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Summary: The reader is stranded on the side of the road and Jensen comes to the rescue.

Prompt: “Why aren’t you nervous around me?“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,246

Requested by: @torn-and-frayed

“Son of a fuck!” You half growl, half whine shooting daggers at the flat tire in front of you.

This is just perfect. This is what you get for finally taking a week off from work. Being a successful, in demand actress isn’t always the best thing for your health. The stress alone could kill you.

So you figured visiting your parents in your hometown would be a good break. You foolishly borrowed your brother’s car to do some errands. He’s never been one to take care of things. Case and point. His car fucking sucks.

Your plans have obviously been changed and now you’re stranded on the side of the road. Cursing at yourself for even leaving the house, you start pacing around the car like a mad woman.

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Dating Bucky Barnes would include :

- “doll”, “beautiful”, “love”, “gorgeous

- leaving sweet love notes such as “good morning handsome”, “I love you just the way that you are”, “you are NOT a monster”, “I love you” on the fridge, the TV remote or even his nightstand 

- him watching you sleep and thinking of how lucky he is to have you

- you doing the same

- comforting him whevener he has nightmares or feels bad about himself

- possessive Bucky 

- jealous Bucky

- Whenever he sees you talking with another guy, he stays calm at first and stays focused on whatever he was doing at that moment. But as soon as he considers that the guy thinks he has his chances with you, he shows up next to you, places an arm around your waist, kisses your cheek and says something like “Doll, who’s that man you’re talking too, huh ?

- “(Y/N) no” “(Y/N) yes

- him asking you to put his hair in a man bun before going on a mission

- both worshipping each other’s body 

-  sometimes asking to be the big spoon because you love the way Bucky circles your body with his arms and rests his head on your chest as you run your hands through his hair

- saying “I love you’s” multiple times through the day

- always making the other smile

- always complimenting the other and reminding him how beautiful he is

- rough sex, make up sex, gentle sex

-  taking pictures of him so you can look at them while he’s away

- teaching him how to use new technologies

- him not wanting you to leave the bed in the morning

- “But… doll. Stay in bed with me for a little longer. Work can wait.” he says with his morning voice.


- loving the other like crazy

- you’re basically #couplegoals

- stealing his shirts

- constantly touching the other 

- lots, and I mean lots of cuddles

- him getting shy and blushes when you kiss his cheek in public but he’s always asking for attention and affection at home

- him opening up to you and understanding that you’ll never judge him for anything

- him reaching out for your hands when you’re outside, or even when he wants to have you close to him because it makes him feel safer

- you resting on his metal arm during summer nights because it’s cold

- him calling you at random times, forgetting what he wanted to tell you then appologizing and telling you he loves you

- you tracing the scar that separates his flesh from his metal arm before bed as he closes his eyes

- you being best friends with Sam and Steve

- reminding him several times that he doesn’t have to be jealous because you’re all his

- “You’re my mission tonight.” he says playfully before kissing your neck.

- him thinking that you’re an angel that needs to be protected at all costs

- him texting you tons of emojis that make no sense but you don’t complain because he thinks that that’s cute and it makes him happy

- morning sex

- showering together which leads to quickies

- you creating a playlist of musics that reminds him of you so he can listen to them when he’s away

- letting him touch and bread your hair when he anxious

- massaging his muscular back when he comes back from a mission

- going withhim to buy plums and groceries shopping

- old couples thinking that you’re adorable together

- him tightening his embrace around your waist whenever you move a little during the night because he’s afraid that you might leave him one day which leads to you caressing his hand and whisper “I’m not going anywhere, baby. Never.”

- him snuggling his face in your neck and hugging you by behind when you’re cooking

