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you know what i love about this gif? is that we’ve always heard before that Liam can sometimes be hyperactive. Before shows and after shows he’s in this mood where he needs to be constantly moving. Even Harry and Niall have said that Liam is always going on about something and that he often has a difficult time calming down. Yet here we have Liam just sitting on Zayn’s lap so casually and moving around like a spoiled child. Any of the other boys would be like, “Okay Liam tone it down, man” but Zayn just sits there while carrying on a conversation with somebody else as if there isn’t some huge child on his lap thats being a nuisance. He’s so used to it because to him it’s just his Liam being his Liam and I’m sad.

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This is just me but I think it would be adorable if young Garrus and young Grace met. They're both kids and Garrus would be curious about the human with red hair and Grace curious about seeing a Turian her age. How would it be if they met at that age?

“Hi,” said a voice–a strange, flat voice, one without subharmonics–just to his left. His mandibles twitched with irritation. “Can you tell me how come grownup turians have that makeup on, but little turians don’t?”

Garrus recoiled a little from the question, and even more from the alien asking it. Instead of proper fringe or even plates, its head was covered in very long, fine red fur or tentacles or something. Its grey-green eyes weren’t big as a salarian’s, but they were still alarmingly wide, and more fur–black, this time–sprouted from around them. Red fuzzy bits lifted and the big eyes got even bigger. The fleshy mouth twisted around. Garrus shuddered. 

“Don’t you have a translator?” it asked. “Mine has turian in it. I tested it. I heard some big turians talking already, but you’re the first little one I’ve seen.”

“I’m not that little,” Garrus retorted. Maybe its translator did have turian, but either it couldn’t pick up the overt go away and leave me alone in his subharmonics, or the human chose to ignore it. “I’m seven. Almost eight. And I’m taller than you.”

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Brendon said plenty off and on all day it was amazing like omg. He mentioned him while talking about the time they forgot the lyrics of northern downpour at festival (x). Then talked about milk for a minute where then saw a comment that said “ryan’s a pussy” and he god like kinda all protective which was odd but cool, and said “whoa whoa whoa you don’t know ryan” (x)

There’s also someone who made a youtube for them all here but the ones from morning were only uploaded so not sure if they got the one’s from the afternoon or just hasn’t uploaded it yet.

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Steph oh my gosh, that post. Um, wow, buddy really I am nothing special. I am just like everyone else on here with a love for Taylor's music! I'm really not a huge blog at all! But for you to dedicate that post to me, wow buddy you are an incredible and beautiful person. I read that post and I do agree with what you said, which is why I try to stay more focused on the positives and make others laugh and smile than try to tear others down. You are beautiful Steph and I love you

*takes a deep breath* 
*rolls up sleeve*
*ties hair back*


and also yes i think it’s really wonderful how much positivity you spread through the fandom and i smile every time you pop on my dash or in my notifications. thank you for being so wonderful i love you you beautiful beautiful person :)

Unpopular Life is Strange opinion: I don’t like Chloe. I think she’s a bad, toxic friend. And here’s why. [SPOILERS]

 Okay, so I’m only halfway through episode three, and so I’ve only heard things about the end of it, and so I can’t use anything from after where I’ve played to debate with, but I’ll talk about what I’ve seen. Like I said, there will be spoilers.

It’s someone who, after spending time with them, makes you feel bad about yourself instead of good; someone who tends to be critical of you – sometimes in a subtle way and sometimes not so subtle; a friend who drains you emotionally, financially, or mentally  

[I’ve taken the liberty of quoting this article which defines and gives examples of toxic friendships.]

