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who are some of your fave mutuals? i need more ppl to follow! thanks!

ooo um @jadescorpiogf @beautifulstragic @beyvenchy @blackgillbates @wokuspokus @archerie @goldenglider @graintgustin @suprcorp @leamichelerps @promoteselfsoothing @bodyglitter @honeyharrys @selenagomezaf @lovestory @archiesandrews @yourstrulys @versacehijabi @karuechetran @rihvival @dangerouswomans @meandstherhythm and so so many more but thats all i can think of from the top of my head so check out my blogroll bc im probs not mutuals with like 20 people i follow and i follow 500 so like!! but the ones i listed, they’re all a little different from one another so its a good bunch


Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off // Panic! at the Disco

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If Chara, Frisk, and Asriel had their own blogs, what sort of things would they blog about/post?

(omg this is such a good prompt I was excited)

Very minimalist and clean cut aesthetic. Chara’s blog is all dogs, knives, dogs with knives, memes, pessimistic quotes from dead poets, literature and history blogging, nature photography, knitting and crafts tutoriels, memes, chocolate food porn and recipies, and the rare personal text post at odd hours in the morning, only to be deleted later. They send messages to Asriel when he’s online and submit vines and cat videos to Frisk, who posts them all. Their about section says “do not follow if you’re human.” They have around 200 followers. Definitely spends the most time on their blog.

Fandom blog theme aesthetic. Asriel got into surface world anime and video game escapism very quickly. He does lots of fandom blogging, makings sprite artwork and fanart and ocs and junk and talks about cosplay. He also blogs about gardening (just for Chara to reblog), home movie making, EPIC FAIL compilations and fandom memes, and self help tips. He writes personal posts to let everyone know how he’s feeling. He only has like 20 followers but they’re all mutuals, including Chara and Frisk of course.

That ugly windows 98 tumblr theme aesthetic. Frisk’s blog has a very “THAT part of the internet” aesthetic. You’ll only find nonsensical deep web level-obscure memes, old anime references, cats, pictures of people fighting and getting hurt, screen caps of dumb cartoons, and pictures extreme giant food. Sometimes they make random text posts about eating and sleeping and they get an unreal amount of notes. No one knows why and Frisk doesn’t seem to pay attention to it? They have thousands of followers. They ignore all asks and mutuals except Chara and Asriel; they like and reply to everything those two post. They spend the least time on their blog.

listen …… i kno i never ask for promo but ive lost like 20 followers in the past hour so mutuals help me out, im a gay meme fuck who needs attention pls follow me

amazing 3000+ people think I’m somewhat appealing. thanks to everyone that followed me. you make my heart erect. so here’s a ff, which I’m doing completely on mobile because I am in a different country and have no computer.

If you have ___ after your URL…
!=fav!!!!!!(basically ur always on my dash and ur generally entertaining)
;)=I hardcore want to be friends with you


@cliffordghoul ALEXANDRA!!! thanks for being a tru homie and it’s been great since I first met you in ratchet park. can’t want to road trip w u to yet another ratchet arena.

@rowysolucas  @boobsmuke Homies, thanks for speaking to me ily times a milli. please continue speaking to me friendship is good.

@pastelmikey @girlwhocried5sos @wowwlucas @flipflophemmings @luke—friend @hurricaneclifford @cuddlyhemming @punkrockballerinas @peteypieafi @pineappleclifford @candycoatedclifford @michaelthememe @aliencal @0ur-her0es-with0ut-capes @atloffical thanks for listening to me bitch all day and being the one network that I’ve stayed in contact with. thx for bein supportive and making up like 20 of the people that follow me :-)

LIKE 90% OF YOU ARE MUTUALS, so mutuals nothing is special with your URL

/1-10, a,b,c,d,e,f,g/

@1-800-long-dong !;) @5aos @2k13malum @aladdincalum ;) @artlukes ;) @anarchyaustralia ! @ashtoniwrin !;) @aushemmo @babymukes @bdlandsgod ! @beaucalum ;) @blink18muke !;) @blondlukes @brokunhome ;) @calumfood ! @calumhoodes !;) @calumpoc @calumsgfg !;) @cashtnsthighs @cashtonkinks @cliquecalum ;)! @daredevilash @drcpdead !;) @drunkmichaels !;) @felizcalum !;) @florcal !;) @gotbadbrains


@hairdyemgc !;) @halseyft5sos @halseymgc @halseyno !;) @hectichoods @hemmobutt @hemmoist @honestyhood @hqashton !;) @iriwins @japanmikey @kisshood ! @lashtuns ! @lowq5sos ! @lukejpg @lukescruff !;) @madaboutmichael ! @mhmmelukey !;) @micool5sos !!!!!!!!;) @millenniumuke @mrsallamericant ! @mukeafff ;)


@nsfwclifford !!! @ofclukey @pacify5sos !;) @peachymuke @rich-homie-calum !!;) @sextashtonirwin ;) @shitbaghemmo @simmerdwn @smashirwin @stereomuke @texthood ;) @thotsos @tokyoluke !;) @toolucas @txhohood !


@unpredjctable @vegemiteash @villainouspixie ! @vodkaclifford ! @wetmuke ! @youngodluke @zouisos !;)

thanks all of you for making my dash so so special and making me feel welcomed!! Y'all r the wind beneath my wings!!!