- sexual tension when you’re arguing

- someone get me a Bucky. please



’ I’m gonna pop that little zit when I get home. ’
’ You must have been an athlete in your thinner days. ’
’ Hey, hey, lets stick to the topic okay? ’
’ You know, I’d be happy to perscribe something for that. ’
’ Between you and the humpty dance, I’ll have to get a metal plate on my butt. ’
’ Hey, you wanna go to the club with us tonight? ’
’ Well, someone has her/his rude hat on tonight. ’
’ I’m starvin’. When do we eat here? ’
’ I think you’ve been deprived of oxygen at birth. ’
’ You’re the man. I’m just the man behind the man. ’
’ Man, have I told you how thin you’re lookin’ lately? ’
’ How can I forget? He was wearing my purple suit. ’
’ I was going to drop by and check on the, the thing. ’
’ Aren’t you a little overdressed? ’
’ What kind of idiot picks a password no one can guess? ’
’ Then how do you explain becoming a lawyer? ’
’ Excuse me, what’s a nine-letter word for “Terrific?” ’
’ I’m sick of being such a big loser. ’
’ When the press hears about this they’re going to have a field day. ’
’ You know, I was looking through your police file, and bingo! ’
’ Oh wake up, knucklehead. ’
’ Well, you know I never had a good imagination. ’
’ I never even had imaginary friends when I was a kid. ’
’ Ain’t no thang but a chicken wing. ’
’ I noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to put you on notice. ’
’ That’s called prudent planning. ’
’ I’m still exhausted from last night. ’
’ All I asked you to do was a little yard work. ’
’ What’s that hideous thing growing out of your neck? ’
’ Could you drop me off at the beach? ’
’ My fault, man! I must have got the wrong crib. ’
’ I’m sorry! I thought you were all asleep! ’
’ Look, now, everybody calm down. False alarms happen all the time. ’
’ Trust is a very fragile thing… ’
’ I’m as big as a house. All I want to do is lie in bed and eat pie. ’
’ I mean, we must all do our parts to protect the environment. ’
’ Why, I never knew it was such a problem. ’
’ Where should I make a donation? ’
’ You know, ain’t like I’m still five years old, you know? ’
’ Sarcasm? Whatever do you mean? ’
’ Whoa, hold on mister, you’re all over the map! ’
’ Well, you know what they say about guys with big feet. ’
’ Those things are stupid. What does mine say? ’
’ My horoscope says that I’m gonna be a famous rapper with a TV show. ’
’ I’m too ashamed to talk about it, it’s better if I show you… ’
’ You did a porno movie? ’
’ If you’re serious, I could make some calls. ’
’ There’s something I need to tell you. ’
’ I was keeping them in case I needed them… ’
’ How could you be so stupid? ’
’ You know you shouldn’t be messing with drugs! ’
’ Somebody gave them to me at school. ’
’ My son/daughter could have died because of you! ’
’ I got the cake you wanted for the family reunion. ’
’ It’s round, it’s rubber and you’ll never use it! ’
’ You say you want things but you’re never willing to work for it! ’
’ You’re a slacker. You never make the sacrifice. ’
’ Do you remember our first date? ’
’ Well, I think you should run along and play. ’
’ You have no integrity, no decency, and you’re really, really short! ’
’ Come on, I gotta get you to the hospital! ’
’ Something terrible has happened, man! ’
’ I never thought losing my virginity would be this painful! ’
’ Look, you gotta promise you’re not gonna overreact… ’
’ Those pills that you took weren’t vitamins. ’
’ What could be worse than finding out I’m still a virgin? ’
’ Oh, my God. I’m a drug addict and a virgin! ’
’ I don’t touch greasy, disgusting things! ’
’ And for your information, dinner comes first! ’
’ Oh, it’s like that, right? You’re just gonna slam garbage at me! ’
’ I’m going to be watching you like a shadow! ’
’ I love bugs and I love death. I love oozing flesh wounds! ’
’ I have been calling you for fifteen minutes. Didn’t you hear me? ’
’ Did you just put super glue in my hair gel? ’
’ I’m also getting tired of the short jokes. I’m average height. ’
’ If you were me, you’d be good looking. ’
’ You’re not in touch with anybody's feminine side. ’
’ You’re gonna embarrass me when I become the new co-host. ’
‘ It’s not a doll, it’s an action figure! ’
’ I’ve been studying self-defense. ’
’ I’m just trying to recall what it felt like to be fifteen. ’
’ It was so long ago, how could you remember? ’
’ I’m just so upset, I’m saying things I don’t even mean. ’
’ You know something? This is all your fault. ’
’ What is that, like the theme of this family? ’
’ Knowing my luck, I might run into a disgruntled postal worker. ’
’ Y'all know ain’t no little bullet gonna stop me. ’
’ What does that have to do with anything? ’
’ Have you ever crushed any one? ’
’ Y'all come back now, y'hear? ’
’ What do you mean I didn’t get the job? ’
’ Well, you tell those little brats I don’t like them either! ’
’ What does it look like I’m doing? I’m gambling. ’
’ You stole my wallet? How much do we have? ’
’ Um… You a little freaky-deeky, ain’t you? ’
’ I think you’ve been smokin’ a little bit too much of that catnip. ’
’ I’m a little uncomfortable with nudity. ’
’ Oh, for God’s sake, would you leave already? ’
’ Oh, we have to have a special going away dinner for you. ’
’ Well, it’s got ceiling-to-floor doors, and wall-to-wall floors. ’
’ You can’t see my apartment, because I don’t have one. ’
’ That just doesn’t sound right coming from me, does it? ’
’ This is a stick with a snake wrapped around it. ’
’ You ain’t ever gonna change! ’
’ I’m getting the last word! ’
’ You’re not age appropriate for this party. ’
’ Haven’t you learned anything from all of this? ’
’ Doesn’t anyone care about how I feel? ’
’ I never say that. It’s make like a banana and split. ’
’ Come on people, I weigh the same I weighed back in high school. ’
’ I hope you like that system, because you’re gonna be seeing a lot more of it in your life. ’
Boyfriend! Yoongi

dates where y'all are just napping 

-not a lot of skinship 

-but there are some days where he’s literally so clingy and you kinda love it 

-people think he’s cold and doesn’t care about anything 

-but you know 

-he cares too much 

-and even though he might not do it in public, 

-he will treat you like a literal princess in private 

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Okay but imagine what DA2 could maybe have done with the clinic if there had been more time and resources to flesh out all parts of the game more?

  • More ambient dialogue where the people are actually supportive of and thankful for their Healer, and that tell you about what sort of patients Anders has
  • a collection box maybe where Hawke could plonk herbs or a little money, potions, or whatever. Something to help running the clinic, or to distribute to the people of Darktown. Maybe the box is something that Anders hasn’t actually put there on purpose because who in Darktown has anything to give but Hawke just keeps leaving stuff in it and eventually Anders remarks on it, or maybe the clinic could get some little visual upgrades if you donate enough? Nothing mandatory you know, but just maybe a good place to throw like thrown trousers for bandage material or something instead of selling them for some copper pieces. xD
  • maybe a patient or two with a quest? Some patient that a healer mage Hawke could heal when Anders is busy with some other patient, or something else for rogue and warrior Hawkes? Bandaging the wound instead? idk something small and nice that’d let you help a little bit. ;u;
  • or maybe a scene where Anders asks your help with something there? Holding a patient’s hand or helping to keep them steady or whatever, I don’t even care. LET ME HELP ANDERS.
  • stuff you could interact with to see and hear Hawke comment on what’s there (like you can at Gamlen’s, and at the manor later) and what Anders’ life is at the clinic - DOES he leave his socks under the bed there as well? What’s on the desk? I WANNA KNOW. (tbh everyone’s home base would so benefit from this). Some of these things could change in each act to SHOW what’s going on in their lives!
  • idk guys I’m just saying that that place could feel really alive and cool instead of a big mostly empty room. ;u;<3 (Also the Alienage? could have had something cool to do as well.)

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I did not realise Andy was a big girl! As a big girl let me give you all of my love! Andy is goals as fuck x

Oh yeah! She weighs more than Kent does, despite being four inches shorter.

Once a couple hockey reporters were just killing time between plays, like they do, and talking like “Oh here’s so-and-so’s parents in the crowd cheering on their son, here’s this other guy’s girlfriend…” and they got to Andy and one of them was like, “She’s definitely not your usual puck bunny, that’s for sure.”  “Well yeah,” the other guy says, “she’s more of a puck… rabbit.”

