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Can we just admit that mass effect 1 is a bad game and the only reason its even still played is for a feeling of a complete run? Or by first time players?

I mean it’s not a huge height difference or anything but you know this would come up aaaallll the time anyway.

hi um i saw this beautiful post reblogged by @sqiderling and i couldn’t resist so have a drabble of the ‘the fire alarm went off at 3 am and now the cute guy from the flat next door is standing next to me in his underwear’

That goddamn alarm. 

For the 5th time in 3 days, the fire siren had blared loudly through out the building at some ungodly hour and forced all of the residents in your apartment block out onto the street. The first time, you had been home alone so: you panicked. Rushing around and grabbing whatever you thought to be valuable enough to save- (you found out after that you’d left your laptop and grabbed you toothbrush) you were the last out of the building. And in tiny avenger pajama shorts, that you had never hated more in that moment. 

You spent that early early morning, mourning the loss of your laptop & dozens of other important things inside your apartment. All whilst freezing your ass off in the cold night air. Sure, that might’ve not been so bad; if it was a one time thing. 

Except, when the alarm began blazing at 4am, again, you were fucking tired of it. Making sure to pull on some sweatpants and a large sweater this time, you gather the essentials in your apartment on the off chance it actually was a fire and calmly (though seething inside) wandered out to the front of the apartment block. Joining your neighbors, you peered up at the building, almost wishing for the sight of flames because then you’d at least have a reason to be out and about at 4am. Though, at least you were prepared this time. 

However, the next resident who stumbled out of the building, clearly wasn’t. 

Donned in only some ravishing Star Wars boxers, the undoubtedly hot teenage boy looked beyond uncomfortable as he awkwardly crossed his arms across his chest in attempt to cover up, searching through the crowd for someone. Shuffling through the people with muttered apologies, you watched with an amused smile playing on your lips as he obviously tried to locate someone in the crowd, all while in his boxers. But you couldn’t help but feel bad for him- it was clear he was caught very off guard and you knew it was a chilly night.

As he came closer, you could see him shivering in the biting cold and before you knew it you had opened your mouth. “Hey, Han Solo!– you want a sweater?” 

Jumping in surprise, the boy turned (this nerd turned at the name Han Solo) scanning the crowd for a moment before he locked eyes with you. Pointing to himself, he questioned wordlessly with an adorable confused frown and you smiled, nodding and waving him over. 

“Y-Yeah, actually, um, if you have– t-that’d be great.” 

Pulling off your own sweater, you missed the boy’s obvious blush at the notion but not his grateful smile as he took it & quickly pulled it on. He tried not to sigh at how warm it was or how nice it smelt. Instead, he just nodded at you, mumbling a quiet ‘thank you’, awkwardly fidgeting with the end of your jumper.

Peter desperately wanted to strike up a conversation with you but he couldn’t think of a single interesting thing to say other than “hey, hope our apartment building doesn’t burn up!” and he was sure that wouldn’t be all too popular. It was bad enough that he was caught out in boxers (this was definitely in competition of the most mortifying moment of his life) but of course, this incredibly attractive person had to be there too. 

Though at the moment, you looked positively bitter & as if there was a thousand things you’d rather be doing (fair enough, it was 4am, so sleeping was at the top of that list.) 

“You haven’t been here for the past couple nights?” 

Peter paled momentarily, his mind whirling for a moment as he thought you knew his spidery secret before remembering you were a stranger. 

W-Wha– why’d you say that?” 

“I mean, this is the 5th time the alarm’s gone off. In the last 3 days.” 

You paused as Peter nodded in understanding, scrunching up the long sleeves of your sweater, giving himself sweater paws. You were silently aweing on the inside and also wondering holy when did we have such cute residents and why was i not informed???

“Though, I must say, this is the first time I’ve seen a cute boy in his wonderful Star Wars boxers on the streets at 4am.” 

Blushing furiously, Peter stammered as he tried to defend himself and his lack of clothing but you only found it highly amusing watching his pink cheeks glow. “I-! I-I was getting changed! And I thought there was a fire!” 

“Mmhm. So, you got a name or do I have to keep calling you Han Solo?” You asked, subconsciously taking a small step towards him, a light grin on your face. There was something about this short but oddly cute teenager that made you keep talking.  

“Park– P-Peter Parker. But, you’re welcome to continue calling me Han Solo if you want.” 

You grinned, holding in your laugh at his outstretched hand but took it in yours nonetheless.“The name’s y/n, Mr Solo.Though next time we meet, I hope you’re wearing slightly more clothing.” 

