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Don’t post Trespasser spoilers please

Hey guys.

As you may know, some Trespasser spoilers were datamined and posted on the web.
Please, don’t do this. DO NOT.

If you wanna datamine for yourself, I can’t stop you.
But please don’t post them.

This hurts the community big time.
A) It’s unreleased and unpaid for content. We’re not supposed to know about these.
B) It rubs it in Bioware’s face and they don’t like that. (Especially if you’re ******* enough to tweet them about it)

Why wouldn’t they like that? Well, people could react negatively about what they found out. If they don’t buy the DLC because of it, it’s lost sales for Bioware. And these lost sales becomes OUR FAULT. “DAMN that modding community. They just ruined it for us!” See where I’m going?

If you want us to continue supporting the tools, don’t anger Bioware. They have the power to shut us down if they really wanted to. We have to remain a positive thing for them. Mods are cool. They add a replay value to the game. But if you’re using our tools to spoil it for everyone, I’ll just stop working on them.

I’m almost grateful this will be the last DLC so that stuff like this can’t happen again >.<

(I’m seriously pissed atm if you can’t tell).

Almost 3 months ago I saw the 1989 tour in Pittsburgh and wrote this post the day after. Not long after I posted it I was shocked to see that Taylor actually REPLIED saying that she had tried to arrange to meet me and that Taylor Nation had sent me 6 messages. Honestly, I can’t believe any of it happened. I have followed this girl and her music for 7 years. To think that she actually wanted to meet me is the craziest, must surreal thought. In 2 weeks, on September 17th, I go back to the 1989 tour in Columbus. I don’t know if Taylor knows I will be there and I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do know that Taylor reached out to me when I needed it most. In the moment where I felt like I didn’t matter, she reminded me that I do, and I will carry that with me forever. ❤️

deeznutz1969 asked:

OMG I just saw the post about Mead and was honestly shocked I know so few people who drink it unless they are part of my faith. I have never tried making as I thought it was hard, is it? If not How? Cheers you little Youngster :P

It’s incredibly easy.

Here’s basically what you do:

  • Sanitize a jug.
  • Boil some water and let it cool.
  • Put the water and some honey into the jug with some yeast nutrient.
  • Put the jug into a basement or a closet or something where it’ll be mostly dark.
  • Go do something for, like, six months or whatever.
  • Siphon the must (that’s what it’s called, now) into some bottles or a different, sanitized, jug.
  • Seal it up.
  • Wait a few months, or a year, or longer, or whatever you want I’m not the boss of you.
  • Drink it and be like, I MADE THIS.

I have oversimplified the process, but those are the basic steps. The most important part is to just be patient, and leave it alone while the yeast do their thing.

The Signs as the Types of Crushes

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: The crush where at first you don’t really know if you like them, but then someone else comes along and announces that they like that person. All of a sudden you feel defensive and it’s like ‘wAIT NO I WAS HERE FIRST SO GO AWAY’ A crush that was sparked by competition

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: the crush where it started off as a tiny crush and then you slowly fall for them more and more each day. You notice their little actions and the way the handle situations. They don’t really interact with you, but when they do, it’s exciting and makes your heart pound. A crush that is so close yet distant at the same time

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: the crush that everyone else likes too. They’re so sociable and charismatic, they talk to everyone. Sometimes they make you feel sad because you think that how they treat you is special, but then you see them acting that way with other people too. A very confusing and frustrating crush

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: the crush that you gained because they were always so nice to you. They may be quiet and introverted, but they always help you get your books or hold the door open for you. Sometimes you wonder if they like you too, or if they’re just being a kind classmate. You feel very warm and comfortable with them. A simple and sweet crush

Okay so wow the post from last night has 4k notes which I know is not that many in the grand scheme of things but I promise that’s the most successful post I’ve made in my four years on tumblr lmao. A lot of people have asked about time zones, which was something I 100% didn’t think about when I posted that at like 11pm last night, so apologies for that.

