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It’s pretty normal to get some habits from your folks, but I couldn’t help but think Shou would be worried about it.
Shou, buddy, pal. Yain’t your dad and nobody thinks you are.


Even reapers have milkshakes  click for quality

Punk/Pastel AU: Carry On Countdown

Chapter Two

“Hey, Barbie! Where’s Ken?”

Baz ignores it. He’s used to the taunts from kids in the hallways. His facial expression is dangerous. More dangerous than it should be, considering the entire reason people give him shit is because, as Agatha once said; “You dress like Tumblr threw up on you.”

It used to be just his style of choice. He genuinely likes pastel colours, and soft pinks and purples and blues. He likes flower-crowns. He likes the way these things make him feel. Everything in his world is so chaotic. He’s a mess. But his clothes are perfectly calm.

Now it’s a matter of pure stubbornness. If he betrayed himself now by dressing as society expects him to, he would be admitting defeat. And Pitch’s don’t admit defeat.

He can almost hear his father’s voice in his head. “They don’t dress like fairy princesses either, Basilton.”


Simon Snow is widely ignored for his choice of dress. He dresses like he wants attention, but that’s the last thing he wants. His wardrobe consists of black, black, and more black. Leather jackets and belts, ripped jeans and tight t-shirts.

It’s a pain in the ass to find something to wear in the morning. Everything is the same colour, so he can never find what he wants.

Still, his getup is effective. People leave him alone. (Except his dad. But his dad is hardly a person. David Snow is a sad excuse for a man.)

They have this much in common; they use their clothing to compensate for something. Baz Pitch uses his clothing to create peace that he never has in his head, and Simon Snow uses his dark clothing to try and dim his natural light. Because Simon Snow is the sun. And the sun isn’t easily ignored.


“Faggot!” yells a boy as Baz walks by, head ducked low, backpack slung over one shoulder. Boys are always the harshest. They can’t understand why he’s not masculine, like they are.

They care more about my clothes than I do, thinks Baz. That’s hardly masculine.

This logic doesn’t help him, however. He’s surrounded by high school boys, the worst kind. They’re stupid and reckless and thirsty for blood.

Just as the guy who yelled throws the first punch, sending Baz stumbling, another voice cuts through the courtyard. “Hey! Leave him the fuck alone!”

A boy is standing about 10 feet away, glaring with the heat of a thousand suns at the gang of boys circling him. Baz’s breath catches in his throat. The boy is gorgeous, all soft angles and candlewax eyes.

His combat boots sound intimidating as he walks toward them.

“Do you even go here?” asks one of the boys. “I’ve never seen you in my life.”

“I wish that I’d never seen you, asshole,” says the golden boy. “Now get out of here.”

The one who punched Baz scoffs. “You can’t make us. It’s two to five, and this poof won’t be of any use.”

The golden boy looks at them calculatingly for a few moments, during which Baz tries to stop his reeling thoughts. What the other boy said was true. He’s no good in a fight, unless it’s martial arts. (His father enrolled him in karate and judo lessons when he was a boy, in an effort to make him manlier.) He somehow doubted his ability to twirl a stick would be helpful during a fist fight, though.

The same boy who had punched him lunges at the golden boy, who doesn’t even blink. He just grabs the guy by the jacket collar and shoves him against the wall of the school. Another boy moves forward, but they stop in their tracks when the golden boy reaches into his leather jacket, quick as a flash, and pulls out a push dagger.

They all freeze, checking each other out. The boy against the wall doesn’t dare move.

Baz is the one who breaks the tense silence. “The intelligent choice would be to not further threaten the guy with the blade.”

For once, they listen to him. They walk away, grumbling. One of them whispers, “Fucking fairy,” as they pass by. Baz, feeling more confident now that they can’t hurt him, sticks out a long leg and trips him.

Then, they are alone, left staring at each other. Baz takes in his motorcycle jacket and curly golden hair, while Simon takes in his pink sweater and worn white jeans.

“Thanks,” says Baz, finally.

Simon tucks the push dagger back into the inside of his jacket. “Anytime.”

“I’m Baz.”

He doesn’t offer to shake hands.

“I’m Simon.”

Neither does he.

Baz has never seen Simon Snow before, but now he sees him everywhere. In the hallways, in his classes, under the staircase where he and his gang of misfits eat lunch. The school is full of him, everywhere he looks.

He wonders why he carries a knife.

