like I physically caNNOT

oh man, I said this before but I’ll say it again, I missed this show something fierce and I love it so dang much. It makes me happy every time, even with tense or sad episodes. It’s great and I love it. I hope the next hiatus isn’t nearly as long as this one was.

Okey doke, here are a few thoughts on this block of episodes. I’m just gonna sum up a few thoughts since I’m talking about all 6 rather than each episode separately, but I’ll discuss each ep later if I feel the need to.

1) “Dewey Wins” - this episode sets up the main conflict of the block, which is Steven and Connie’s fight. It’s also the first in a string of upheavals this arc sets up in that Mayor Dewey ends up stepping down and Nanafua is the new mayor. Very curious on how that change is going to play in the plot, ‘cause I reckon Nanafua will be the better mayor to have when the Diamonds figure out Steven is back on Earth (she’s very good at rallying people)

2) “Gemcation” - I reeeeally loved this one! I’ve been dying for a Gem Family-centered episode (in the vein of “Steven Floats”) for a while and this was just what I was looking for. Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Greg all had excellent moments (Garnet awkwardly following a script, Amethyst trying to comfort Steven, “It’s not the pain, it’s the surprise,” and sweet supportive Dad Universe, just as a few examples) in this episode. And I just love when everyone comes together to try and support Steven.

And do not think I didn’t notice that Pearl, like, physically cannot talk about things. As I’m sure a lot of other folks have pointed out by now, this isn’t the first time she’s clapped her hand over her mouth during intense Homeworld talk. The fact that they’re pointing out that it’s more of something preventing her from talking about it (“impossible to describe” in a more literal sense) rather than just her being overcome with emotion tells me we’re getting pretty close to when she will be talking about it.

3) “Raising the Barn” - This was another great episode which I feel very evenly portrayed Lapis and Peridot’s perspectives on what was going on. I like how Peridot has sort of become this Gem advocate for Earth and I think it kind of gives a picture of what early Crystal Gems were like, just discovering Earth and the idea of infinite potential. Peridot is such a goofy, often comedy relief-centered character but she has such genuine heart when she talks about the idea of the Earth and I feel like that aspect really balances out her character.

I do totally get where Lapis is coming from, having lived through a terrible war and been prisoner for so long. She hasn’t quite yet felt part of Earth or the Crystal Gems, she just knows she’s not part of Homeworld anymore. She remembers what happened the last time, how even after such a long fight the Diamond’s corrupted the Gems on Earth rather than let them get away with their revolt. It really does seem like a hopeless fight and without feeling like she belongs on Earth it doesn’t make sense for her to fight a battle she believes they’ll definitely lose and be severely punished for. She does have a connection to Earth, though, and we know she will be back. I look forward to seeing how that happens

4) “Back to the Kindergarten” - This was a nice episode and it was sweet to see Steven and Amethyst trying to cheer Peridot up. I also loved how excited Amethyst is about the Famethyst and how it reframed her context for the Kindergarten from the difficult and depressing place it was for her for so long to more of an optimistic and positive place of “this is where me and my family are from!” sort of thing. I’m glad it could be like that for her.

I like the conclusion in the end, that some things aren’t fixable but that doesn’t mean everything is bad and hopeless. Sometimes you just gotta move on to something that you can work with.

5) “Sadie Killer” - This was another upheaval in that it ends with Sadie quitting the Big Donut, which is a big change for her character. I’m super curious where they end up going with this and how it’s going to play into everything. I also really enjoyed the song!

It’s so fun to see the Cool Kids interact and hang out (with Steven!). They’re all sweet kids and I definitely think it’s good for Steven to have them in his life

6) “Kevin Party” - This was such a Stevonnie episode even though Stevonnie never actually shows up (like, physically, I mean). Kevin was very Keviny in this ep but in such an entertaining way. He had his own interest at heart but he did still help Steven out (I mean, not with the best advice but)
But also I can’t not hear Janja now when Kevin talks, haha

I did like the conclusion to Steven and Connie’s conflict. I like when stuff like this looks at both sides, and that the problem isn’t so much a black and white right or wrong thing, but the idea that you have to think more about how your actions affect others but also that it’s okay to be hurt even if you understand? I dunno, it’s a complicated thing but I think about it a lot. 

