years ago; and I am still waiting for my two year crush, Stiles Stilinski to make a move. I always knew from the moment he placed his lips on my hand, we had a connection, and more than just a friendly one. We always hang out, but it’s never just us two. It can’t be because I literally have no social skills, especially with the opposite gender. I mean, Stiles is awkward with few social skills, but I was way worse. I can’t even focus when he is within five steps of me, he intimidates me, but it’s because he has no idea. Everyone in the pack knew how we felt about each other that even chemosignals weren’t obvious enough. There just was and is no time to do anything because we are always so busy keeping Beacon Hills safe.


I woke up on Monday and looked at the time, oh shit! I woke up at 7:30 am and a) not only did I sleep through my alarm, but my bus was coming at 7:45. I fell out of bed, ran downstairs, ate some cereal, brushed my teeth, grabbed my backpack and dashed out of the house to the bus stop.

I sprinted around the corner and saw the bus driving away from my stop. I finally stopped running and took a second, putting my hands on my head, breathing in and screaming. This has only happened to me nearly every day this term, and it’s only first term. The only way I can get to school is to walk.

I walked surprisingly quickly to make up time, as it takes forever to get to school this way.

“Miss the bus again Y/N/N?”

I turn around to see a blue jeep. Roscoe. Shit, it was Stiles stopping to talk, to me? ‘Okay just act cool.’ I said in my head.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” After I said that, I mentally face palm myself. Obviously he is literally seeing me walk to school instead of catching the bus.

“And I see you are going for the pyjama look today,” I was puzzled and confused with what he said when suddenly, I look down and my cheeks turned instantly red. I was getting ready so quickly, I forgot to put on clothes. I felt my insides fill up with embarrassment and humiliation. “If you want, I can drive you back home so you can change your clothes and then drive you to school.” I felt the insides of my stomach fill with butterflies. “I mean that’s only if you want to like not like you’re my girlfriend or anything and like I’m not your boyfrie-”

“Uh yeah, Stiles, thanks, that would be very helpful.” I ran to the car, maybe too fast, and Stiles did a u-turn to go back to my house.


The car ride was silent, a little uncomfortably so, until Stiles broke it. “Do you want me to turn up the radio?” His voice was a little shaky.

“Yeah sure.” I reply really quickly, making myself cringe.

For the first 30 seconds, it was just talking but then, one of my favourite songs came on: Baby got back by Sir-Mix-A-Lot.

Oh my god Becky, look at her butt

“It is so big!” I yelled but quickly stopped singing as I forgot where I was: In Roscoe, STILES’ JEEP!

“Why did you stop singing?” He chuckled and shot me a smirk.

“Because it’s so embarrassing I know all the words to this song.”

“Please don’t stop singing, I have to hear this now.” He winked at me and every muscle in my body, no matter how tiny, tensed in an effort not to show how much of an effect that wink had on me.

“Okay, if you say so.” A surge of confidence that I had never felt before rushed through me as I not only picked the lyrics back up, but I also turned the music up louder so I could get into the zone. I was either impressing him or just making a complete fool out of myself.


We finally arrived at my house, I opened the door and we walked inside. He was much closer to me than usual. Before I even thought about it, I moved away, feeling uncomfortable.

“Sorry Y/N/N, didn’t mean to do that.”

“No Stiles, don’t be silly, you know me, awkward.”

He chuckled and smiled. “You are so cute like that.”

I flushed a bright pink once again, and so did he. Did he just say I am cute?

I quickly try and brush it off. “Um sorry to be a real pain, but I didn’t get to have a shower, is it okay if I do that?”

“Yeah sure no problem Y/N/N.”

“Cool, well I won’t be long, make yourself at home.”

I quickly ran upstairs to the bathroom.


I didn’t think I had ever had such a quick shower in my life. Stiles Stilinski was at my house. I mean, he had been to my house before, but that was with the pack. I had only been with him when the pack was there, THE PACK WAS NOT THERE, IT WAS JUST ME BY MYSELF WITH MY CRUSH OF TWO YEARS! I wanted to be quick because I was missing out on time with him and secondly, I felt bad for making him wait. I dried myself and wrapped my hair up in my towel, leaving my body naked.

