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(Not so) Alone in the Dark

Pairing: Earth-2 Harrison Wells x Reader

Summary: Harry causes a blackout despite the readers warnings and both of them learn something new. (I suck at summaries and be gentle with me, I haven’t written in a while. Like if you read!)

(Y/N): Your name, (E/C): Eye Color, (H/C): Hair Color.

You rubbed your temples as you leaned over your desk. Caitlin and Cisco were on the other side of the Cortex swapping theories about the newest meta-human that had tried to kill Barry at the police station. You had created a new algorithm that could narrow down certain aspects of one’s DNA, specifically that of a meta-human. It was your small contribution to the team and almost useless without a blood sample so it was really thanks to Joe that this was even possible. He had shot the meta-human just before she electrocuted Barry, making her disappear. Cisco had almost passed out from excitement upon hearing this, saying she probably escaped via the buildings wiring.

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To anyone about to enter any kind of adulthood...

Something that was not explained to me until later , that I wished I had known…

Okay, so when I was younger (now I’m 28), I thought that everyone learned how to “adult” at a certain point, got jobs they completely understood and did well, knew how to buy a house and plan a wedding and do taxes and what to do if your dishwasher doesn’t drain or if your dog won’t stop vomiting at 9 pm at night….

My point is that after a certain age, I thought people who were adults just knew how things worked in the world.


I have learned that when it comes to jobs/careers, it really is mostly connections and who you know. I mean having the knowledge you need for the job is an obvious good thing, but it never guarantees you a job.

I have learned that if you want to know how to do something that you have no idea how to, look it up online and if it’s a little more complicated, call someone you trust to ask them to help you through the process.

If you are at a bank or a doctor or anywhere where you are having something important taken care of and you are confused about any part of it, ask questions or explain what you are confused about.
Don’t assume that everyone else knows and you’ll look stupid. Everyone at some point had to learn for the first time.

Most people, even people who have had a job for years, still wing it a lot of the time. They don’t always know what to do or how to get through something without help.

Adults, parents, grandparents, teachers, doctors, bankers, that lady that helped you sign up for your first apartment; they get nervous and anxious and doubt how to go about things and question themselves about their actions while working and worry that you think they are not doing a good job.

Don’t stress so much about how in the world you are going to make it as an adult. I’m an adult and I have no idea what I am doing.

I planned my wedding myself. I bought random things on clearance for a year that I thought I could use. Found a wedding rental place for a tent. Found a flower shop. A cupcake bakery. Davids bridal. Looked at locations and found one and saved up to afford it. Researched insurance for the location because that was on us to have it covered in case something happened.

Life is full of, WTF how am I gonna figure this out.

I’m lucky to have a husband who is pretty smart in figuring this life stuff out.

In closing, no one knows what they are doing. Everyone asks for help the first, second, maybe even every time they have to do something (like taxes). I am a 28 year old married spoonie, and I have no idea how to adult.
Don’t worry, you’re not alone and you will figure it out or find someone who knows how to help you.

Saw Avengers: Age of Ultron last night, and let me tell you there is no better feeling in the world than being in a huge room full of fellow nerds. Not little kids. Like 16 to 28 year olds. Every time something funny happened, or that thing with Thor (trying not to spoil the movie for others) we all laughed, clapped, and gasped together. It was amazing. I felt like I belonged with them.

Welcome to the New Extreme || usedtobealostgirlx


It had been so long since Merlin felt his magic run through his veins. He might not have remembered it, but he felt like something was missing. Living the pat 28 years as Colin, made him feel like he was missing something, something big and important. And remembering after was a breath of fresh air. Yet, not. He still had to hide it.

He saw how everyone looked at Regina. He didnt want that. It was one of the reasons why he refused to say anything at home. But now, it was the same all over again. But now he had luxuries such as TV and Internet.

Keeping his magic hidden was easier than expected. He didnt need to use it in front of people. Until he did. A flick of his hand and a flash of his eyes turned the creature back to stone, rocking on the road slightly.

He liked Emma, he really did. She saved them all, but he did not want her to know about him. Too many questions he didnt want to answer. He pressed himself against a wall, trying to hide from view before anyone saw he changed the creature to stone.