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one new message || luke hemmings

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word count: 1.6k+

synopsis: it’s ironic how a phone call is suppose to connect two people, and yet during one’s struggle and vulnerable state the only thing that person will constantly hear is the sound of the other’s answering machine.

a/n: this is my first attempt at like a PROPER angst piece. it’s probably fucken horrible but i’m gonna post it anyways! i purposely wrote it all in lowercase, so dont come after me about horrible punctuation. this is in luke’s pov.

credits to the gif owner.

masterlist // writing prompt list

“hi, this is y/n. sorry that I can’t come to the phone right now. leave me a message and i’ll give you a call back.”



swallowing down my pride, i slowly opened my mouth to try and say something but all that came out was the sound of my words bundling up and choking up upon my tongue. my throat so suddenly became dry and my entire speech that i had rehearsed over and over again for the past four hours immediately fleeted away from my brain the second i heard her voice message that i have grown so use to and so comforted by.

i am surprised that her inbox hasn’t filled up yet, especially since i have been leaving her messages almost frequently; as much as twice, three times a week. though… it use to be much worse. i would constantly call her and leave her a message twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. it was a toxic habit that i had to slowly break down to what it is now. i couldn’t help it. i needed to hear her voice. i craved hearing her name, hearing the sweet tone of her voice that has consumed my life form the second we met to this very moment. even if my only source of her vocal comfort was her damn answering machine.

does she ever listen to any of my messages? i wonder if she keeps them. i wonder if she listens to every single message and just keeps them for those moments where she feels alone and she feels as if she needs to hear my voice and hear me speak to her in order to feel warm and at home. or does she just glance at the growing number on her answering machine and mindlessly deleting them all at once without having any thought that within her eighty, ninety plus messages that i have left for her, someone important is actually trying to contact her.

i wouldn’t be offended if she called me back in frustration, telling me to back off or to leave her alone and to go away. i honestly wouldn’t blame her, especially if she had met someone new and they were spending time with each other and having a lovely time, only to be disturbed by me; an ex boyfriend who still can’t get the courage to end this chapter of his life. not just yet anyways. if she does call me back, it would be a miracle. it would actually make my day, just to hear her speak and hear more of the english language in her velvety silk sound than the twenty-five words that i have grown accustomed to.

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So last Saturday was literal Hell for me; I had to be at the store when it opened (which is 8 am, and I only got the shift Friday night, like 9:30 pm) and we're packed and all that, not too big but stressful. Then I get one guy who SCREAMED right in my ear cause a customer tried to break something and I turned away for 2 seconds, and then I get one woman who's stupid enough to give me 30 coupons for her shit-one at a time, each one taking 2 minutes to give. then I stayed an hour late for nothing

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I am in love with the aesthetics post you just did. May I request aesthetics for Sasori, Itachi and Gaara?

Aw, thanks! Maybe through this I’ll improve my aesthetic skills ;)

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  • Being way too smart for your own good. He’s absolutely brilliant, but because of this he sees and understands all the bad things in the world, which makes him very pessimistic at times.
  • Probably like a toxicologist or something along those lines
    • Forensic toxicologist to be more specific, maybe someone like Dexter if you’re really trying. (He’s the doctor who kills bad people right?) 
  • Absolutely amazing at his job- one of the best in the world, but is such a prick and a hardass no one ever wants to work with him. Only in super dire situations do the others suck it up and go deal with him, because he’s the best in the whole damn country and they need the case to be solved.
    • Probably injected an intern with rattlesnake poison once, because they wouldn’t stop talking and it was pissing him off.
  • Having pale skin, dark circles, completely bloodshot eyes; very sickly looking at times, but still very attentive and focused.
    • Skin’s very translucent too, like you are able to see the blues and greens of his veins all throughout his hands and up through his arms.
  • Owning like 8 lab coats, because he keeps getting dangerously toxic chemicals on them, but doesn’t have the time to get them cleaned properly, so he just buys another. 
  • Not eating for days at a time, just because whatever he is working on is more important than food, and it’s more of a hassle to get up and find it rather than to just ignore his hunger.
  • Drinks very caffeinated things, but never anything like a Monster or a Red Bull. He absolutely hates carbonation- almost as much as he hated that one intern 
    • Chai tea lattes?? Maybe?? With like eight shots of espresso in it to hold him off until the next coffee shop opens.

