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Valentine Day Instruction Manual (aka V-Day Drabble)

Because APPARENTLY These two rom com losers can’t get together without an instruction manual, I have made one for Wade to use. (P,S I may have been slightly tispy and bitter about being single on Valentines so cursing will be greatly used) No Spiderdorks allowed to see this book, very secret.

Step One:  Buy Chocolate. This is either for the person you like, or for if this all goes horribly wrong and you need comfort food later.

Step Two: Check to see if you won’t look like an ass when you tell the person you like them. Do they already have someone? Do you have broccoli in your mouth? (ARE YOU KEEPING SOMETHING FROM THEM THAT THEY SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE AVENGER WADE WILSON I AM LOOKING AT YOU) Make sure all things are good to go before you ask.

Step Three: Just fucking ask you ass. You will get no where sitting on your tush, besides, I bet Captain America would have the balls to ask his crush on a date. Come on, go ahead. AND STOP ASKING BOBBLE HEADS.

Love, (With exasperation and fondness)

Your Fan Fic writer (who’s been really busy working at Disneyland to write more than this in Months)

Submitted by captainstevebarnes. An excellent and useful guide. 

Wade might’ve got a few of the steps mixed up. 

deus vult [an instrumental fanmix for The Sparrow]

The Jesuit scientists went to learn, not to proselytize. They went so that they might come to know and love God’s other children. They went for the reason Jesuits have always gone to the farthest frontiers of human exploration. They went ad majorem Dei gloriam; for the greater glory of God. 

They meant no harm. 


  • one. Rome, December 2059 (Allegri Miserere - The Sistine Chapel Choir)
  • two. those hands were like the mark of Cain, he thought. (Afterimage 3 - Max Richter)
  • three. for Emilio. (Gabriel’s Oboe - Yo-Yo Ma)
  • four. at least for the moment, they all fell in love with God. (Remember Me - Thomas Bergensen)
  • five. night on Rakhat: they named everything they saw. (Water Night - Eric Whitacre)
  • six. “challalla khaeri” (Ibelin - Harry Gregson-Williams)
  • seven. “God! God, I was born for this.” (The Falls - Yo-Yo Ma)
  • eight. Supaari VaGayjur profited from the presence of the Jesuit party on Rakhat before he knew of its existence. (Ney Improvisation in Makam Huseyni - Sufi Music Ensemble)
  • nine. “Madre de mi corazón.” “Hijo de mi alma.” (Closure - Michael Giacchino)
  • ten. Hlavin Kitheri was a poet. (Overture - Jay Chou)
  • eleven. the city of Gayjur (The Dance of the Soma - Jordi Savall)
  • twelve. ils sont les innocents (Sacrificial Procession - James Horner)
  • thirteen. he would tell the Reshtar: I am here to learn your poetry and perhaps to teach you ours. (Sybilla - Harry Gregson-Williams)
  • fourteen. “You see, Meelo? Your family came for you. I found you for them.” (And He Remembered Noah - Clint Mansell)
  • fifteen. “But it was my body. It was my blood. And it was my love.” (Vide Cor Meum - Patrick Cassidy)

“At first I didn’t care. To me it was: I’m 18, I have a boyfriend, we look cute together, we like that. Then I got my heart broken and I cared. Because people had no idea what was going on, but everywhere it was a million different things. I was kind of in a corner, banging my head against the wall. I didn’t know where to go.”

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Sorry, I'm sure that you are tired of me now xD BUT another dancer au, yay. Okay so what if r and Ferre know each other from dance lessons? Not ballet or something like that but from street dance? And no one know about it 1/2

2/2 and courf went to r bc he wanted to talk about something and he walk into middle of lesson of street dance where r AND Ferre are teachers. Like, imagine Ferre in tank top and pants for dance, barefoot

omg like hip hop dance class, can you imagine?? R’s just finished his lesson and courf comes to the studio to go to the musain together, and ferre’s about to give his own intermediate dance lesson (R teaches advanced and beginner), and courf knows ferre is a dance instructor but he’s never seen him actually doing it, and definitely never in sweats and a tank top oh mama…

i couldn’t get this out of my head so here’s a shitty doodle of dance instructors! ferre and R in my tiny travel notebook i’M SORRY

(no i’m not tired of you, i love getting messages, THEY MAKE ME FEEL ALIVE)

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Valentine's Day was supposed to be a happy time for them, but she had said something to upset Bri, causing them to get into an argument. However, what surprised her the most was Bri telling her that she needed to leave before she hurt everyone else. Was that what they thought of her? That she'd turn on everyone she loved? After she left the house, she went into her TARDIS, slumping against the doors. She wasn't sure if she was allowed back.

