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UHH so lately ive been having a lot of nostalgia for the warrior cats fandom (or i guess just warriors in english?) and i decided to redraw my fav character.

This is Gorsepaw, i dont think anyone really remembers him and to be honest its a really odd pick for a fav chraracter since he literally doesnt do anything but it cant be helped.

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Um, so, I dunno how obsessive you all are, but I’ve literally found every song Patrick Stump’s voice has ever been on (and there’s a lot). And I listed the ones that are particularly awesome, in case anyone wants to listen to something new

  • Everything is Alright by Motion City Soundtrack (2006). I literally adore this song, so much. Patrick sings backing vocals, and then a prominent bit right after the instrumental part towards the end. Also, Mark Hoppus is in the video.
  • Cupid’s Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes (2005/2007). This song is awesome, and Patrick does the chorus, and is in both of the vids. I think most of you guys have heard it, but it’s still a great song, even if you’re not a fan of hip hop.
  •  One and Only by Timbaland (2007). I fucking adore this song. It’s so good. It’s mostly Patrick singing, and he says ‘fucking’, and nghh, love this song. To be despised…
  • Clothes Off! by Gym Class Heroes (2007). Again, P. Steezy (Travie McCoy’s nickname for him, eheh) did the chorus. He’s not in the video :c But pre-split Panic! is! In animal suits! (Patrick is good friends with these guys, and he also did a cover of Billionaire with Travie before, as well as The Fighter and Stereo Hearts, all popular songs you probably heard on the radio at some point. Look those up if you want.)
  • Jock Powerviolence by Weekend Nachos (2011). Okay, so this is Soul Punk!Patrick screaming, and it’s fucking hot. Look it up. Please.
  • Second Chances by October Fall (2006). I honestly love this song; it’s really good and Patrick has his own part towards the end right before the awesome banjo part.
  • Don’t Wake Me Up by The Hush Sound (2006). Patrick produced this album. It’s really good - they’ve got a really unique sound that I really like. If you like it too, I suggest Lighthouse. Anyway, this is the only song Patrick’s on; his vocals are apparent right after the breakdown.
  • Everyday by Buddy Holly (cover) (2011). This was for some tribute album but the song is cute and Patrick is flawless and there’s a vid and yeah.
  • One of THOSE Nights (2008). This song is perfect. Brendon’s on it too. Pete’s in the video. It’s just kinda awesome. I listen to it all the time.
  • King of Wishful Thinking by New Found Glory (2007). This is like a duet, and it’s fabulous.
  • Bounce by The Cab (2008). Patrick’s in the video (oh my God, watch it right now; he’s so fabulous), and he does backing vocals, so.
  • I’m a Wonder by The Cab (2008). Patrick produced this album too. This song is swaggy, and Stumpman’s voice is distinct near the end. The backing vocals should never outshine the lead singer, but they kinda do. Really do.
  • Dancing With the Devil by Krewella (2013). This song is awesome, I love it. It’s techno-y and stuff.
  • I Stand Alone by Robert Glasper (2013). The piano on this is awesome, and I love the Common feature too. Patrick’s cute in the video and the making of. 
  • Open Happiness by -read description- (2009). This is for Pepsi or Coca-Cola or something, but it’s so catchy and happy, and the video is adorable, and Brendon and Travie are in it, and Janelle Monae and Cee-Lo Green, and yeahh, this song is cool. Patrick also did the famous Coca-Cola whistle; isn’t that cool?
  • Like, every song on ¡Viva La Cobra! by Cobra Starship (2007). Patrick produced the album, and did backing vocals on every track, and I literally love this album so much. I own it. I recommend Guilty Pleasure (Patrick’s voice is hella distinct and you can hear it near the end), Scandalous (he’s on the last chorus - s c a n d to the a to the l o u s), Smile for the Paparazzi (the gRUNTY PART IS PATRICK AND MY GOD IT’S EAR SEX AHH), and My Moves are White (the whole last minute is Patrick alone, and I love that last minute more than anything, ever). 

There’s other songs, but I don’t like them as much. I’ll put them anyway, ‘cause maybe you have slightly different taste than me.

