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Me: *doesn’t write for weeks*

Me: *suddenly writes 3,000 words in 3 hours*

Me @ myself: ??????

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I drew a compilation of just a few of my favorite Ritsu moments!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Out Until Dawn
Out Until Dawn


Out clubbing with the gang, Josh takes the opportunity to make his move on you. His apprehension turns into something more passionate as you move into a nearby room…


I swear I wish somebody would try me

On a different note, any of y'all that take medication for ADHD have time to chat a bit about it?

I am starting some trial meds today and I have a lot curiosity about the whole process and other people’s experiences with it. (Also I am wrestling with the whole imposter syndrome/ over-achiever thing where my brain keeps trying to tell me that if I don’t respond correctly to meds immediately I am doing ADHD *wrong* like a *wrong* person.)

Like. What was your experience with the process of getting on the right meds for you and fine-tuning the dosage? What did it feel like for you when the meds were working vs what did it feel like when they weren’t? What tips or tricks or issues did you encounter? Signs that it might be interacting badly w/ anxiety? Other thoughts?

Knowledge and anecdotes v appreciated.

jem and the holograms au just bc

so it’s the 1980s (but doesn’t actually have to b that decade tbh) where everything is glamorous and truly outrageous… here’s the run down:

Allura Jenson/Princess (Jerrica Benton/Jem)

  • 26 y/o; 5′9″
  • After the death of her parents, Alfor and Ilyria Jenson, Allura inherits her family’s music company, Voltron Entertainment, while being in charge of her family’s orphanage, Altea Orphanage. In order to keep the business and orphanage up and running, she becomes the hit rock sensation Princess with the help of her friends and Coran, an AI and secret technology her parents created before their death who helps her with his knowledge and holograms.
  • Leader of the rock group Princess and the Alteans, lead vocalist.
  • Is super kind, caring, and sweet. A true people person.
  • Loves fun, adventure, singing, dancing, bright colors, and sparkles.
  • Protective of her loved ones, which include: the orphans, her best friends and bandmates, her boyfriend.
  • Super stressed all the time.
  • The only people who know she is Princess are her bffs/bandmates and her boyfriend Shiro (I’m not having any of this confusing secret identity love triangle bs like in the actual show. Not at all).
  • As Princess, she notices she’s more carefree and silly, like how she used to be in college and before the responsibility of running a company was thrust upon her. She feels more like herself when she’s Princess because she can let loose, and this makes her nervous that her loved ones will grow to like her alter ego more than her in actuality, despite their assurances.
  • Loves to mess around with her little brother Lance a ton.

Lance Jenson (Kimber Benton)

  • 22 y/o; 5′7″
  • Allura’s younger brother who easily gets into trouble. Discovers Coran and their parents’ secret technology room hidden at the orphanage with his sister and their friends together almost immediately after his parents’ funeral.
  • Keyboardist, synthesizer of the Alteans, back up vocals, primary songwriter.
  • Sweet, super friendly, sensitive, and fun loving, but always ends up causing trouble, whether intentional or not. A bit rebellious.
  • Tries to help his sister out as much as possible even though he doesn’t know much about running a business or an orphanage.
  • Very well liked by the orphans, always plays with them.
  • Loves to shop.
  • Great friends with Keith from their rival band The Galra, much to his older sister’s and the band’s chagrin.

Hunk Garrett (Aja Leith)

  • 24 y/o; 5′11″
  • The Jenson siblings’ lifelong friend and adopted brother, Hunk has grown up in the loving Jenson household since he was a child. He maintains a connection with his birth family’s culture and incorporates it into his hectic life with the Jensons. He has always loved learning about and tinkering with technology, and is the only one who thoroughly knows the ins-and-outs of his adoptive parents’ secret AI, and has become best friends with Coran, whom he’s come to affectionately and casually call ‘Uncle Coran’. He, sometimes with the help of Pidge, is in charge of Coran’s maintenance, security, and updates. Typically, he’s the one driving the band in their classic car they’ve collectively named the ‘Castle Cruiser’.
  • Lead guitarist of the Alteans, back up vocals, and, despite what Lance declares, is truly the second-in-command of the group.
  • Mostly calm and the voice of reason, tries to always think logically, but is susceptible to anxiety attacks and spirals. Lance is usually the one to help him through these instances.
  • Very loved by the orphans, who constantly ask him to play with or read to them. Sweet and caring, pretty chill.
  • Often gets into trouble because he tags along with Lance a lot to try to keep him out of trouble. Doesn’t always work out in his favor.

Katie ‘Pidge’ Holt (Shana Elmsford… kinda)

  • 20 y/o; 5′4″
  • Youngest child of the Holt family, long time friends of the Jensons (grew up calling them her cousins, aunt, and uncle). Despite technically being the baby, she always gangs up on Lance, who she believes has a severe case of Youngest Child/Sibling Syndrome. Also a girl passionate about technology and electronics, she’s often in the secret AI room with Hunk figuring out and interacting with Coran. Arguably makes more mischief than Lance, but since they’re always causing trouble together, the blame gets put on him the most.
  • Bass guitarist of the Alteans, back up vocals, videographer of the band’s trips and tours.
  • Likes to record (both secretly and out in the open) the antics that go on at Altea Orphanage. Considered, even more than Lance, the Fun One by the orphans.
  • A bit quick tempered, but passionate and hard working. Overprotective tendencies of her loved ones. Super competitive.
  • Takes in stray animals. Only one she was officially allowed to keep was a cat she named Rover.

