like 10 whole minutes

Can we just admit that mass effect 1 is a bad game and the only reason its even still played is for a feeling of a complete run? Or by first time players?

Fairy tail 538

Okay I saw it coming, but not like THAT… they thought he was okay, he was smiling!!! and then he was just ripped away from them without warning… :(

Mashima whyyyyyy?

Music in Feeling

Jungkook x reader

Genre: Angsty fluff. 

I have the urge to write but Idk what to write about the stRUGGLE IS REAL. FucK.

Summary: Jungkook left his closest friend for his career, ending on a bad note. Years later, He sees you singing for the first time ( at least the last time was forever ago) on stage, being a new figure in the kpop industry.

“ You know how much this means to me.” You shook your head at his words,” Yeah, but you’ve forgotten what you mean to me. Jungkookie, can’t you at least text my cell once in awhile? You know, tell me you’re alive?” A sigh escaped your lips, you knew where this was heading.

“ I can’t miss this chance for the world! Y/n, I’m sorry alright? Please… I’ll try my best to see you often, okay? We’ve been buddies since forever…” Jungkook throws one of his famous doe eyed looks you can’t refuse. You didn’t want to let go of him yet, but you didn’t know how much fame could affect him if he pursues.

“ …Fine. You know I would always support you, right? I just… I just don’t want the fame to get to your head.” You finally gave in, wanting nothing more than a hug or something.

This was it. A nice, chill, casual hang out after today’s practice. That’s all you wanted…

For at least 2 months, you’ve been nothing except the greatest friend alive. You were always nice and caring towards him, even if he was stressed and only talked about his problems. Although you’d never tell him, you didn’t want to let go. You loved his laughter, the way his eyes lit up at the mention of BIG BANG or something, and the genuine smile that never failed to make you happy. You wanted him to be happy, so you let him into the company. You let him follow his dreams, his inspiration was the only thing you could hold onto as his life moved forward.

You only asked for this one session of time, you even called to make sure his schedule was free, but you still managed to get stood up. You wanted to hang out in your old studio, the place you two shared music in. You thought it would be a nice road down memory lane, but you guessed not. Jungkook and you both wanted to do something in the music industry, but lately, Jungkook hasn’t made any time for you. You waited another minute before getting up to pack everything you set up.

Lazy shuffles enter the room and Jungkook looks tired as hell. You constantly ask him about getting enough sleep, but he shrugs it off and tells you he’s fine. Like hell he’s fine.

“ You’re late… What happened?”

“ You think I don’t know I was late? I was practicing…”

“ Well, I guess you’re here. Wanna make some cool beats?” You try to lighten the mood by turning on your studio key set.

“ No, I have to go soon, another round of practice and then I’m gonna be out like a light.” He huffed out as he sat next to you

“ I… made some music while I was waiting. Do you want to listen?”

“ Nah, gotta leave in like 10 minutes.”

“ But you have the whole day off? I scheduled this time for us…” You didn’t know what to feel or act. You felt anger rising in you, but you tried to be calm. All of your senses were going numb, hot tears threatening to leave your glistening eyes.

“ I couldn’t. The new album will be put up soon and we have to work twice as hard to be on time.” 

“ Why did you show up at all if you couldn’t be on time for this? I waited 3 hours, Jungkook, three hours! The new album won’t be released until the end of the year! All I wanted, was this one little chance to hang out and dance. I support your dream of singing, but can’t you support mine?” Your mind was spinning in every direction there was. He knew how long you waited, how long you sat there for him, but he refused to be guilty. Instead, his frustration built inside of him.

“ You wouldn’t make it in the business anyway, You’re always so dull.” His eyes were glazed over and didn’t shine, so lifeless as he blankly stared at you. His gaze was cold and hard, as if it wasn’t him in that moment and it was someone in his place.

 It dawned on you how much the company had changed the inside of your precious Kookie. The loving boy you met years ago was somehow replaced with an angry asshole of a friend.

“ I.. can’t hang out anymore. I have to go, have fun at practice.” You couldn’t help the waterfalls coming out of your eyes as you walked away from the studio. You had to get as far as possible from that damned place.

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my fave mash-ups 6/? “Ten Minutes Ago/The Next Ten Minutes”

(Rodgers & Hammerstein/Jason Robert Brown; arr Benjamin Rauhala)

– Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes


i don’t think i posted these? it’s a piece of cardboard from those toilet paper tubes, so it’s curved a bit and stayed on her head.

she stayed in the first position for like 10 whole minutes, just frozen. i was like “bambi are you ok?” and she looked up at me for the second pic and stayed there for another 5 minutes before i took it off her head. what a dweeb lmao


II pt 1 II pt 2 II pt 3 II pt 4 II  pt 5 II  pt 6 II pt 7 (Final) II

Johnny x Reader


Word Count: 2.9 k

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst

Teaser:  ‘Your eyes darted around the park, trying to spot him and to your surprise you saw a familiar tall figure run down the street that ran along the outside of the park. Watching him, you saw him stop in his tracks, looking around frantically for you. When he spotted you, you couldn’t help but smile as he started to run towards you, you stood up and before you even had the chance you explain yourself you were wrapped up in his arms, squeezing you tightly.’

