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tick tock | jungkook

Genre: Fluff, Soulmate!AU

Characters: Jungkook & Reader [ft. Seventeen’s Hong Jisoo aka Joshua]

Word Count: 1.3k

Description: A soulmate!au where in there is a timer on your wrist which tells you exactly when you’ll meet your soulmate.

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Oh look! Morrigan finally stopped being a bitch. (to draw) (also me, every playthru, when I finally get her approval high enough.)

I headcanon that Morrigan’s resting bitch face is epic, and this may be the basis for my affinity with her. I have major soft spots for characters who have zero patience, too much sass, giveth no fucks, and taketh no fucks.

(Plus I headcanon that the dark ritual is ALWAYS a threesome) :)

Requested by @milee-cosgrove <3 <3

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Well, I work in a restaurant and it’s one that many people go to on Sunday morning after church. I usually am not scheduled for Sunday but we were short staffed so I came in to help as a host.

As soon as I step in, I’m hit with a big top consisting of 15 people in an already full place. Luckily we had just enough space to fit them but as I’m preparing their table, another table that was the same size comes in and starts to demand a table also. They see we are full and when I give them a wait time of 20 mins, they begin to argue with me and tell me they’re going somewhere else then. With that, I pay attention to the rest of the people to need to get sat.

About 5 minutes later, they call me over rudely saying they would like to sit where we had a big top just leave, so the area was still dirty. As soon as I tell them to give me a minute to sit them, they start getting in my face saying that I’m not going fast enough and go ahead and sit at the dirty table. Doing so caused them to get in my way so I had to clean the table with 15 people around me just giving me dirty looks for not moving quickly enough. They don’t even have sense enough to make a pathway to let me through, my hands full of plates, to finish their table. Finally after what felt like 5 minutes of hell, I finally set their table and gave their server a final “good luck” look.

People always joke about Funhaus being the polar opposite of Achievement Hunter but they really are like

AH: 2 out of 6 have brown eyes while the rest have blue/green.
FH: 2 out of 6 have blue/green eyes while the rest have brown

AH: everyone except fot Ryan has an iPhone
FH: Everyone uses Android

AH: Console

AH: 5/6 are married
FH: 3/6 are married

AH: Videos are usually around 30 minutes or longer
FH: Videos are usually 15-20 minutes

AH: Off Topic podcast is wild unpredictable
FH: Dude Soup is calm and collected

AH: facecams for Let’s Watch and horror only
FH: always use facecam


WEll I just spent like 15 minutes typing this up so 

German Cooking by the Book translated to English

Sugar-sweet cake, a view I enjoy
I’m completely lost for words with so much at once

I’ll put in the ingredients
the rest will go to me
there mustn’t be too much in there
it’ll get mixed with the dough

To try and [bake] a cake is hard
do you know what I mean?
to make a cake, you’ll need a cooking book
it won’t work on its own
don’t make a mess with the dough
you know what I mean
bring the baking instructions over here

so the dough will turn out right
that’s what we really want
the cooking book tells us
how to bake a cake

To work on the kitchen is an adventure
and so baking too is a science in itself

To try and [bake] a cake is hard
do you know what I mean?
to make a cake, you’ll need a cooking book
it won’t work on its own
don’t make a mess with the dough
you know what I mean
bring the baking instructions over here

To try and [bake] a cake is hard
do you know what I mean?
to make a cake, you’ll need a cooking book
it won’t work on its own
don’t make a mess with the dough
you know what I mean
bring the baking instructions over here

so the dough will turn out right
that’s what we really want
the cooking book tells us
how to bake a cake

all together, sing
we really want
that our cake will turn out right

To try and [bake] a cake is hard
(that’s what we really want)
to make a cake, you’ll need a cooking book
(the cooking book tells us)
don’t make a mess with the dough
(all together, sing
we really want)
bring the baking instructions over here
(that our cake will turn out right)
to make a cake, you’ll need a cooking book

These Lovely Years (9/?)

This is one of Nathan’s favorite moment of the day. Him doing his homework at the kitchen table while his Dad is preparing dinner. Ok, so the homework part maybe not so much but the rest definitely so. 

Then again those homeworks  are rather easy - He started like 15 minutes ago and he’s almost done. His mom told him several times that it is not a race, but he can’t help it if his brain works really fast. He got that from her after all - or so his Dad says.

Besides he has better things to do. Like  re-read the entire Harry Potter series.

His Dad drops a plate of fresh cookies on the table.

“Here you go buddy.”

“Yum. Thanks Dad.”

He bites in the gooey stuff,  enjoying the chocolate flavors. He’s about to swallow when a shrill scream startles him and the cookie comes down the wrong pipe.

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15 minute wait for my appointment to start

So I’m going to quickly write some stuff about what I think of Delirious, because there will never be enough speculation about him. I don’t think I will ever know him fully, since I don’t know of how he’s like outside of his videos and outside of Twitter and his friend’s streams. This is just my speculation based on what he’s said and done and what others have said about him. 

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REM Sleep

Sleep is obviously an important biological function, because practically every single animal needs to sleep in one form or another. But since it ins’t always practical for some species to just conk out for 8 hours, a lot of animals have evolved some clever workarounds: large animals like horses and elephants doze on their feet, dolphins have uni-hemispheric sleep, sharks have yo-yo diving… Octopus, on the other hand, may be a lot more like humans than we thought:  they seem to experience REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, just like us. 