Which caused a big uproar on social media, y’know, sexism in sports, whatever, the season ended, time passed. And the next year she showed up again and the commentary’s like, “Now Ken, you’ve taken some heat for the things you’ve said about this woman…” and Ken goes, “Okay, yes, I shot my mouth off, that was wrong. But Andrea Scarlatti still is not your average puck bunny. Unlike a lot of the women here tonight, she’s not just pretending to care about hockey to please her boyfriend. She was a Division I athlete, scouted twice for the women’s national team, blah blah blah…”  

So then Twitter blows up again because he just insinuated women (except Andy) don’t ever care about hockey except to attract men. Andy’s CWHL and NWHL friends take selfies with bunny ears. Andy publishes an article in a major sports magazine about how women get sidelined in ice hockey as well as defending “the puck bunnies and NHL wives I now find myself among”.

Which then led to the infamous line, “Hey @ESPNKen let’s get this straight: I am the Flemish Giant of puck bunnies.”

First Dates With - G Dragon

Originally posted by julla

  • He’d be shy when he asks you to date him
  • Like really shy
  • It’d be adorable too
  • Like he’d be blushing and looking down at times
  • He’d smile widely after you accepted it
  • All the guys would be watching from a distance too
  • He’d be really nervous before your date too
  • All the guys would pep talk him and he’d get even more nervous
  • He’d try to do the things the guys said as he prepped for your date
  • Only to throw it all away when he saw you
  • He’d gain his confidence as he realized that you can be a dork like him
  • He’d find all the small quirks that you did adorably
  • He’d smile every time you do something small
  • You wouldn’t notice too cause he’d do it when you fold your napkin a certain way
  • Or when you always brush your hair back a certain way
  • Or when you cover your mouth when you laugh
  • You wouldn’t notice but he loves it
  • He’d take you somewhere fun after your dinner date
  • Like an arcade or a carnival
  • Somewhere where he can just be himself and relax
  • It’d be calm and chill, but still fun
  • He’d always be smiling
  • Playful Ji Yong would come out and tease you at times
  • Only for you to either show him up and win at whatever game you’re playing
  • Or his adorableness and your shyness combined would leave you to be a mess
  • And he’d have to help you with the games
  • It’d be so cute
  • Like he’d come up right behind you, his chest right against your back
  • His arms guiding yours
  • And then perfectly scoring
  • Then giving whatever prize you guys won to you, no matter how big or small
  • This smooth mother Hubbard would make you blush like crazy during this
  • He’d drive you home afterward
  • Then he’d walking you to up your apartment door
  • And cute and shy Ji Yong would come out once more
  • He’d look down gaining courage as he looked at your eyes again
  • He’d then ask if you’d like to go on another date
  • And with a smile, you say yes
  • You give him a kiss on his cheek
  • He’d stand there smiling as you shut your door
  • And he’d walk back to his car, the smile still wide on his face
  • His thought would only be of you during his drive home, already planning the next date

[T.O.P vers.] [SOL vers.] [DLITE vers.]

(B)romance in the NHL

Summary: A viral article about Kent and Tater’s bromance sparks some confessions.
Word Count: 3,700
Rating: G

The music skips with an incoming text that Alexei ignores as he mixes his smoothie and hums along. Once he adds the last chunk of banana he slips the lid on the blender and turns it on. A few moments later he turns it off and the silence is jarring. Alexei walks over towards where his phone is laying on the counter, hoping his battery hasn’t died yet again. His phone has been on the last leg of life for a couple weeks now, but he’s too attached to it to change it in for a new one, no matter how much the rookies tease him. 

Alexei picks up the phone. It isn’t dead. It buzzes incessantly in his hand as 20 messages turned to thirty with three missed calls and several voicemails. Alexei swipes in his password and scrolls down the list of names until he reaches the first message. It’s from Kent. The first is a link with three messages in quick succession after.  

Kent (8:57 am): I didn’t even notice them take this 
 Kent (8:57 am): It makes us look kind of gay… don’t you think?
Kent (8:58 am): Okay yeah other ppl think it’s hella gay too wtf 

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Orphan one-shot series part 3

Third installment to the series ~! Very fluffy and features baby Stella hahaha! Enjoyyyy! <3

Homecoming (Gladio)

Gladiolus Amicitia is mostly a calm and confident man. This confidence stems from the fact that he can do absolutely ANYTHING with very little effort. You sometimes get annoyed at how darn frustrating he can be simply because he’s so GOOD at everything he attempts to do. Even Ignis looks up to Gladio, and that’s saying something. Ignis is pretty darn perfect himself. So when Gladio calls you that afternoon whilst he’s out on a hunt (though, with the constant darkness plaguing Eos it looks nothing like your typical afternoon), you are surprised to hear his voice waver over the phone.

“Hey baby, it’s me…” Gladio trails off. You can hear a child crying in the background and you immediately furrow your eyebrows in concern.

“Gladiolus? Is something wrong?” You prod. You hear Gladio take another deep breath before his voice fills your ear.

“I’ve seen a lot of things, you know, but today… I feel really sick.” Gladio speaks softly into the phone, his low voice sounding like a grumble in your phone’s receiver. You cross your legs on the chair you’re seated on and lean backwards, making yourself more comfortable. You can tell Gladio really needs to be speaking to you and unloading whatever it was that bothered him. You were more than willing to hear him out.

“You want to talk about it, big guy?” you say gently through the phone. Your pet name for him elicits a short chuckle from him and you allow your lips to pull into a smile at your small success.

“I found a kid out here, trying to wake her mother up. Her mother’s head is severed from her neck. This little girl’s trying to… kiss her mother awake. She keeps pressing her lips against her mother’s cheek-” your face crumples with grief the moment you hear Gladio’s restrained sobs on the other end of the line. “She refuses to move, y/n… what the hell do I do? There are daemons everywhere and the girl starts crying like hell when I try to lift her away,” Gladio explains emphatically, his voice sounding tired and raspy. You stifle your own tears and take a gulp of air before speaking.

“Just grab her and run. If she cries, hold her tight and let her know you’re there. And that you’re going to protect her. Just… come back home safe. Don’t freeze now baby.” You waver with your words right at the end. You sniffle and can’t help the tears that fall from your eyes. You know Gladio feels inadequate, you know he feels that deep down- he can’t protect anything. But you know that he’s more than capable of protecting himself and others from even the most fatal of harms.

Gladiolus Amicitia is usually a confident man, but sometimes… he falters.