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is it just me that feels so like shocked to see dan and phil standing around and talking to each other i don't know why it's so unsettling

no omg its not just you i just stared at that clip of them from the live stream (thank you to missemma on idb for the gif) talking to each other for like 10 whole minutes, being like,,,, what the fuck,,,, they tALK to each other? ?? ???? off of camera???? with no one around??? they dont just sit or stand in silence?????? they dont just take selfies or look through their phones individually? they actually have,,, conversations??? what the fuck do they talk about?? it’s been eight years how is there anything left to say why does phil look so interested in what dan is saying why is he smiling so much at dan that it’s visible from so far away why are their hips angled towards each other so that theyre closing themselves off from everyone around them how are they just so into each other after so damn long i’m baFFLED 

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Um this is for NaNoWriMo, also thanks a lot for the awesome script family! Anyway, if person A was injected with something to stop their heart and person B was a doctor, knew what they were given, and started CPR right away would person A still have brain damage? The paramedics arrive shortly (like 10 minutes) and get him going again, and the whole time he had CPR with rescue breathing as well as ice around his head.

Hey there nonny! Thanks for the ask on this. 

With rapid CPR from a healthcare professional and effective interventions, I think this is just fine. 

As for what they’re injected with, though, remember that it’s a poison/treatment thing. If they already have an IV in, a large dose of potassium could get the job done (and can be fixed with calcium and sodium bicarbonate, medslanged as “bicarb”). Alternatively, it could be a massive overdose of an opiate (if you want something exotic, etorphine is a semisynthetic opium derivative that is 300x more powerful than morphine; I believe it’s the drug used (incorrectly) in Dexter). The counter to etorphine or any opiate is naloxone and lots of it; the hospital literally may not have enough to sort it out, so your character could go into cardiac arrest, get a pulse, get intubated, and stay on a vent for a day or two before the opiate washes out of their system and they wake up neurologically intact. 

To  be clear: the potassium requires an IV; etorphine I believe does not. (If you want to harp on modern fears, someone could blow white powder off a glove into their face, and we discover later that it’s fentanyl in powder form.) 

Hope this helps! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Heyo, so like,,,,how do you keep your skin so clear? Like everytime ive seen your face yoire like super cute and your skin looks super smooth. All in all, how does one become as pretty as Ally?-memesol anon

snowcam app is a lie i’m sorry for being a scam.

PAHAHA but really my skin is sensitive and prone to outbreaks so don’t let the camera fool you!!!!! but i’ve been adopting a new routine for skincare since korea trip and it’s really helping to improve my skin condition!! (take note that i live in a tropical climate and have dry/oily combination skin)

as much as make-up helps, do take care of your body inside out too! e.g. what do you eat/drink that causes these outbreaks/excess oil? it’s milk for me!

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i love how fans identified that picture and the time and how staged the whole thing was (again) in like 10 minutes and so they blocked nizam’s comments on the picture like do you actually think we are this stupid after 7 years of this fandom and 2 years of this shit ??? 

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I really think he will tour the album, but how does that work? Like with only one solo album, and with only 10 songs? Like, if the whole album adds up to 40 minutes or something, that's not much is it? He would have to sing all the songs on the album right? And then what else? Wouldnt the show be very short? Sorry for all the questions haha just trying to undrstand. Thanks!

Yeah, I completely share your confusion, I was saying exactly this to Sheena earlier.

One option is that he’ll have more new music out before the tour, and is being Super Drama and keeping that quiet for now. Having said that, I feel like so much has gone into presenting this as one body of work that maybe that would feel too gimicky.

Maybe he’ll do 6 or 7 covers? I honestly wouldn’t put it past him, he’s a music lover and I could see him wanting to do other people’s work.

Maybe he’ll do the extended disco version of the Poutine Rant every night and that’s how he’ll fill time, I honestly don’t know.

Music in Feeling

Jungkook x reader

Genre: Angsty fluff. 

I have the urge to write but Idk what to write about the stRUGGLE IS REAL. FucK.

Summary: Jungkook left his closest friend for his career, ending on a bad note. Years later, He sees you singing for the first time ( at least the last time was forever ago) on stage, being a new figure in the kpop industry.

“ You know how much this means to me.” You shook your head at his words,” Yeah, but you’ve forgotten what you mean to me. Jungkookie, can’t you at least text my cell once in awhile? You know, tell me you’re alive?” A sigh escaped your lips, you knew where this was heading.

“ I can’t miss this chance for the world! Y/n, I’m sorry alright? Please… I’ll try my best to see you often, okay? We’ve been buddies since forever…” Jungkook throws one of his famous doe eyed looks you can’t refuse. You didn’t want to let go of him yet, but you didn’t know how much fame could affect him if he pursues.