  • One Day I’ll Stay Home by Misery Signals (2006). If you’re into that screamo shit, this is for you, and Pete’s on there too, I think. Patrick’s singing though.
  • You’re Not in on the Joke by Cobra Starship (2009). Apparently, all these bandom people are on this song, but I don’t hear them. I guess during the group singing part?
  • Feet Don’t Fail by Claude Kelly (2010). This is some pop shit I really don’t like. But eh. And y'know that one post that says ‘you can literally hear the sideburns when you listen to old fob’? Yeah, well, this is the last time you can hear the sideburns, I think. 'Trick does the hook.
  • The Last Hero by XV (2011). Some rapper I’ve never heard of, and I know most every rapper. Cute hobbit man does chorus. 
  • Bummed Out Blues by Murs (2011). I like the soul sound of this but idk. Rap again, guys. Patrick really liked hip hop in '11, I guess.
  • All Your Heart by Transit (2011). Yeah, I don’t like this. Patrick’s at the end. Pretty distinct.
  • If You Could Remember by Damnation A. D. (2007). More screamo shit, with Pete again. I love Patrick’s part in here though.
  • Birthday Girl by The Roots (2008). Not a big fan of this song, but 'Trick does the chorus.
  • Don’t Regret it Now by Tyga (2008). This fucker is a disgrace to rap - I had no idea he was signed to Pete’s label when he was a teenager until recently. Now he’s on Lil Wayne’s. But you-know-who produced his debut, and he did vocals on this song. The chorus is hella catchy, I’ll give it that, but only because it’s delivered by Patrick.
  • Est. (80’s Baby) by Tyga (2008). This shit’s annoying. Patrick’s on the last chorus but it’s kinda not worth it.
  • That’s What It Takes, Dear by Kristeen Young (2008). This song is a mess, but Patrick’s voice sounds so fucking smooth and soothing.
  • Blinded by the Sun by Gym Class Heroes (2008). This has a reggae feel, and I actually like it a little. Patrick’s in the last minute, doing backing vocals.

anonymous asked:

Did Mary and Elizabeth, daughters of Henry VIII, have a 'brotherly' relationship? Even if only stepsisters? I remember in The Tudors they had a good friendship, is it supported by historical proofs? Thank you for your time!

I already answered a really similar question here [x].  Hope you don’t mind the redirect, I just feel like I covered this topic recently.

I did write my undergraduate senior thesis (for my history degree) in about 2010-2011, regarding the relationships amongst the heirs of Henry VIII.  I worked really hard on it and did a lot of primary and secondary source research and was even voted by my peers as winning the best thesis presentation.  However, that thesis was lost on an old crashed laptop and all my hard work was lost.  It really bugs me because I think a lot of you would have liked reading it, given the types of questions ya’ll ask.

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rules: answer 30 questions and then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

1. Nicknames: Lee, Squad Mom, Buck.
2. Gender: eh, with a vague hand gesture.
3. Star sign: Scorpio
4. Height: 5′8″
5. Time: 9:38 pm
6. Birthday: Nov. 14
7. Favourite bands: Mumford & Sons, FOB, LP, Led Zeppelin, Of Monsters and Men
8. Favourite solo artists: Bishop Briggs, Pink
9. Song stuck in my head: Your Bones by Of Monsters and Men.
10. Last movie watched: Resident Evil: Retribution
11. Last show watched: Wynonna Earp
12. When did I create my blog: I have no idea. This one maybe like 3 or 4 years ago? I deleted my old blog, which I think I started in like 2010 or 2011?
13. What do I post: Mostly Marvel, especially of the Bucky Barnes or Steve Rogers variety, some Wonder Woman, and a lot of political stuff.
14. Last thing I googled: ibuprofen.
15. Do you have other blogs: I mean I run @attractivemenwalking but I haven’t actually posted to it in ages.
16. Do you get asks: Not often, but I love it when I do even if I can take a while to reply.
17. Why did you choose your url: Because it sounded good, and also because there’s a panel in an issue of Captain America where Bucky is like “Guess I’m getting lucky tonight” and I just went YES.
18. Following: Uh, 183? I try to keep it around 200 because I deleted my old blog because I followed 1000 people and could keep up with anything.
19. Followers: 509.
20. Favourite colours: Green, orange, teal, and grey.
21. Average hours of sleep: Depends - if I set my own schedule, 8 to 9 hours. When I live with my mom, I’m lucky if I get 4 hours.
22. Lucky number: 39.
23. Instruments: I play guitar VERY badly, and bass clarinet.
24. What am I wearing: Captain America lounge pants and a shirt with the phases of the moon on it.
25. How many blankets I sleep with: Depends on the season and where I’m at. Usually one.
26. Dream job: I should say lawyer, but honestly anything where I can actually help people, even if it’s something small.
27. Dream trip: 3 month long US road trip with a few friends in a van visiting everywhere we want.
28. Favourite food: Carrots, or an everything bagel with cream cheese, thick slices of tomato, with salt and pepper.
29. Nationality: American.
30. Favourite song now: Arsonist’s Lullabye by Hozier.