I turned to look in my wardrobe and yelled “Stiles!” to see where he was.

“I’m right here.” He quietly said, and I turned around to see him, creepily sitting on my bed, staring at me, naked, in the nude, WITH NO FUCKING CLOTHES ON! I screamed and quickly grabbed the towel from my head around my bare body.

“Oh my god Y/N I am so sorry I had no idea -”

“No Stiles, it’s fine. I’m stupid I shouldn’t have been walking around the house naked when I knew you were here. My bad, sorry.”

“Why do you always do that?”

“Do what Stiles?”

He proceeded to walk closer to me, barely an inch separating our faces. “Apologise for being yourself. You did it just then, when I accidentally walked too close to you. It’s not your fault.”

We stayed in that moment for what seemed like forever but in reality it was only for a minute.


“Yes Stiles?”

“Can I please kiss you?” You never thought those words would come out of his mouth.

“I’ve been waiting two years for that.” I said, not realising how desperate that came off.

“Oh really? Wow okay um, I literally had uh no clue, I mean well yes I did coz Scott kinda told me, and so did Lydia, and Liam, and Kira, Allison, Mason, okay pretty much everyone in the pack told me, um yeah.” Once again, your face flushed with many rosey tones of pink.

“Okay um, so are we gonna kiss?” You said with a low, croaky voice.

“Oh yeah, right. Okay, here we go.” He said.

We both leaned it so we met at 50/50. Our lips glide together in perfect synchronization. He moved his hands to the lowest part of my back, just above my only towel covered ass. I quickly squirmed and pulled away from him.

“Oh my god Y/N did I do something wrong?” The concern coming from his fiery amber eyes made my heart melt.

“No, it’s not you. It’s just, this is so embarrassing. I mean like I’ve had my first kiss and stuff, which was horrible by the way, but like I’ve never really gone past that with anyone and you putting your hands on me it just makes me nervous because no one has really ever done that to me before.”

“Wow Y/N, I never would have guessed that. You are so beautiful and intelligent, any guy would be lucky to have you. I really hope this doesn’t come off insensitive but, does this mean you are a virgin?”

“Yeah, it does.” I felt so embarrassed and stupid about it. Everyone else in the pack had done it, even Liam and he is a freshman.

“No, no, Y/N/N, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I am too.” As soon as I heard him say that, I pressed my lips down on his.

Our lips once again moulded together making fireworks like the 4th of July erupt inside of me. It was an amazing feeling. A sudden surge of confidence rushed over me and I  broke the kiss and pushed Stiles onto my bed.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” As soon as he finishing talking, I unwrapped the towel, leaving myself  bare, completely exposed. Stiles’ eyes widened as he looked up and down my body. He quickly covered his eyes with his hands. “Oh my god Y/N you lost your towel again.” He shrieked.

“I know.” I moved closer to him and sat on his lap, “I want this Stiles, I think. Not that I know, I haven’t really done this before.”

“Me either Y/N/N, should we just see where this goes?” I nodded and reconnected my lips with his, and I felt those 4th of July fireworks erupting in me once again.

Stiles deepened the kiss by slipping his tongue into my mouth. It just felt so right. He bit my bottom lip and moved down to my neck and began to leave bright purple marks. I had no idea what to do so I put my hands in his hair and pulled, like in the movies. I heard him growl so I stopped. “Oh my god Stiles, did I hurt you?”

“No not at all, that felt really good actually.”

We moved back to the previous position and I moved slightly to maintain my balance.

“Oh my god Y/N please do that again.”

“What like this?” I moved again and realized what I was doing when I begin to feel his bulge grow against me.

I got up and layed down, pressing my back against my bed.

“Okay I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m just gonna go for it.” Stiles looked up at me and a flash of concern ran through his eyes. I gave him a nod of approval and he began to kiss me again. He then proceeded to move further down my body, blowing on the several purple marks he’d left which turned me into a quivering mess.

