like 'whatever you say big guy'

Dating Bucky Barnes would include :

- “doll”, “beautiful”, “love”, “gorgeous

- leaving sweet love notes such as “good morning handsome”, “I love you just the way that you are”, “you are NOT a monster”, “I love you” on the fridge, the TV remote or even his nightstand 

- him watching you sleep and thinking of how lucky he is to have you

- you doing the same

- comforting him whevener he has nightmares or feels bad about himself

- possessive Bucky 

- jealous Bucky

- Whenever he sees you talking with another guy, he stays calm at first and stays focused on whatever he was doing at that moment. But as soon as he considers that the guy thinks he has his chances with you, he shows up next to you, places an arm around your waist, kisses your cheek and says something like “Doll, who’s that man you’re talking too, huh ?

- “(Y/N) no” “(Y/N) yes

- him asking you to put his hair in a man bun before going on a mission

- both worshipping each other’s body 

-  sometimes asking to be the big spoon because you love the way Bucky circles your body with his arms and rests his head on your chest as you run your hands through his hair

- saying “I love you’s” multiple times through the day

- always making the other smile

- always complimenting the other and reminding him how beautiful he is

- rough sex, make up sex, gentle sex

-  taking pictures of him so you can look at them while he’s away

- teaching him how to use new technologies

- him not wanting you to leave the bed in the morning

- “But… doll. Stay in bed with me for a little longer. Work can wait.” he says with his morning voice.


- loving the other like crazy

- you’re basically #couplegoals

- stealing his shirts

- constantly touching the other 

- lots, and I mean lots of cuddles

- him getting shy and blushes when you kiss his cheek in public but he’s always asking for attention and affection at home

- him opening up to you and understanding that you’ll never judge him for anything

- him reaching out for your hands when you’re outside, or even when he wants to have you close to him because it makes him feel safer

- you resting on his metal arm during summer nights because it’s cold

- him calling you at random times, forgetting what he wanted to tell you then appologizing and telling you he loves you

- you tracing the scar that separates his flesh from his metal arm before bed as he closes his eyes

- you being best friends with Sam and Steve

- reminding him several times that he doesn’t have to be jealous because you’re all his

- “You’re my mission tonight.” he says playfully before kissing your neck.

- him thinking that you’re an angel that needs to be protected at all costs

- him texting you tons of emojis that make no sense but you don’t complain because he thinks that that’s cute and it makes him happy

- morning sex

- showering together which leads to quickies

- you creating a playlist of musics that reminds him of you so he can listen to them when he’s away

- letting him touch and braid your hair when he anxious

- massaging his muscular back when he comes back from a mission

- going withhim to buy plums and groceries shopping

- old couples thinking that you’re adorable together

- him tightening his embrace around your waist whenever you move a little during the night because he’s afraid that you might leave him one day which leads to you caressing his hand and whisper “I’m not going anywhere, baby. Never.”

- him snuggling his face in your neck and hugging you by behind when you’re cooking

- sexual tension when you’re arguing

- someone get me a Bucky. please



2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: The reader is stranded on the side of the road and Jensen comes to the rescue.

Prompt: “Why aren’t you nervous around me?“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,246

Requested by: @torn-and-frayed

“Son of a fuck!” You half growl, half whine shooting daggers at the flat tire in front of you.

This is just perfect. This is what you get for finally taking a week off from work. Being a successful, in demand actress isn’t always the best thing for your health. The stress alone could kill you.

So you figured visiting your parents in your hometown would be a good break. You foolishly borrowed your brother’s car to do some errands. He’s never been one to take care of things. Case and point. His car fucking sucks.

Your plans have obviously been changed and now you’re stranded on the side of the road. Cursing at yourself for even leaving the house, you start pacing around the car like a mad woman.

