like 7 years and

Reasons you shouldn’t be sad about bellarke in this episode:
• Bellamy literally almost ran over to Clarke to comfort her
•they purposely focused on Clarke’s hands when she hugged him back
• he let her cry on his shoulder
• Clarke told Bellamy how she’s always felt about him and how she knows he thinks with his heart
• Clarke touched Bellamy not once bUT TWICE
• Bellamy stroked Clarke’s hair out of her face AGAIN
• “I’ve got you for that” LIKE WHAT
• Bellamy continuously looked and waited for Clarke to show up
• Bellamy worries about her constantly
• Bellamy wants to live so Clarke’s sacrifice isn’t wasted
• “never mind I see you” sHE WAS SO HAPPY
So basically in conclusion bellarke is for sure becoming canon

What happened to the gang if they couldn’t hear Clarke for 6 years and 7 days?! Like did they find a colony of prisoners and were taken over or did they upgrade their ship. Better yet did they find people alive and make their own colony?! Is Bellamy with someone?! Did they all survive?! Did marper or memori have babies?! How many other nightbloods has Clarke adopted?! I NEED ANSWERS!!!!

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My SO keeps hinting at proposing (like not letting me see his phone because "spoilers" and little jokes here and there) and we've been together almost 5 years but I'm so scared because I feel like I'm getting my hopes up too much considering we were high school sweethearts and everyone says it never lasts but I love him deeply

Honestly?? five years together and still going strong?? sounds perfect. Sounds like me. We’re on year 7.

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I used to be kind of a problematic edgelord like 7 years ago when I was a teenager. I spent a lot of time with toxic nasty people and was a bad person. Since then I've made wonderful kinder friends and have educated myself on a lot of stuff. I now work hard to help others and do good. But I never feel like I can make up for the crap I did when I was younger. I'm always really anxious about my past. I don't feel like I deserve to exist or have good things happen to me. Any advice?

I think we all have some things we dislike about our past selves. Younger years come with growing pains that can make us different from who we truly become. It’s not worth it to still blame yourself for things you did back then. You have grown so much, and you’re learning new things everyday. I’m not proud of who I was 7 years ago either, but I can’t change that. There is nothing you can do to change who you were, you can only focus on who you are now. :)

I’m watching survivor for the first time in like 7 or 8 years and it’s so weird how much abt this game has changed like… i remember they always used to have like one hidden immunity idol and they literally played 3 tonight so i guess that’s not the case anymore. also I guess they have a live after-show where they sit down and chat with the person who got voted out I guess? i mean i guess you can’t have something run for some 30 szns without jst throwing shit at the wall until shit gets a lil incomprehensible but i used to watch this all the time as a child/preteen and it’s weird to see how much it’s changed

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okay... okay.... catch me yelling because fuckin... Arthur Kirkland would be the worst parent so idk why he's sticking it everywhere, like he probably tries to one-up 7 year olds on the street.., like some kid says the wrong Harry Potter ship and he's gotta go all wild on em... call the cops mister Stale Corn Chip is on the streets again roasting naughty children?? Tf

HE’D OVERHEAR A CONVERSATION TWO TEENS ARE HAVING IN THE STREET AND HED STEP UP TO THEM AND START MANSPLAININ ON THEIR ASSES LIKE “im sorry m8 wot was that? you ship harry and hermione??? let me explain a thing to you lads right here in this bloody ol book that’s got me rather miffed with you”

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10 interesting facts about yourself?

Thank you!

1- I used to model when I was younger (like 7-9 years old) and was even part of a talent agency but one day I went to an audition (cough cough my parents drove like 8 hours to an audition and lugged the entire family around) in NYC and I didn’t wanna sing in front of the director. From there on in, my parents quit advocating for me and there went whatever little career I had. Tbh looking at it now I’m so glad I was not involved in that mess.

2- I played trombone in six grade and I progressed quickly–> I finished the book in one year (most people complete it in two years). However, my parents wouldn’t let me do it the next year, ya know why? They thought trombones were for boys. Okay then.

3- I danced recreationally from Kindergarten through Grade 11.

4- The reason why I did not dance in Grade 12 was because I wanted to try tumbling at a cheerleading gym instead. Tbh, I slightly regret it and the learning environment there was not the best. It’s funny because this was at the time where I followed cheerleading like crazy and now I don’t even follow it anymore.

5- There is a Nintendo Game Cube, Playstation 2, some Sega system, Wii, WiiU, and now an Xbox console in my house. I also used to have a gameboy, a regular Nintendo DS, a Nintendo DS Lite and my siblings have also had that large Nintendo DS and quite a few others. I used to be an *extremely* avid game player. Now not so much.

6- The first episode of dance moms I watched was Season 1 Episode 4, the one with the huge Christi and Abby fight at the end and also the one where everybody got solos. I watched this episode AFTER I decided not to do auditions for the dance performance company at my school. Tbh, I wouldn’t have made it anyways (that is, until they later formed a second company but my parents said no to auditioning).

7- I started following dance in and around 2012, starting with tons and tons of Autumn Miller videos. Her videos were like gospel to me at the time.

8- I went to Canada with my family once when I was 12. We did jack squat. I feel like it happened just so we can say “oh, we went to Canada 🙃🙃”

9- I took six APs total across the span of high school. No 5’s (well a 5 on Calc AB subscore but not the whole thing so……), four 4’s, and two 3’s. The 3’s were both on the English APs too. Struggled with those classes so hard.

10- My room is always messy 😝

Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.

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my boyfriend knew he was gay when he was like 7 years old at church and thought jesus was hot and i still laugh at that every day

jesus is the real filf (father id like to fuck), silf (son id like to fuck) and h'gilf (holy ghost id like to fuck)