(Side thought) Anyone ever played Trauma Center: Under the Knife? Because Sasori and Victor Niguel are like long lost brothers

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  • Ibuprofen every single morning, man
  • Very prominent bone structures. Like, clearly visible collarbones and ribs, and being able to see his spine throughout his entire back. 
    • Definitely more of a lean muscle type guy, but even if he has a decent amount of muscle on him, you can still see his bones.
  • Slow heartbeat and very slow breathing. Once someone got to know him closely, it’s probably one of the most comforting things about him.
  • Has a very low body temperature, so he’s always cold.
    • Has one wool coat (navy blue or black) that he wear religiously during winter.
  • Speaking of which, he absolutely hates winter; everything’s dead, it’s super cold out, ice is evil. Plus, Konoha without any leaves just seems surreal and uncomforting to him.
    • No go with snow.
      • Shisui once thought it would be funny to stuff a whole snowball down the back of his shirt- that was one and only time Itachi used Tsukuyomi on Shisui, and it is not something that Shisui wants to repeat.
  • Hiding an illness just so that others didn’t worry or pity him.
    • Tells his parents, maybe Shisui, but that’s about it. He’d make up some small lie if he needed to go to the hospital or something.
    • Tbh, I always thought he’d be anemic, just because of the way he acted. 
  • Not being able to see well half the time, because he always forgets to put his contacts in, but hates wearing glasses, so he just lives being half blind 80 percent of the time.
  • If anything bad happened to anyone that he actually cared about, or if they came to him with bad news, he wouldn’t really say much, but rather just hug them, because that’s more reassuring than some cliche statement.
  • Waiting to make sure that everyone in his home is safe and asleep before he falls asleep, and then waking up before everyone else to make sure their mornings go okay.

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  • Wears lots of maroon. Used to be because he thought it would hide blood if he got hit, but later figured he just liked it and didn’t feel the need to ever change. 
  • Depending on his mood, he’ll either calmly explain to his officers why their desired plan won’t work out, or will just turn away, because they should know better by now. 
  • But if they do bring him something that’s extremely good, he will make sure to point out their accomplishment, because he feels it’s important that his troops know that he’s proud and values them. 
  • Being terribly groggy in the morning to the point where you can’t tell him anything of real value until he’s been up for at least 45 minutes.
    • “Gaara, were are at war!” “What do you mean we’re at war? We’re at my house…?”
    • Has the cutest little morning voice, especially we he’s confused right after waking up.
  • Making Suna one of the biggest nations for technological advancement, because Suna had the capability and there needed to be something to help them outta the recession they were in. Suna’s revenue basically went up by like a million percent when Gaara became Kazekage.
  • Being really technology advanced and helping a lot with Tsunade, Naruto, and others who weren’t exactly prime with laptops and phones. 
    • Took Tsunade 8 hours with him just to set up her phone. Bless his little heart.
  • Having a really strong core/back, because hauling around that stupid gourd filled with sand for years will do that to ya. 
  • Having little cactuses throughout his office and they all have little names and he cares about them so so so much. 
  • Having a secretary that he stated that he did not need a million times before they hired one, but it’s not like Temari and Kankuro listen to him anyways. But after they did hire her and he met her, the two of them became like best friends and it’s such a cute little friendship and it makes him so happy because some days she’ll come and eat lunch with him and others she’ll make sure that all the little cactuses in his office are watered and then some she’ll come in with battle plans on how to bring down entire villages if they ever cross Suna. It’s the cutest greatest little friendship ever.

These are fun, send me more. 

Ace's terrible plan that probably will not fix their sleep schedule:

If I don’t sleep at all tonight and just stay awake through the rest of the day, I will be so exhausted that I fall asleep at like 8 or 9 pm and then I’ll sleep for at least twelve full hours to make up for my lack of sleep and wake up at a time that is completely reasonable when you’re on summer break

Quick note to anyone following me: just becuase I’m stupid and I’m ruining my health by not sleeping doesn’t mean you should Do not make my mistakes

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So... Everytime I get the update email for Isharay the following happens: Step 1: Extremely excited squealing. Step 2: Heart-clenching panic Step 3: I can't wait to read this!!! Step 4: *hours later* *inhales* I'm ready... Step 5: Nope. Not ready. Maybe after dinner? Step 6: *laying in bed, should be sleeping* I have to know what happens!!! Step 7: *freaks the fuck out, silently to preserve husbando's sleep* Step 8: *refreshes furiously* is the next chapter up yet?!?!

