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Zim the Gardener


I’ve noticed that a lot of locations in Invader ZIM don’t really have green to them [contrasting Zim himself and adding to the atmosphere of the show].

so what if like, Zim likes to take care of plants as their greenness reminds him of his own kind/home

Zim being a gardener definitely isn’t a skill that’s programmed into the PAK for the invader to be good at doing, because for all we’ve seen, there aren’t any plants on Irk. So it’d be a skill that Zim has to learn on his own, and he’s hesitant when he learns that plants need water to grow, and his first couple of plants die until Dib mentions they probably need to be watered. 

Zim keeps plants all over the base.  Zim using his PAK legs to reach plants up high.

His front yard garden drawing human attention because humans don’t normally see flowers around; Zim plants giant genetically modified man-eating venus fly traps as guards.

Dib tells Zim he’s actually helping the planet by growing the plants.  Reluctantly, Zim destroys his plants, but keeps a single rose hidden within his PAK or something.

TLC Shipweeks 2017- Week One Day One- Home.

tbh wolflet is as cozy as you can get honestly it was all i could think of when i thought of the theme. I wanted to make this look better but i haven;t slept in like,,,,a long time,,,and idk lmso. anyway yeah they went out dancing at the bar last night and she stole his shirt but Ze’ev was wearing those pants when they went out. idk how to draw him lol. i will probably go back and redraw this someday.

@lemedy just reminded me that we could’ve had actual Ace Attorney merchandise, so much merchandise, if the anime hadn’t been so crap, and my anger at today (which had already been much given the perpetual-anger-machine that is the dystopia of the US of A right now) has now increased EXPONENTIALLY.



carey pietsch has the most beautiful art style and everyone ought to read marceline gone adrift

deathordesire  asked:

I am not sure i can afford the stuff from your shop atm, i might have to wait but it says it goes away in like 1 and 2 days? Is there anyway you can like do custom orders or keep them open longer? Thankyou for answering :3

They stay open until I take them down! When it says “one day left!” it’s just until the next print (: They will stay up until I decide to take them down! (: 

its a bit booky bc thats like. 2 minutes away from me i walk that way almost every day, i could hav been on that bridge an hour ago .. . those poor ppl they weren’t doing anything theyr not mps they were just random pedestrians .. what the fuck

…that’s what makes a Trancy butler…


Hi Im back with being best friends with EXOs beagle line. Like my dream you know.

Im sorry I was away for 2 days but Im sick 😑 Im better tho. Im posting the other 2 requests later today 😙

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The request: hey! what about a sebastian oneshot/drabble where he’s away filming and reader and their daughter are at home and he’s away for like 2/3 months and when the day he’s supposed to come home arrives, he cant go bc he still has some filming to do so he skypes/facetimes reader and tells her he wont be able to make it home that day and he ends up crying on the call bc he misses them so much. the end is up to you! (if u dont write seb, u cant write it w bucky being away in a mission!)

Pairing: Dad!Bucky / Reader

Warnings: Nothing I think

Word Count: 1,987

A/N: Okay, so I changed the request just a little so instead of a mission he’s in Wakanda because of his arms and like brain and yeah…other than that, enjoy!

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You were just cutting some fruit when you heard some shuffling from the other room and then an excited giggle.

“Daddy!” Rose screamed and you stopped your actions for a moment a soft smile curving on your lips. Rose, your daughter, was only three and knew how to work your laptop better than you could. You then heard a soft murmur, a deeper voice than your daughter’s reply to Rose. You instantly recognized the voice and your heart rate increased excitedly. “Okay Daddy! I’ll get Mommy!”

Your smile grew as the sound of small footsteps echoed before a small hand began to tug yours. Rose was in rainbow striped leggings, and a green t-shirt that had a ladybug on it. Her smile was big and she was just bouncing in excitement.

“Mommy! Daddy’s on the screen!” She babbled excitedly as she tried her hardest to pull you in the direction of your room. You laughed, and slipped your hand from her’s to quickly clean your hands before picking her up.

“Okay, okay.” You chuckled and gave her sides a little squeeze that had her giggling. “Let’s go see Daddy,” you hummed smiling and walked her back into your bedroom.