“Alright, y/n,” you hear shrieks of a little girl through the receiver and you pull away from the shock of the sudden shrill sound. “Fuck, I gotta go. I’ll call you soon- love you.” And with those words said in a hurry, Gladio hung up and you were left sitting alone in your dark dining room.

You do not part from your phone for the next few days, and hardly manage to fit in a decent amount of sleep within a twenty-four hour cycle. You’re worried about your boyfriend and his mental state. Finding that little girl in such a state must have really hit something deep inside of him. You want to make it all better for Gladio- you want to help him realise just how amazing and capable he is… but he’s much too far away from your embrace for you to do anything for him.

So you sit by your phone and wait. That is all you can do.

Around a week after you’d received the spooked phone call from your boyfriend, you hear the front lock of your door click open. You’re in bed at the time, and your eyes pry themselves wide open as you swing yourself out of bed and throw on one of Gladio’s old hoodies. You practically sprint out of your room and smile in relief when your eyes land upon Gladio’s hulking figure in the small front foyer of your home. You want to jump onto him and hug him so tight he would find it hard to breathe, but you stop yourself just in time when you quickly realise he’s got a sleeping little girl in his arms. Her blond hair is braided neatly, with tiny wisps of her hair escaping the braid, framing her peaceful face. She’s snuggled closely to Gladio’s broad, muscled chest and you’re absolutely in love with the sight.

“Hey, you…” you greet Gladio after a few moments of shared silence. Gladio rumbles a soft hum in return. He places one of his large hands on the small girl’s back and pats her a few times before she stirs from her slumber. You almost reprimand him for waking the little girl up, but you stop as the small blond stretches up in Gladio’s arms and nuzzles her face into your boyfriend’s neck.

There are now tears in your eyes from the amazingly sweet image. You’ve always found Gladio attractive in a rugged, manly type of manner. But this… this image of your boyfriend is so gentle… so pure. You want to burn this image into your memory and never forget the immense warmth that swells in your chest from witnessing the tender moment.

“Stella, we’re home.” Gladio speaks quietly, raising his gentle amber eyes to meet your gaze. In his eyes, you sense a silent question: is this okay? She can stay with us, right?  You nod, feeling a stray tear slip down your cheek.

“You’re home.” You repeat quietly. The little girl quickly turns her head in your direction and offers you a shy smile. The corners of your lips automatically lift, revealing a kind smile. When she squirms and reaches her chubby arms for you, you let out a noise that’s somewhere between a laugh and a sob. This little girl, Stella, wants you to hold her. She wants to feel your warmth. She’s chosen you to be her protector. You AND Gladio.

Gladio grunts and walks towards you, carefully passing Stella over to you. You immediately coo at the small girl in your arms and bounce her gently on your hip. Stella’s smile grows bigger and she squeals happily. She surprises you with a kiss to your cheek.

“You’ll stay awake forever now,” she smiles, though now there’s a sadness in her eyes. You can’t help but feel incredibly empty at the forlorn look on the small girl’s face. You lean forward and nuzzle the little girl’s cheek with all the love you can muster.

“Yes dearest, we’re not going anywhere. You’re home now. We’ll look after you.”

Gladio chuckles softly beside you and wraps his arm around both of you. His eyes are gentle and full of adoration as he gazes down at the both of you.

“I’ll protect you both- I swear it on the Amicitia name- I will absolutely wreck anything or anyone if they try to hurt you. Both of you.” He presses a tender kiss on your brow and strokes Stella’s cheek gently before pulling away. You catch Stella frowning at Gladio’s retreating back heading for the bedroom, where he was probably about to prepare himself for a quick shower.

Stella reaches out with one short arm, a desperate expression on her face. “PAPA! DON’T GO!” You can’t help but gasp and lock eyes with Gladio, who looked slightly flustered. He brings his hand to the back of his neck and scratches it sheepishly.

“Oh, yeah… she calls me that. I didn’t really think to stop her from doing that-” you shake your head.

“No… it’s perfect. Papa Gladiolus… maybe with time, I can be her Mama too,” you quip, a grin forming on your face at Gladio’s expense. Gladio rolls his eyes good naturedly and winks at the still distressed girl in your arms.

“Don’t worry angel, Mama’s got ya. I’m just going to get cleaned up- I’ll be right back.” Stella’s eyes are now on yours, and you watch in surprise as she mouths the word ‘Mama’ with her pretty pink lips before nodding resolutely.

“Mama- will you be my new Mama?” she asks you, her wide blue eyes searching your gaze. It takes every bit of strength within yourself to keep from breaking into tears from the unsure look on Stella’s face. You immediately nod and cuddle your daughter close. Your eyes meet with Gladio’s and you both share a moment you’ll never forget- even amidst the eternal anguish of the darkness clouding Eos.

You are parents. And you both share a silent vow to do anything and everything to ensure this little girl’s life is a happy and healthy one.


Back to the topic .. Only because I feel the need to express MY opinion. You can either agree with me or disagree which is fine… Going back to what I was saying.. asking what might be just a simple question to some but to others hmmmm it might be rather offensive in a way. I feel it comes down to what we are in this “gay society”… We are more than just a top and a bottom and I hate to say this but these labels need to go away. We keep labeling ourselves and make it easier for others to target us because of what we like in our sexual role. It should be about bonding together and creating an equal for us to be just like everyone else. We have a long way to go… and to the DUMB FUCK saying that we should normalize this type of behavior.. is a complete idiot in thinking that is the solution. We need to see the bigger picture of this issue. I had a conversation with a fellow snapchatter and he pointed out some good points. Some do seek validation from others whether they choose to disclose if they are bottoms or tops and for the guys seeking that validation gives them the satisfaction and relief knowing that to bottom doesn’t make you any more or less masculine than anyone else. But where does the root of this come from? Who says a man is less because he’s gay or he likes to bottom ? Everyone around us and everyone in our circle. No matter short or tall.. big or small .. We all come in different shapes and that goes to say with our preference in whatever role we play… we all are different in our own way. There’s nothing wrong being a bottom. I’m not saying you should scream it out loud or anything because something like that should be your business and the person you’re having intercourse with. I’ve seen so many jokes, parodies and insults in regard to people bringing down bottoms… We’re just digging ourselves deeper. Humanity is loosing it’s morals and values. And being a top doesn’t make you a tough man. What really makes you a man is understanding the true meaning. And that true meaning is what you want it to be defined. You don’t need anyones approval. Or anyone putting you down for showing emotions/feelings. At the end of the day we are all human. So what defines us as men is sticking together and supporting one another and being able to show courage in our weakest moments. To be good role models for the younger generation. Self esteem affects a lot of us we just need to know how to control it with how our minds perceive certain things. Image only last so long and what truly matters is whats inside our hearts. Our energy of love goes beyond…. Like I said if the love is blossoming then it will all work out and it won’t matter …Bottom or top. If you read this and got at least one thing out of this then my job here is done… I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this.