  1. Negative to the point of being insulting - They’re always complaining, they never see the bright side, and they put you and other people down constantly. – Chloe is consistently miserable with her life, her family, lack of friends, Max’s behaviour, and anything else that irks her at any moment. When Chloe asks Max what she does these days and Max responds, quite honestly “I don’t feel grown-up.” to which Chloe says she hoped to hear something positive and acts as if she’s angry as Max for this and ends the conversations. Max feels so guilty about her choice of words, she rewinds and forces herself to say something positive. Doing this, however inadvertently, Chloe is forcing Max to say things she would rather hear. I feel a better friend would at least try to reassure Max in her feelings and not turn it into an upsetting choice of words. 
  2. Unsupportive - You’re always there for them, but they can’t be counted on to be there for you. They downplay (or even make fun of) your achievements and other things that are important to you. – Fair enough, Chloe is suitably impressed and awed with Max’s powers. But it’s the other, smaller things. If Max is good at something but doesn’t help Chloe, Chloe is ungracious and briefly sulky. When Max receives the phonecall from Kate in the second episode, Chloe attempts to pressure Max into ignoring it and is huffy when Max doesn’t, saying things like ‘Big whoop.  You don’t call me once in five years and now you’re all over this beeatch you see every day?’ implying Kate isn’t worth Max’s time as Max is currently with Chloe. Again, Chloe has absolutely no idea what Kate is going through, however a good friend would generally understand another friend calling, especially as Kate has only called this once, and not interrupted Chloe and Max’s friendship in any way prior to this incident. Kate is a good friend to Max, and vice versa, and Chloe getting in the way of this friendship is not being a good, supportive friend. From the first episode, Chloe expects Max to keep her secrets, give her space, and do what she wants, but can’t seem to be reliable enough to do that same for Max, even only for a minute. 
  3. Envious/jealous/possessive - They’re never truly happy for other people because they want what they have. And if they can’t have something, no one can. - Again, linked to the incident where Kate called Max, Chloe very much wants Max’s undivided attention, which Max cannot do. Max isn’t easily able to ignore her other friends, and only does so in the phone incident because of Chloe’s pressure. 
  4. Manipulative - They’re only nice when they need something, and know all the right buttons to push to make you comply - including emotional blackmail. If you can’t give them what they want, you can be sure there’ll be hell to pay in one way or another. – Chloe really isn’t afraid to say things to coerce Max into doing something. Sometimes it’s subtle or joking, other times it’s a little more like implying that Max isn’t really her friend. There are many instances this happens; including making Max use her powers even though it hurts her, in order to do ‘fun’ things like shooting cards in junkyards, trying to make her ignore Kate’s call, and getting her to break and enter the school premises.
  5. Selfish/Self-centered - If it’s not about them, or if it doesn’t benefit them, they just can’t be bothered. – See above, especially concerning the call from Kate. Kate is Max’s friend, but not Chloe. Hence, Chloe doesn’t care for Max being Kate’s friend. She expects Max to lie and commit actual crimes for her. Max, on the other hand, would and has already put her own welfare and and safety away to help her friends, notably when Kate jumps from the roof. Every time Chloe ‘dies’, Max rewinds, and so far, would almost certainly put herself in that position for Chloe. 
  6. Immoral - You may like them, but you know you can’t trust them.  They’re dishonest and/or unethical and just generally bad news, and they don’t normally appreciate advice or judgement from people looking to steer them toward a better path. – Putting aside, briefly, my ow opinion on whether weed is a drug (it’s not), Chloe is a weed-smoking, drug-taking, stealing, lying individual. Taking drugs does not make you a bad person, but it is illegal in Arcadia Bay and as such I shall have to count it towards this point, for the moment. As such, Chloe should not be considered a positive role-model. Max is always uneasy around Chloe when pot involved (Max is straight-edge). Ditto the gun-stealing, and Chloe’s casual handling of the gun. Max is coerced into breaking into the school and the principal’s office. When the two are confronted with the $5000 in the principal’s drawer, Chloe is up for taking it despite it being for charity, and seems vaguely disgusted with ‘Moral Max’. 
  7. Insincere - They pretend to like/support/be happy for you when they’re with you, but behind your back it’s a whole other story. Even when they’re “being nice,” there’s always some sort of catty kicker. – This behaviour is more apparent when Max has gently reprimanded Chloe for her actions; Chloe calls her Moral Max, which is technically a good thing, but Chloe makes it seem like it’s an insult or something Max needs to tone down on. When Kate is saved by Max and is resting in the hospital, Chloe briefly apologises about Kate’s suicide attempt, hoping that Max is okay, but quickly turns the conversation her herself by mentioning the eclipse and how it freaks her out. In the beginning of the third episode, she tells Max not to be humble, as her power saved Kate the way it saved her, but never seems truly sorry about how she tried to force Max into ignoring Kate’s call, which could have been disastrous. 
  8. Unavailable - They expect you to be available for them whenever they need you, but when you’re the one who needs a friend, they’re too busy to pencil you in.  – See #5. Chloe has contacted Max many times, asking her to meet her in different places and seems to get antsy when Max doesn’t respond immediately. Max hasn’t really arranged to meet with Chloe on her end, so I can’t comment on Chloe so much in this part.
  9. Inconsiderate - They don’t care that their demands are inconvenient, and when you do make sacrifices to accommodate them, they’re rarely even grateful. – Max passes out in the junkyard after forcing herself to exert her powers. When she wakes up, Chloe is bad but then proceeds to tell her she can use it again, and ignores every single reference to pain that Max makes in. She never really seems to care about Kate’s actual health, either.
  10. A bad influence - They push you to do things you’re uncomfortable with, and egg you on to make bad decisions and poor life choices. – See everything I’ve said above, literally everything.