He reached my breasts and took one in his mouth, sucking roughly while fiddling with the other with his hand. The constant pinching, swirling and tickling caused me to let out a soft moan. He continued to drift further down, kissing my stomach lower and lower until he was just above my core. A weird feeling, like a throbbing began to build in my core.

I was deep in thought when suddenly, I felt a finger on my clit and I bucked my hips at how good it felt. “Wow” I thought to myself, “You are missing out on a lot?” He buried his face in between my thighs, causing me to moan so loud, it echoed through the whole house.

“I don’t ever think I’ve ever heard you be so loud before.” Stiles smirked, which caused me to flush and giggle. As I began to chuckle, Stiles pumped a finger into me.

“Stiles, that feels so good please don’t stop.” I strangled out those words as I felt all the muscles in my body tense up and the pit in my stomach increase.

“Fuck Y/N/N, say my name again that was so hot.”

“Stiles.” I moan as I come undone around his fingers and black spots start to blur my vision as I ride out my high.

Stiles falls down as lies next to me on my bed.

“Wow.” He says with a flabbergasted look in his face.

“That was-”

“Probably not that good.” He interrupts and turns to look at me and begins to play with my hair.

“Are You kidding, that was amazing. I want you to feel what I felt.” I press my lips to his for a quick short peck.

“Are you sure Y/N/N? You don’t have to just because of what I- ooh my god.” His sentence quickly changed into an exclamation as I undid the button on his khakis and pull down his boxers to reveal his massive, veiny cock. My eyes widened at the thought of fitting that whole thing into my mouth, so, I began by pumping his length up and down a few times, causing his head to roll back. Hopefully that meant he liked it.

I finally built up enough courage to put my mouth on his shaft and slowly but surely proceed further and further down and before I knew it, his whole dick was in my mouth. I begin bopping my head down faster and faster repetitively. He moaned my name several times which caused the throbbing sensation in my core rise up again. He started to twitch in my mouth and a salty liquid filled my throat and I swallowed it.

“Y/N/N as if you haven’t done this before, that was so good.” He kissed me, but quickly pulled away and asked, “Oh my god Y/N/N, is my cum still in your mouth?” The roughness of the word made me cringe.

“No Stiles, I swallowed it.”

“Oh my god Y/N/N, I can’t believe you actually swallowed it.”

“WHY ARE YOU NOT SUPPOSED TO AM I GONNA GET SICK?! GREAT HOW WILL EXPLAIN THIS TO MY PARENTS? YEAH MUM, I GOT SICK FROM SUCKING DICK!” Panic starts to fill me and just as I feel an attack come on, Stiles grabs me and pulls me into a hug. He pushes my head into his chest and grips tightly. The panic inside me immediately disappears. I feel so safe in his arms.

“No it’s perfectly normal. Scott says that most girls spit and it’s supposed to be impressive when they swallow. Not really sure why but just thought I’d give you that fact.”

I laughed and pressed my lips to his. It started off nice and slow but quickly turned into an extremely passionate rough kiss. We moved back to my bed again, Stiles lays me down on my back and he hovers over me. He began to lift his shirt up and I helped him. I took in every mole, muscle and area of bare skin on him. My hands roamed around his body as he smiled down at me.

“Y/N, are you sure you want to do this?” He looked up and flashed a look of worry, but it quickly disappeared when I replied. “I’m ready, Stiles.”

He lined his tip up with my entrance and slowly pushed into me until he filled me up all the way with his length. Both of our heads rolled back as he slowly began to pull in and out of me. He started to speed up a little, making me moan softly. I began to kiss him, tongues roaming around everywhere in each others mouths.

“Stiles, I want to try something.” I looked up at him and he had that stupid smirk on his face which I hate, but love at the same time.

“Okay sure.” I rolled us over so he is lying against the bed. I moved down so my legs were on either side of his hips. I lined my entrance up with his tip and slowly moved down onto it, earning a deep, throaty moan from Stiles, which caused me to shiver. I had never heard his voice so deep before, it was so sexy.

“That feels so fucking good Y/N/N, please don’t stop.”

