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Darkness exists to make light truly count

Remember when I used to liveblog my trips to and from Sweden because I was so nervous about travelling alone? Heh.
I’m on the boat now, it just left the Turku harbour. Well, I’m still nervous but the experience makes me so much calmer, now that I’ve done it so many times.

I drew a compilation of just a few of my favorite Ritsu moments!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


i  know  where  my  l o y a l t i e s  lie

i truly cannot even fathom how someone like liam is even real. it just baffles me how one person can truly love not only his family and friends but his band, his job and all his millions of fans 24/7. Like hes just a small little lima bean how does he contain all the love?? how many hearts does he have?? i need like 2 hearts just to love him 


Chanyeol B-day Countdown ; Different Sides of Chanyeol

D-15 : chanstagram