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The Signs as the Types of Crushes

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: The crush where at first you don’t really know if you like them, but then someone else comes along and announces that they like that person. All of a sudden you feel defensive and it’s like ‘wAIT NO I WAS HERE FIRST SO GO AWAY’ A crush that was sparked by competition

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: the crush where it started off as a tiny crush and then you slowly fall for them more and more each day. You notice their little actions and the way the handle situations. They don’t really interact with you, but when they do, it’s exciting and makes your heart pound. A crush that is so close yet distant at the same time

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: the crush that everyone else likes too. They’re so sociable and charismatic, they talk to everyone. Sometimes they make you feel sad because you think that how they treat you is special, but then you see them acting that way with other people too. A very confusing and frustrating crush

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: the crush that you gained because they were always so nice to you. They may be quiet and introverted, but they always help you get your books or hold the door open for you. Sometimes you wonder if they like you too, or if they’re just being a kind classmate. You feel very warm and comfortable with them. A simple and sweet crush

Quando una storia finisce non ci si può fare più niente.. Non si può tentare di riparare il danno, sarebbe solamente tempo perso..
Io ho provato un centinaio di volte a far funzionare nuovamente la nostra storia.. la storia di cui parlavano tutti, la storia che tutti avrebbero voluto avere.. ma, ormai non c'era più niente da fare.. era tutto sparito.. volatilizzato.
Siamo diventati due completi estranei.. tu hai nuovi amici, nuove abitudini, un nuovo profumo, un nuovo modo di parlare.. e io.. beh.. sono cambiata, si.. ma quello che non cambierà mai è quello che provo per te.
—  nonriescoaliberarmidaldolore

My attitude towards most of the tattling I have to deal with on a daily basis.


Ela é daquelas que para o transito.

Ela é mulher com marra de menina.

Ela é da night, praia e rap.

Ela tem estrelas nos olhos e a lua crescente no seu sorriso.

Ela é assim, toda na dela, na hora certa, ela se entrega.

Ela nem sabe a inveja que faz, ela é tão ela e as outras tão iguais.

Ela sonhava com o paraíso toda vez que fechava os olhos.

Ela já te esqueceu parça e você aí achando que é orgulho, se oriente!

Ela é leve como uma flor e explosiva como uma granada.

Ela é o rap em poesia, o rock em rebeldia, é o reggae em energia, ela é o beat que eu não tinha..

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Hi there! I’m Darian, one of the co-owners of the astrology blog rosestrology. I’ve been seeing a lot of dating blogs on tumblr lately and wanted to make one that brought astrology into it. Basically what you do is submit your photo (if you’re looking to meet new people) and fill out a short description of you. Put your sun, moon, and venus signs and submit the photo to the blog HERE .People can browse you according to your sign and hopefully will message you if they like the sound of you! Anyone can submit!

You can also browse people according to sign by clicking on the page labeled ‘Find A Match’

I also give relationship advice. Send your relationship questions here and I’ll give you my opinion and advice!

This blog is brand new, so please help me get started by giving it a follow and submitting your photo to start meeting new people!



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