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Come Back to Me - Mark (Got7) Scenario

Request:”Got7 reaction to their idol GF being in a car accident and being in a coma? (But still alive)…) 

You couldn’t wait to be back home. Your boyfriend was waiting for you with dinner and a movie. Dating Mark wasn’t easy - not because of him, but because of him being a busy idol, and you being one too. Your schedules were often so different that you barely saw each other, having to rely heavily on your phones for communication. 

There were times that you were so frustrated with not being able to see him but he always assured you that the wait was worth it, and that he loved you always whether he was right next to you, or thousands of miles away. 

You had just finished a variety show with your group and you were exhausted from the day of promotions. You whipped your phone out and plugged in your earphones as you walked with your members to the van that the 5 of you shared. Smiling, you pushed the icon on your phone that video called Mark. 

You were answered with a smiling face. 


Mark was exhausted from having practiced most of the day but he knew he needed to keep his energy up. He stopped to grab a coffee on his way to pick up the dinner he had ordered. He took a long drag and let out a satisfied sigh, willing the caffeine to course through his veins. 

He wanted tonight to be special - it was the first time you two would have a decent night together in weeks. He was just getting back to the apartment when you video called him. A smirk spread across his face as he put the dinner in the oven to keep it warm and then tapped the answer button. 

“Hello, gorgeous”


You felt all of the days stress and exhaustion melt away at the sight of his smile and you felt giddy knowing that you’d see it in person soon. You sat yourself at the back of the van, leaning against the window, the light of the street lamp illuminating your face in the dark. 

“We just finished and should be heading back to the company” you said before a big yawn escaped you. You heard Marks laugh ring in your ears. 

“You sleepy, hun?” He asks, raising an eyebrow at you. 

You nod your head fiercely “Not really, but I am ready to spend a wonderful night with you” You say smiling as the van takes off, the other members either dozing off already or talking lowly. 

“I’m ready too, babe. I’m about to leave right now to go get you, I don’t want you walking home alone” He says and you can see him grab his keys and lock the apartment up. You felt a pang in your heart - he was so caring even when he didn’t have to be. 

“I don’t want you waiting at the company outside! what if some weirdo attacks you or whatever?!” You say, thinking of him standing there on the sidewalk. 

Mark lets out a laugh at your panic 

“Babe, i’ll be fine you’re like 10 minutes away….how about we stay talking the whole ride home, will that be better?” He asks, his bottom lip disappearing behind his teeth as he walked. You could hear the sound of the streets behind him as he sauntered slowly to the company building. 

“Alright.. good idea” You grin as you lean back, a little more relaxed. 


Mark had walked a little faster than he realized, eager to see you, your smile making his stomach do somersaults. He talked with you about your day as he sat on the edge of the low wall that was in front of your company building. 

“I think we’re almost there” You say, stretching slightly, the phone shaking, making Mark momentarily dizzy. 

“Great! I can’t wait to scoop you up and carry you home” Marked said, giddily. 

He stood up and walked to the edge of the street and looked down the long pavement, stoplights painting it red and green. He saw headlights approaching.

“Babe I think I see you” He says, waving before his eyes trail off to look at a stray dog walking on the sidewalk, his dark figure moving fast. 

You sat up and looked through the front window, squinting. 

“Hey I see you too!” You giggle, growing excited. 

Mark grinned before he saw the dog again, his paws stepping out into the street. 

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Loras Tyrell — The Winds of Winter.

anonymous asked:

I don't think I've seen the bday prank. What happened?

ksbdkshsj basically they were practicing for something and they kept telling jungkook he was wrong and they were like “are u like this bc its ur bday” n they spent like 10 whole minutes scolding him n then they brought in a cake n started singing and he started crying bc he was so relieved that he didnt rly disappoint the members 😭😭😭

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hello love i love u u r light the Moon light ur my moon i love u did u know that ur the Best and also cutest and a good memer my meme gf and u make me laugh & smile a lot Wow i love u HEY EVERYONE U SHOULD LOVE BELL BC SHE DESERVES ALL THE LOVE AND HAPPINESS AND LIGHT (but know this no one can love her more than me)


Jenny’s Wedding flunked because the actual lesbians in the movie got like 10-15 minutes together out of the whole movie an if that isn’t proof that the Straights will literally make everything about them idk what is

earlier today I got to pet a 5 month old puppy who was about this size of my medium size adult dog and very soft and when I was petting her she lied down on the ground and rolled over and honestly?? what a good dog. 10/10 dog who cured my bad mental health for like five whole minutes before it came crashing back down on me