I began to maintain a steady speed, but I couldn’t take it any longer, and by the looks on his face, neither could he. So I began to start moving up and down fast really fast, making myself moan ever louder than before.

“Stiles” I screamed.

“Please scream my name again, I love that.”

“Stiles! Stiles I’m so close to-”

“Me too Y/N/N don’t stop. Keep going.”

I slowly keep increasing my speed and before we know it, we both reach our peak and his liquid fills me. I sloppily fall next to him. I can’t move. I try to get up but I can’t. I freeze. Stiles begins to sit up and sees that I’m frozen.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t move Stiles, like at all.”

“You are so cute. It’s normal. I think it’s from the fatigue of you know, what we just did, which was amazing by the way.” He began to blush which made me blush too.

“Yeah it was pretty fantastic, hey?” You flashed a smile at Stiles and it made him chuckle.

“So um, I’ll just put some clothes on and we can head to school?”

“Sure Y/N/N, um but before you do that, I just need to know, what are we?” A kaleidoscope of butterflies filled my stomach. I had waited for this moment for so long, I never thought it would actually happen.

“Well what do you want to be Stiles?”

“Y/N/N ever since I laid eyes on you, and I mean like in person not like when I stalked you on social media before you even came to our high school, anyway, I want you to be my girlfriend Y/N/N, will you please be my girlfriend?”

“Stiles Stilinski, you have no idea how long I have waited for you to ask me.”

He responds by pressing his lips to mine. “Let’s get to school.”


We finally arrived at school and just as we began walking up the stairs, he grabs my hand and intertwines his fingers with me. We walk through the big glass Beacon Hills high school doors and see the pack staring at us, jaws practically on the floor. We walk over to them.

“Heyy guys.” Scott winks at us.

“Hey Scott.” Stiles and I say in unison and we just laugh at each other, Stiles presses a kiss to my forehead.

“Oh my god, finally!” Lydia exclaims, “I can’t even smell chemosignals but I didn’t even need to it was so obvious and finally! Congrats guys.” Lydia raised an eyebrow and smirked at me. She was my best friend, she knew exactly what happened here.

“Anyways, first period is about to start, Stiles and I have econ so we better get going before coach yells at us. See you guys later. ”Scott beings to walk and so does Stiles, but he quickly tells Scott to wait and he comes back to me and places a quick peck on my lips, then runs back over to Scott.

Nothing else in the world mattered to me at this very moment, I had finally gotten what I wanted, to be with the love of my life, Mieczyslaw Stiles Stilinski and after waiting two agonizing, painful years, I finally got him.

“Two Headlights Shine Through the Sleepless Night”

A Calum Hood one shot inspired by the lyric above from “Treacherous” by Taylor Swift

The summer night’s air was warm and wet, the humidity making your thighs stick to the leather of the passenger seat you sat in, windows open and wind wildly whipping your hair. Thumping through the stereos was a song you weren’t quite familiar with but bopped your head to the beat nonetheless, your companion’s music selection never failing to impress you. Driving at a speed you could only guess was illegal, you and Calum sped through the night like two bandits on the run; not really knowing where you’re going but believing anywhere was better than the place you’d left behind. The clock on the dash read 3:24 but time felt non-existent; like every other thing in the world was put on pause except the two of you, racing away from your problems with nothing but each other on your minds.

The beautiful landscape bathed in moonlight around you seemed to stretch on for miles, but you’d given up on looking at it in lieu of staring at the man next to you; one of his hands loosely holding the steering wheel while the other held your hand in his, resting atop of the divider between you. His eyes never failed to leave the road in front of you, but you knew his attention was still locked on you by the way his fingers drummed against the back of your hand in time to the beat of the music and squeezed your palm against his every time a particularly cheesy line was sang. 

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anonymous asked:

Mia fiancés? Truly reaching and have to fact or *proof* they are in relationship.. Again tinhatters. Will be proven wrong

Here we go again

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I guess the bitterness never end

And yeah 

MIA!ZIAM is a real thing

And well take as you like bestfriends/boyfrieds/fiancee/hunbands

But its seems to me that they see each other as soulmates

And just as curiosity because well they’re doing the same expression