Since I’m on the east coast I think I’ll go ahead and just say it’ll start at midnight on the east coast (where I am), so that means that the boycott will start at: 

9pm Sept 8th PST (US & Canada West Coast)

12am Sept 9th EST (US East Coast)

5am Sept 9th GMT (England)

6am Sept 9th CET (Central Europe)

1pm Sept 9th JST (Japan)

3pm Sept 9th NZST (New Zealand)

As a very kind Anon pointed out, Australia has three time zones that are GMT+8, GMT+9.5 or GMT+10 (WST/AEST), so I believe that would be 1pm, 2:30pm, and 3pm respectively. Apologies for the mix-up.

Recap for those of you seeing this for the firs time:

thanks again, y’all are great. I’d say I have a goal for how many people I’d like to participate in this but honestly this has caught on so much faster than I expected that I really don’t want to even guess. I really do believe that doing something is better than doing nothing, and so even just doing this is doing our part to try to affect change on a website we enjoy.

For those of you who struggle with making lists/schedules and then FOLLOWING them, making this for my fellow #ADHDstudynet network members who also struggle with time management, plus anyone else who could use it!

How many of you have tried to make a list or schedule and wrote down something like “work on paper” and then just ignored it/not done it because:

  • there’s just so many steps
  • having “work on paper” is such a big project you don’t know where to start
  • you don’t think you can focus long enough to get anything done

SUMMARY my strategy to combat this:

1) breaking down large tasks into smaller tasks (seriously you can break them down realllly small like “do 2 math problems, take a break, do 2 more math problems” 
2) also adding your free time/rewards to your schedule

now I’ll go through them in detailed explanation of how I use them. 

TIP ONE: Format

Choose a schedule format you’re most likely to use, or a combination. Do you best listen to alarms and checklists? Use that. Better suited to a calendar? Do that. Electronic work better for you? Go for it. Or you can use paper, a whiteboard, etc. Come up with a system you’re willing to use that’s easy for you to use. 

TIP TWO: First do a basic outline. 

List what the project is, what class it’s for, when it’s due, when you’d like to get it done, and when you absolutely HAVE to get it done. You can also add things like how much it’s worth grade-wise. It can look as simple as this:

PROJECT: write paper on _____ for _____ class

PERSONAL GOAL: Do it by the 18th

MUST DO BY (due date): 9/20/2015

Do this on paper, on a whiteboard, or on a notes app on your mobile device or laptop. Whatever works for you. 

why this? because it’s an at-a-glance reminder of the most basic details of the project, also good in case you’re someone who’s often losing syllabi/project explanations/etc. also consider taking a photo of any handout that explains the project/requirements in detail, as I’m always prone to losing these!! 

TIP THREE: Break. Down. Your steps. So they’re manageable for your ability to focus for certain lengths of time. 

Can’t focus for an hour? Can’t even focus for 30 minutes on one task? A huge project seems daunting? That’s why this step is important. 

Instead of just putting “work on paper” on a checklist for the day (which is ambiguous and vague and I’m bound to ignore it because of executive dysfunction and lack of focus ability), split it into manageable steps!

Now your long project has turned into 5-6 very short steps that can be accomplished daily in chunks that can range from 10 minutes to an hour. No need to cram/force yourself to focus. You can vary how your schedule looks based on if you’re a person who can focus well for 40 minutes, versus a person who can only focus for 10 at a time. 

TIP FOUR: Rewards are important! Your schedule doesn’t have to be all work. Schedule in some freetime/breaks/rewards specifically. This is a motivator. 


This will help keep you on track throughout your afternoon/evening and helps you to spend time taking care of yourself/unwinding as well as doing your tasks. It also makes a schedule seem less negative/like it’s all work, because your good stuff is on there too. It makes sure you don’t forget your responsibilities, but also that you don’t forget your personal time. And it motivates you with rewards (”I can watch Steven Universe, but only after I finish 5-10 math problems”) 

TIP FIVE: for people with a long assignment to do in one night and a very short attention span, leave most of your afternoon unscheduled to do what you want but set alarms every hour to take a break and work for ten minutes! 

So if you have 20 math problems to do, just go about your afternoon doing what you want, but have set alarms every hour and whenever you hear the alarm, stop what you’re doing and spend 5-10 minutes doing math. Then you can go back to whatever you were doing, and spend another short interval of time the next hour.
This works for me on low spoons days or days when my focus is just nowhere to be found.