The laptop was sat in the middle of the bed, and sure enough, Bucky’s face was on the screen. Warmth spread through you as you got a good look at him. His hair was longer than the last time you saw him, and he had some scruff on his face.

You then sat on the bed, coming into view for him, with your daughter on your lap. Bucky’s eyes instantly brighten and he moved closer to the screen.  "Hi,“ he breathed and you hugged your daughter closer to your chest as you laughed softly.

"Hi,” you replied a teasing smile dancing on your lips as he rolled his eyes. He knew you were making fun of him, because you two talked almost every night since he had been gone. But this was the first time you two have seen each other in a month.

The moment was then ruined when your daughter squirmed from your grasp and lunged closer to the laptop. She began to talk to Bucky excitedly, telling him everything that has happened since he was gone. You smirked, and sat back as you watched your daughter and how intensely your husband was listening to her.

“And then, Aunt Nat came by and got me a toy!” Rose rambled, her arms moving around as she talked to her dad. Bucky’s smile was fondly directed to his daughter, and he had been listening to her intently for maybe the past twenty minutes and you felt like now would be the best time to interrupt.

“Hey Honey, why don’t you get the doll Nat got you so you can show, Daddy.” You asked and she turned to you with wide eyes like you said the most amazing thing ever. She then shot from the bed and sprinted to her room causing both you and Bucky to laugh.

“I miss her so much,” his smile wavering a little bit as you moved the laptop closer. His blue eyes shined a little more, but not with happiness as his eyes flickered to yours. “I miss you.” And that’s when his voice cracked and your heart stuttered. You immediately wanted to hug him.

“Well, you’ll get to see us tomorrow.” You smiled trying to brighten the mood again. You could hear your daughter stumbling around her room in search of her doll. Bucky then shook his head and looked down, your lips curved into a frown.

“I can’t-” he looked up to you and the tears had welled up in his eyes. “I have to stay another month,” he mumbled and a few tears slipped causing your own eyes to tear up too.

“What? What do you mean?” You asked and Bucky ran a hand through his hair.

“T'Challa wants me to stay another month in Wakanda, he thinks he’s found a way to upgrade my arm. Maybe make it look more natural.” Bucky explained. “And he thinks he’s finally found a way to get the words out of my head, for good.”

Before you could reply, Rose came back and waved her doll in front of the camera. “See Daddy! It looks just like me!” She exclaimed with a wide smile.

“That’s nice, Baby.” He smiled, his eyes still teary eyed. Rose noticed the change of his voice and turned her head to you to ask something but stopped once she saw a tear roll down your cheek.

Her small arms wrapped around you instantly. “Don’t cry Mommy!” She softly said, her own voice wavering. She never seen you or her Dad cry before and it slightly scared her. Your eyes met Bucky’s and you could see he felt even more bad. He never wanted to see you or his daughter cry.

You sniffled and rubbed your hand on your daughter’s back. “It’s okay,” you reassured before hearing a door open from Bucky’s side. He looked away, wiping his hands on his face. There was some soft talking before he nodded and looked over at you. You gave him a small smile and nodded. “Hey Baby, say bye to Daddy. He’s gotta go.”

You daughter stayed snuggled into your chest as she turned her head to face the camera again. “Bye Daddy, I love you!” She smiled softly and you could see the conflict in Bucky’s eyes. You could see how much he wished to be with you guys.

“I love you too, Радость моя.” He said before looking over at you. “I love you,” he said and you hugged your daughter a little tighter, who hugged you tighter as well.

“Forever and always,” you replied with a small smile, blowing him a kiss.

“Always and forever,” he said and then the screen went dark and your heart thudded with sadness.

It’s been a week.

You were still sad, but with your daughter, your hands were always full and you were always busy so that meant you didn’t have to dwell on the fact that you won’t see your husband for another month.

You also have decided that he can no longer go on long missions. Three months away from him, it’s hard and you don’t want to do it again.

You were just washing dishes, when your laptop beeped. Your daughter was already asleep, so you quietly sat the plate back in the sink before drying your hands and running to your room.

The laptop was always open just in case Bucky ever skyped again, so when you saw ‘incoming call’ you expected to see Bucky’s face, but instead you saw Steve’s. You immediately accepted the call, a little confused, but still smiled when Steve and Sam’s faces popped up.

