like a colour choice


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and you’re kind, scorpius. to the depths of your belly, to the tips of your fingers.


It’s pretty normal to get some habits from your folks, but I couldn’t help but think Shou would be worried about it.
Shou, buddy, pal. Yain’t your dad and nobody thinks you are.


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hey yondu, ever heard of a terran by the name of merle dixon?

Yondu: I was scopin’ out the local neighbourhood before I picked up Quill -

Kraglin: You mean, ya went off on a bar crawl. An’ didn’t invite me.

Yondu: …Anyway, I’m fairly sure this fella got called ‘Merle’ by his brother before he socked me in the face.

Even reapers have milkshakes  click for quality

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What is your favorite color to use when you draw? ////Can you dare Jackaboy in just that color too////

I really like to use pastels and monochrome colours when I draw! They’re really nice. I couldn’t pick one colour…so have a rainbow jack! (⌒▽⌒)//

I thought it would be too easy to have like a choice of every colour ;;; 

The gossip columns don’t do him justice. Neither do I.

Kenji Katsaros requested by my one and only @emilyxchoices, everyone! Dat man tired me out, so I think it might be time for me to call it a guys, night.


mermaid swamp spam     “I want you to live..”

A Twyde thingie commission I did for @rdrcr, and I can’t help but love them together now ahah. Also terribly sorry for taking such a long time, but I hope it was still worth it? I will be sure to do something extra for you when I’m done with all the other stuff. Thank you so much. ;v;

I’m so so so happy for Cami and the rest of the riverdale cast on Season One’s success.

I just want Cami to have all the good things in the world. 


Day 4 : Six Gravity [Orphanage AU] // “My soul that goes soiled. My being that goes nothing.”

“An orphanage was attacked by terrorists; the police force still unable to get in.

Number of survivals are unknown.”

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