This is ok to reblog & share with anyone! Some of these strategies may not help everyone but they’ve saved my life during high school so many times. 

Rough Patch

Request: Hiya can u do a calum imagine where the relationship is going through a rough patch and u get into an argument and u go and run a bath and you took sleeping pill and he finds u in the tub unconscious. Ik dramatic loll

“Alright, I’ll be there in thirty minutes,” Calum said before he hung up. He was probably talking to one of the boys, maybe a family member.

I watched him as walked past me, barely noticing my presence. We were going through a rough patch of our relationship. I didn’t know how it had ended up like that, but we were now constantly fighting over the smallest things.

We had had the biggest of our fights two days ago, it had been awful. Tears and screams, that was what I remembered about that fight.

None of us had talked to each other since that fight. Calum had slept on the couch and I had tried to sleep on our bed. I was so tired, yet I could never get enough sleep. It felt weird to stay in this house when we weren’t talking anymore.

I sighed and glanced at the tv in front of me. I was so used to watch television with Calum, but it felt so boring without him.

“Whoa,” I mumbled as I got up from the couch. I felt suddenly dizzy, but I ignored it and tried to walk to the bathroom. “No, no, no,” I mumured before I collapsed on the floor. My head stayed against the wall of our corridor as I closed my eyes.

“Are you okay?” Calum asked, uncertain.

“Yeah,” I breathed out, not bothering to open my eyes to look at him. “Just a bit dizzy.”

“Uh,” he said and I could almost picture him nerviously running a hand through his dark curls, “do you want me to help you stand up?”

I stayed silent as I tried to feel less dizzy and less nauseous.

“Y/N,” Calum said as I felt his hand on my knee. I slowly opened my eyes to look into his concerned brown ones.

“I haven’t eaten in like two days,” I explained. It was just now that I felt sick though. “Wasn’t hungry,” I added.

He sighed, “I’m not a good reason to stop eating.” I stared at him, not knowing what to say. He held my gaze for a few seconds before he realized I wasn’t going to say anything. “We’ve been both really stupid lately, but it shouldn’t affect your health,” he said softly. As he said this to me, I couldn’t be mad at him. We had had stupid fights and we had let them take over us, when our relationship was much stronger.

His thumb rubbed the skin of my cheek before he leaned in to kiss me. My body felt a tiny bit better after he had pecked my lips, I had missed him so much over the last weeks. We hadn’t been ourselves and it had got us sick.

“I’m sorry for when I was being stupid,” I said.

“So am I,” he nodded. “Do you want to eat something?”

I gave him a small smile, “Bring me an apple please.”

“Alright,” he said. He kissed my lips quickly before he stood up from the floor to get me an apple. “I haven’t told you that in a while, but I am still madly in love with you!”

I chuckled at him and shook my head, he wasn’t the only one madly in love.


So, as some of you may have noticed, I've been reblogging a lot of things about the Canadian government and the election

I know this doesnt go with the sort of things I usually post, and I am sorry to bombard you guys (especially my non-canadian followers) with election facts and the like, but it is absolutely crucial that people actually get out and vote this year. The canadian federal election is on October 19th, 2015, and there is no where near enough coverage online, on tv, anywhere. People really do need to know how to vote, the parties policies, and what is currently happening in Canada under the current government. That’s why I am posting so many canadian government/election things lately and it’s not going to stop. We need people to vote, because I am honest to god afraid of what might happen if we continue having Harper as a leader. So, I am sorry for those of you who are not interested, but I will be posting election information, and current event stuff up to the election. It’s a month away. To all my Canadians, please vote. Thank you! (Also, for party info, current events, polls, etc. check out allthecanadianpolitics if you’re interested)


Okay so I went did a lot of research 


and read through a butt ton of official Bryan Fuller interviews and podcasts and gathered all info on what I could about his plan in continuing Hannibal and his vision for Season 4. I posted this on twitter which can be found here:

I didn’t post any links because they wouldn’t fit, so a lot of people have been doubting it, and like I said, I did research. I made this blog cause it was the only way I could think of the share all the links and sources with you guys so here you go. :)


Vulture TV Podcast: A Candlelit Discussion of “Hannibal” Plus “Show Me A Hero”

“And (Bryan) was telling me in the context of the possibility that there might be a fourth season, ‘cause I wanna know where would this thing go. And the answer is, according to him, somewhere in the vicinity of that Tattler story that described them as Murder Husbands. Like, they would be basically traveling around Europe together, getting into adventures.” 