😂😂😂 Omg this made me laugh so hard - and then grin stupid-happily like you just showed me a puppy gif or something. This is why I write. ❤️

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My 20 Study Tips✏️
  1. Mental health is more important than grades. 
  2. Personality is more important than grades.
  3. Make getting enough sleep a priority.
  4. Only pull an ‘all-nighter’ if absolutely necessary.
  5. Eat healthily, exercise often, all of that stuff.
  6. Clear your room and your desk to clear your mind.
  7. Study frequently - little and often over a long period is more effective than doing 8 hours the night before.
  8. Focus on understanding rather than memorising.
  9. Stay organised.
  10. Don’t beat yourself up over a bad grade.
  11. Remember grades aren’t everything, but that isn’t an excuse to slack off.
  12. Don’t underestimate what you can learn in 10 minutes.
  13. Follow studyblrs for motivation, but remember scrolling though tumblr does not substitute for studying.
  14. Ask questions if you don’t understand something, don’t let teachers or anyone else make you feel like it’s a stupid question - there is no such thing.
  15. Stay focused whilst studying. Remove distractions - change your social media passwords to something you won’t remember (write it down and hide it obviously), shut your door, tell the people you live with you need peace and quiet.
  16. Study with or without music depending on what works best for you, I like songs without lyrics.
  17. Understand ➡️ Summarise ➡️ Revise ➡️ Exam practice ➡️ Review
  18. Read ➡️ Make notes ➡️ Revise (flashcards, posters, mindmaps, up to you) ➡️ Test your self ➡️ Exam questions ➡️ Mark Scheme
  19. Do not compare yourself to others, you only have to meet you own expectations.
  20. Believe in yourself, work hard and you will be successful.

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RULES: You must answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people.

1. Drink: water

2. Phone call: momma

3. Text message: boyfriend: “good morning honey bear”

4. Song you listened to: “Hard feelings/Loveless” by Lorde

5. Time you cried: um, last week I kinda teared up over something stupid soooo

6. Dated someone twice: yes; high school was a rough time

7. Kissed someone and regretted it: yes; he tasted like cigarettes

8. Been cheated on: yes; the asshole

9. Lost someone special: yes

10. Been depressed: ohhhh boy yes

11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: yep; shotgunned a mark’s hard after not eating in 6+ hours and then mixed all the hard liquors :/

12.-14. navy blue, black, gold

15. Made new friends: yep

16. Fallen out of love: yes, thankfully

17. Laughed until you cried: i don’t think so

18. Found out someone was talking about you: …yes…

19. Met someone who changed you: eh

20. Found out who your friends are: YES

21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: yep ;)

22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: all of ‘em

23. Do you have any pets: 3 dogs & a beta fish

24. Do you want to change your name: nah

25. What did you do for your last birthday: went out to eat w/ my parents and then again w/ my friends

26. What time did you wake up: today? 9

27. What were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping

28. Name something you can’t wait for: until I can start running again

29. When was the last time you saw your mom: yesterday

31. What are you listening to right now: lorde’s new album on shuffle

32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: nah

33. Something that is getting on your nerves: how freaking hot it is

34. Most visited website: tumblr…

35.-37. This didn’t have any question next to it! XD

38. Hair colour: * any thing talking about physical description or thatI think is too personal, I am not going to answer *