I’m curious how this will affect Steven’s matyr complex going forward. He has a real problem with guilt and feeling like he has to atone for stuff his mother did but also has an issue with understanding Rose’s actions and motivations, he just sees that people are upset by it and being caught in the crossfire and he wants to fix it. But, like, a few episodes back he says something like “Homeworld is only attacking Earth because of what Rose did” which is true, but he doesn’t take into account how if Rose didn’t start the Rebellion, there straight up would not be an Earth for Homeworld to be attacking. Something isn’t quite connecting there for him (I do kind of wonder if part of that is from Rose’s own guilt about everything and it’s just kind of leeching into him and preventing him from thinking objectively about it)

I dunno, it’s interesting. I definitely feel like it’ll come into play and be confronted in the episodes to come. I think this incident with Connie, and Connie in general, will play a big part in helping Steven stop punishing himself for the imagines sins of his mother.

Anywho, those are just some quick thoughts on these episodes. I thoroughly enjoyed them, though they could be pretty heavy at times (it’s tough to see Steven so somber for so long!)

Unpopular opinion: the concept of ‘bathroom passes’ in schools is dehumanizing in itself, but making kids move around the halls carrying large flamboyant objects just to use the bathroom is especially humiliating.

I cannot physically hate torbjorn any more

He used to be my most hated character but…he’s actually a really nice guy

He has a wife and children and he saw the difference between our bastion and the others and protected them even though he has his issue with omnics.

I just CANT physically hate this man any more?

He’s a good man.

Mind you he’s not one of my favourite characters but I now have a deep respect for his character as a whole

“compulsively lying to authority figures” is such a shitty symptom because it means doctors don’t work on me

anonymous asked:

But imagine Justin and Brian living in Britin and being domestic 15 yrs later aw

  • Brian being in denial about needing glasses and then reluctantly buying them just for work, until Justin sees him in them and tells him he looks fucking hot in them… especially with those streaks of gray just starting to come in.
  • Justin getting out of bed early to paint in his studio by the morning light, and Brian slipping out of bed an hour or so later. He throws on a robe before joining Justin in his studio, coming up behind him and kissing his cheek as he hands him a mug of coffee, and Justin tells him all about what he’s been working on. 
  • Justin then making them a hot breakfast, making Brian’s bacon just the way he likes it even as Brian complains that he’s going to need to spend an extra hour at the gym, and Justin just unties Brian’s robes and tells him he has another idea of how he can get his cardiovascular workout in.
  • Brian taking to wearing cardigans, insisting they’re incredibly on trend (”they’re in fucking GQ!”) whenever Justin teases him about dressing like an old man. Justin then taking to stealing said cardigans on nights when Brian has to work late, because the manor “gets chilly at night” even though they spent a fucking fortune on insulating the house. And Brian grumbling that Justin’s stretching them out since the sleeves are too long so Justin rolls them up his arms… but there’s no better sight than to come home after a long day and seeing Justin curled up in front of the fire wearing Brian’s sweater.
  • Justin getting a little insecure when he realizes he’s definitely an adult and has to work a little harder to keep his “perfect twink physique,” but Brian assuring him through words and touch that he finds him even more gorgeous than ever, because he watched him grow into this incredible man, he watched those laugh lines form around his eyes, and he loves that they spent all those years together experiencing all the joys life has to offer.
  • Gus coming to visit in the summers and the three of them splashing around and shouting in the pool. During the day it’s cannon balls and Marco Polo and Justin and Gus sneaking up on Brian, who’s floating around on one of those inflatable rafts, and pushing him into the water. At night, after Gus goes to sleep, it’s lots of sexy time for Brian and Justin outside. <33
  • Brian always rolling his eyes a bit at Justin wanting to hold dinner parties for all their friends, but secretly totally getting into the whole “lords of the manor” thing. 
  • Justin going ALL OUT decorating for Christmas (tastefully though, of course). He and Brian develop a tradition of hanging a stocking for each other, and they each try to outdo each other in filling it with the wildest sex toys they can find.
  • Endless lazy days where Brian brings work to do outside while Justin sketches, but inevitably Brian ends up dozing off, and Justin just looks at him and wonders how they ever got here and falls even more in love.
  • Brian and Justin curled up in front of the fire together, drinking wine and kissing in between laughing over old memories. And whenever they touch upon sad ones they just hold each other closer and take comfort in the fact that no matter what happened before, they’re together now and that’s not going to change. Ever.
nursey week day 6 - dreamer