Shay Montaña (Carmen ‘Raya’ Alonso… mostly)

  • 25 y/o; 6′
  • Allura’s best friend from high school, Shay is one of a handful of people outside her family that Allura can trust with anything. She wasn’t there when the band formed because she was living somewhere else for work, but when she moved back home Allura was the first person she visited. When Allura asked Shay to join the band as their new drummer she jumped at the opportunity, after all, the two had plans to be a musical act together since high school. After she joined the band Allura called for a group meeting to reveal their secret to Shay, whom they know and trust so well to keep it safe. She quickly becomes friends with Coran and Shiro once she meets them, and the orphans (especially the younger ones) instantly warm up to her once she becomes a permanent resident and “manager” at Altea Orphanage.
  • Drummer of the Alteans, back up vocals, and costume designer for the band.
  • Super strong, doesn’t really mind doing the majority of the equipment handling. Hard worker, and a stickler for perfection and efficiency.
  • The sweetest person you’ll ever meet, impossible to hate her. Kind and caring, always looking out for others. Her smile lights up a room.
  • Loves flowers and sunsets. Dreams of becoming a famous and world renowned fashion designer, but shy to show her designs, which are always well received by the band.
  • Multilingual and often the band’s translator overseas for tours and video shoots.
  • Tries to help Allura deal with the businesses and distributing the workload.

Coran (Synergy)

  • Appears: 43 y/o; 5′10″
  • An AI created by Alfor and Ilyria Jenson in secret before their sudden disappearance and subsequent deaths. Programmed to help Allura and Lance with any and all problems ranging from personal to professional, and with the attitude of an inquisitive and energetic uncle. Despite knowing he’s a computer, he interacts with the world as if he’s human. He’s the first one to suggest the plan of Allura creating a band and posing as its lead singer in order to keep her family’s business and estate running and in the green. Gifting her with a pair of earrings created by her mother, Coran informs Allura that as long as she wears them, they will always have a connection and he can aid her in any situation with his advice or holograms.
  • Since his control room is hidden on the Altea Orphanage property, he seconds as a security system.

Takashi ‘Shiro’ Shirogane (Rio Pacheco)

  • 27 y/o; 6′
  • Allura’s childhood friend and boyfriend since grad school, he’s been there for her through every major event and is one of a handful of people she can trust outside of her family. Since the discover of Coran was almost immediately after the Jenson parents’ funeral, he was part of the original group to find out the big secret.
  • The band’s manager, an executive at Voltron Entertainment, and alternate driver to Hunk. Tries to help distribute the workload in any way he can so Allura isn’t overwhelmed.
  • A bit of an older brother figure to Lance, Hunk, Pidge, and the orphans.
  • Fun loving, caring, a little overprotective of his loved ones. Despises liars and tricksters. Exhausted constantly by Lance and Pidge’s antics.
  • Lost an arm in a surfing accident but has a prosthetic created by Hunk and Pidge.
  • Always the one to keep Allura calm. Perfect team up with her.

Zarkon Richards (Eric Raymond)

  • 40 y/o; 6′4″
  • A former business partner of Alfor who initially runs Voltron Entertainment at the time of his death, he is soon booted from the company when the will reads that the entire company is left to Allura. Almost immediately after he creates Empire Music with a former college girlfriend Haggar. Together, they also create a band to be the face of the company and the main music rival of Princess and the Alteans.
  • Greedy, manipulative and devious, he’s constantly scheming the downfall of Voltron Entertainment and the Jenson family.

Haggar Mendez

  • 38 y/o; 5′7″
  • A successful business mogul and former college girlfriend of Zarkon who decides to create Empire Music with him because why not? She’s been meaning to step foot in the music industry anyway. While she’s the owner and founder of the company, she let’s Zarkon handle the talent for she is a very busy woman. They also form the company’s first band, The Galra, fronted my her nephew Lotor.
  • Sharp-tongued, quick tempered, and doesn’t take anyone’s bullshit.
  • Was an acquaintance of Ilyria Jenson before her sudden death, genuinely liked her.

Lotor Mendez (Pizzazz)

  • 24 y/o; 5′8″
  • Haggar’s nephew and frontman/lead singer of Empire Music’s band The Galra.
  • Rude, self-absorbed, spoiled brat prone to throwing fits.
  • It’s his way or no way (he believes).

Keith Kogane (Stormer)

  • 22 y/o; 5′6″
  • Keytarist and main songwriter for The Galra. Was thrown into the band when high school friend Nyma convinced him to try out.
  • Keeps to himself a lot because he dislikes Lotor and always ends up getting the brunt of his tantrums.
  • Becomes great friends with Lance of Princess and the Alteans, despite being rival bands.
  • Hates it when Lotor comes up with stupid and dangerous plans to ruin the competition.

Nyma Lorrens (Roxy)

  • 23 y/o; 5′10″
  • Bassist and back up vocals for The Galra.
  • Has an attitude and doesn’t actually take Lotor’s bullshit.
  • Strives to look scary tough so people don’t interact with her.
  • Keith’s friend since high school and Rolo’s childhood friend.

Rolo Pierce (Jetta… kinda)

  • 24 y/o; 5′8″
  • Lead guitarist for The Galra but does a lot of other instruments.
  • Likes causing trouble just for the hell of it - only reason he joins Lotor’s devious plans. Pretty laid back otherwise.

Plaxum Marr (A combo of Video, Astral, and Danse)

  • 25 y/o; 5′6″
  • A talented Jane of All Trades and a great friend to the members of Voltron Entertainment. Always up for adventure and exposing corruption in any form.
  • Mainly a dancer, a magician, and a reporter but does a lot of odd jobs while she travels the world.