They don’t acknowledge each other, until one day Simon invites him to eat in the staircase with him. He spots Baz against the wall of the cafeteria with his lunch tray and walks towards him, slowly.

“Is the floor comfortable?” he asks.

“Not particularly,” replies Baz.

“Well, I bet that the floor of the staircase is better,” says Simon with a grin. He shows his startlingly white teeth when he smiles. Baz likes it.

So he eats in the staircase from then on. He likes it there - it’s basically a cafeteria for misfits. And he genuinely likes most of the people who eat there regularly. There’s Rhys, who’s in a wheelchair and is too awkward to ask people to move their seats in the cafeteria to make room for it. There’s Gareth, a guy who spends all his free time talking about football, which really gets on his nerves. There’s Trixie (who dyes her hair a new painfully bright color every week) and Keris (who has a leather jacket for every occasion), the annoyingly adorable lesbian couple.

There are also a whole bunch of people who come and go as they please.

And there’s Penelope Bunce, Simon’s best friend, who greeted him with, “You know that you’re only here because Simon wants the scone on your lunch tray, right?” She’s way too intelligent for her own good. The other kids don’t like her for it. But she was right; Simon does end up eating his scone. Baz doesn’t mind.



Clementine von Radics
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splatoon asks!!
  • i didn't see any of these so send the reblogger a number or multiple numbers and have them answer!!
  • 1: what do you main?
  • 2: do you prefer the boy inkling or girl inkling? why?
  • 3: what do you think of roller users?
  • 4: favourite shop? whjy?
  • 5: favourite npc? why?
  • 6: do you find the squid scrolls interesting?
  • 7: what is your favourite game mode?
  • 8: do you have an opinion on octarians?
  • 9: do you own or want an amiibo?
  • 10: which squid sister - callie or marie? why?
  • 11: what's your favourite stage?
  • 12: out of the current splatfests, which sides did you take?
  • 13: do you have any ideas for splatfest polls/choices?
  • 14: what ink colour do you like best?
  • 15: do you take your losses well?
  • 16: do you care more about level or coin?
  • 17: least favourite weapon?
  • 18: do you play with friends often?
  • 19: do you have a splatsona? if not what do you think of them? do you want one?
  • 20: does your inkling share your name? why or why not?
  • 21: what's your opinion on the miiverse?
  • 22: do you post very much on miiverse?
  • 23: do you take judd's advice very often?
  • 22: do you use spyke's services?
  • 23: do you visit the splatoon wikia?
  • 24: were you excited when you heard about splatoon?
  • 25: what's your preferred special?
Horus Heresy Emperor’s Children

Hey everyone! The time has come for me to take some direction on my Horus Heresy army, so I finished a few test models to figure out how best to approach them. They are all slightly different in colour choice and technique and so I’d like to hear what you all think is best. I can still tweak the colours a bit and I can certainly mix and match the different elements (such as the purple armour from one, the gold trim from another, and the base style from a third etc.).

I’m glad I did this as I learned a lot before tackling the real thing. It took me a few tries to get something I really liked and if anything I really hammered out what not to do. I also figured out some hiccups I would have had with the assembly, especially attaching the painted minis to a finished base securely and now I know ahead of time what I need to do.

I decided to post this as a text post so I can add more pictures with text around them, but the drawback is not being able to zoom in on the pictures like with a photo post. Hopefully that will be okay and you’ll still be able to see the differences easily enough. Apologies for the text wall though!

So as you can see along with slightly different outcomes on the purple, I also have different gold, weapon colours, eye colours, and bases. I also have a couple different pauldron colours as well that I plan to use on officers, but I will probably match both shoulders if I do that. I have just one in white and one in black to see what it would look like with the purple. I also attempted to freehand the wing symbol they have on their pauldrons as well as the roman numeral “III” to see if I could avoid using transfers. I think they turned out okay but I can’t seem to get the 3 right! For convenience I have named these marines from left to right A, B, C, and D. That should make it a little easier to point out an element on a specific one (such as the armour of C for example).

Anyway I’ll put up some pictures of each individually.

Marine “A”

Marine “B”

Marine “C”

Marine “D”

I think my favourite overall is probably Marine C but I think I may still like the gold from A better. I didn’t think I’d like the eyes to be red but for whatever reason I kind of like it more than the blue or even the green.