Nursey’s pissed as he walks down the hallway, dragging his feet and trying hard not to hit his fist against a locker.

You will not be day dreaming in my class, Mr. Nurse,” he mimics under his breath. “No matter how boring and useless and terrible I am! God forbid you have any sort of creativity left in you after the public school system beats it out of you!

“So class is going well, then?” He hears from behind him. He tries to disguise his jump as a turn and ends up completely flailing as he spins around to see Chowder.

“What are you doing here, Chowder?” Nursey asks.

“Free period,” Chowder explains, “You get kicked out again?”

“It’s physics,” Nursey sighs, “And I sit by the window. I physically cannot pay attention. It’s not even like I’m disruptive or anything, I just write.”

“Well, if you already got kicked out, you wanna get out of here?” Chowder asks, gesturing towards the door to the parking lot. Nursey doesn’t have a car, but Chowder does, and if he’s honest, he’d go just about anywhere that isn’t this damn school right now. He nods and follows Chowder out the door.

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FIC: Love Will Come To You

A request fulfillment. 42, 43, 44 and 45 from this list. They’d asked for angst but with a happy ending. I hope I did alright :)

FIC: Love Will Come To You (title from the Poets of the Fall song of the same name)

Pairing: Reader/Tom Holland. Supporting characters include Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, and Tony Revolori (how come he doesn’t show up in more fics, anyway?)

Word Count: 1,890

Summary: The reader is in the new Spider-Man movie and has a crush on her co-star, Tom Holland; convinced that they’ll never end up dating, she dates other guys instead and gets her heart broken often. Tom can’t stand to watch this.

Prompts: 42. “I gave you everything.”

43. “Don’t you dare pin this on me!”

44. “I’m not blind, I can see the way you look at them.” 

45. “Wait. I didn’t mean that. Please come back.”

IT IS SO HARD for me to write angst about Tom! Like I cannot physically write him being a jerk. I’ll get better at it. SO this is what you get.

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Upstairs, Downstairs Part 1

Summary: A painfully shy dental assistant at the tower gets an unexpected group of friends, and with them comes a whole new world that she never bargained for.

EVENTUAL Bucky x Reader. Reader becoming close friends with the team, especially Steve.

Written in 1st Person, POV of the reader, unless otherwise stated.

TW: Swearing, extreme shyness, that’s really it for this chapter?

Word Count: 1455

A/N: Hi Dolls! So this is a request I received from the lovely Sascha (@loveyourselfcreateyourself). It started out as a one shot that is now going to be in a couple of parts, because as soon as I started writing it, I got carried away, my mind took over! Anyway, enough from me, I love all your support and feedback! Thank you so much <3

P.S – I have a Steve x Reader one shot that will be coming soon, and a Sebastian Stan x Reader piece ready to go, so keep your peepers open for those if you’re interested. Also, please let me know if you want to be permanently tagged in my stuff, as I’d be happy to oblige. Again, I love y’all –Rae xo


1.       What the fuck have I got myself into?!

“Ugh.” The alarm, the stupidly loud, annoying alarm. Look, whoever told me that setting your favourite song as your alarm tone is a good idea, was a damn liar. “Time to get this show on the road Y/L/N”