Digital Spy: Bryan Fuller opens up on Hannibal’s axing and plans for season 4

“A potential fourth season of Hannibal would, Fuller revealed, reinvent the dynamic between Will and Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) “in a huge way” - he bills it as a reinvention of the entire series. “Bryan described how a prospective fourth season might play out - or feature film, whatever it might be at this stage - and it was such a different place for them to go,” Dancy said. “I thought it sounded fascinating - an amazing inversion and almost a return to the first season, but a new kind of storytelling.”

TV INSIDER: Hannibal Finale: Bryan Fuller Reveals Will and Hannibal’s Fate…And Explains That Chilling Last Dinner Scene

“Will and Hannibal, who have talked about murder and murdering separately, now are doing it together. That felt like it was the evolution of their relationship, that in this moment they would become the murder husbands of fanfic lore”

The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Hannibal’s’ Bryan Fuller on the “Obscure” Finale, Movie Hopes: “There’s a Few Ways to Go”

“There is something in the novel Hannibal that has not been done in any of the adaptations and I would love to explore that with Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. I’m hoping that someday, whether it’s a year from now … two years from now … that we will continue to get to tell that story. I feel like if Will Graham did survive that plunge, his most interesting chapter is yet to be told.”

Vulture: Bryan Fuller on Hannibal’s ‘Cancellation’ and Where He Wants to Take the Show in Season 4

“Season four would be a reexamination and reinterpretation of the Will Graham–Hannibal Lecter relationship in a fashion that is unlike anything else we’ve done in the show. So it is, in many ways, a whole reinvention of the show, in an exciting way”

Vulture: Bryan Fuller on That Hannibal Finale and the Show’s Campy, Sensual Undertones

Interveiwer: In

an interview with our TV critic, Matt Zoller Seitz

, you said that the theoretical season four would be a “reexamination and a reinterpretation” of their relationship, and that it was creatively terrifying to think about. Now that we’ve watched the finale, I’m curious about what it would look like.

Bryan: Well, I still want to hold that in my back pocket because Martha de Laurentiis* is trying to find financing for a feature film, and you never know two years from now if Mads [Mikkelsen] and Hugh [Dancy] have an opening in their schedules, we can shoot something again. I still want to be able to tell that story, and it’s perhaps the most fascinating chapter of Will Graham’s story yet. But I feel like if I tell you what it is, then it kind of closes a door on it in my mind.

Grantland: Q&A: Bryan Fuller on the End (for Now) of ‘Hannibal,’ the Future of Broadcast TV, and His Plans for Clarice Starling

“I’m hoping that with the finale airing, and with people discussing it, we’ll be able to have a conversation again about continuing the story, because myself and Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are all ready, willing, and able to return to the story when the time is right.”

“There’s a portion of the novel Hannibal that has not been included in any of the adaptations of the story. That was the thrust of the potential Season 4 for us — taking this plot point from that book and reconceiving it for Will and Hannibal. I was talking with Hugh about this as we were landing the plane on Season 3. And Hugh was like, “Oh my god, that’s cool. I want to do that.” So I know Hugh wants to do it, I know Mads wants to do it, and I want to do it with them, we just have got to find the right time and the right platform to tell that story.”

TheHeyUGuys: The HeyUGuys Interview: Bryan Fuller on Hannibal Series 3 – Part 1

“When I told Hugh and Mads what I planning for season four they were giddy.”

TVLine: Hannibal Finale Post Mortem: Bryan Fuller on Will/Lecter Love, Bedelia’s Last Supper, That Siouxsie Sioux Jam

“It felt like we had to s–t or get off the pot, ultimately, because there had been so much going on between these two men that when Will asks, “Is Hannibal Lecter in love with me?” it is very much about death and the romance between these two men. There is a quality to connections that go above and beyond sexuality. You can have this intimate connection with somebody that then causes you to wonder where the lines of your own sexuality are. And we didn’t quite broach the sexuality. It was certainly suggested, but the love is absolutely on the table. There is love between these two men, and confusion between these two men. We had to articulate it, and the idea for a [potential] Season 4 was an interesting continuation of that, as well as a subversion of it at the same time. So it’s strange to look at [this week’s episode] as a finale, because part of me believes that the most interesting chapter of Will Graham’s story is yet to be told.”