39. Long or short hair: *

40. Do you have a crush on someone: harry styles

41. What do you like about yourself: i’m weird (cue Jughead’s ‘weirdo’ monologue)

42. Piercings: ears; used to have my nose pierced

43. Blood type: *

44. Nickname: *

45. Relationship status: long distance relationship

46. Zodiac: *

47. Pronouns: she/her

48. Favourite TV show: Riverdale, Baby Daddy, Bachelorette, PLL, Gilmore Girls

49. Tattoos: 3 – none but I want one but I am a chicken so nah

50. Right or left handed: right

51. Surgery: one when I was little

52. Piercing: 

53. Sport: run, yoga

55. Vacation: england


57. Eating: vegetarian

58. Drinking: water

59. I’m about to: school stuff

61. Waiting for: dinner

62. Want: a pedicure

63. Get married: lol not in my near future

64. Career: registered dietitian


65. Hugs or kisses: hugs

66. Lips or eyes: eyes

67. Shorter or taller: taller

68. Older or younger: older

70. Nice arms or nice stomach: arms

there’s no 71: oh

72. Hook up or relationship: relationship

73. Troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant


74. Kissed a stranger: nah man

75. Drank hard liquor: ;) 

76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: nope

77. Turned someone down: yes

78. Sex on the first date: no

79. Broken someone’s heart: yeah…

80. Had your heart broken: yes :(

81. Been arrested: no lol

82. Cried when someone died: yes

83. Fallen for a friend: yep


84. Yourself: sometimes

85. Miracles: yep

86. Love at first sight: nah

87. Santa Claus: no lol

88. Kiss on the first date: yesssss

89. Angels: yep


90. Current best friend’s name: queen t

91. Eye colour: *

92. Favourite movie: Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium & Trolls

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10 things that I have learned in Norway so far

1. You can eat bread with anything. Any. Thing.
2. Just because people are quiet it doesn’t mean that they’re cold or rude. Maybe they’re just too shy to approach you.
3. The buses will never be on time. That’s fine because if they were many people would actually miss them.
4. Chess players can be just as cute as any other sport players. Magnus Carlsen is a hell of an example. Maybe the only example. Maybe I only made this one to say he’s cute. Maybe.
5. Brown cheese can look really weird at first, but it’s actually a gift sent from the gods.
6. Spending 8 hours at school can be less tiring than spending 4, like in Brazil.
7. Sometimes people really don’t appreciate what they have and that makes you feel kind of angry. First world problems are really annoying.
8. There is no such thing as “too many Christmas sweaters”. And also, I’d like to quote, “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”.
9. Don’t be afraid to look stupid. Or to say something wrong. You’re learning and it’s fine to make mistakes. Especially with the language, be prepared because you will say a lot of crap, whether you like it or not.
10. It is important to look out for support or help on any issue you may have. Being paranoid and anxious will ruin your experience and you can’t let that happen. Easier said than done, I know, but pushing yourself out of you comfort zone in situations like this is important.


1. Apologize when you hurt someone. Don’t apologize for laughing too long, or singing too loud, or missing a dance step. Never feel bad for trying your best and having a good time.

2. Your feelings are real. Even if you can’t understand the cause or if it doesn’t seem important enough, they’re still valid.

3. You’re human. You will make mistakes and you will have flaws. Be the best you can be, but you won’t be perfect, nor should you be.

4. No one’s dreams are more worthwhile than anyone else’s. Pursue what you love, even if others think it’s stupid.

5. There’s no shame in liking something. Or someone. There’s nothing wrong with crushing on someone because they’re hot, or loving a cheesy and predictable movie, or waiting in line for hours to buy the newest hot item. Don’t hide your interests or affections.

6. It’s not “just” for fun. Fun is as legitimate a cause as any. 

7. It’s hard, but don’t beat yourself up about the past. There’s nothing you can do to change it, and it doesn’t have to define what you do in the future.

8. Don’t try to force yourself to stop caring about something before you’re ready. It doesn’t work and only creates angst.

9. Don’t hold yourself back to fit in. Find people who will love you for all of you.

10. Carpe diem.

How about a kiss? (Pietro Maximoff x reader| Part 1 of 2)

@mrs-reus-blaszczykowska requested:  Hi :) can you write a one shot about Pietro x reader? :) Today’s are her birthday and Avengers prepare a party. She has a crush on Pietro and he has a crush on her (secretly) She is a virgine and has her first time with Pietro :) sorry for my English

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x reader
Warnings: Slight swearing
Author nothes: 

  • Y/n is your name.
  • I had a lot of fun writing this one and I guess I got carried away since it was so long that I had to divide it in two parts. Hopefully, I’ll post the second one tomorrow, because I currently need to revise a few things.
  • And, as always, forgive me for any mistake.

Reader’s pov

You woke up listening to the singing birds outside your window, it was your birthday and you couldn’t have been happier.
You went straight to the kitchen, expecting to find there your teammates, but Wanda was the only one sitting near the huge table where you used to have breakfast all together. 

