like 3 days later nvm omg


saru: you know, um, can i ask a personal question

michael: yeah whats up

saru: what do you know about the new chief of security.. tyler right?

michael: well he spent 7 months on a—

saru: no i know, what’s his personality like



michael: uh why

saru: well i was thinking… about maybe… mmmmmmmmaybeaskinghimoutidontknowthough

michael: YOU… LIKE… ASH… TYLER

saru: no i—

michael: yes. yes you do. go for it he’s so sweet.

saru: i . i think i will

3 days later

michael waking up in the middle of the night: SHIT I LIKE HIM

tilly, startled: WHO???

michael: uh no one nvm

tilly: is it…………. Ash Tyler…….

michael: NO…. maybe

tilly: omg i know he’s so dreamy right!!

[spongebob narrator voice] the next day

ash tyler wakes up. he eats breakfast with an arm around saru and the other around michael. he’s listening to tilly talk with a smile on his face. he is so loved. he i s so happy please let ash tyler be happ,y,