I don’t like Chloe Price. I don’t wish her to die, and fully understand that her presence in the game has brought Max out of her shell and makes Max who we like. But I don’t like Chloe Price.

this is what running your ass off for 12 hours looks like.

had a man tell me to take MY shirt off first because I requested him to change into a gown for the exam.
the same man said he should be “sticking it in me not the other way around” when placing his IV. ugh. people are such garbage.

tomorrow will be so much better, I know it. I love my job but at the same time, I hate it haha

(&. Shigeoka Daiki   gif pack.  (part 1) )

under the cut you’ll find a total of 21 hq gifs of   Shigeoka Daiki , kwown as a member of Johnny’s West,   in Yume wo Dakishimete    for wxshige   All the gifs medium and shouldnt exceed 250x250  . with that being said, these were all made by me and I would appreciate it if you didnt add to other gifhunts.  I hope you can take the time to like and/or reblog this  if you found this useful or an rph/t/lmnop  Notes:  Daiki is Japanese sporting black hair. His playable ages are 18-22  Tw: Some scenes may contain fire

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Anonymous said to glitterpiggies: Molly is soooo cute <3 And Billy and Millie are too, of course :) Also I have a real question : was it easy for you to tell Billy and Billie from each other ? Did they had a difference that told which one is which ? Or for you was it more like parent who can recognise their baby twins even when they look very similar ?

Hello! Thank you <3 I think it’s a bit of both, it was super easy for me to keep them apart, I just spent so much time with them so it was a bit like the twin thing like you said haha. 

But the main difference between them was their size. Billie was a lot bigger than Billy. Billie was 2,5 pounds, and Billy 1,7. This was always the best way for people who didn’t know them that well to tell them apart! Billie also had a longer face, her nose was quite long, while Billy’s nose is very short :)



Anonymous said to glitterpiggies: Hello :) I just wanted to share my joy with you : the other day I saw one of mu piggies liking the other one behind her ear. That was the first time in almost two years that I saw them being friendly with eachother, usually they juste mostly ignore the other one 

Yay :D That’s so cute! I love it when pigs do that.

