like I like Sagan and NDT and the others

anonymous asked:

y dont u like bill nye and neil degrasse tyson? neil has a podcast called star talk and its pretty funny and informative lol im not attacking, im just curious

I don’t particularly dislike either (although NDT needs to stop with the faux deep science tweets like dear lord). 

It’s just that they suck up all the air in science communication and make it really hard for other voices to come through (I don’t think this is intentional per se, I just think we as a culture only have room for like at max four physics men to tell us what science is at any given time).

Mostly I just want people to stop treating them like they’re the end all be all of science and acting like we don’t need other voices. We need women, and people not in physics/astronomy/engineering, and more people of color (although obvs NDT is black and it’s awesome that he’s as prominent as he is but like, let’s have even more diversity).

I’m just tired of the majority of the work when it comes to science communication/outreach being done by women and yet pretty much the only household names are Bill Nye/NDT/Sagan. Like let’s do better.