Since octopuses are invertebrates and their physiology is so different from our own, researchers used to assume that octopuses didn’t really sleep in a technical sense. Many invertebrates have periods of wakefulness and rest, but their brains are so different from vertebrate brains that it’s difficult for scientists to figure out what, exactly, would be considered sleep for them.

Then marine biologists noticed that cuttlefish would lie still with their skin a dull color for periods of 10-15 minutes, then would briefly twitch and flash different colors, then repeat the cycle. Further research showed that twitching and random color changing in octopuses was a sign that they’d entered into rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep.

REM sleep is important for learning in mammals, and if some invertebrates do it too, it might be connected to their learning process, as well. It also might explain why these invertebrates seem to be unusually intelligent.

More about animal sleeping habits in this video:

So I know everyone agrees that Tim just doesn’t put his own health first especially when it comes to case work and everything. He’s a coffee addict and doesn’t get any sleep. BUT CONSIDER THIS:

I feel like once Tim finds out what caffeine naps are he would be all over that shit. He would use those instead of actual sleep and keep himself going for days by simply chugging a cup of coffee and laying down for 15 minutes.

The rest of the batfamily is still horrified and doesn’t know how he’s alive.


Our vacation in Tahoe is going great and I have totally kicked my butt with this workout before breakfast:
1. Legs elevated push ups x 10
2. Pendulum with kettlebell x 20
3. Free-style rope jumping - 1 min
As many rounds as possible during 15 minutes.
I felt like a beginner again - it’s so different to exercise in high altitude. I felt like I had some heavy weighted vest on. No wonder that people who grow up here are so much stronger and fitter than the rest of us flat landers 😆
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sometimes, it takes me a whole day to crank out 1k

other times, I see that it’s 11:50 and am like, I should add up my words for the day, realize that it’s almost at a milestone and promptly write 300 words in 6 minutes. 

sometimes, those two things happen on the same day. I spent all day on like 600 words, and then wrote the rest of it in the hour before midnight, with like 300 of it in the 15 minutes before midnight.

“Night at the Boardwalk” - Symbra Drabble

Sombra put her hand in Symmetra’s back pocket. She pushed her away and Sombra giggled. She raced towards the ice cream stand and ordered a strawberry, vanilla swirl cone. Taking 15 minutes to decide the perfect ice cream flavor, Symmetra finally chose a chocolate shake. They found an empty bench and looked out towards the ocean. Sombra lied down, rested her head on Symmetra’s lap and bit into her cone.

“This is a perfect sunset with you.” Symmetra said, “I love you.”

Symmetra flinched; that was the first time she said those words. Glancing down she found Sombra asleep. She laughed, stroking her hair and finished her shake.

This is the first of many Overwatch Drabbles that I will be doing. Hope you enjoy them. Ships include Symbra/Sommetra and Mercymaker. All others most likely won’t be ships! More are coming soon so follow me for updates!

Okay, as a character creator, roleplayer, and writer, I have to fucking recommend the little book that is being used in my Creative Writing class

It’s called The Truth About Fiction by Steven Schoen and I swear to fuck it is one of the greatest little pick me ups you can grab off of Amazon for like $12-$18 bucks. 

The exercises are fucking great for practicing your writing and getting back to foundation stuff, as well as learning how to better build your characters and construct scenarios. They’re simple and most barely take 15 minutes to do. 

The author is incredibly laid back and explains things wonderfully. That and whenever he injects humor into the reading it’s fucking great.

Please buy this book it’s probably the only required text from a class I know I will keep for the rest of my life.

“the future of gaming will be subscription streaming like spotify and netflix”

me if that day ever comes:

Today started off terribly but ended on a wonderfully productive note.

💎I planned to get up at 7am so I could go for a quick run before work and submit my resume for the summer camp I’ll hopefully be doing in July but of course, I didn’t.
💎I unsuccessfully tried to get out of half of my work shift and felt like shit the entire time.
💎I ran for 15 minutes after work and then walked the rest of the way home which made me almost instantly feel better
💎I actually DID THE RESUME THING which I’ve been putting off for 3 weeks
💎also watched the new KUWTK and Big Little Lies episodes
💎Now sleep!

Weirdest Overwatch Match yet...(aka Sifa is confuzzled)

Has anyone had a match where the opposite team bails out of a match (quick play) at the last minute, but the match goes through anyway with a bunch of bots?

That just happened to me. I didn’t realize what happened until I had a 5-kill streak as McCree and I was like “Holy !@#!” The 5 turned to 10 then to 15. Then I realized all of the opposing team had the characters names. “ELIMINATED ZARYA. ELIMINATED REAPER. ELIMINATED ZENYATTA.”

The rest of my team was like “WTF? Ooookay….”

I had a total of 19 kills. AS MCCREE. AND I’M USUALLY A MERCY MAIN. The team thought it was hilarious. xD I was like, “I ain’t THAT good on a gunslinger.” o.O

Those 19 kills officially counted, so it’s skewed my percentage quite a bit. Well, I doubt that’ll ever happen again. xD I wish I caught screenies but this was on the PS4, so I couldn’t.