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How would US! SF! And MT! Skelebros react to a top-tier healing mage s/o who barely talks, loves magic history (human and monster) and would passionately talk about it, but they were always shot down the opportunity to talk about it by family and friends? They now always decline the chance to talk about magic, in fear of being punished for it.

I’m sorry this took so long, friend! Maybe about a month? Idk.



Blue loves that you’re a mage, especially one the specializes in healing! His training sessions can get pretty rough and he comes home with broken wrists and cracked bones often, so he comes to your for reliable healing. He’s sad that your loved ones always shot you down when it comes to your passion, but Blue slowly helps you come out of your shell and talk about your passion again. 


See here’s the thing, Stretch is a science guy so he doesn’t care much about history and stuff, but he has a big respect for people with a passion for it. He would love to listen for hours on end for you to just say whatever comes up in your mind, but your reluctance breaks his heart. He wants to help you overcome that and use your knowledge for something good like teaching or tutoring the local school for classes like that. The healing mage comes in handy too. 



Black tends to get hurt a lot because he can be reckless in battle, yet calculating. His strategies are actually very thought out and his no one can match his tactics….it’s just that 85% of the time, it’’s reckless and he gets hurt, so you’d make the perfect partner for him because of your healing abilities. He doesn’t notice your passion for magic history because he doesn’t really care about that stuff and it never comes up in conversation, but he does has a sense that you’re holding back when you’re talking to him, but he just thinks it’s because you’re shy. Either way, he loves you a lot and even if he can’t help you, his love will hopefully make you more confident and you can overcome that yourself. 


While Stretch like science, Rus loves history! He’s very enthusiastic about it and even if you won’t talk about it, he will. Hopefully, some of his enthusiasms affect you and you start contributing to the discussions as well! Rus is good at defense and offense magic, but he has very little talent for healing, so he asks you to help him and with your training sessions, you two bond over your mutual love for history and magic. 



Sans notices your passion for magic history very early on, and encourages you to talk about it. Maybe not with him because that stuff will put him to sleep, but he knows that Papyrus is a bit of a history nerd and would love to listen. When he hears how your family members basically destroyed your confidence for something you love, he shows up at their doorsteps and gives them a bad time. 


Papyrus loves history and would love to hear you talk about it! He might not know much himself, but he knows enough to keep up with you if you do ever talk about it. He’s sad that you think he’s going to punish you for talking about something you love and so he does his best to reassure you that he won’t. Because of you share the healing affinity with Paps, you two volunteer at the hospitals to help injured humans and monsters. 

Drunk In Love

Pairing: Dean Ambrose x Reader

Word Count: 1,270

Warnings: Swearing and alcohol

Summary: You have a little too much to drink and accidentally spill your feelings towards Dean.

A/N: I’ve had this sitting on my desktop for a while now and I didn’t have any use for it so I thought I’d just share it with you guys. Since it is from a while ago, I’d like to apologize for any errors I might not have caught!

Originally posted by vaniwin

*Not my GIF*

It was no secret that you weren’t that much of a drinker. Yeah, you had the occasional shot, but that was only during a celebration. You’ve never really gotten drunk or experienced a hangover and now that you think about it, maybe that was a good thing. However, that didn’t stop your closest friend, Dean Ambrose, from constantly trying to persuade you to come to the local pub with him.

“C'mon, doll! You’ve been working your ass off lately and I think it’s about time you just kick back and relax” he pleaded.

Of course, you weren’t too keen on the idea of going out for drinks with him of all people. You’ve known Dean for a long time now and you knew exactly just how much he loved his fair share of alcohol. In fact, you wouldn’t be all that surprised if he ended up staggering drunk in the middle of the afternoon. Well maybe not that drunk, but just enough to impair his judgement. On the other hand, if anyone could read you, it was Dean. He could tell when you’ve been stressing out.

“So what do ya say, sweetheart?” Dean asked.

He was now bouncing impatiently waiting for a response. When you met his gaze, you instantly felt drawn into his soft, baby blue eyes. It reminded you of a cute little puppy. It was no use fighting the urge to say yes.

“Fine, fine! I’ll go!” you caved.

Dean gave you a big smile, putting his dimples on full display.

“I knew you couldn’t say no to the big ol’ puppy dog eyes” Dean chuckled.

You roll your eyes and playfully punch his arm.

“Whatever” you giggled.

Though you seemed reluctant about going, inside you were quite pleased that you had yet another excuse to hang out with the lunatic fringe. You hate to admit it, but there was something different about Dean. He had that kind of face that immediately stopped you in your tracks. With a guy like him, he’s probably used to that abrupt pause in a person’s natural expression when they made contact with him. Not to mention, that nonchalant fixed stare and weak smile you gave him all the time. You were almost certain the way you blushed was a dead giveaway.  Of course, you tried your best to push your feelings aside. There was no way you were going to risk losing what you already had with him.

It wasn’t long till you two had finally reached the bar. Everything was just like you imagined it to be; several conversations being spoken in loud voices that competed with the heavy metal music that prevailed the atmosphere. It was a generally young crowd comprised by university students, but it was too dark to tell for sure. Everyone was either slumped over in their bar stools or socializing in small groups, with the exception of one woman who was crying in the corner. Dean took your hand in his and slowly led you through the large crowd. His hand felt soft and reassured you that there was nothing to worry about. Though, that feeling was very short lived since he was eager to get to the bar.

“We’ll take two” Dean said to the bartender.

You picked up the shot glass and looked at Dean.