Variety: ‘Hannibal’ Finale Postmortem: Bryan Fuller Breaks Down That Bloody Ending and Talks Revival Chances

“It certainly was going to be a part of season four, and I actually was really excited about exploring the Margot/Alana relationship and how they were going to dismantle all of the Verger slaughterhouses and turn them humane. She was going to completely undo the evils of her family with Alana, like a Joan Crawford sitting at PepsiCo’s table saying “don’t f–k with me, fellas.” I was really excited about that story for Alana and Margot and seeing more of them, and also seeing what it would be like for them to realize that Hannibal might be coming back into their orbit.”

International Business Times: ‘Hannibal’ Season 4: Bryan Fuller Says Lee Pace Would Be His Choice For Buffalo Bill, Almost Played Francis Dolarhyde [VIDEO]

“I would love to cast Lee Pace as Buffalo Bill,” said Fuller. 

Digital Spy: David Tennant: 'I’ve spoken to Bryan Fuller about Hannibal guest role’

“I would love to work with Bryan on anything - I think he’s a rare talent- so it would be lovely if something worked out. But there’s no immediate plans.”

“I love David Tennant, I think he’s a wonderful talent and I’ve been dying to work with him for many years now, so one way or another it’s going to happen.”

Inquisitr: Hannibal’ Showrunner Bryan Fuller Envisions ‘Dark Comedic’ Role For David Bowie

“We’ve had several conversations with his people and the feedback is always that David loves that we’re approaching him and to keep approaching, and hopefully the stars will align.”

My Marilyn Manson comment was an exaggeration “We might even get Marilyn Manson, who knows!” was suppose to be the full comment but I had to make room. Although, Bryan is aware and very excited that Manson is HUGE fan of the show (One of the biggest fannibals out there) and would probably LOVE to be on it, which would be cool but there is no source that this could occur.

Hannibal Finale Post Mortem: Bryan Fuller on Will/Lecter Love, Bedelia’s Last Supper, That Siouxsie Sioux Jam

“By coming back in and seeing Bedelia at a dinner table being served her own leg, grabbing a fork and hiding it under the table and preparing to stab it in the neck of the next person who comes into the room, that’s a great way to tell the audience, “Yes, we have told you completion to this story, but who is serving Bedelia that leg? Is it Hannibal? Did he survive? Is it Uncle Robert is, and is David Bowie behind that curtain? Who’s serving her the leg?”

An Interesting bit about Chilton that I ran into:

“Let’s just keep him alive, so if we ever do Silence of the Lambs years from now, with the success of skin grafts, we’ll see a Dr. Chilton that is still as feisty as ever.”


“It’s not over until I’m dead, as far as I’m concerned,”

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Do you know of any other good student/teacher other than the ones you already have?

Yeah, some! :)

Teacher Louis

gonna give you the D cuz you never gave me an A (ex-student Harry actually)

What’s Said And Done (underage)

Till I’m Under Your Skin

Yes Sir? (BDSM school, in progress)

Mr. Tomlinson

Teacher Harry

roll like thunder, burn like stars (a/b/o)

Be asking how’s it going (say the goings well)

There’s nothing like you and I

The Note (major character death, first person POV)

teacher: “tell the class a little bit about yourself!”

me: “ten years ago when i was in law school and grappling with what i wanted to do for the rest of my life, i would write in my journal, and i wrote the following words that i have guided me ever since: i find my calm not at the finish line looking back at the distance that i’ve traveled, but in the moment, on the run, out of breath, looking forward. i don’t know where i’m going and i hope to god i never get there because i’m happy as i am, chasing something eternal and ethereal. the destination has never been, is not, and will never be what it’s about for me and that’s just the way i like it. houseguests, please vote to keep me, i don’t want to get off the ride yet”

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hey nicole sorry if u answered this sort of question before but do you have any advice on starting at a new college? like mental preparation and stuff i should do? thank u!

