like 2 metres away

171110 Note to myself : You saw Super Junior today and watch their performance at Music Bank. So you should remember how lucky you are and you should never call yourself unlucky again for rest of your life. Because you are so damn lucky. Yes LUCKY SO LUCKY ♥ :’)

I had only saw last them from afar in front of Coex a couple of days ago while they entering and leaving. I couldnt enter inside the building yesterday for mcountdown because i had some problems with my lightstick. It had to be official Super Show lightstick, but mine was friend’s KRY lightstick. The sad thing was we had another official lightstick at home ahah. But today i could enter! i watched their performance at Music Bank!! :) I was like 2 metres away from them and believe me they are really humans ahah sometimes i think they cant be real xD its weird i know~ but they are real hehe.

When we get inside the Music Bank studio while i am sitting i saw ‘someone’ and looked at him.. and then.. i was:

‘This is Donghae? THIS IS DONGHAEEEE’ ahah he was talking to staff. He saw fans coming inside and sitting and looked at the fans and smiled :) I thought he is still looking towards us and waved but he didnt see LOLOL i laughed so hard ahaha but he waved to the fans after a while :)

I saw Leeteuk after Donghae. Leeteuk really so so cute. He was the most smiley member today. 

Then guess who?

who? you can guess? xD

YES! you guessed right! i saw Hyukjae!! ASBQKWJDBÇSKWADÇJ

OMG how a person can be this beautiful? this is not fair for other men in the world LOL

Then i saw other members too. Staff kept fixing Yesung hair, i was like ‘ok its enough, go away staff, i cant see the members properly’ xD

Kangin was there too but idk how and why i couldnt notice him lol. That spot that members standing was looking a little cloudy because of stage effects so since he was probably there, i didnt notice him. He was there to support members! ahhh i love that man, and i cant wait to see him on the stage again ;;__;; Please.. i wanna see Super Junior together.. sighhh.. 

Hmm.. Donghae got on the stage before they perform and did kind of ‘weird’ things to make us laugh :) While makeup artist putting makeup on Shindong’s face Donghae hold a light above Shindong to make makeup artist see Shin face better hehe. Helpful babe! kk

Leeteuk was all smiley, our smiley angel leader ♥ :) 

Hyukjae send us CHU~~ :)) and made hearts with his fingers ^^ He had wore loose pants so its so sad i couldnt see his beautiful shaped legs properly LOL so i was focussed on Donghae legs xDDD

They sang Black Suit two times. They danced really so nicely. But while i watching them i couldnt catch how when and from where Heechul came to the stage and started to sing LOLOL

Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh all of them so handsome :) Maybe Donghae looking like he is shy and all most of the times but on the stage he is so confident and a little? naughty LOL 

Both Donghae & Hyukjae was so small like little cute kids hehe MY BABIES!!

There wasn’t any fans in front of us and we were so close to them, they saw our faces. And if my mind doesn’t play with me, for a second but just for a second Hyukjae looked at my eyes :((((((((((((((((( It was so short but it made me happy, when i think it sound like a dream to see them irl :)

After they performed Black Suit two times they came close to the seats and waved us. Only Shindong and Heechul didnt come idk why :)

There was 300 Elf outside. Only 200 Elfs could enter. We practised fanchant for Black Suit with SM staff. They gave these things to us:

*i kissed the banner if you can see ahah

and a baloon when we got inside. i didnt take pic of it while it is still blowed keke. But the baloon like this:

and if i should talk about albums i bought 8 albums three days ago..