“Cheers!” he exclaimed.

You brought it up to your mouth. Well here goes nothing. You felt a burning sensation on your tongue which then proceeded to turn into a bitter taste that ran down your throat. Shot after shot, you felt reality slowly slipping away in favour of fantasy. You didn’t mean to drink as much as you did, but you felt so exhilarated that you didn’t even notice. It wasn’t too long until you were convinced the room was spinning.

“De-Dean! Why is the room sp-spinning so fast?!” you slurred.

You hopped off the bar stool and attempted to walk across over to Dean, who was socializing with some other group of people. Everyone saw you struggling to keep your balance and you were well aware of it. It felt like you were being possessed. Your legs didn’t work as you told them to and neither did your arms. You know that your brain is sending signals, but whether your body was receiving them was a whole other story. You stumbled the whole way, flailing your arms in the air to attain some sense of stability.  You were about to fall over, that is, until two arms wrapped around you.

“Careful, Y/N” Dean said sympathetically.

Dean was very gentle with you, after all, he’s been there and done that. Though, that didn’t stop him from finding it amusing at just how drunk you were.

“How many drinks did you have?” he laughed.

“I-I don’t know what you’re ta-talking about!” you stuttered.

It was pretty obvious that there was no way you could get home safely by yourself so Dean picked you up and carried you to his car.

“Aw, come on! Just one more dri-drink!” you whined.

“Maybe another time, doll” Dean chuckled.

It was when you sat in the passenger’s seat of the car the alcohol really kicked in. The jokes you told suddenly seemed ten times funnier and you finally got the courage to flirt with the guy you’ve been head over heels for ever since you met him.

“D-Dean, I just-I just can’t stop thinking bout’ ya!” you begin to ramble. “It’s almost like you’ve infested my thoughts, ya know? I mean, love scares me. It re-really does. But somehow you’ve ma-made me feel so… reassured”

Dean’s eyes widened. You couldn’t quite read the expression on his face, but that didn’t stop your drunk rambling.

“I find rejection so te-terrifying. Like, here you are opening your heart to someone who doesn’t want it. I’ve be-been through that more times than I can count. And lemme tell ya, it sucks. You end up feeling lonely, heartbroken and sad as fuck” you slur.

Of course, you finally realized what you were saying, but it was too late. The damage was done. You had finally made your declaration of love, the speech you’ve been rehearsing in your bathroom mirror for months now. The silence felt like venom that seeped through your skin and spread to your whole body. Your hands trembled and it wasn’t too long until you felt yourself tense up. The silence wasn’t something Dean intended, but he was well aware of it.

“I… I’m sorry!” you blurt out.

You ran out the car, ignoring Dean calling after you. You scrambled to get your keys to open your front door, but your hands are so shaky you drop them. As soon as you bent over to grab them, you felt a heavy force weigh down on your shoulder.

“Y/N…” Dean said.

“If you came here to make fun of me, then go for it. I don’t care” your voice sounded shaky this time around

“Y/N, wait…” he said again.

“Just go ahead and tell the whole world that I have a huge crush on Dean fucking Ambrose!” you yelled.

“Y/N, you’re not listening to me” Dean spoke softly.

“Tell them all I’m just a fragile-“

The next thing you knew, Dean’s soft lips crashed into yours. Not innocently like a tease or anything, but passionate and loving. The warmth from his lips radiated and spread throughout your whole body. You felt so relieved you couldn’t help but smile onto his lips. He pulled away for a moment and gazed into your eyes.

“Truth is, Y/N… I’ve kinda liked you for a while now too”


Requested By Anon

Pairings: Loki x Reader

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has invited Sam, Vision, Bruce, Wanda, Scott, T’Challa.

Thor: Greetings my friends. I would like to inform you all of the riveting secret I have uncovered.

Bruce: I did not take you for one to gossip.

Wanda: If it’s a secret, we should not know about it.

T’Challa: Respect peoples privacy, Thor.

Vision: It is most likely something embarrassing, in which case do not inform us about it and tarnish someone’s reputation momentarily.

Scott: If the person wanted us to know, they would have told us, but they didn’t.

Thor: It concerns my brother.

Bruce: Why didn’t you just say so?!

T’Challa: Tell us everything!

Scott: Oh thank god. I really wanted to know the secret but my conscience was getting in the way.


Wanda: Go on.

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lysander-tc replied to your post: “the crytyping meme is ableist”  I mean whats…

whats crytyping ?

Today you gone learn a thing, my guy

Lets pretend for a minute you’re an average tumblr hooligan who likes to treat people like shit in your spare time, bullying over ships, sending death threats, claiming to have mental disorders that literally cannot coexist, whatever tickles your peach, and some Big Meanie comes along and says “hey, you’re a fucking asshole.” 

Now, you COULD take it on the chin like an adult, but who does that kind of thing nowadays? No, clearly the correct answer is [drumroll]…A harassment campaign! 

So you round up your buddies and you all send this guy a bunch of anons telling them to kill themselves. 

But oh, no, oh jeez, oh fuck my guy, you accidentally sent one…OFF ANON

Oh shit man, now YOU look like a real piece of shit! Their followers are talking shit about you! Callout posts are being compiled! They dug up that time you called a black person a coon for contradicting one of your social justice posts! Fuck Fuck FUckity Fuck its all gone to shit! What do you do now?!

This is the moment where you fire up the old Cry-Type, which transforms this boring blatantly manipulative apology

“I’m sorry I’m such a waste of space, I should just kill myself” 

into this heartwrenching plea for acceptance and forgiveness, typed through shaking hands and tears during a panic attack:

“I’m so  ssorrry II’m ss;ucd.h aa  wast;;e of spac,e, I s,h,,o  uld, jus  t kkill mmyse,lf”

and thats what crytyping is. Its blatant emotional manipulation but apparently FUCK anyone who makes fun of the people who do it. 

You know how I made that? Theres a generator for it. That’s how fake this shit is. 

Fuck crytyping, Long Live The Crytype Meme. 



Genre: smut-ish (implied smut)

Word Count: 3,198

i know this was supposed to be short, but i have thing with elongating stories, i’m sorry !! also sorry in advance for spelling mistakes. enjoy !

