like a colour choice


It’s pretty normal to get some habits from your folks, but I couldn’t help but think Shou would be worried about it.
Shou, buddy, pal. Yain’t your dad and nobody thinks you are.


jarredthebear  asked:

What is your favorite color to use when you draw? ////Can you dare Jackaboy in just that color too////

I really like to use pastels and monochrome colours when I draw! They’re really nice. I couldn’t pick one colour…so have a rainbow jack! (⌒▽⌒)//

I thought it would be too easy to have like a choice of every colour ;;; 

anonymous asked:

hey yondu, ever heard of a terran by the name of merle dixon?

Yondu: I was scopin’ out the local neighbourhood before I picked up Quill -

Kraglin: You mean, ya went off on a bar crawl. An’ didn’t invite me.

Yondu: …Anyway, I’m fairly sure this fella got called ‘Merle’ by his brother before he socked me in the face.

I’m so so so happy for Cami and the rest of the riverdale cast on Season One’s success.

I just want Cami to have all the good things in the world. 


mermaid swamp spam     “I want you to live..”

Even reapers have milkshakes  click for quality

Merry Christmas to the wonderful yunab317.

Prompt: Peter makes it snow in Neverland at Christmas time because Wendy misses it.

Grenn x Pyp +2


Halfling!Yuuri and his phoenix familiar from the fic a silver splendour, a flame by @handsingsweapon. GO READ IT, EVERYONE. GO READ IT. IT’S BEYOND AWESOME.

OKAY SO JUST AS I UPLOAD THIS I REALISE YOU POSTED FASHION REFERENCES, AND UH. I AM SORRY FOR THE INACCURACIES? I started this before I saw the post and have been dead to the world the past weeks because of deadlines so I didn’t see the post sooner, but my style is simple enough I think I can edit this to fit the refs hmm (I HATE HOW THE SHAPES OF THE CLOTHES IN THIS LOOK ANYWAY).

I did consider pastel/muted colours, but pastel was too bright and I did not want to draw attention to Yuuri (instead of the phoenix), while muted made him blend with the background too much. So. Dark red. Yeah. ((sweats as he rationalises his bad colour choices))


I plan to do Viktor too, here’s hoping to my somehow managing that because I SUCK AT TIME MANAGEMENT. (I did Yuuri first because I have Yuuri bias, obviously.)

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i didn’t really do much to celebrate 2.5k last week, so we’ll do it now lmao. i love doing these so much, they’re so fun. so, i’m gonna be doing theseall through today and tonight.


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One of the things that I kept putting off posting

Wanted to retry drawing a nonbinary jirachi, but this time with a more original design

Yeah, I think I’m keeping this guy to be on mascot duty with Lovebug…