 "Hey darling, happy birthday!“

The Maximoff girl hugged you so tight that she barely broke your bones and you giggled, begging her to let you go because you really didn’t want to die so young.

“But where is everybody?”
You asked while walking around the room, looking for the others, but there was no sing of the avengers.

"Fury assigned them a mission at the last minute, I stayed here since it wasn’t a big deal and I didn’t want you to spend your birthday all alone. They’ll be back tomorrow, anyway" 

You looked down at your feet murmuring a simple "oh”,  you were a bit disappointed, obviously job was always job, but you wanted to share that special day with your friends, expecially with Pietro. You’d had a huge crush on him since the twins joined the team, but no one knew about that, excepting Wanda, and the funniest part of all this story was that you and speedy were best friends, and that’s not the best situation for someone who is in love.

“I know you wanted to spend some time with him today, he asked me to tell you that he’s sorry”

“Hey, stop looking inside my mind!”

Wanda smirked, resting her hands on her hips and looked at you raising an eyebrow.

“I can tell it by simply looking at you, my dear, your eyes are screaming”

Your cheeks turned red even though she was basically your best friend, you just felt so stupid for thinking of Piet that way, because you knew there was no way he could possibily have returned your feelings, and it was so frustrating.

“For God’s sake, y/n! Stop thinking about my stupid brother and get ready, we’re going shopping!”

You laughed at her excited face and went back to your room, hoping to find something cute to wear.

8 Hours later…

“Wanda, I’m begging you, let’s stop for a moment, my legs are hurting like hell”

You had become sort of a pack mule since you were holding so many bags, you could barely see your feet, but Wanda was all perky and excited that she kept on walking.

“C’mon, y/n, after all you need to train if you want to keep up with my brother”

You huffed, faking a laugh and picked up the peace, trying to reach her, then you noticed she was on the phone.

“Who were you talking to?”

You asked as she suddenly put down the phone and Wanda just shrugged her shoulders.
“Tony called to say that the job is done, they’ll be here tomorrow”

In the meanwhile at the Avengers tower…

“No, no, shit! How is it even possible that you boys aren’t able to do anything without ending up wrestling?”

Natasha was heading for a serious breakdown as Thor and Tony were scuffling on the couch like two kids.

“You need to relax, Nat. Everything is ready, we just have to wait for the guests to come. Wanda is keeping her busy, don’t worry”
Clint gave her a pat on the back before taking something to drink and she rolled her eyes, annoyed by their childish behaviour.

“Is she coming? Is she sad? Is sh-”
Natasha pressed her hands on Pietro’s mouth trying to stop him from asking so many questions, the speedster was a bit nervous, just a bit.

“Shut the fuck up, Maximoff! Your little sweetie pie is okay, you’ll see her in a few hours, don’t panic”

“She isn’t my little sweetie pie”
Pietro muttered, scowling and crossing his arms, and Tony wasted no time  in teasing him.
“Sure, and I’m not a genious, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist anymore”
Wanda’s pov

I sent a message to Tony, warning him that we would’ve arrived soon, then I took y/n’s hand and literally dragged her to the car, explaining that I was planning to go to a club and that we had to come back home to fix ourselves up.
I also asked Nat to keep everyone quiet until I’d taken her in my room, far away from the wing of the building usually used for parties.
As soon ad we got there, I pushed her in the first elevator I found, selecting the beedroom floor and I finally breathed a sigh of relief at the thought that the job was nearly done.

Reader’s pov

Wanda practically obliged you to wear the red dress you had bought and, a minute later, you found yourself in the elevator, again.

“I have to get something from the lounge bar, do you mind?”

“Um, no, it’s okay”
You were wondering what she was looking for, but before you could ask, the elevator door opened revealing a lot of people ready to celebrate.

“Happy birthday!”
They screamed all together and you covered your mouth in shock, while Wanda and Natasha were high-fiving each other. Your team was there, with a thousand of other people, but, hey, Tony Stark’s parties were famous for being huge.

“Oh my God, thank you all very much, you’re amazing!”
You hugged all of your teammates, one by one, saving Pietro for last.

“Happy birthday, printessa”
Speedy lifted you into the hair, both of you were laughing and when you put your feet back to the ground he took a little box from his trouser pocket and gave it to you. In it there was a beautiful necklace with a little moon pendant.