Mark POV

“so,” I said, plopping down on the couch in front of Y/N. Y/N looked up from her phone, slightly surprised to see me. But then she put away her phone and smiled warmly. “What’s up with you and Ten?”

Y/N looked taken back, a sour expression on her face. “What do you mean?” The expression gave it away; she was faking too much. 

“I know you two have something.”

“It’s nothing,” Y/N finally confessed. “It was just a one time thing.” She shrugged and continued. “It was after his dance practice…”

Y/N walked down the hallway of the third floor, where NCT’s practice room was located. In her hand was a milkshake that she had proudly made all by herself. It was a DIY recipe she had read online and it turned out perfect, even Doyoung had asked her to write it down for him. 

As Y/N passed the practice room, she could hear a groan. She retraced her steps and stood on on her tiptoes to look through the small window at the top of the door. Ten was sitting there on one of the sofas, his head buried in his hands. Concerned, Y/N knocked the door and walked inside.

“Are you alright?” she asked, approaching Ten. Ten looked up at her. His skin was glistening with sweat and his hair was stuck to his forehead and the sides of his face.

“Do I look alright?” he asked her, a sullen expression on his face. He must have been there for a long time. Y/N handed Ten her drink and he took it with utmost pleasure. “I just can’t get this one move right, its really stressing me out,” he said, taking a sip. 

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,292

Summary: Dean takes care of the reader’s daughter for a night and he quickly learns that it’s more exhausting than hunting. 

“Morning, sweetheart.” You hear Dean’s sexy voice say when he answers your call.

“Hey babe. I’m on my way home. How’d everything go?”

“Good. Everyone is still alive so I think it went ok.” He chuckles.

“Ok. See ya soon.”

You just finished a 24 hour shift at the hospital and you feel like you’re about to fucking fall over.

Dean finally decided he was ready to watch Grace overnight by himself. Even though you’ve been together for about seven months now, Dean was always nervous about watching her for long periods of time. Like he would break her or corrupt her. You’re not sure which.

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Letters to Bucky (Part Two)

Welcome to the story! Catch up on Chapter One HERE

Almost 2500 words here, our boys write and flirt and its adorable.


To: Tony

–Valentine’s Day is just another day here. Some of the men on base try to keep up with the local girls, but I don’t. Cultural differences and all that. Plus with my assignments the best I could manage is a one night stand and that doesn’t really go over well this side of the world.  Guys or girls.
–I came back because I didn’t want to go home. Long story short anyway.
–I am thirty. Brown hair, blue eyes. About six two. I have a beard kind of right now since we’ve been out on patrol. Being in this unit means the rules are a lot more relaxed. And if it matters at all, I’ve been in the military since I was 18 and well, it shows. Nobody ever complains when I get undressed at least. What about you? Tell me what you look like.
–So pain pills make you flirty and sexual? Is that all it takes? I’ll start mailing you some with each letter to keep things interesting.
–A phone doesn’t really work where I am, unless it’s a sat phone and I don’t have one.
–Letters will work. It’s kind of nice to physically write something instead of tapping on a keyboard. Feels more personal I guess. Intimate.
–You don’t really have to say anything when you write, Tony. just whatever. Tell me about your room, or about your annoying nurse or your favorite color. I don’t care. Stop crossing shit out though. Or at least only cross it out once instead of scribbling at it. I want to know what goes through your head. All of it.
–I am safe today. We all are
–Write me back

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And Again Wanda and other things

On this post made by the awesome @one-piece-of-harry there has been some interesting discourse. 

Now someone has made the following points as an end of argument statement and the post is long as fuck so I’ve decided to make my own post.

- Do you at least appreciate the irony of saying vigilantes are necessary? And then supporting the Accords?

Now the person this was said to was someone who said the Avengers were vigilantes who were necessary. And I agree without a legal system in place for superheroes to operate under vigilantism was the only option. The Accords make being a superhero a legal position, and therefore a necessary service protecting people from superpowered villains/alien armies/ in general can now be preformed by a legal team under The Accords. 

- The MCU is broader than the movies, so we do in fact know that the Accords were ratified, Spider-Man didn’t sign and it involves a lot of fun documentation like DNA and fingerprints. Google it.

I have a post about the Accords here.  I would also like to point out that the Accords as they originally existed were simply a control on the Avengers because they were operating internationally, that is how they were presented in civil war.

- Peter wanting to keep something a secret from his aunt is normal. That was my original context. (I’m using complete sentences. It isn’t hard. Go back and reread.)

Peter wasn’t blackmailed, but it’s an understandable interpretation, and I don’t feel like rehashing this again. So, I won’t.

- This is the thing about “retirement” - Clint retires, but a friend of his needs help saving the world and so Clint shows up and goes to jail after the fight. In Avengers, Bruce got the Hulk under control and was hiding out off the grid; SHEILD came and brought him in to fight Loki. The qualities that make them heroes will almost will almost always lead to extenuating circumstances that will put them against the Accords. Hence my negativity. (But you are, like, so clever for calling retirement a ‘death sentence.’)

Here’s the difference between Bruce and Clint. Bruce got the whole picture before getting involved, and Bruce does not have a family he is abandoning by joining the fight. Enough said.

- Here are two things about Wanda vs. the Big Guy: 1) Wanda’s mind games are not shown to last long and 2) are less about introducing something new than they are about showing something that was already there - which is why all the other visions went to backstory consistent places. So everything about that Hulk rage was already in Banner. Whatever Bruce’s reaction, we don’t actually see what vision led to the moments that followed. It could have been mostly benign like Cap’s.

Oh my god where do I start with this one? Are you honest to god saying that Wanda is not responsible for what happened in Johannesburg? Are you trying to tell me that it’s Bruce’s fault for having a bad past/fears? Yes the Hulk already exists in Banner the problem here is that Wanda unleashed The Hulk in the middle of the city maliciously. 

What the vision was is irrelevant, the point is that Wanda attacked Bruce’s mind with the sole intent of making him lose control in order to further Ultron’s plan. She did not care about the people in Johannesburg when she unleashed a scared and angry Hulk on them. 

The mind game did not need to last long all it needed to do was trigger the Hulk. That’s what it did, that was the intention, and that makes any damage or death the Hulk caused Wanda’s responsibility. 