I dragged my ass out of bed and started the routine. Brush my teeth, hop in the shower, dry myself, get dressed…well, you know the drill. The same old shit day in and day out. Not that I’m complaining, I have a good life. A good job, a steady wage, there’s really nothing I should complain about. But, and it’s a small but, I’m lonely. I know right, pass me the violin. I’m so shy that I can’t make friends easily, and when people talk to me, I freeze like a deer in the headlights. I’m so painfully shy, that I physically cannot talk to someone without looking like I’m in pain, and people mistake this for me being a stuck up bitch. I’m not, honestly I’m not, believe me, if I could talk to people without choking on the words, trust me, I would. It would make my job a million percent easier, and I might have even become a dentist by now, but such is life, things could be worse.

So, with that bombshell roaming around my head, and let’s face it, when is it not roaming around my head, I headed to work. I open the door and the crisp morning air slaps me in the face, as if to say, ‘wake up.’ I start my usual walk to the tower, overthinking the social interaction with the Chinese delivery boy last night, when I mindlessly check the time. 8;57?! Shit. I start at 9.

I sprint the entire way to the tower. I could give Usain Bolt a run for his money if I carry on the way I’m going. I was so focused on getting to the tower, that I wasn’t even thinking about the glass door. And yep, you guessed it, I run straight into it. At full speed. This sends me and my glasses flying to the ground. I pick myself up, dust off my uniform and reach around for my glasses. Like Velma, from Scooby Doo. When I finally find them, they’re broken.

‘Shit, great, this is perfect, fan-dabby-fucking-dozy’ I mutter to myself, ‘And now I’m five minutes late, for fucks sake.” Time to face the music, and probably get fired.

“You’re late.” Dr Green never even looked up from his paper. This Professor Snape looking asshole was the bane of my very existence. The only thing I hate about work is this cretin.

“I know I am Sir, I am so very sorry, it won’t happen again, I had some trouble on the way here, and then I fell down, and broke my glasses and-“ I trailed off, explaining myself as quickly as I could to avoid being given the heave-ho.

“Not bothered, don’t care. So, you’re late to work, and show up blind. Brilliant. Fat lot of good you’re going to be today. Go and fetch in the next patient Y/L/N, IF you can see him,” Fuck this guy. He’s such an asshole. He manages to make me feel unqualified AND about two inches tall within 10 seconds. He insists on me calling him Sir or Dr, which automatically makes me hate him. I mean come on, you’re a fucking dentist dude. You don’t go saving people’s lives and shit on the regular. No, that’s what the Avengers are for. Asshole.

“Yes Sir.” I slam the door. God he pisses me off. “Thank god I did break my glasses, means I won’t have to look at your ugly mug all fuckin’ day” I mumble under my breath.

“Ooh shit, who pissed you off sweetie?”  Sam Wilson. Of course he heard you, and he was the patient today, brilliant. If your lateness didn’t give you the boot, cursing in front of an Avenger was certainly going to seal the deal.

“Oh, um, I’m sorry for the profanity, sir. No one was meant to hear that. Dr Green is ready for you“ And he laughs. No actually, he doesn’t laugh. He howls. This dude is screaming his ass off at me.

“What’s your name?” We could use someone who is a good laugh like that upstairs. Ease the tension” Upstairs. UPSTAIRS?! Upstairs is where they all live, upstairs is a no-go for people like me.

Oh, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I work for the ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ themselves. Well, not for them specifically, but we are the in-house, on call 24/7 dental practice for them. Which is basically the same thing, right? I mean in makes total sense, with the amount of fighting they do, they’re gonna be losing some teeth, or chipping them at least. And they need someone here all the time, to fix them back up again, and that’s where we come in. And hey, at least it means I’ll always have a job. Unless I’m ever late again.

