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George Harrison and Mick Jagger on stage at the Rock and Hall of Fame Awards, 20 January 1988. Photo by Ron Galella.

“As a guitar player, [George] certainly had some nice and memorable licks on those Beatles tunes. Without being a virtuoso, he came up with really nice guitar lines that are integral parts of those tunes. But he had a multifaceted career as a personality. He wasn’t just a guitar player. And he did have a great sense of humor, and he did take it all with a huge pinch of salt, which is a very English and a very Liverpudlian thing.” - Mick Jagger, Rolling Stone, 17 January 2002 [x]

okay so tell me why this FINE specimen of a man was on the train asking for directions from and old lady right? you know how you be looking at a person cause theyre so fine when they not looking? that was me. he had dis nice luxurious long hair in a lil ponytail and I was like… BWOY IF YOU DONT SIT YOU ASS- so then the old lady gave him directions but he was still looking confused af and looking up at the stops like a nyc AMATEUR until he asks me for hella specific directions and i was like… fuck. i gave him them anyways and then he asked my age and I was like 17 but all I could think was wow this man is so hot kms so then he was like rilly??? I don’t believe u and u kno, i had that handy dandy id card in my pocket so I was like see that birth year??? hoe. but I covered up all my CREDENTIALS so don’t be thinking i’m a dumbass anywhoms…. he was like we met a little too early didn’t we and I was like pleathe stop he was being mad charming for no reason like he had one of those smiles that just disarms you but like my guard was UP!GLOCK: ON STANDBY. he guessed my nationality and he actually got some stuff right so I was like okrrrttt!!! in my mind doe. anywhoms his name was oliver and I thought that was so cute he was like IM SHY I’VE NEVER APPROACHED A GIRL BEFORE and I was like…. :F bye and then we got to his stop which was right before mine and he asked if i wanted his number but I said no because i’m a responsible WOMAN


15 - THE FAMILY - Geno with Reaper & Goth. The whole family’s here!

16 - HUMAN GENO - Ever wondered what Geno would look like as a human?

17 - FAVORITE PART OF AFTERTALE - Redraw your favorite part of Aftertale.

18 - PAPYRUS - He want his brother back. Let him be happy.

19 - CHIBI - Let’s be honest, Chibi Geno is cute Geno.

20 - REVIVED GENO - What if Geno recovered from his state? How would he look?

Genoary Challenge

i havent flashed back this hard in years when i was a teenager i couldnt cope with trauma i used to stay up til 8 am and barely sleep and id go off my medications and i would harm myself and i would pull out my hair i feel like im not here right now ive been barely sleeping and accidentally forgetting to take my medication every couple of days i feel nauseous i feel like im 17 again i feel like i have school tomorrow i feel terrified im trying to convince myself that i am in 2017 and that im almost 22 years old but it doesnt feel real i feel unsafe and i dont know what to do