I’m tagging: @viridieanfey, @whtaft, @buckbaby, @stuckyanddandelions, @girlsf0rgirls, @herobuckybarnes, and anyone who wants to do it! 

bilingualbisexual replied to your post: “omg lmao i’ve been on this site so fu…

What is 5t4s… I’ve only been here since 2011… I need to know…

fyrks replied to your post

“omg lmao i’ve been on this site so fucking long that i remember…”

whats 5T4S?

oh god…… whenever i reference stuff from 2010 tumblr i still expect someone else to come out of the woodwork and be like "oh man i remember that holy shit” but…….i think im truly the ancient one now……no 2009 people are cropping up anymore to tell me i don’t know shit about old tumblr anymore. i am old tumblr. shit…..

so 5T4S, then. 5T4S was a tumblr phenomenon from late 2010/very early 2011. tumblr had just started running advertisements for the site on MTV, and back then, tumblr was still very much an anti-mainstream, “secretive”, faux-cult-ish environment. that kind of thinking extended into 2011 and probably even early 2012, but it was at its worst when i joined up. 

there was this mentality that you weren’t “allowed” to discuss tumblr outside of tumblr. people didn’t want attention drawn to the site, and basically they were just angry at the idea that a bunch of new people might end up joining. it was stupid hype-backlash, and totally baseless since tumblr was in no way a secret. there were millions of users already. 

so a bunch of angry “in before it was cool” tumblr users came up with this nonsense phrase “5T4S,” which would indicate that you were around before the MTV commercials. it cropped up everywhere for like, four months. a bunch of people had it in their sidebar, and there were people who absolutely refused to follow anyone without the phrase somewhere on their blog. 

this in turn created a backlash. literally a backlash against the hype backlash. this is what im talking about when i say that people who witnessed the embarrassing 2012 stuff don’t even fucking know the truly cringe-worthy horrors of early tumblr. a bunch of people called out the 5T4S crowd for being elitist, alienating hipster trash, and then refused to follow people with 5T4S on their blogs. 

so this whole trend created two separate groups of people with extremes that absolutely loathed/refused to interact with one another solely based on whether or not their description contained a totally nonsense phrase. 

i never put it in my blog description or cared enough about it to join either camp. i was also too new to know definitively whether or not i had actually joined before the commercials started airing. so i just waited until it died out, which it eventually did. it has now become a long-forgotten, ancient embarrassment to this hell site and anyone who had the displeasure of using it.

and that’s your ancient tumblr history lesson for the day 

Doing this only because I’ve basically quadrupled my follower count in the past two months and maybe some of you’d want to know something basic about this nerd who draws all these silly comics. Tagged by @sassygoddess, not tagging anyone, you can do it if you wanna.

Name: Kromi (it’s not my real name but for the purposes of anything online, it’s my name)
Kromi will do just fine
Star Sign:
165 cm (around 5 ft 5 in for all you metrically challenged)
Sexual Orientation:
Queer af
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Favorite Color
: Green, red, pink, orange
Time Right Now:
12:27 (12:27 pm)
Average Hours of Sleep:
Generally 8-10 (right now it’s fucked to hell again and I only sleep like six and then take a nap later)
Lucky number:
Last thing I googled:
“Guitar dipped in fondue” in GIS, don’t ask.
Favorite Fictional Character(s): Keep changing, but right now I’m deep enough in the dumpster to say Kylo Ren.
Number of blankets I sleep under:
During winter 2-3, during summer one or just the duvet cover.
Favorite Singer/Band:
Dream Trip:
Roadtrip from the east coast of the US to the west.
Dream Job:
Drawing comics for a living? If not that then something linguistics-related research stuff maybe idek, I’m way too old to not know the answer to this question. If I wasn’t horrible at maths my dream job would be an astrophysicist, alas.
When this blog was created:
November 2010 I think? (My archive goes only back to September 2011 tho).
Current amount of followers:
Ggghg closing in on 5k lmao.
What do you post:
My drawings. Replies to asks. My webcomic’s update reminders. And then I sometimes plug stuff I like or boost friends’ commission posts and do stuff like this but that’s it. I have other blogs for other stuff. (@metamorfoosi for aesthetic/inspiration stuff, @deepinstarwarshell for current fandom shitposting, @noendcomic for webcomic, @salaatit for GW2).
Who are your most active followers:
@erlie and @rraffeh probably lol.
When did your blog reach its peak:
Reaching all the time.
What made you decide to get a tumblr:
Basically everyone had already migrated from Livejournal and I needed a place to post my art to.
Do you get asks on a daily basis: Between this blog and No End’s, almost.
Why did you choose your URL:
It’s literally my internet nick with -tar stuck at the end, which is what I do whenever “kromi” is taken.

And so that this post wouldn’t be just boring words words words, here, have a picture of my cat training to become an accomplished pole dancer:

The first part, where I’m gonna spill some bits about what you can do to get your male character lookin’ right. I’m mostly going to focus on the face part, cause that’s what makes or breaks your sim. I’m sure body shaping is something we are all comfortable with doing and it since it’s not very hard at all.

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[STARCAST★&fan - 140903] ‘INSPIRIT’s white propose toward ‘INFINITE’

Firstly, we will give hint about the main character of this week’s ‘★&fan’. This artist is symbolized with special logo. This accessary is motivated from this logo.

Firstly, we will give hint about the main character of this week’s ‘★&fan’. This artist is symbolized with special logo. This accessary is motivated from this logo.

The logo production is infinite~
Who is today’s main character?

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