“I’m-um-my name-is-Y/N. Y/N, Y/M/N, Y/L/N, sir. It’s an honour to be working for you.” There he goes again, bent over in the waiting room, cackling.

“I could get used to that treatment.” He manages to breathe out between laughs.

“Sir, Dr Green is waiting?” I stumble over my words, as bloody usual.

“Oh shit yeah, sorry.”

I walk into the dental theatre and take my chair next to Green.

“Ok, Falcon, what seems to be the problem here?” he starts, as if it wasn’t obvious. The guy is missing a front tooth. Even I can see that and I’m half blind!

“Erm, well. My tooth got knocked out during a mission again.” He lifted his top lip to show the gap where it had been taken. After a little examination, Green turned around to me.

“Prepare Mr. Wilson’s moulds. He needs this doing as soon as possible. If you can see the file.” He makes my skin crawl and my palms itch.

“Certainly Sir, right away.” I smiled sickly sweet at him. Kill ‘em with kindness, it’s the only way to stop myself from killing him for real.

I know my job inside and out, I could do it in my sleep. I just lack the social confidence to take it a step further, and with Green putting me down all the damn time, I second guess myself. Anyway, the procedure went without a hitch and I was soon escorting Sam back to the reception area. I fumble around the desk to finish some last bits of paperwork for Sam before he leaves.

“Hey, Y/N. When are you on your lunch break?” Huh? What? Why is he asking?

“Oh, um, it’s at 1.30, sir.” There I go again, tripping over my words. The feeling I get in my chest when speaking to someone is what I’d akin to being stabbed feels like.

“Ok, well, why don’t you come upstairs for your lunch? Floor 47. I want you to meet the team. Without them having weapons of torture hanging out of their mouths. Unless Barnes gets snappy, then you have my full permission to poke him with a pointy metal object.” He laughs once again, he was being really kind, but if I’m like this with just him, what will I be like with the whole team all at once. Nuh-huh, no way, no how, I’d rather die.

“Er, Mr Wilson, I don’t think that-”

“Sam. Please, call me Sam. Or Falcon. Or Hot Stuff. Whatever works.”

“Ok then, Sam, I’m not sure that this is appropriate.” But it sure would piss off ole’ Greeny.

“1) It’s your lunch, you can do whatever you damn well please. 2) You don’t like Dr Green, and I imagine some time away from his ‘ugly mug’ will do you some good, and 3) I’m asking you to. You’re funny. You don’t need to be nervous, they’ll love you. Trust me, please Y/N? What have you got to lose?” Upstairs. I’ve been officially invited UPSTAIRS to have lunch with THE AVENGERS, THE FUCKING AVENGERS! This stuff never happens, ever. It’s like Downton Abbey, you have the high class upstairs, and the scullery maids and servants downstairs. It’s not like I can really see them anyway because of my glasses, it’s not as if I’m going to become friends with them. They’ll not even remember me until they come in with a cavity, and probably not even then. Fuck it, you only live once right?

“Ok Sam. I’ll be there. Floor 47. 1.30” a burst of energy runs through me, giving me a little pep in my step.

“Really?! That’s great! They’re gonna fuckin’ love you, I swear” That’s it, nothing more said. He’s gone. And I’m having lunch with the avengers.

What the fuck have I got myself into?

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Fix You || Conor (pt 2)

Conor masterpost found here

Word count - 1,764

Summary - The one where Conor is broken, part two.

(part 1)


What was supposed to be a week at your sister’s turned into two, which turned into three, which turned into a month and eventually, you lost track of time. Your sister told you it had been too long, but you had stopped noticing the sunsets and rises. To you, it was still the day you left.

It was true, you had commitment issues. You tried and tried to get over them, but you couldn’t. And while you and Conor could usually just talk through you worries, this time was different. This time, these insecurities and fears weren’t just coming from your head, they felt real. His fans had attacked you. He didn’t notice, and you didn’t expect him to, but you didn’t want to bring it up yourself. On your latest Instagram picture with him, the comments were outrageous. Finding a kind comment in the sea of insults was, for lack of better terms, like searching for a needle in a haystack. You didn’t know what had gone wrong. His fans usually had no problems with you. Or maybe they always hated you and you were just too blind to see it. Regardless, it was the moment where you thought, this is it. He’s going to leave me.