“Hey guys,” you greeted and they both smiled saying hello. You then let out a little laugh,“ not to be rude guys, but why are you calling me?” You asked.

Sam chuckled and leaned closer to the camera, “are you not happy to see us, Y/N?” He teased and you rolled your eyes and laughed.

“You already know I would rather see someone else than you, no offense though.” You smiled. Both of them smile and laughed nodding their heads.

“Speaking of which,” Steve started and your smile faltered. In a split second you were going through every scenario in your head that involved something bad and Bucky.

“What happened?” You asked instantly and brought the laptop closer to you.

“Nothing, other than Bucky’s been a total drag.” Sam said. “He’s always moping around, and it’s bumming me out Y/N.” Sam groaned and Steve rolled his eyes at Sam.

“He misses you,” Steve said and your heart fluttered.

“We miss him too,” you said and gave a small smile.

“And you already know he has to stay another few weeks,” Steve said and you nodded your head.

“And since he’s being a drag-” Sam interrupted.

“What do you think about maybe us flying you guys out to surprise visit him?” Steve finished with a smile.

Your lips curved into a smile, “when do we leave?”

You didn’t realize how fast they moved. After talking with the boys, they told you that T'Challa would send one of his jets to you. You thought that you would be flying the next day, but no, they said the jet would get there in a few hours.

So with that said, you immediately began to pack. Packing for yourself and for your daughter before gently picking her up and locking the apartment door behind you.

A rush of excitement flowed through your veins as you boarded onto the stealth jet. You couldn’t wait to see your husband and you knew when your daughter woke up, she would flip.

The flight to Wakanda from New York was surprisingly fast. But you guess you shouldn’t be surprised because Wakanda’s technology was far advanced than most.

When the plane landed, the sun was just rising and the air was cool. The door opened and you were instantly greeted by T'Challa.

“Hello,” he greeted with a soft smile. A few people took your bags, leaving you to just hold you daughter. “I hope the flight was well.” He said as his eyes flickered to a still sleeping Rose, you smiled.

“It was lovely, thank you for doing this.” And he shook his head as you two began to walk. He walked with confidence and grace and you could tell he would be a great ruler whether he knew it or not.

“It was nothing, I know Bucky was missing you two dearly.” He said with a smile as he led you into a big room. There was tables every where, and it looked like a eating area. “Now, I must leave you. Some business to attend to.” He said giving a slight bow.

But before he could leave you took a step forward, “Where’s Bucky?” You asked softly and he gave you another smile.

“Steve and Sam are keeping him preoccupied, he’ll be here shortly.” He said and you smiled nodding and he returned the gesture before leaving.

You heard Bucky before you saw him. A few pairs of footsteps sounded down one hall that seemed to get closer.

“What Sam?” Bucky sighed exasperated, “what could it be that you just HAD to show me right now?” A smirk formed on your lips and you moved your sleeping daughter a little as you stood up. You gently woke her up just as Bucky came to view.

He immediately halted, his lips parting in surprise as your smile grew. “Daddy!” Rose screamed and you set her gently on her feet before she instantly sprinted to her dad.

Bucky crouched down as Sam stood next to him smiling, Buck opened his arms as he smiled and Rose launched herself to him. Steve came just in time as Bucky picked up his daughter twirling her into a tight hug as she giggled.

You walked closer to them and Bucky turned to you, never letting go of Rose, as he pulled you into a hug. “Hey,” you giggled, you didn’t think his smile could get bigger.

He didn’t answer you right away, instead he kissed you passionately with your daughter still in his arms. “Ew!” She giggled and you broke the kiss with a smile.

“Hi,” he breathed, holding you and Rose against him. Your eyes flickered to Sam and Steve who stood to the side with their arms crossed.

“Thank you,” you smiled and Steve nodded his head.

“Anything so he would stop moaning and groaning,” Sam smirked and Bucky rolled his eyes again. He then gave Rose a big kiss on her cheek causing her to giggle and pulled you closer.

Yeah, Bucky was not going to do long missions for a long time.

we’ve been waiting 3 god damn years for an album, it leaked and ur gonna listen to it like the official date is only 2 days away 

cant you wait just 2 days