“ …Fine. You know I would always support you, right? I just… I just don’t want the fame to get to your head.” You finally gave in, wanting nothing more than a hug or something.

This was it. A nice, chill, casual hang out after today’s practice. That’s all you wanted…

For at least 2 months, you’ve been nothing except the greatest friend alive. You were always nice and caring towards him, even if he was stressed and only talked about his problems. Although you’d never tell him, you didn’t want to let go. You loved his laughter, the way his eyes lit up at the mention of BIG BANG or something, and the genuine smile that never failed to make you happy. You wanted him to be happy, so you let him into the company. You let him follow his dreams, his inspiration was the only thing you could hold onto as his life moved forward.

You only asked for this one session of time, you even called to make sure his schedule was free, but you still managed to get stood up. You wanted to hang out in your old studio, the place you two shared music in. You thought it would be a nice road down memory lane, but you guessed not. Jungkook and you both wanted to do something in the music industry, but lately, Jungkook hasn’t made any time for you. You waited another minute before getting up to pack everything you set up.

Lazy shuffles enter the room and Jungkook looks tired as hell. You constantly ask him about getting enough sleep, but he shrugs it off and tells you he’s fine. Like hell he’s fine.

“ You’re late… What happened?”

“ You think I don’t know I was late? I was practicing…”

“ Well, I guess you’re here. Wanna make some cool beats?” You try to lighten the mood by turning on your studio key set.

“ No, I have to go soon, another round of practice and then I’m gonna be out like a light.” He huffed out as he sat next to you

“ I… made some music while I was waiting. Do you want to listen?”

“ Nah, gotta leave in like 10 minutes.”

“ But you have the whole day off? I scheduled this time for us…” You didn’t know what to feel or act. You felt anger rising in you, but you tried to be calm. All of your senses were going numb, hot tears threatening to leave your glistening eyes.

“ I couldn’t. The new album will be put up soon and we have to work twice as hard to be on time.” 

“ Why did you show up at all if you couldn’t be on time for this? I waited 3 hours, Jungkook, three hours! The new album won’t be released until the end of the year! All I wanted, was this one little chance to hang out and dance. I support your dream of singing, but can’t you support mine?” Your mind was spinning in every direction there was. He knew how long you waited, how long you sat there for him, but he refused to be guilty. Instead, his frustration built inside of him.

“ You wouldn’t make it in the business anyway, You’re always so dull.” His eyes were glazed over and didn’t shine, so lifeless as he blankly stared at you. His gaze was cold and hard, as if it wasn’t him in that moment and it was someone in his place.

 It dawned on you how much the company had changed the inside of your precious Kookie. The loving boy you met years ago was somehow replaced with an angry asshole of a friend.

“ I.. can’t hang out anymore. I have to go, have fun at practice.” You couldn’t help the waterfalls coming out of your eyes as you walked away from the studio. You had to get as far as possible from that damned place.

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treat for a treat. (f)

Genre: fluff, halloween !

Pairing: kyungsoo x reader

Words: 564

Warnings: suggestive themes

Note: Wanted to write a small drabble for Halloween so I picked Soo! Also, gif isn’t mine ^^.

“I am not dressing up for the party!” Kyungsoo exclaimed from the couch. There was a Halloween party tonight at your friend Solbi’s house. It was going to be very spooky and thrilling as she described it. You expected for there to be lots of Halloween-themed snacks and decorations. Although, you didn’t want to go alone, so you asked your boyfriend Kyungsoo to go along. But, he refused to even put on some makeup for it. You didn’t give up on convincing him though.

“C’mon! You have to! It’s a Halloween party, Soo. Plus, Solbi would want you to dress up, too.” He gave you his signature emotionless stare indicating that he didn’t really care. You gave him a big sigh and went closer to him, leaning into his face. “Kyungsoo… Won’t you dress up for me? For your princess?” You whispered as you grabbed his chin and rubbed your finger over his plump lips. He tried to lean in closer for a kiss but you backed away from him. “Uh uh uh, only good boys who listen get a treat.” He furrowed his eyebrows and crossed his arms at you.

“You can’t just do me like that.”

“So? You do me all the time.” He almost choked on his own spit because he knew what you meant.

“T-That’s different!” He stuttered.

“Hey, tell you what. If you dress up for the Halloween party tonight, I’ll do anything you want when we get home.” You saw him switch to his thinking face and it took him a long time to think. Like it felt like a whole 10 minutes passed. “So… you gonna answer me or are you too busy thinking of what you could do to me?” You smirked.