So there you have it! This is what I’ve been working on for the past month or so. If you’d like to reply to this post or reblog it to let me know your opinions I will probably take that into consideration for the final product. You can also message me or whatever if you’d like to weigh in. I’m in the process of prepping some of the Betrayal at Calth marines now so once the weather improves I’ll be priming and getting started on them!

Apologies for the long post but I wanted to get everything in one. Thanks for putting up with it! Hope you like the progress!

Legion again

I got husband to watch the first episode with me and it was still amazing. More so, because I could concentrate on details now. Just… The framing, the editing, the sound, the music, the pacing… It’s just so beautiful and clever and wonderful. Each and every frame looks planned, looks composed like a painting. The colours and choice of shots, close up, panoramic. I’m not really into superheroes or superhero comic books (although I love graphic novels and comix), but this really feels like your inside a comic book with all it’s energy and colour. I know nothing about the background of the character aside from what I’ve picked up from other people’s post along the way. 

The performances are great too. Dan Stevens in a chameleon. I can’t believe this is the same guy from Downton Abbey and The Guest. He gives David Haller, the protagonist, so much frenetic vulnerability. Lol, this is a character made for me to love. And Rachel Keller is mesmerising as Syd Barrett. I loved her in Fargo too, she’s going to be a superstar. Audrey Plaza is great too, of course.

There’s so much visual detail. I can tell it’s going to be the kind of show that drives me crazy trying to decipher all the clues. Why does one interrogation dude look like Nick Cave and the other Like Tom Waits? It’s weird! But I love it. 

I hope it stays this good. I trust Noah Hawley, he never let me down once in Fargo. I haven’t been this excited about a TV show since Breaking Bad. 

It’s fucking laughable that people get angry at stylistic choices like “tumblr nose” but colouring a dark-skinned character’s skin as light peachy pink is just fine like…

You’re so transparent.

Playing your colours right

Blue: Makes the people around you feel at ease. Dark blues are great for interviews and lighter blues for parties and social events.

Red: The colour we associate with passion. Research conducted by the University of Rochester found that men were more attracted to, and turned on by, women who wearing ruby red clothing. Again, this is great for parties – but not always at work.

Purple: This brings out our creativity, and is associated with self confidence, independent thinking and class. Purple is appropriate on almost any occasion.

Black: Conveys authority, so that people see you as being powerful, confident and competent. It is the colour of choice of authority figures (like the police), or for stylists, trend setters and icons.

Orange: This luscious, exuberant colour sends the message that the wearer is friendly, sociable, relaxed, and approachable. It’s great for social events – but not for important business meetings.

Green: This is the colour of happiness and contentment. It can be an instant mood changer, putting others around you at their ease. It is great for all occasions, and can be worn in both the daytime and the evening.


SPN Moodboard for @royalrowena [9/?]
Rowena - “I hate you… Because if I didn’t… I’d love you. But love – love is weakness. And I’ll never be weak again.”
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Sam Winchester Graphic Challenge adoredean vs bluebellsandcocklesshells
Prompt“Maybe the only difference between you and a demon… is your hell is right here.” - (Brady, 5x20 The Devil You Know)


Cath Appreciation Week.

Monday - The moment you fell in love with Catherine / Favourite Moment.


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NAME: honey
NICKNAMES: nooooo thank god and please don’t try to
ZODIAC SIGN: aries (and im TYPICALLY aries)
HEIGHT: uhh short like 5′5″ maybe i think? i used to think 5′3″ but then my housemate was like.. dude you’re fucking small.. and i was like fuck you
ORIENTATION: bisexual panromantic although women are a+ first choice
FAVOURITE COLOUR: like.. a nice smooth off-white. but also autumnal colours, like pale teal, burnt orange, mustard yellow, warm navy.. grey! and BLACK and scarlet
AVERAGE SLEEP HOURS: really varies. often it’s pretty good (i sleep a lot) so roughly like maybe.. 8~9 hours? sometimes it’s bad and only like 6
CAT OR DOG PERSON: dog!!!!!! oh my god……….. no to cats
FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: richard papen everyone in the secret history by donna tartt. so many others as well. sooooo many.
NUMBER OF BLANKETS: well atm i changed into my big winter duvet, so that w like sheets or whatever. i keep meaning to buy a big woolen throw thing
DREAM TRIP: probably nyc in the autumn, or back to paris, or back home
BLOG CREATED: this blog? january this year. in general i’ve been trapped on tumblr for like 7 years though lmao END IT

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One day I promise I will put my natural hair to good use and make this an actual cosplay