You were too dependent on him. The idea of him leaving you scared you so much, which only caused you to freak out more. You couldn’t get attached to him because he would leave, it was inevitable. So, you had to get out before he had the chance to get out first.

You had your sister go to Conor’s to get all your things and you ignored all of his calls and texts and any message from the buttercream boys. You couldn’t remember the last time you left the house except for work. You even asked your boss to change your hours because you knew Conor would just stop by work and force you to talk to him.

One day you were laying in bed, still in your pajamas even though it was 2:00 in the afternoon. You noticed your phone buzz with a text message so you picked it up to see who it was from. It was Jack. He hadn’t attempted to contact you in almost a month, so you were curious as to what he wanted. The text read Please listen to this with a voice message attached. You were scared to listen to the message. A huge part of you was planning on ignoring the message, maybe deleting it altogether, but you pressed play before you had the chance.

“Mate, I need you to get up,” Jack said. “It smells rank in here.”

“Get out,” Conor grumbled back, his voice barely audible.

“I’m not going to let you keep rotting in here!” Jack said a little louder. “You’ve got to get up, take a shower, and do something. You’re killing me.”

“I don’t know what to do,” Conor said back, sounding weak, almost ill. “She won’t answer my calls, she’s never at her work when I go, and I’ve stopped by her sister’s twice and she won’t let me see her. Says (Y/N) would have her head if she let me in.”

“I know,” Jack sighed, his voice calm again. “But you’re really freaking me out, man. This isn’t healthy. It’s been months. When was the last time you ate something?” Conor mumbled something inaudible. “Two weeks? Conor, you’re actually starving yourself. You’re gonna kill yourself.”

“You know, sometimes I feel like she’s still at my side,” Conor said, ignoring his younger brother’s concerns. “Like I wake up and I reach out for her and she’s not there. If I could just know what happened, I could try and move on. I just feel so fucking empty, like I’m waiting for her to come back even though she probably never will.”

“I’m so sorry, Conor,” Jack said gently. “I don’t know how to help you.”

“Just leave me alone,” Conor said, his voice cracking a bit.

That was when the message ended. You had tears falling steadily from your eyes and you were shaking violently. It was clear Jack had recorded the conversation without Conor knowing, and hearing him speak made your heart break.

Suddenly, you stood up from the bed and walked out of the bedroom. Your sister was home from work as it was a Saturday and was shocked to see you out of bed. “How’s it going?” she asked, trying to hide her astonishment.

“I’m going out,” you said, slipping on a pair of Toms. You were sure you looked ridiculous- leggings and a t-shirt that said I’d rather be sleeping that was about two sizes too big on you- but you had to go. If you didn’t leave now, you would change your mind and never leave at all.

“Are you okay?” your sister said. “Do you want me to-”

“I’ll be back later,” you said, cutting her off completely. “I’m fine, just gotta go do something.”

Not waiting to hear your sister’s response, you grabbed your keys and your wallet and rushed out the door. It didn’t take long for you to get to Conor’s flat and you rushed up to his door, taking the stairs two at a time instead of waiting impatiently for the elevator. Finally, once you stood in front of his door, your brain had time to catch up to you. You took a deep breath, holding back any tears that were threatening to fall. You raised your hand to their door and knocked on it three times.

Seconds later, Jack came to the door. “Oh my god,” he said, his voice quiet. “You actually-”

“Please,” you said shakily. “Is he in his room?” Jack nodded and stepped aside so you could rush in. Josh and Caspar were there, both staring at you with dropped jaws as you rushed past them towards Conor’s door. Very gently, you knocked on the door frame.