Anonymous said to glitterpiggies: Hi ! How long do you think piggies can handle a car ride before they start feeling really too stressed out ? Also do you think they could handle being in an airplane for several hours ? What about buses ? Haha sorry to ask so much, I’m just checking lots of stuff because I might adopt some guinea pigs in a couple of months

Hi, guinea pigs are okay for longish car rides under the right circumstances. I take my pigs with me on a 8-10 hour drive to my parents’ house a couple of times a year. It shouldn’t be too cold or too hot in the car, don’t keep your door open for too long, guinea pigs can catch a cold very easily, so also make sure the windows are closed at all times! The wind really isn’t good for them. Make sure the music isn’t turned on too loud. And obviously you should make sure they have enough food and water, and it might be a good idea to partly cover the cage with a blanket so that they feel safer :) Check on them every once in a while, but don’t pick them up all the time, let them hide and get through the carride the way they feel safest.

Guinea pigs can fly, it’s stressful for them, but it’s possible. Price depends on the airline and the country you’re flying from and to. Also depending on the country you go to a quarantine period might be required, so do your research well! If I’m correct they’re not allowed on a normal passenger flight, but they need to fly with a cargo plane with a compartment suitable for pets (because of the temperatures). Not all airports are allowed to “import” small pets, so that’s something else to look out for :)

Buses can be okay, but I wouldn’t take them on a long bus ride. All the things you can control in your car, you can’t control on a bus. Loud noises, open windows, temperature, etc; you can’t control that anymore.

I hope this helps you! Good luck!

friendly reminder that everyone has headcanons and u don’t have to agree with a particular one but don’t be a fucking asshat about it

just let everyone have a good time especially if that headcanon makes people happy and represented because that’s really important, like who are you to try to shit on that (other than a whiny pissnugget but yeah)

if u have thrown Babyfest 2015 and/or gave someone shit because of a headcanon recently then maybe u should sit the fuck down and realize that u probably have headcanons that can be shat on and those aren’t necessarily “””canon””” either but would u like everyone to give you a bad time about it???? no???? thats what i thought now sit in the corner and think about ur choices and let people fuckin enjoy things

why does this even need to be said smh

First of all, I’m glad that Tilikum got to spend time with Makaio. It’s good for him to have more social time with others than just Trua. In fact, like I’ve said before, let Malia be with Tilikum. I know they remember each other and we’ve all seen them looking at each other through gates. Let Malia be with her dad now that she doesn’t have her mom.

What does have me worried though is that Katina was present. I realise that this might’ve been the case so that Makaio wouldn’t be scared of meeting Tilikum all alone and that’s fine. But I’m worried mating might’ve taken place, you know? There’s no reports on Katina being aggressive with Tilikum during this encounter and we all know that the only time she isn’t aggressive towards him is when she’s ready to mate. The last thing Seaworld needs with their fucked up breeding program is another Tilikum-Katina baby. There’s enough of those already. At this point it would just be stupid to add another one to the mix. They need genetic diversity and this would be the exact opposite. I hope I’m just worrying for nothing here though.

Am I the only one worried about this?

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How did you realize, that you were in love with your girlfriend and how did you guys get together?

Funny story, we are from the same place knew each other when we were really young like 2nd grade, but I didn’t really remember her. She went to my high school for a year but didn’t really know her then. We both moved out of state and our paths crossed years later, she lived in NC and my brother was stationed there, he asked if I knew her cause he recognized her from high school, I said no but we should see if she wants to hangout! So I asked her over Twitter, she couldn’t hangout. Next time I visited I asked again she said she was moving to FL that weekend so couldn’t. I don’t know just something about her I had to get to know her, I just got this feeling I was supposed to. Mind you I knew almost nothin about her, didn’t even know if she liked girls but I prayed she did at least a little hah. Anyways we started texting and taking and finally I went to Florida to visit her, her parents even had pics of us together when were like 8 years old.

How did I know I was in love? I don’t know I just realize it over and over again every day for all different reasons, sometimes I just look at her when she’s not paying attention and she’s being herself and I’m like wow how did I get so fucking lucky to have such a beautiful human in my life. She’s just incredible inside and out.