Here are some tips from NUS (National Union of Students):

Everyone is in the same boat as you

The trick is to remember that it’s new for everybody! It may seem like some people are barely fazed by the step up to a new college but they won’t be any wiser than you when it comes to knowing where the classrooms are, where to go for lunch, or how to get their ID card.

Don’t be afraid to ask people for advice or help, they’ll be relieved to know there’s someone else who isn’t sure about what to do. Not to mention it’s a good way of meeting new people.

Sign up to stuff and get involved

Colleges offer a new range of exciting activities and events to get involved with. What could be a better way of meeting new people than joining a club or sports team with people who share the same interests as you?

You’ll be thrown into a situation where you’ll have to interact, so you’re sure to make friends along the way. Taking part in new or old activites is a great way to make sure your time at college is as fulfilling and fun as possible. And they look great on university applications!

Get to know your tutors

The learning environment in college is a little different to GSCE’s. Similar to how it will be at university, you’ll have a lot more face time with your tutors and your relationship will be more open and helpful.

It’s a great idea to get to know them early so that you’ll feel confident in going to ask them for help or just popping in for a chat about college life.

Your tutors are there for life advice as much as they are your studies, and they’ll be an invaluable asset to your college life. One-on-one time often being the difference between grades.

Also, you’ll be seeing a lot of them, so make friends!

Go to class!

This one may seem a little obvious but it really does help! Getting to every class is the easiest way of making sure you don’t fall behind and get snowed under with work.

Let’s not forget that the workload will be a little more intense and you will need to put in that extra bit of time and effort. Plus, if you’re always having to catch up with work you’ll struggle to get to all the events and activities that colleges will offer you.

It’s understandable to feel a few nerves before starting something new, but the more you put in to life at college the more you’ll get out of it.

You might also be interested in:

Signs as Shit Moms Say

Aries: “Of course I don’t have a favourite, you’re all my favourite” 

Taurus: *just starts making dinner* DINNER’S READY *kids comes* yeah just 2 more mins *2 hours later* almost done

Gemini: “Mom do you need help” “no” *nek minut* NO EVER FUCKING HELPS ME, IT’S LIKE I’M A SERVANT AROUND HERE

Cancer: where you going? give me their parents number? what’s their address? what their parents mobile number? what’s their parents name? are you sure the parents will be there? what do you mean you don’t know? do i need to come drop you off and talk to their parents? where are their parents from? they got any criminal charges? speeding fines? social security number?

Leo: please change you look homeless

Virgo: are you studying? let me see your computer?


Scorpio: I spent hours in the kitchen for you come home and say YOU ALREADY ATE OUT??! 

Sagittarius: can’t you just walk? I mean it’s only 100 miles? you’ll lose some weight? you’ll become an athlete? 

Capricorn: no im not stopping for mcdonalds

Aquarius:  so how ARE the kids? Mine doesn’t even clean their room.

Pisces: im never gonna have grandchildren

The Signs And No Motivation

Aries: Bored. So bored. Feels lower than dirt. It’s the kind of boredom that brings on a depressed feeling. They don’t have motivation to eat, but they have to. They don’t have motivation to do anything but stay in their room.

Taurus: Tries so hard to do something, but ends up crying from frustration. Wants to get out of the house, but doesn’t know where to go.

Gemini: Has to force self to get up and finish their chores. Life feels like a chore. They just want to be left alone and not have to deal with anything.

Cancer: Depressed. Can do nothing but sit around watching Netflix and YouTube. Eats a lot of food and candy because they don’t have motivation to get up and do something.

Leo: Not feeling cheery or energetic. Would rather sleep than have to deal with it. Nothing good to watch on TV or Netflix and everything else is boring.

Virgo: Forces self to do stuff. Can’t. Collapses on couch or bed and watches TV. Pissed at the world. Severely bored.

Libra: Sleeps. Watches shows. Sleeps some more. Eats. Cries. Watches more shows. Cries some more. Can’t fall asleep anymore. Cries. Eats. Watches even more shows.

Scorpio: Lies in bed, watching TV or on phone all day. Gets up to snack and then lies back down. Bored.

