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Some Cecil and Carlos cats for you all! =^-^= 

okay here’s my long post about nursey and his education

nursey is super smart! he’s a literal genius! he can read a book in a say and give u a complete literary analysis of it in thirty minutes, he can memorize dates and numbers and equations after he practices them like twice, and he can write a whole paper in 2 hours without breaking a sweat.

this being said, nursey really thinks he’s dumb. he doesn’t know how to study and asking for help makes him feel stupid, so if he doesn’t understand something right away he doesn’t know what to do besides cry and feel like he’s failing. his grades weren’t the best in high school (i’m talking 1.8’s n stuff) because he didn’t like to do work, especially not for classes he understood. he can get an A+++ on every test, but eventually the fact that he hasn’t turned in anything all semester catches up to him.

he promises to do better in college but after the first week of freshman year, he’s already lying to his mom about how classes are going, and it’s rough.

of course, eventually he finds out the way he learns best is taking notes that are handwritten—doing them on his computer doesn’t help—, and once he figures out how to use that to his advantage, he does so good!! he’s doing so good!!!! i love my baby!!