Once he got back, Jay frowned once Bri told him what had happened. “You know how she gets, Bri!” He shook his head. “Where did she go?”

Bri sighed. “She’s in her TARDIS.” She muttered. “I’m sorry, things just got out of control.” She muttered. “I feel like a bitch for saying that to her.”

Okay but this part was always terrifying to me. If Garry dies and you kill Mary, you encounter this fake Garry when you go to the painting. And Garry’s definitely dead at this point, so it has to be a fake Garry. He acts all friendly and tries to lure Ib back into the gallery.

So what the heck is he? Something similar to this happens in the endings where Garry lives, except Ib encounters a fake version of her mother instead. It seems likely that the fake mother is either an illusion conjured by the gallery, or a hallucination of Ib’s (which isn’t unlikely, since Ib has had many hallucinations while travelling through the gallery). We know this since if you decide to go with her, we see a shot of Ib walking towards nothing. But this doesn’t happen with the fake Garry. If you go with him he says “I knew you were a good kid” and he and Ib walk off screen together hand in hand.

There’s also what happens if you decide not to go with him. In the endings where Garry lives, the fake mother doesn’t do anything when Ib refuses to go with her. She just stands there. But if you refuse to go with the fake Garry? He keeps trying to convince Ib to go with him, and then when she jumps through the painting he lunges for her. He was definitely going to grab Ib.

Whatever this fake Garry is, he’s different from the fake mother. So what is he? Since this is the route to the Forgotten Portrait ending, where Ib sees a painting of Garry in the gallery after she escapes, maybe Garry was turned into a painting to replace Mary after her death. Like with many things in the Ib universe we’ll probably never have a proper answer, and honestly I think that makes it even scarier.

Tumblr explain face makeup to me.

I have figured out my jam with eyeliner and eyeshadow and lipstick but face goo remains a frustrating mystery.

I have tried to look up tutorials but they’re all starting from like a knowledge base where you presumably know what the fuck primer, concealer, and foundation are but I am like “you are face paints go in the face paint bag” and I have no idea what any of these things are much less the far more esoteric use of them.

What is the face goo

How do

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I don’t care about you anymore because if I just continuously tell myself that then I’m just lying. Of course I care about you and I probably always will and trust me that terrifies the hell outta me. It’s been almost 2 weeks since we’ve last spoken where you weren’t rude to me or just blew me off. I know a lot of people are like wow only 2 weeks? She’s so damn dramatic. No you see that’s not the case. This friend well old friend of mine was a daily routine in my life. I would text him everyday and we hung out all the time I gave him a lot of my time. It was so weird when he finally decided our friendship was already coming to an end because, I had gotten so attached to him in the few months we had together. Lately, I’ve been having to distract myself whether it’s watching tv, reading a book, listening to music anything you name it I’ve already done. But damn everywhere I turn it’s like your there. I can be listening to music and I always have my playlist on shuffle and a certain song will come on and instantly a flashback hits me. Whether it’s the songs where we would be in your car with the windows rolled down singing to our favorite songs at the top of our lungs. Or if it’s the songs that we would listen to in your room on the bed that reminds us of the old times and we would sit there and cry and just let everything out. You’re there when I take a sip of a Java Chip Frappuccino cause I remember when you tried it for the first time and your face instantly lit up because it was so delicious or how you laughed at me cause I had tiny chocolate pieces in between my teeth. You’re even there when I take a bite out of a cheesecake from jack in the box cause I get the flashback of when we’re eating it together in your car. I don’t know why but these small things remind of you. Oh how I wish I could tell you how much I miss you and I’d wish you could come back. We both know that’s never going to happen because you have become a person I no longer want anything to do with. At the end of the day I will never hate you. I can’t hate you, because at one point in my life you were the reason all my problems disappeared even if only lasted for a little while. I will be eternally grateful for all the memories you gave me.

Love Magic Masterpost

Originally posted by halloweenmagick

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I’d like to arm all you beautiful humans with a love magic masterpost in case you feel like getting up to some witchy business on this lovely holiday. Now, I know that there are some differing opinions over the ethical implications of love spells, etc. I personally do not perform targeted or binding love spells in my craft. Therefore, you’re not going to find a whole lot of those on here. However, if you’re looking for incense, oils, spells, etc. that are for attracting non-targeted love, strengthening love in a relationship (where the other can consent), and the likes, you’ve come to the right place. That being said, as with any kind of magic, be prepared for consequences when doing magic (I’m not talking law of threefold, I just mean in general) and feel free to practice however feels right to you. On to the post. Enjoy, lovers!