Sagittarius: So bored that they get so invested in their shows that they finish a whole season in a day. Eats a bunch of sweet stuff.

Capricorn: Forces self to get up and do the stuff they need to do. Pushes self through it. Indulges on sugar they shouldn’t have, but that’s because they need something to help them get through the low.

Aquarius: Complains and annoys others. Sits, eats, watches, reads. Swimming in chocolate, ice cream, and self-pity.

Pisces: Gets depressed. Can do nothing but lie in bed all day, reading, watching their shows, eating, and napping.

The name is Joy.  You might know me from my prior blog- thingsicanchangethingsicant.  I deleted it a few months back as I was going thru some things.  

Anyway, I’m alive.  I’m around.  I’m still a fan of the guys, but I’ve decided to go back to a simpler time in the fandom… One where I was just a casual fan, and didn’t feel pressured to do certain things.  It’s why I kept this blog “non-me” for a couple weeks, just to see if I wanted to even be around. 

So yeah.  Here I am.  Missed you guys.

I’d like to send a really big thank you to a few people (you know who you are) who reached out to me with their concern over the last few months and supported me.  Those who know me know I lost my Dad a few years back, and over the last two months I almost lost my Mom.  It’s been a rough road, but I am so ever thankful for those that were there for me.

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The only thing I really want for Andromeda is to be able to nice to people without flirting with them? I want to find out about their backgrounds and their stories without having to romance them or have the automatic response be OBVIOUSLY THEY'RE IN LOVE WITH ME...I always felt like Kaidan was that way. I couldn't just be nice it was either flirt with him or be mean. And I wanted to know more about Jack but you only get that option if you're a dude and romance her.

YES AGREED. One thing that irks me in the games is how for some of the characters (Jack I think is the most obvious example) it feels like once you reject them/reach the point where a romance would start, you’ve maxed out their conversations and have nothing more to talk to them about. I think the subtle shift in ME3 helped a lot to alleviate this – instead of going to talk to someone and getting the infamous “Can it wait for a bit?” dialogue, instead they made it so the only time you get a cutscene/the dialogue wheel is if you actually can talk to them. They also spaced out the dialogue better IMHO b/c in ME2 especially if you did a bunch of the side quests and stuff first and recruited certain companions right away, you could go like 6 hours without being able to talk with them. But yeah I think it might be better if the flirting options were different from where the paragon/renegade dialogue usually is because then it leads into the problem you’re talking about.

So, I got my brown belt today! But I have mixed emotions about it. I just feel like, I don’t know, I don’t deserve it. Like, I’m not good enough to start helping lower ranks, I’m still figuring out stuff for my self. I can’t do a decent belt fall, my kicks and punches are just nowhere near where they should be….. I could keep going. I hit me how close I am to earning my black belt today, and I’ll be honest, it scares me. Not the test, but just living up to the idea of “the black belt”. I don’t know, it’s just confusing. Any help from yall who may have been here at one point? she-kicks-she-throws shaped-by-karate kellyann-graceful-warrior zombieluck

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Panicking Kagome gave me the feels and I was wondering: could you doodle Inuyasha realizing he's in love with her too? If it's not a major spoiler, that is!

I don’t really see him having any one defining moment that lends him to going “omg I actually love her.” Instead he has a series of events that strengthen his feeling of protection, adoration, and love over time until he can’t imagine his life without her. Kind of one of those things where later down the road someone may ask “You love her don’t you.” and he just shrugs, “Seems like it.” Doesn’t need the actual realization, just knows what he feels and he follows it. These are all pretty big moments for him where those warm fuzzies kick him in the gut, regardless of if they’re warm or those sinking feelings of “Hnnng must make her feel happy.”

Vegas, je t’aime

September 2015


I sat on the sofa in Adam’s new house, scrolling through Tumblr and laughing at all my fans being completely over dramatic. A lot of the time I just scroll through my dashboard without liking anything. I’ve realised that when they know I’m on they post a load of stuff to try to get me to see it….which is lovely but sometimes I just want to see what’s going on without getting, for lack of a better word, spammed.

“Are you on Tumblr again babe?” Adam called from the attached kitchen, where he was currently preparing what he deemed the greatest salad on the planet.