7 one more chance, 1 black suit. I have 4 Hyukjae, 2 Yesung, 1 Siwon cd :) so sad i couldnt get Donghae’s cd :(

But i have his photocards while i have no Hyuk photocards xD

With buying albums we could write our names in the list and join to lucky draw for fansign (it will be tomorrow) but sadly i am not one of the fans who can join the fansign :( anyway.. maybe i will have a chance? maybe? idk? ahah

After the recording it was raining so hard but we had to write our names in the list for Inkigayo recording so we ran under the heavy rain. There was still a baloon and banner in my hands while i run and take taxi LOL. Being a fan is really crazy xD

a question: How to be so rich to follow Suju around the world, buy so many albums, concert tickets? A real question. I will wait for the answers :)


– Dilara   (kkk i felt like i wrote a letter to you, so i put my name here xD)

Cause and Effect - 4

The operation wasn’t fun. Sure, he gave them the (Fake) location of the Voltron Lions, but they couldn’t even at least sedate him during the operation. What kind of guest service is that? Lance had to endure the entirety of having he’s arm stuffed with wires and metal, and the same can be said for his waist. Overall, he was definitely leaving a bad review when he was done here, and a few therapy sessions. The operation gave him more mental scars then he thought it would. The tech in it was similar to Shiro’s arm, just with a few more added bonus’. One of the few he knew of, was that the arm was adaptable, and could basically become any engineering tool he needed, which would be useful, if he was an engineer (Which he wasn’t). The Galra crest was indented on his shoulder, and would be hard to notice if it didn’t have glowy purple outlining around it. But he had to admit, it looked sick.

His waist prosthetic was a little different, as in it didn’t have any special features (Apart from being an awesome personal heater), and didn’t have the Galra crest on it. It was a lot more manoeuvrable though, so that was a plus. Finally he had his new leg prosthetic, which was basically the same as the one on his hip, but had a packed one hell of a punch as far as he was aware, and could do that glowy power thing SHiro’s arm could do. He was just getting used to his new Prosthetics in his cell when a guard opened up his door.

“Up” They commanded. Lance didn’t like commands. Reminded him of the garrison, which he didn’t like either. Most of the teachers we’re assholes. Iverson was just one of many, though they did teach them a lot, so he guessed it was within reason somehow. Lance just glared at the guard, and stayed put. The floor was quit comfortable in his own opinion.

“Up” They commanded again, more irritated. Lance knew that if he didn’t comply now, he was probably gonna be in some more trouble, which would ruin what he has left of a plan, so he finally raised himself up from his corner in his cell, slowly, and stood up tall and straight. He continued to glare at the guard, who was unfazed by his aggression, the only emotion showing on their face was one of agitation.

“Follow me” It wasn’t a request. The guard turned around and started walking down the large hallway of which his cell was placed in (What is it with Galra and Hallways?). He made his way out of his cell, which closed quickly enough to break one of his bones once he was out of the way, and strolled on behind Mr Ass. The walk was completely silent, the only sound being made was the clangs of the guards boots on the floor, and Lances feet hitting the cold metal of the same floor, and the silence made Lance uncomfortable. He was always one for a loud atmosphere. He grew up in one. He was still unsure of where they were going, but he knows now it isn’t the usual interrogation room, since they didn’t take a left to doorways back, instead taking a right soon after. They eventually reached a large door, which seemed important enough to be access to the bridge or the power room.

When the door opened, Lance was half right. It was the door to the Bridge, and right in front of them was the cluster that Lance had lead them to, about a few miles away from where they travelled to the Marmora base that Ulaz taken team Voltron to before, and standing at the helm of the ship, was the damn Druid that had recently been the bane of Lance’s existence. He still counted himself lucky though, considering Shiro’s encounters with multiple Druids at once. Still, Lance was pretty sure that Shiro hadn’t had to deal with them this much.

“I see you’ve survived the surgery” It practically hissed. That took him by surprise. “Wait, I could’ve died?” “Only a chance” It hissed again, in a careless manner. Lance wasn’t careless right now. The word he’d use was panicking. Still, he was a good actor, and wouldn’t let the Druid see his mental predicament. He decided to instead focus on his surroundings and the area of space in front of him. His plan was still pretty unfinished, with holes everywhere, but he still had a chance to escape, even if it was small. He just had to play it cool until the moment arose.