Brigid’s Oil

Water Oil

Lady of the Lake Oil

Cernunnos Oil


Basic Incenses for Love

Venus Incense

Venus Incense II

Moonfire Incense

Moon Incense

Moon Incense II

Moon Incense III

Taurus Incense

Love Incense

Love Incense II

Water Incense


Aphrodisiac Bath


Spell to Promote Healing Between Two People**

Spell to Strengthen Love**

Luxa’s Lunar Self-Love Water and Spell**


Love Wine

Love Tincture

**Not from my blog


I wish you the BEST VALENTINE’S DAY EVER, it doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship you all deserve LOVE and if someone forgot to tell you, today of all days, that you’re SPECIAL and LOVED let me as your friend tell you myself, because in a world like ours where hate, loneliness and sorrow reign we need to spread a little love, so go out and tell SOMEONE YOU LOVE THEM, it doesn’t matter if you know them or not what’s important is that you SPREAD THE LOVE.

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BTS When you Play Hard to Get

Namjoon: He’ll Chuckle and whisper under his breath “so that’s how shes going to play. lets play.” he would probably embarrass himself a few times, but eventually you would give into that face. 

Jin: Jin would be sort of gullible to his whole ordeal and would do whatever he could to get your attention. He would spoil you honestly, and eventually he would win. 

Jimin: Jimin is also playing hard to get which turns into a game of who will crack first. you go hard but Jimin goes harder with that smug grin of his and eventually his tactics push you and you give in. 

Tae: Tae would be a little oblivious at first, but once he realizes what you are doing he would laugh and get that grin of his where you know something is gonna go down. “I like hard to get.”

J-Hope: J-hope would see this as a test and do everything he could to impress you. Some of it would be subtle, like practice his dance moves right when you come out of a class room, eventually he would get fed up of the games and grab your hand, dragging you to an empty classroom and confusing to you.

Suga: Suga would at first see it as your way of telling him you don’t like him, until Jimin slaps some sense into him and then his confidence shoots back up and he decides to spoil you with little things like notes in your locker, songs, candies etc until you snap and finally go up to him.

Jungkook:,Jungkook would definitely be the one to play hard to get. He would be the one to start it, but then you would eventually play along and catch him off guard. He would laugh to himself before fixing his hair. “Let’s play.”

delicioushologramdeer asked:

Just curious, what are your thoughts on the Kansas City Zoo's penguin walks?

I think they’re great! I don’t know anyone at that facility so I can’t ask specifically, but it seems completely fine and is great enrichment for the birds.

From what I can tell from watching clips on youtube, the people are held back behind a barrier with a good amount of space. There’s no crowding and considering the volume level, they’ve probably been told to not scream or be too loud. The birds are being herded by lots of the staff they’re used to working with, and it looks like they’ve probably walked the route enough that they know where they’re supposed to go. They’re not stressed and it gets them new sights and smells and exercise. 

Lots of places take penguins out of their exhibits for various events or promotions, and it seems to be a pretty well accepted thing to do. They’re hardy birds and they can’t really run fast enough to escape. Their bite certainly can hurt, but that’s why people are kept away from them. If the temperature was wrong or they were worried about anything, they’d not be brought out. That’s the last thing to remember - I’m pretty sure this is fairly voluntary for the birds to do. If they weren’t wanting to go, they could just stay on exhibit. 

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Hey! Just read that your askbox is open for Valentines requests so I thought let's do this :P So could you do a Scenario, where Tsukishima, Tendou, Kyotani and kuroo confess to their crush on valentines day? (maybe she's from another Country and doesn't understand japanese so well?)

TSUKISHIMA doesn’t have a problem communicating with you compared to the other three. Why? Because he has been planning on how to confess to you ever since January started. He taught himself some basic phrases and words in your native language that he might need to know, but unfortunately, his brain fries when he’s finally in front of you. Thankfully, he had looked up how to say, “I like you, will you go out with me?” beforehand and wrote it on a card. He’s extremely satisfied when you blush and meekly nod your head, accepting his confession. 

KYOUTANI would be so confused and lost about what to do. He had called you out during his lunch break and hastily confessed his feelings for you, a blush weighing heavily on his cheeks as he didn’t dare look at you. When he did, the first thing he noticed was the puzzled look on your face. It was then did he remember that you weren’t fluent in Japanese yet, and that’s when his face turns even redder. He hastily tries to repeat his confession in phrases that are easier for you to understand and when your face slowly turns red by the minute, Kyoutani’s melting right on the spot when you take his hand and smile.

“I like you,” KUROO says, nervously looking at you through his bangs as he waits for your answer. It takes a few minutes of silence before you finally reply. “Moon…?” A disoriented look on your face as your eyebrows furrowed together, wondering what Kuroo wants to say about the moon. It takes him a moment to realize that you have mistaken  好き (suki) for 月 (tsuki), and he’s doubling over in laughter as he clutches his sides. You stand there watching him laugh before he finally calms down as he says the words “I like you,” this time much slower and more pronounced.