“I’ve got the sun, I know it’s a silly thing, but I-”
He was rambling, as always when he became nervous, and you stopped him by holding your arms around his waist, in order to bring him closer.

“It’s not a stupid thing, it’s perfect and I really don’t know how to thank you enough, Piet”

You felt his hands caressing your back and your heart raced causing you to shiver.

“How about a kiss?”
He asked his usual question and you giggled, he used to say that to tease you, but you whished it had been more than a simple joke for him.

“Who knows, maybe later, speedy”
You winked, with an audacity you never knew you had, and walked away in order to reach Natasha and Wanda.


In recent years, I have developed a bit of a BEEF with winter. I always remember being a bit put off by dark winter nights (I’m fine with the days), but it took a while before I realized I REALLY didn’t like the short days. And last year I had some surgery in December and got a post-surgical infection in January, so I wasn’t really able to go out or do much for the two darkest months of the year…at which point I decided it was NONSENSE and started thinking about WHAT TO DO ABOUT WINTER. I started reading about it and making a PLAN.

I know a lot of you feel the same, so here is my list of WINTER TIPS. Some of them are KNOWN THINGS and some are MY LITTLE IDEAS–20 WAYS TO HELP YOU DEAL WITH WINTER.

1. GO OUTSIDE. I work from home, and I have a rule in all seasons–I have to go outside at least one hour a day. I call it my SUNSHINE WALK, and it makes me a normal. If you stay inside all the time, you may become an INSIDE MONSTER. Go out and walk around and expose yourself to the actual sky as much as you can.

It’s nice outside in winter. You’ll have fun.

2. EXERCISE. Yes, this is one of those they always say too but it REALLY WORKS. I particularly like yoga classes in the winter. My NEW JAM is AERIAL YOGA where you HANG FROM THE CEILING in a hammock. Why not try a NEW THING? 

3. EAT WELL. If you have WINTER DROOPS, it really does help to eat some fruit and vegetables. And while I AM NOT A DOCTOR, so I CANNOT TELL YOU WHAT TO DO, I also take vitamin D and some extra Omega 3s. 

4. ONE OF THOSE SUN LAMP THINGS. I have a blue light box on my desk, which I generally use for 30 minutes or so during winter mornings to help fight fatigue. I like it. I think it made a difference last year, when I couldn’t get out as much and I became convinced I might through a chair through a window if I stayed inside any longer.

5. HOT BATH MAGIC! Do you get all sore during winter? I do. I get that muscle ache. You can totally KICK THAT with a HOT BATH. And you don’t need no CRAZY EXPENSIVE STUFF for your bath. Get on over to the drug store and buy some EPSOM SALTS. They’re cheap. You can buy the slightly more expensive ones with lavender and chamomile and stuff in them, and those are STILL cheap. Like, $2-4 a bag. What I do is buy some big bags, then I have a JAR in my bathroom. I keep that jar full of the salts (which I mix up, some plain, some lavender, some camomile, whatever I’ve got). You put a cup or two in some hot water and grab a book and HEY! You’re in business. I have a window in my bathroom now, and what I like to do it OPEN IT so cold air comes in and in the hot bath I feel like I am in an OUTDOOR HOT TUB! (Or if you have a hot tub, I guess you could get in that.)

6. MEDITATION. It’s a real thing, and something I could go on about for a long time. I’ll talk in brief here–it made a huge difference in my life when I developed ANXIETY. I started a regular practice and it made a huge difference in my life. The key is regularity. How do you start? I recommend taking a class (there’s probably one around). But want to start now? There are a ton of good apps for phones that are fantastic. I collect these things. My current favorite is Buddify

7. TAKE THE NAP. I get the sleepies on dark days and I used to fight and fight that urge to nap. Then one day I did it and I suddenly wasn’t as tired, like magic! If you work or are in some setting where you can nap a little, I think you should do it. Winston Churchill used to nap EVERY DAY for HOURS in the afternoon, and that was DURING World War II and he won the war, so there must be something in it. #proof

8. DISTRACT YOURSELF WITH STUPID STUFF. Just give in. Do it. Want to watch 50 stupid videos? Just do it. DO IT! Want to read a pile of rock biographies until you dream about Stevie Nick’s hair?* DO IT. Go ahead–search for and examine 500 pictures of Sherlock. Play games on your iPad. Why fight it? It’s better than sitting around thinking about being grumpy. Already doing this? AWESOME.