“Sooooo, you like explosions?” So much for playing it cool. “Destruction is a better term. Why do you ask?” It said. It was so calm in its speaking, Lance almost mistook it for friendliness. “Ehhh no reason. Just curious”. Lance was done talking now. It seemed to be skeptical, but decided to leave the subject, which wasn’t a common occurrence with the Druid. Lance hoped they didn’t know that the rocks here would literally blow them to pieces and then some.

“Where is Voltron” It asked. Well, more like commanded. A sentry with a gun about 2 metres away from him suddenly seemed very inviting.

“Funny story”

Lance leaped for the sentry, swept his leg under its feet and tripping it, and swiped its gun out of its hand in one quick motion, making sure to land a shot on its head. Before the other Guards and Sentry’s could react, he whipped around and pointed the blaster at the Druids head. What was a te,portray chaos for a few seconds suddenly became silence, as Lance fiddled with the trigger to the blaster.

“You’ll miss” It said.

“You’ll miss” Lance replied in a mocking tone. He “You’ll miss” Lance replied in a mocking tone. He noticed the most likely reflective surface behind the Druid, keeping the ‘giant window thing at the front of ships’ in place, and, as a lover of math, was able to figure out the perfect angle to shoot. He tilted the blaster up slightly, aiming just above the Druids head, and pulled the trigger.

The brief moment of smugness the Druid had was quickly ended, due to a large hole having been created were the back of its head should be. The blast mark. Whatever shielding the Druids had, didn’t seem to protect their backs. It fell to the ground, body smacking against the metal floor and echoing around the Bridge. Everything was silent for a moment. Then Lance sprinted for the control panel, and the Galra kicked back into action. He quickly locked the ship into autopilot on full speed, and destroyed the control panel, leaving the ship heading in a bee line straight for the ‘death rocks I forgot the name of’.

Lance spun around to see three Guards sprinting over to him, blasters at the ready. He pulled up his own, and shot them all down in quick succession. He started to run for the exit, before he was met by another guard and a sentry. He made sure to take out the sentry first, before blocking a fist from the Galra with his gun, and quickly swinging his leg up at its head, stunning the Guard before he shot it directly in the chest. More Galra were starting to run up behind him, so he decided maybe running away would be the best course of action now.

He sprinted down the hallway, making quick turns at every corner he passed to shake off the Guards, and headed at what he assumed was the direction to the escape pods of the ship. He knew that he wasn’t on a prisoner ship (He was the only one apparently), so he didn’t have to worry about leaving prisoners. He eventually found the pods, right before more Galra guards turned the opposite corner and started shooting st him (God they have terrible aim).

He pulled up his own blaster, and started shooting back. Every shot found its mark. He managed to take out the majority with only a few grazes from their own shots, when a blast found its way onto his own gun, snapping it in two. At that point he was being swarmed by blasts from the sentrys and guards, and for every one he blasted before, another three were in its place. Two guards decided that it would be best to ram themselves into him, and before he knew it he was on the ground with a killer headache wrestling two Galra guards. Guard number 1 hit him straight in the gut, and might have dislocated his shoulder. Guard number 2 was trying to rip his leg prosthetic off, and failing mostly. Number 2 eventually decided to just try and crush it.

Lance saw a bright purple light, and he swung his left arm at number 1, throwing him against the wall, and landed a punch right in number 2’s chest, causing 2 to stagger back and fall. Lance took his chance, and sprinted to an open pod, blocking blasts with his prosthetic and, once entering the pod, slammed the small control pad next to the door, quickly shutting it up and shooting the pod out into space, and after manuevering through fire from the ship, he watched as the Galra ship ran into the first few of the ‘death rocks I forgot the name of’, and was slowly torn apart by the explosions.

I bet you thought I was done

there are people working on the building next door and they’re on scaffolding so they’re pretty much only like 2 metres away and I wanna shut my window cause they’re noisy as heck but then they’d see me