You’re going to remember it all. All of it, for a long time. The first time you both laid eyes on each other and the first time he touched you. You’re going to remember the first time he called you beautiful and the first time he said ’I love you’. And yes, it’s going to hurt like hell, but you can’t let it defeat you. Show him that you can breath without him, even if you swore to him before that you couldn’t.

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What is your opinion on Maiko (MaiZu)? Is it a good relationship or did it seem pointless to include it since there was enough drama surrounding Zuko?

I like it.

I like that Mai always seems to know what to say to calm Zuko. Like that one time he went all drama queen on his past and Mai just said sarcastically “I just asked if you’re cold. I didn’t ask for your life story. Now stop worrying.”

And Zuko is the one who evokes strong feelings in Mai. It’s just lovely how she smiles when Zuko is with her.

So basically, Mai calms Zuko’s overt negative emotions and Zuko evokes Mai’s repressed emotions. They help each other out.

They are happy with each other. :)


 Soooooooooooo, queerlyalex tagged me to post the first and the last pics in my phone, so here it is. I think honorarylady tagged some time ago to post pics, I don’t remember the context but here ya go.

The first one isn’t from this phone but Alex asked for the oldest one, I have 18/18 in this first pic I think, don’t really remember. Look at my baby face and my cheeks *-* Look at my glorious and straight hair. I look like other person.

And the other one is from yesterday, I was wearing my simpsons shirt, and posted it on my instagram, no reason whatsoever.

I’m tagging some of my babies: deleted-scenes (because she said her pic wasn’t a proprer one and I’m curious now), badmooonrising as soon as you can love, zsphoenix, redcrate foughtthewolvesofpatience, pale-silver-comb, happyinthesilence inogascupoftea xkxdx  curlyfriesandsterek allhalethespark  and the boys stonersterek, allgayeverything justsmilestuffhappens dontgobrienmyheart


The Ship

I once heard a girl say Ianthony across the hallway at my school. I turned to look for whoever made that brilliant strand of words. Thats when our eyes met. We both looked at each other, studying this situation. We knew that it was time to unite and join forces against the dark world. I didn’t know her but when she said those l words; I looked into those eyes and it felt like she was my best friend. A ship is not a war; its a hope. A ship is not an enemy; its an ever lasting friend. A ship is not an obsession; its the freedom to dream.

(Punchline spoilers)

I feel slightly cheated out of my trans male protagonist but at the same time…

  • body-swapped with the opposite sex 9 years ago
  • insists on a male identity as an adult despite being in a female body
  • went through puberty as a teenage girl
  • all his government records say he is a girl
  • he has been in said female body for probably longer than he was in a male one by now (He doesn’t SEEM over 18 but we have no canon age I think)

 …seems like a pretty close wild-fantasy approximation. In a lot of other body-swap stories the plot is having the guy learn how to be a girl and Yuta is not letting his gender be so easily malleable as to let his body and society define who he is.

Also, just think of how happy he’ll be to get his “old” body back and be like “HOLY SHIT I HAVE AN ACTUAL PENIS I DON’T REMEMBER IT BEING SO BIG BEFORE- AND NO MORE BOOBS! NO MORE BOOBS!”

…and then the girl he has a crush on will be inhabiting her body again and he’ll be like “Shit I’ve seen that body naked like every day for 9 years. OH NO.”

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This is out of curiosity, I keep seeing posts about how "Cas should've know about what would happen if the mark was removed bc he's been there since before the earth was created" and I know Cas is a seraph which at one point he was very powerful and all knowing. But didn't God make the archangels first?? To fight off the darkness?? I'm slightly confused. Thx for your help :)

God did make the archangels first. Most likely he didn’t make the other angels until after the darkness had been bound. It’s also never been said that Cas was created before the Earth. Cas was one of hundreds of soldier angels and it was said in Heaven and Hell 4.10 that only four angels had actually met God (presumably the archangels) so there were no father/son chats where Caswould have heard stories about God’s adventures. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Cas existed during the time before the darkness was bound or that he would have been given any knowledge about it. 