TENDOU wasn’t sure how to approach you, and he was running out of time. He manages to catch you before he’s being dragged to practice and pulls you to the side for his confession. He nervously rubs the back of his head as you look at him with an eyebrow raised, waiting patiently for him to say something. During those moments of silence, Tendou is eagerly running over the phrase in his head, making sure that he has the accent right when he confesses in your native language. “I like you for a long time now, will you go out with me?” It’s awkward and broken, but the sincere feelings are there, and you can’t help but smile and reply with a “yes” in Japanese.

I just feel RWBY’s pacing suddenly went super fast?

I mean the girls of the title team are still freshman at Beacon and they haven’t even been there for a full year and some of the members haven’t even officially SPOKEN to one another on-screen for longer than 2 seconds.

And yet we’re already losing limbs, becoming renegades due to guilt, being forcibly taken back home away from our friends, and running away leaving letters behind for the people that love us so we can go on a journey to find answers without knowing where most of our friends are.

I just feel this should all be like… 3rd-year or senior-year stuff. Not freshmen stuff. Idk.

Deadpool doesn't have any rape jokes.

There are two jokes in it that kind of teeter on the edge of “wait, what?” But it’s a movie about an Anti-Hero who is disgustingly violent, and vulgar. Of course he’s going to threaten someone before he MURDERS THEM. (The joke is incredibly mild and it didn’t even register in my head as potentially problematic until I came home and saw these “OMG THERE ARE RAPE JOKES IN DEADPOOL.”)

Then another “joke” where he talks about being sexually assaulted. If you know ANYTHING about Deadpool you know that A.) he was assaulted as a child. It’s part of his cannon backstory. And B.) he jokes about things that upset him as a way to cope. That’s like standard Deadpool fare right there.

Just. Do us a favor Tumblr, and go away if you don’t understand the caliber of humor and self-aware commentary you’re going to get when you encounter ANYTHING with Deadpool in it. Lots of jokes about sex, and dicks, and violence and just over all vulgar, low-brow ridiculousness. It’s not something anyone is meant to take seriously and were supposed to see Wade Wilson as a jerk with no boundaries and a big fat mouth, ok?

can I just say that I love the idea of alec giving magnus a scrapbook for valentine’s day (or his birthday). like think about it. 

alec would totally love to give something really special and original to magnus but said boyfriend has lived for so long that probably nothing really surprises him that much anymore. so the idea of a scrapbook (which may have been izzy’s or even clary’s idea) really interests him. because it’s something that wouldn’t really take that much time to make and while it’s not anything expensive (like everything magnus owns), it’s definitely something interesting in itself (and it’s also similar to the book magnus wrote about himself). so he ends up doing it with pictures of them and of everyone else and he writes small notes he hopes are not too over the top (but even if they were magnus would probably love them anyway) and he also ropes clary into doing small doodles and other drawings that go with the memory of each picture and the finishing touch would definitely be an obscene amount of glitter in each page. 

(and magnus would totally, and absolutely, love it)

anonymous asked:

I'm curious as to what Natalie thinks about Stiles. She saw the whole clinic scene so I'm really wondering what she thinks. Of course we probably will never know. But do you think she'll say something to Lydia? Whether we see it or not...

I think half of the reason that they had the Lydia scene afterwards where she notices her mother is because the show wanted to show the audience that Natalie is okay with Stiles now. Because if you look at her when Lydia says “Stiles saved me,” Natalie is smiling at him. And it really does feel like everything is going to be okay there. 

She has only ever had confrontations with him this season, as if he was the physical representation of the pack. There was the one in the hospital, the one in Eichen, and now this. The first two experiences were absolutely terrible. She physically forced him away from Lydia and then she threatened him in the other scene. So they set up this confrontational nature where Natalie was blaming Stiles for everything that she didn’t understand. 

Then the third confrontation. She sees him with Lydia in Deaton’s office and she just freezes. She watches them together, and she realizes it. He visited her in the hospital, and in Eichen, and he pushed and pushed and that could have kept Lydia safe. Natalie is sitting there and watching him comfort her and realizing that Stiles saved her. Truly, he saved her life. Not only that, but this boy is stroking Lydia’s cheeks and begging her to come back to life and he is so careful with her as he helps her up, but so relieved to find that she’s alright. 

Natalie sees the way Lydia looks at Stiles. The way she doesn’t even see anybody else in the room when she first starts breathing again because all she sees is Stiles. For, like, a solid minute. She just looks at Stiles. At his face. At their hands. Natalie knows how Lydia feels, and she knows that Stiles would walk to the end of the earth for Lydia. I don’t think she’ll be a problem anymore.