It doesn’t take long to fire a nuke, and a nuke is already capable of doing damage even if I don’t fire it, all those nuclear explosives are still inside it, therefore I did nothing wrong if I fired the nuke. That’s your argument right now. 

- Wanda ended up in Hydra because she wanted the chance to fight for her home and defend it. Wanda left when she saw where it was heading. Like Widow, like Tony, she’s trying to put things right. 

Wanda left Hydra when she saw where it was headed? If by that you mean when she saw that the group she was with was losing to the Avengers, then yes. If you think she realized they were evil and left, well frankly I think you need to watch the movies again. 

Wanda then joined Ultron another bad guy to continue furthering her own revenge plot against Tony (The actual reason she joined Hydra btw). She doesn’t begin to try and put things right until she is personally threatened by Ultron’s plans. 

- And here’s the thing to view Wanda as inherently, irredeemably awful also casts doubts on the Avengers who trust her, Tony Stark included. She’s part of the Avengers family before the Civil War breaks out.

Yes it does. Although I highly doubt Tony had any say in trusting Wanda to join the team, and if he did he probably agreed out of guilt. Also part of the Avenger’s family? Tony doesn’t live with them, and Clint is retired, I’m not sure how much of a family this is. 

Disconcerting Appearances

Originally posted by apocalypsethetyler

Request: Back atchya again with another request! Could you to something about trans body positivity with Tyler?

Summary: Trans!Reader (ftm) is feeling down in the dumps when he looks in the mirror and isn’t very satisfied with what he sees. Tyler’s a good friend and helps get him out of his rut.

A/N: Hey guys, sorry this one took a bit longer than what I hoped. I mostly just had a little bit of trouble getting into character for this fic. I personally am not trans, so it takes me a bit longer to get a good grasp on how these situations might play out. Either way, here it is. As always, the italics signify the inner monologue of that character. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 616, much shorter than I’d like, but I didn’t want to push it

Warnings: insecurities? I mentioned hooters, I hope no ones triggered by that lol

Request some more! I have quite a few right now, so it’ll definitely take me a while to get to them, but I’ll try to get through most if not all of them by this week!

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anonymous asked:

Can you do an Antonio Dawson one where the reader is younger than Antonio and he feels insecure about it? (-:

I sure can :)

I’ve actually thought about writing something like this before….


When you woke up that morning, you found the bed empty.

You sighed, usually Antonio wasn’t a morning person and you practically had to drag him out of bed. But lately he’d been getting up and leaving for work way before you even woke up.

At first you thought it was just because of his new job, but that was until you ran into Anna and Stone while you were grabbing coffee and they said they were only required to be in at the office before 8:30 if they were called.

So you couldn’t understand what in the world Antonio was doing. You thought that maybe he was boxing but he doesn’t take his kit with him.

So that night you decided to corner him and find out what the hell his problem was.
“I’m home,” you heard him yell accompanied by the sound of a door opening and closing.

You walked out of your bedroom and tried to give him a hug, which he sort of dodged.

“Antonio,” you said, feeling even more hurt, “what’s going on with you?”

“What do you mean?” he asked nonchalantly while putting the kettle on for coffee.

“I mean,” you said, leaning against the counter and crossing your arms, “you’ve been avoiding me for the past few weeks! And every time I try to hug you or god forbid kiss you, you either act like I’m torturing you or dodge it completely!”

“Love,” he said, looking quite guilty, “nothing is wrong. You’re imagining things.”

And that was the last straw for you, if he wanted to keep secrets fine. But he was not to pretend like the secrets didn’t exist. He owed you that much.

“Imagining it huh?” you asked, moving so that you were on the other side of the kitchen counter, “Imagining you getting up before the sun rises each morning with no explanation? Imagining you ignoring me? Imagining you trying at all costs to not touch me like I’m something you dragged in at the bottom of your shoe! Because that,” you grabbed your coat from the hanger in the entrance hall, “is not what I deserve.”

And with that you left him there.

You went out and spent some time with your brother, you would never leave Antonio unless he did something unspeakable.

But you knew he was stubborn, and the best way to get through to him was to give him time to process what happened and how you feel about it.
At about two AM you said goodbye to your brother and headed back to your apartment, just like you thought, Antonio was sitting on the couch with his head in his hands.

The moment you opened the door his head shot up, his eyes bloodshot and his hair hanging limply around his face.

“Love,” he said, walking over to you and pulling you into a hug, “I’m so sorry. So so sorry. I should have listened to you.”

You hugged him back for a while before slowly retracting and looking him in the eye, “It’s okay. But tell me what’s going on with you. Just because I came back does not mean I can’t leave.”

He sighed and moved out of your embrace, leaning against the arm chair of the couch and looking down, “It’s stupid. I shouldn’t have made a big deal about it.”

You laughed, “Well you already have, so please let’s just deal with it.”

“Why are you with me?”

You stopped your pacing and turned to face him again, “What are you talking about?”

“I’m asking,” he repeated, looking down, “why you’re with me?”

You walked forward and grabbed his shoulders, “What sort of question is that? I’m with you because I love you.”

“Why me?” he repeated, “why not someone better? Someone richer? Someone…. younger.”

You laughed. You burst out laughing, “Is that was this is about? That you think you’re too old for me?”

You thought he was kidding but when you saw the look in his eyes you knew this was a genuine problem for him.

So you walked back over to him and took his head in your hands, “Hey listen to me right now. I don’t give a damn about your age. I love you for you. I fell in love with you long before I even knew your age and now that I do it just made me marvel at my stupidity for trying to date little immature boys before I met you.”

His only response was to laugh and burry his head in your shoulder, “Maybe I was being stupid.”

“Maybe you were,” you concluded before connecting your lips together.

And I can tell you, with full confidence, they didn’t disconnect for quite some time.


Hope you guys liked that :)

I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating very much but I have a stupid family gathering going on with a big family that always has dramas…. so I’m writing in whatever spare time I manage to have (AKA the time my brother and I say we’re spending together when we are in fact silently in the same room taking advantage of wifi…)

Anyway, feel free to request anyway :) I write for the Chicago Series, all small screen D.C. characters as well as a bunch of book series and bands (full list way too far down on my page…)