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’ I’m gonna pop that little zit when I get home. ’
’ You must have been an athlete in your thinner days. ’
’ Hey, hey, lets stick to the topic okay? ’
’ You know, I’d be happy to perscribe something for that. ’
’ Between you and the humpty dance, I’ll have to get a metal plate on my butt. ’
’ Hey, you wanna go to the club with us tonight? ’
’ Well, someone has her/his rude hat on tonight. ’
’ I’m starvin’. When do we eat here? ’
’ I think you’ve been deprived of oxygen at birth. ’
’ You’re the man. I’m just the man behind the man. ’
’ Man, have I told you how thin you’re lookin’ lately? ’
’ How can I forget? He was wearing my purple suit. ’
’ I was going to drop by and check on the, the thing. ’
’ Aren’t you a little overdressed? ’
’ What kind of idiot picks a password no one can guess? ’
’ Then how do you explain becoming a lawyer? ’
’ Excuse me, what’s a nine-letter word for “Terrific?” ’
’ I’m sick of being such a big loser. ’
’ When the press hears about this they’re going to have a field day. ’
’ You know, I was looking through your police file, and bingo! ’
’ Oh wake up, knucklehead. ’
’ Well, you know I never had a good imagination. ’
’ I never even had imaginary friends when I was a kid. ’
’ Ain’t no thang but a chicken wing. ’
’ I noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to put you on notice. ’
’ That’s called prudent planning. ’
’ I’m still exhausted from last night. ’
’ All I asked you to do was a little yard work. ’
’ What’s that hideous thing growing out of your neck? ’
’ Could you drop me off at the beach? ’
’ My fault, man! I must have got the wrong crib. ’
’ I’m sorry! I thought you were all asleep! ’
’ Look, now, everybody calm down. False alarms happen all the time. ’
’ Trust is a very fragile thing… ’
’ I’m as big as a house. All I want to do is lie in bed and eat pie. ’
’ I mean, we must all do our parts to protect the environment. ’
’ Why, I never knew it was such a problem. ’
’ Where should I make a donation? ’
’ You know, ain’t like I’m still five years old, you know? ’
’ Sarcasm? Whatever do you mean? ’
’ Whoa, hold on mister, you’re all over the map! ’
’ Well, you know what they say about guys with big feet. ’
’ Those things are stupid. What does mine say? ’
’ My horoscope says that I’m gonna be a famous rapper with a TV show. ’
’ I’m too ashamed to talk about it, it’s better if I show you… ’
’ You did a porno movie? ’
’ If you’re serious, I could make some calls. ’
’ There’s something I need to tell you. ’
’ I was keeping them in case I needed them… ’
’ How could you be so stupid? ’
’ You know you shouldn’t be messing with drugs! ’
’ Somebody gave them to me at school. ’
’ My son/daughter could have died because of you! ’
’ I got the cake you wanted for the family reunion. ’
’ It’s round, it’s rubber and you’ll never use it! ’
’ You say you want things but you’re never willing to work for it! ’
’ You’re a slacker. You never make the sacrifice. ’
’ Do you remember our first date? ’
’ Well, I think you should run along and play. ’
’ You have no integrity, no decency, and you’re really, really short! ’
’ Come on, I gotta get you to the hospital! ’
’ Something terrible has happened, man! ’
’ I never thought losing my virginity would be this painful! ’
’ Look, you gotta promise you’re not gonna overreact… ’
’ Those pills that you took weren’t vitamins. ’
’ What could be worse than finding out I’m still a virgin? ’
’ Oh, my God. I’m a drug addict and a virgin! ’
’ I don’t touch greasy, disgusting things! ’
’ And for your information, dinner comes first! ’
’ Oh, it’s like that, right? You’re just gonna slam garbage at me! ’
’ I’m going to be watching you like a shadow! ’
’ I love bugs and I love death. I love oozing flesh wounds! ’
’ I have been calling you for fifteen minutes. Didn’t you hear me? ’
’ Did you just put super glue in my hair gel? ’
’ I’m also getting tired of the short jokes. I’m average height. ’
’ If you were me, you’d be good looking. ’
’ You’re not in touch with anybody's feminine side. ’
’ You’re gonna embarrass me when I become the new co-host. ’
‘ It’s not a doll, it’s an action figure! ’
’ I’ve been studying self-defense. ’
’ I’m just trying to recall what it felt like to be fifteen. ’
’ It was so long ago, how could you remember? ’
’ I’m just so upset, I’m saying things I don’t even mean. ’
’ You know something? This is all your fault. ’
’ What is that, like the theme of this family? ’
’ Knowing my luck, I might run into a disgruntled postal worker. ’
’ Y'all know ain’t no little bullet gonna stop me. ’
’ What does that have to do with anything? ’
’ Have you ever crushed any one? ’
’ Y'all come back now, y'hear? ’
’ What do you mean I didn’t get the job? ’
’ Well, you tell those little brats I don’t like them either! ’
’ What does it look like I’m doing? I’m gambling. ’
’ You stole my wallet? How much do we have? ’
’ Um… You a little freaky-deeky, ain’t you? ’
’ I think you’ve been smokin’ a little bit too much of that catnip. ’
’ I’m a little uncomfortable with nudity. ’
’ Oh, for God’s sake, would you leave already? ’
’ Oh, we have to have a special going away dinner for you. ’
’ Well, it’s got ceiling-to-floor doors, and wall-to-wall floors. ’
’ You can’t see my apartment, because I don’t have one. ’
’ That just doesn’t sound right coming from me, does it? ’
’ This is a stick with a snake wrapped around it. ’
’ You ain’t ever gonna change! ’
’ I’m getting the last word! ’
’ You’re not age appropriate for this party. ’
’ Haven’t you learned anything from all of this? ’
’ Doesn’t anyone care about how I feel? ’
’ I never say that. It’s make like a banana and split. ’
’ Come on people, I weigh the same I weighed back in high school. ’
’ I hope you like that system, because you’re gonna be seeing a lot more of it in your life. ’

