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I was reading through your links, would insults like mouse brain, fox hearted, ect still exist in the redux?

Not quite. A simple “idiot” or “two-faced, cold-hearted bastard” would suffice. Certain animal phrases do exist, but they’re mostly found in WindClan.

OSF AU - All the Little Children (9/?)

Part 9: Wherein a pack of pint-sized preteens pools their knowledge, and Luffy is hungry.

Content warnings: Offscreen character death, though no one the reader will miss.

Luffy’s stomach growled.

“I knew we forgot to do something,” Fū mumbled, before she headed deeper into the hall.

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Credence & Patronus

Okay but imagine when Credence is sad or scared, Newt does the patronus charm to try and cheer him up. Imagine the magical animal running around Credence and Credence watching its every move with amazement, a massive smile on his face. Credence then starts asking Newt loads of questions like how is he doing that? If he learnt magic would he be able to do that? Is the animal always the same? And Newt sits down and answers every single question that Credence has to ask and the entire time Credence doesn’t stop smiling.

And then when Credence finally learns magic Newt teaches him the spell. The patronus charm would be Credence’s favourite spell because it means he has a little animal (I feel like Credence’s patronus would be something like a badger or otter or platypus) always there to protect him and whenever Credence is sad or scared he performs the spell because his animal makes him feel safe and happy!

Josh is Raiju?

Could this be some clue as to what Josh is? Clearly his chimera part has done something to his body as no normal person is blue inside. In the episode his skin looked like it was glowing. In this picture it looks green as it doesn’t have any effects.

In a way, it almost matches his purple eye colour.

This bit is interesting because the Dread Doctor here is holding something in his hand, its like a little spike. I think it’s meant to measure Josh’s electricity as they place is into his neck at the side. We can see it here in there hand. Also there’s something near Josh’s other ear

They just moving it closer, Lydia is still watching

Now the spike is touching Josh and the background where Lydia is has lit up with lightening. We know Josh can take in alot of electricity, but we can also see Josh seems to be made out of it, it’s under his skin and whatever the Dread Doctor is holding, it made Josh’s power turn on.

I really believe Josh is part Raiju, a Japanese creature of thunder.
These creatures were most often described as looking something like a badger, weasel, cat, or fox, although they were sometimes said to look like a wolf or monkey as well.

This also popped out at me
Typically the Raijū were said to be fairly docile in nature, but during storms would become extremely agitated and aggressive

In Episode 6, the weather seems quite calm looking, however in episode 7 which carries on from the same night as episode 6 it clearly shows the floors are wet, meaning it was raining.

Was there a storm that night which was the reason Josh kicked off so badly? It could have been down to him being out of control due to the experiments, but if it was the storm that set him off, then he could be a Raiju.


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I think the gnomes want a new queen because the previous one was eaten by a badger or something

Yeah something silly like that I think I dunno I’d have to look at blacklight journal 3 again to be sure. 

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Would you mind doing what a hufflepuffs room would look like? Thank you!

A Hufflepuff’s room is going to show off their love for their passions, which probably means it’s full of knickknacks or posters or pictures. They probably don’t make their bed. Their bed is also going to be super comfy with pillows or stuffed animals and soft, warm blankets. They like to have little badger-burrows in their beds and have something to cuddle.

My own room (well, apartment, since yay being a grown up!) is filled with small items that show the things I love. This means we have a shelf of MLP toys on display, pictures, fanart, and would totally have candles if we didn’t have cats. There’s also bookshelves filled with all of my favorite works of fiction, and that has other little things on it (like my Harry Potter Funkos are on the shelf with my Harry Potter books, BioShock ones are with the video games, etc.). It’s also probably either organized chaos or just chaos or a little bit of both.

What do our followers’ rooms look like? Reblog with some pictures or descriptions!

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

The story of Jack and the badgers and why he always hates them.
See one time when I was younger, I went outside at night time and thought it was a grand ol’ time to go outside in my underwear, and just spread my toes for the night air to get a feel for. And I was like this is very nice. I like this atmosphere. What happened? Mother fucking badger comes out, made fun of me, made fun of my toes. What a dick man. Badgers are assholes. I hate badgers. …
He came out and I think his name was Steve. Mighta been Billy. Who knows. Billy the badger, we’ll roll with that. Why the fuck not? He came out and said that I had very funny toes. I said ‘badger, mother fucker, you don’t even have toes!’ And he was like ‘that’s why I can make fun of yours, because I can’t make fun of mine.’ Then I started making fun of the stripes on his back and he was like 'that’s cruel man. My mother died defending these stripes.’ It was like their country’s flag or something. I don’t know, badgers are weird.
—  Jack aka Lil Shit, 2k16

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Ok so my best friend is a 'therian' and every-time she has an 'astrological shift' into a cat, she always bites and scratches the shit out of my arm and acts like she hates me. There are bite marks on my arm and when people ask I have no clue how to tell them.

This is absolutely wrong of your friend, anon. I don’t know what is wrong with your friend but this is not acceptable. This is not okay behavior regardless of if your friend is a therian. She really needs to learn some control because this honestly sounds like physical abuse and she’s trying to use her identity to excuse it. Seriously, tell your friend to knock it off or learn to control herself. If your friend refuses to do something, you are under absolutely no obligation to endure this sort of treatment. Violence like this is not okay under any circumstance, even if she has an underlying mental illness or something like that.

-Mod Badger

The Accidental Hacker | Chapter One | PG

Synopsis: When Harri is asked to remotely install webcam software on her mother’s computer, she accidentally logs onto the wrong computer and ends up chatting with the stranger. She doesn’t know it yet, but the computer belongs to none other than Tom Hiddleston.

When will she figure out that he isn’t just a random stranger but one of her celebrity crushes, and the star of a few her racier day dreams.

Written in the first person.

Chapter One

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