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What do ya think of Harley's costumes from the arkham games?

I said something about it before but I can’t find it.

I’m constantly in an internal struggle with myself. Every time I see a new female character in a skimpy/outrageous outfit, half of me is like “Omg cute!” and the other half is like “Okay but practicality…” If I were the person in charge of costuming, I’d always dress the females for practicality. (See: Ellie from TLOU) But since I’m not in charge of that and I know female characters are gonna be dressed how they are, I figure I can just embrace the cute.

Take Harley’s Asylum outfit. Really really cute. Really really impractical. I have worn that costume and let me tell you, you’re not doing flips in that. You’re also not sitting down easily in it. You sure as hell aren’t killing multiple people in it. Arkham City got it a little better, but it’s still not good.

So, aesthetically I like them a lot. Logically, I don’t like them at all. 

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Hello I wonder if you could help me! I am trying to find out more about the relationship between Nicholas II and his daughters. I think from pictures they seem very close and have a very loving relationship and I am hoping to find out more. Could you recommend something to read either a book or any thing online or tell me anything you know? I would be very grateful! :)

Hi, yes sure ! :) I just want to say first that there is something very frustrating about the last imperial family, every books which focus on them, have contradict facts, who is right ? that’s is a mystery, for some books they were taking tea at 4, others say 5 then you’ve got the ones that say Nicholas didn’t have the time. Some said he was taking breakfast everyday with his daughters some said absolutely not. I know that seems pointless they are details but it’s important for the bigger picture…. and well what can I say I like to get my facts right i’m absolutely not frigid like can we please establish a clear schedule when the Tsar was drinking his freaking tea ? is thAT TOO mUCh to ask ?

Anyway what is sure is that they were all very close. Nicholas loved walking and most of the time one of his daughters was with him, at four (?????) they were together in the Mauve Room for tea, it was a constant tradition. And in the evening they would again gather and Nicholas would read aloud.  They looked forward to the annual holidays along the Finnish coast where they could all be together, Count Grabbe who was Nicholas aide-de-camp said “To be at sea with their father that was what constituted their happiness. The Grand Duchesses worshipped their father, the numerous letters that the Grand Duchesses wrote to their father is an amazing testimony of their love for him, for instance Maria wrote “ You absolutely must take me with you next time, or I’ll jump onto the train myself, because I miss you”, Anastasia signing “I kiss you 1,000,000 times, your hands and your feet.” or Olga “Papa, my priceless jewel!”. They all trusted their father, and so Maria used to write to him about her crush Kolya, which is kind of cute and speak volumes of the relationship between father and daughter ! :)

I would recommend : Nicholas and Alexandra by Massie | The Resurrection of the Romanovs by Greg King and Penny Wilson | Four Sisters:The Lost Lives of the Romanov Grand Duchesses by Helen Rappaport (reluctantly because she has been a bitch and you had to be careful with what she wrote !) | Romanov Autumn: Stories from the Last Century of Imperial Russia
by Charlotte Zeepvat |

And online : Letters of Anastasia to her FatherLetters of Maria to her Father | Letters of Tatiana | Thirteen years at the Russian Court by Gilliard |

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? Give it to me.

Aeviara had taken part in the party game called truth feeling confident that she had absolutely nothing to hide. However, as Lord Bladerunner turned and made his request apparent, her cheeks burned bright red and head ducked down. Quietly she uttered the words, though surely they would be repeated to others, “When first we met, before I knew of Lady Aeloren and came to know you both… I told Helinia that I should like to find a suitor who was as half as handsome as you. No, that is not entirely true. I said I wouldn’t mind if you came to call. But…but, since then I only have the utmost respect for your upcoming nuptials and I adore the Lady Sunrunner.” Aeviara had a difficult time looking anyone in the eye for the next two rounds and it should be noted that the crimson flush of skin extended to the tips over her very pretty ears.