“Go away,” Conor mumbled, clearly sounding like he had said those two words a million times. You closed your eyes, took another deep breath, and opened the door.

Jack was right, it smelled awful. It was pitch black because the lights were off and the blinds were closed. There were clothes scattered all over the ground and his trash was overflowing with tissues. Conor was laying in bed, wrapped up in his blankets with his back to the door. “I fucking said go away!” he said sternly.

“Conor,” you breathed out. He immediately sat up and looked at you. When it registered to him that you were actually standing there, he put his face in his hands and broke down. You had never seen him like this. He looked sickly thin and pale and his whole body was shaking. “Conor,” you said again, tears falling from your own eyes. You walked over to him and sat by him on the bed, throwing your arms around him and holding him close to you. He continued to cry into your chest, hardly taking any time to breathe.

“I don’t know what happened,” he said, finally attempting to stop his own sobs. “Why? You just shut me out. I tried and tried and tried to fix this and you just shut me out. I don’t understand.”

“I’m sorry,” you said, crying now as well. “I just, it got too much Conor. It was too much.”

“You could’ve talked to me,” he said. “We always talk about it when you’re feeling overwhelmed or like we’re moving too fast. Why was this any different?” You didn’t say anything, just bit your lip and looked down at your lap. “What are you not telling me?” You just shook your head, not wanting to speak. “(Y/N) you need to tell me,” he begged. “You’ve left me like this for months and I deserve to know why.”

“Your fans just attacked me!” you said, putting your forehead in your hands. “It sounds so stupid when I say it now, but I couldn’t do it! Every fear I’ve ever had they wrote out for me, and it felt so real. I just knew you were going to leave. I could feel myself getting attached to you which was so bad because I knew you were going to leave. I didn’t want you to leave so I left before you could. I just, I didn’t know it would hurt so bad, Conor. I didn’t know it would hurt you this bad and I didn’t know it would hurt me this bad. I’m so sorry.” You were crying again, tears falling from your eyes and sliding down your arms. “I know you won’t forgive me because I really just fucked everything up but I’m so sorry. I was just so scared and I didn’t know what else to do. I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.”

Conor wasn’t saying anything which only made you feel worse. You willed yourself to look up at him and you once again realized how ill he looked. “Conor you look so sick,” you said, placing your hand on his forehead. “You’re boiling too. You look like you haven’t slept in days. I’m so sorry.”

“Stop,” he said, shaking his head. “Stop apologizing.”

“It’s all my fault,” you protested.

He sighed, “I just wish you had told me. I could’ve told the fans to lay off. We could’ve talked this out.”

“I know,” you said. “I just fucked everything up.”

“Well, not everything I guess.”

You looked up at him again to see that he was already staring at you. “I don’t want this to be it,” he said, reaching out to wipe some tears from your eyes. “I want to work this out so bad, and if you want it too, we can move past this and fix everything.” You nodded vigorously, but he spoke again, “But that means you have to stop being so afraid. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. Ignore what everyone else says and you just gotta trust that everything is going to be okay. I can’t have you shut me out like this again. I physically cannot do it.”

“I know,” you said quietly. “I won’t. I mean, I’ll try. I’ll talk to you more. I won’t run away. I won’t leave. I can’t do that again either.”

Conor leaned closer to you, pressing your lips together gently. You laid a hand on his cheek, having missed the feeling of being close to him so much. “I missed you so fucking much,” Conor said when he pulled away.

“I missed you too.”


HP AU: Gryffindor Annabeth Aesthetic

Annabeth Chase, age 17. Died of massive injuries while leaping like an idiot into the abyss of Chaos and splattering on the entry hall floor of Nyx’s mansion.

Like everything she’d ever done, it was a long shot. In a way, that calmed her down.

At camp you train and train. And that’s all cool and everything, but the real world is where the monsters are. That’s where you learn whether you’re any good or not.

She looked just the way she had when she faced the Sphinx—like she wasn’t going to accept an easy answer, even if it got her in serious trouble.