He snapped out of his thoughts and a blush crept onto his cheeks. “Fine, you win! I’ll dress up. But, you better promise me your part of the deal.” You gave him a big smile and clapped out of excitement. “What am I going as anyways?”

“Oh don’t worry, you’ll see.” It sounded evil to him, already giving him regrets deep down.

Twenty minutes later, Kyungsoo was wearing worn out clothes. His face was covered in intense makeup; fake blood, bruises, and cuts. You have given him a fake zombie bite on his wrist as well. The overall look was to show that he was turning into the undead which he thought was actually pretty cool-looking. He initially thought you were going to make him look ridiculous as ever. For your costume, you decided to go as a skeleton, but not just any ol’ regular one. The white bones you’ve drawn on your skin was glow-in-the-dark paint. It would surely pop out from other people’s costumes.

“How did you learn to do this kind of stuff?” Kyungsoo questioned as he looked into the mirror of your bedroom. He was curious because you never seemed to wear heavy makeup or practice this often.

“It’s called the internet, Soo.” You scoffed. He rolled his eyes as he fixed up his hair and clothes.

“Okay, smartass. Can we go now? I’d like to get this dumb party over with.” You smirked behind him.

“Eager for later, aren’t we?” He went dead silent and walked out of the room to get away from your suggestive question. You laughed to yourself, just enough for him to hear from the living room.

“Don’t fucking laugh at me!”

headcanons for the bethan + serica fair double date!

if you write/draw this, please tag me! i’d love to see it! i’d write something if i was good at that shit but i’m not so heres this mess. and a playlist !

- erica picked up sarah first, and they roll up to pick up the boys lookin fresh to death (ride around town in my cadillac / girls in the front, boys in the back)

- they get through the doors: snacks and drinks. ethan gets a lemon snowcone, benny gets a popsicle, and the girls get themselves a blue and pink cotton candy each. benny paid to be a “gentleman” but immediately demands that he be paid back later.

- BENNY AND SARAH LOVE ROLLERCOASTERS; DATEMATES DO N O T! erica hates admitting it but she would literally rather do anything than get on a rollercoaster so she makes up excuses, while ethan straight up “absolutely not
• while benny and sarah "risk their lives”, ethan and erica play all the games!! erica is waaaay too competitive and multiple times ethan has to stop her from killing someone
• ethan is really strategic and figures out the best ways to win and ends up with like,,, at least 8 stuffed animals
• he ends up giving some to erica to say she won for sarah

- benny and sarah get food while meeting back up with their dates and they just….. talk about how great they are the whole time

- sarah is the number one photographer of the whole night like seriously sOOOOOO many candids (ethan is the number two bc while sarah gets pics of everyone, he just gets scenery and his bf)

- benny ate two turkey legs, a giant corndog, three slices of pizza, and one and a half subdaes (the half was split with ethan)

- ethan got all jumpy and hype cos he hogged the funnel cake and ate almost the whole thing himself

- sarah gets suuuper tired but refuses to go home because “i didnt spend all that time babysitting, getting underpaid i might add, to leave this date at nine o'clock!”

- erica smiles really big and leans down and kisses her really big because her sleepy lil girlfriend is so cute

- ^ benny and ethan tease them and act like its gross even though theres only like 10 total minutes the whole night where they arent in contact with each other in some way

- sarah and erica go on the carousel even though theyre 17 goddamn years old and they try to squeeze onto one of the horses so erica can wrap her arms around her and kiss her cheek

- benny convinces ethan to go on the littlest, least scary rollercoaster. theres not even any upside down bits but ethan is freaking out the whole time and squeezing benny’s hand waaay too hard and when they get off hes super dizzy but honestly had a good time and cant stop smiling

- before they leave they all get ice cream cones (erica gets strawberry, sarah gets mint chocolate chip, ethan gets chocolate, benny gets chocolate cookie dough) and get on the ferris wheel

- it’s like 10pm at that point and all the lights are on at the fair and the stars are out and no one can stop lookin at their date

- THEY KISS!!! they forget abt the other couple deadass they love each other too much to NOT kiss on top of the ferris wheel.

- benny initiates the kiss w ethan while hes talkin about the stars; sarah kisses erica just because her face is all lit up by the colored fair lights and just “wow”

- “what if i threw my ice cream at someone lmao”

- their original plan was to all go home to benny’s house and watch movies but honestly the couples have ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) other plans

- ANYWAYS for real the drive home is equally lit and calm because theyre all tired but they still sing along to the songs on the radio

- sarah is probably taking sOOO many pictures of the loser boys in the back falling asleep on each other and of her awesome girlfriend driving

- pics all over insta that night/next day with sooo many cheesy captions

- rory is very mad he wasnt invited