like a boss!

lmao I just caught my third lapras in pokemon go by literally pausing mid beer, screaming incoherently, and running out my door in my pyjamas and my untied docs. I literally had 2 minutes and 16 seconds according to the fastpokemon site and it was three blocks away and I just fucking booked it and I caught it and like it’s dark out and people walking by were looking at me like “??????” but it was so worth it because now I have three motherfucking laprases like talk about a hold my beer moment tho I was wearing tiny shorts and no bra and a top so big it covered the tiny shorts so I looked like I was wearing nothing but a flannel and boots

i’d like to know where any of the “gabriel reyes is the boss from hell” stuff spawns from because have you listened to his actual voicelines? yeah he sounds kinda rough but like 1/3 of his lines are dead guy puns and one is him purring “haven’t i… killed you somewhere before?” like its the worlds best pickup line. gabriel seems like the kinda boss that lets you stop by a pizza place on the way back as long as you get extra breadsticks. he seems like the kinda boss that’ll let you skirt around the deadline bc he knows you’re exhausted and nobody ever turns anything in on time around this place anyways. made the blackwatch uniforms armor and whatever the hell else you wanna wear, he doesn’t give a damn.

JACK is the one with the “you didn’t make the cut” and the “thats SIR to you” lines like ???? how yall always getting this backwards


I am really glad you like the box therealjacksepticeye! I got messages from people because I thought that if you ever wanted to read anything when you are in a bad mood, you can read those as well as what other people gave you! But I am really glad you like it! :D And there was supposed to be a CD in there, did you get it? If not, it’s okay. :) Also, it took me almost 8 months to finish the binder and box! 

this is what happens to ya titan bastards when jackaboy is here *blows smoke off of literally steaming sword*

ahh i havent even finished watching him play aot and yet this still happens cx (sorry the tags are kinda long)


So I made Bosstronia in Cities: Skylines in honor of Jacksepticeye. 

Pictured above is the BOSS! Suburbs where everyone wants to live and Jacksepticeye Park with Septiceye Sam Circle where everyone can go to relax and unwind (Yes, I know the iris is supposed to be blue, but there unfortunately seems to be a lack of blue trees in-game). High-fives!!


My name is Kim and I am creating a milestone video for Jacksepticeye because he reached 8 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS yesterday! If you would like to submit a video of yourself talking to Jack, doing the intro, doing the outro, or fanart of any kind (preferably not NSFW fanart though) Then send it along this way! I accept all sorts of submissions so just check out my “The Rules” page or the “FAQ’s” page for more info.

Also, the URL is called “Tribute” because of the lovely @jacksepticeyemilestones who is no longer using their blog because of some issues with an abuser, so I’ve taken over for the milestones video. Let me know if you have any questions! -Mod Kim