“Maybe….” I replied

“Are they still DYING over the fact we have never posted a selfie or anything?” He replied, trying to convey how dramatic he thought my swifties were, although deep down I knew he loved them as much as I did.

“Maybe….it’s so fun! Like they keep saying every single time you post a snapchat or either of us posts a picture on instagram their hearts skip a beat thinking it could finally be the end of what they have called the ‘tayvin drought’…and then they go and make super realistic photoshopped pictures of us which freak me out slightly….it’s hilarious!” I said, trying my best not to laugh as I wandered into the kitchen..

“Let’s see them…” Adam replied sitting on one of the barstools I helped him pick out, and pulling me onto his lap.

I scrolled through my dash showing him the photos and posts.

“Sometimes I feel like we are torturing them by keeping all these photos to ourselves….” I said, going out of tumblr and scrolling through my camera roll showing Adam all the photos I had of the two of us on my phone….like it was seriously way over half my camera roll at the moment.

“Well…you could just post one….or let me put you in my snapchat video instead of just the cats….but it’s up to you babe.” Adam said as I nuzzled my head into the crook of his neck.

“How about this…. I post a screenshot of my camera roll showing just the top or bottom of one of the photos….or will that just make it worse…maybe I should just post a photo….but no….but maybe….” I was voicing my current internal debate and I could feel the rumble of Adam’s laugh as I leaned on his chest.

“Ok well you sort that all out, and I will serve lunch.” He replied, lifting me off his lap and placing me back on the stool while he got bowls for the salad.


“Are you still coming to my show tonight?” I asked Taylor as she cleared the table after lunch.

“Yeah, for sure! I haven’t been for ages now!!” She replied, excited to be able to see me perform after I’d been to quite a few of her shows….although it was a little different. “It’s nice to have a few days off before I have to head out again!”

“Well it’s nice to have you here….the house feels a little big for just little old me.” I tell her, wrapping my arms around her from behind as she washed up.

“Well….Charlie and Burns basically live with you….so you’re not all alone….” She explained

“But they have their own lives!” I try to defend the fact that my friends are always around.

“I’m just joking Adam, I love how close you and your 'squad’ are…it’s cute!” She replied, bopping me on the nose like she does to Olivia and Meredith and walking away.

later that evening at the show


I was standing behind the DJ booth, mainly out of the sightline of all the people in the club, watching Adam work the crowds and play a mix of his older and newer songs, to the delight of the audience.

“TAY! You’re here!!” Charlie screamed as he walked towards me, having just arrived around half way through the set.

“Charlie!! So great to see you!!” I replied, wrapping my arms around him in a friendly hug.

We started chatting and taking photos of Adam, the crowd, atmosphere, and each other.

“Oh this is a great shot! It’s like you guys to a T ” Charlie exclaimed, handing me back my phone.

The photo had me smiling at the camera making a hand heart in front of me, with Adam in the distance behind me having turned around for a second to look back at us, he had his arms out to the sides and the biggest grin on his face.

“Hahah, yeah that looks great!!” I replied, smiling at the photo and seeing how the strobe lights and darkness of the club made me and Adam stand out. It was perfect, showing our personalities exactly the way we were and the way our friends saw it.

“Well you only get one shot to get it right…” I murmured going into instagram and formatting the picture. I then sat watching the rest of Adam’s set thinking about a caption.

Just as he was coming down from the DJ box I thought of it: 'Vegas…je t'aime’.

I posted it then went up to Adam.

“Congratulations babe! #That was fantastic!!” I told him wrapping my arms around his broad chest.

“Thanks babe!” He replied, walking me backwards to his friends table without letting me go.

“Taylor, you little ninja! You’ve set the internet on fire!” Charlie said, slightly drunk and laughing his head off.

“Wait? What?” Adam said, pulling out his phone to a bunch of notifications.

“So…yeah….kinda just gave them what they wanted….” I said, slowly and carefully to gage his reaction.

“That picture is awesome!! I love it babe!” Adam said, grinning broadly, making my shoulders relax completely.

I knew he had been waiting for me to post something, he just wanted to let me do it in my own time, no pressure, just overwhelming support.