9. CALL A FRIEND OR TALK TO THEM ONLINE OR SOMETHING. Tell them about your nap and those 500 pictures of Sherlock!

10. READ A BOOK. Hopefully you are already doing this. Why not read one of mine? WHY NOT????? 

Reading! It’s fun!

11. WRITE DOWN THREE THINGS YOU ARE THANKFUL FOR. Sounds like one of those touchy-feely bits of nonsense, but this actually triggers happy bits in your brain. Want to learn more about this and other fun mind hacks? One good book on the subject is :59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman

12. VOLUNTEER FOR SOMETHING GOOD. This is a whole bunch of good stuff coming together at once–getting out, working with people, doing something for the good of others, etc. (Or working on something from home that helps others–JUST AS GOOD.) 

13. SEE A SHOW. I went to theater school and this time of year was JAMMING. Winter is PRIME theater time. If you have a chance, go see something. There’s a major difference between being in a movie theater or watching a television and watching ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS perform.

14. BOARD GAMES. It’s always BOARD GAME SEASON, but winter is when you can really get your four to five hour games on. 

15. BAKE. Again, this is PRIME TIME for baking. Why not bake some bread? WHY NOT???? If you don’t want to eat it, send it to me. I’ll eat it.

16. MAKE SOMETHING. What have you always wanted to make? Want to write? Draw? Play music? Make videos? Knit? Create a game? You may be slumped in front of your computer now, but go on, get up! GIVE IT A GO. Here’s a Lifehacker piece on how getting started is everything.

17. TURN SOME MUSIC ON. Amazing how big of a difference that can make.

18. COME AND WALK MY PUPPY.  I think she needs to go out and because it’s winter, I gotta put boots on, and her boots, and my coat, and her coat. Worth a shot.

19. YOU MIGHT EVEN LIKE IT. This, for me, is the big one. On many levels, I LIKE WINTER. I REALLY LIKE IT. I love snow. I love bright winter mornings. I like COATS. I like hot coffee and hot chocolate. Once I stop complaining I remember it’s ACTUALLY PRETTY FUN in the winter. I’ve had a lot of my MOST FUNNEST TIMES during the winter. If you start looking for some good stuff about winter, YOU MIGHT FIND YOU LIKE IT. 

20. MOVE. It’s an option.

(I should also say, this is just a FUN LIST for people who are just a bit PUT OUT. If you are having issues with seasonal depression–go see your doctor. They can help. Seriously. Go. You can certainly do these other things on a day-to-day basis, but go.)

* I speak from experience on this one.

Happiness? I Do: Chapter 3

TITLE: Happiness? I Do.


AUTHOR: winterheart17


GENRE: Romance, Drama, Erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Everyone knows the making of a happy ending.  It starts with ‘hello’ and it ends with ‘I do’.  Or does it? What happens in between?  What happens after?  When Tom and Wednesday said ‘I do’, they believed it was their happy ending.  But 3 years down the road, everything has fallen apart.  That’s when they learn that ‘I do’ encompasses a lot of things, that marriage is hard work and just because two people love each other, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can make it till the end.  Now both of them have to ask themselves if it is worth it to hold on or is it time to let go?

Rating: M

Author’s Note: Heyyy! So here’s Chapter 3 and I’m not quite sure if it’s gonna be as feelsy as the last 3 chapters but this and the next one is going to be a bit of a build up.  Some fluffiness for you guys here though <3 Please note that bold means flashback in the present time of the story according to date stated. Thank you so, so much for the comments and for reading! I would appreciate it very much if you guys could tell me what you think! Love ya all :)

Masterpost for Previous Chapters


 [23rd of July 2011]

‘You made sure you’ve packed everything, yeah?’ I asked as he stopped down and scooped me up into a hug.

Such a tall giant you are, Tom.

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You know what’s super annoying about society?

When you take the route of getting a realistic degree, one that actually pays good and makes you financially secure, people give you crap for getting a bachelor’s in something you don’t care about. People give you crap about complaining that you hate killing time for 8 hours in a cubicle for a paycheck.

But then if you pursued your dreams, studied something you loved, and graduated with a 85% chance of being unemployed, people would give you crap about how stupid and crazy you were to do something like that.

Everyone is annoying and too concerned with other people’s life decisions.