withmyteeth  asked:

Stiles all but gives up on ever finding his red hoodie again until he finds it stashed away in Derek's loft.

A short sterek ficlet for one of my favorite followers.

Stiles ran a hand through his messy hair, groaning loudly in frustration. He was standing in the center of his room, surrounded by a mountain of laundry. He scanned one more time for his signature hoodie before finally calling it. Today, at 10:07 a.m. on September 5th, 2017, his red hooded sweatshirt was officially lost to the void. He hadn’t seen it since the spring; California summer starts early and runs late, and on the first day it was cold enough to wear it he couldn’t fucking find it. What a summer ending bummer. A summer bummer, if you will.

He shot off a quick text to Scott to let everyone know he was gonna be late to the pack meeting, and grabbed his car keys, hoping desperately his dad wouldn’t see the ‘small island village post a hurricane’-esque mess his room had become.

The second thing Derek noticed when Stiles walked in to his loft set his brow in a deep furrow. The first thing was that Stiles was an hour late, and the second was the cyan hoodie Stiles was wearing. It looked crisp and new, and Derek could smell from across the room it had just been purchased, stale department store air clinging to it. Derek wrinkled his nose. It was a total assault on his senses. Stiles was supposed to smell like himself and pack, not the mall. Stiles wore red, not this teal crime against nature. This color actually almost hurt his eyes to look at. The brunette in question was staring at him, eyebrow raised. Derek felt him tense up, probably because his alpha’s intense expression.

Derek guiltily looked away, and continued listening to whatever Erica was saying about the pointlessnss of fingerless gloves.

Stiles shook his head, unsure of what caused the gorgeous alpha to be so annoyed by just his presence, he hadn’t even said anything yet! His heart hurt at that thought, he never expected Derek to return his feelings but being scorned like this was almost too much. Derek looked younger today, like he had finally gotten a bit of rest, but apparently even that wasn’t enough to soften his sour demeanor towards Stiles. Scott clapped him on the shoulder, and shook him lightly, bringing him back to the present. Act normal, he thought.

“Nice threads. New look?” Scott asked good naturedly. Stiles frowned, it was still a sore subject.
“Nah, I can’t find my favorite red hoodie, you know, the trademark Stiles one? I can’t figure it out, I wore it last spring and now it’s just gone. Had to shell out forty bucks for a new one today, everything else has holes in it from our ‘dark forest fun times of nearly being killed by supernatural creatures.” Scott frowned, shaking his head just as Isaac nuzzled into Stiles neck from the side, scenting him.

“You know, I think I saw that one here on the couch like…maybe a week ago?” Isaac interjected, lazily launching himself from Stiles to Erica.

Derek froze, heart rate spiking for moment as his ears blushed red. His untrained betas didn’t notice, but the picture was now clear. He must have left the hoodie he had sneakily taken from Stiles’ floor on the couch last week after he had taken a nap. Smelling Stiles’ scent helped him sleep, and he had been so tired, he didn’t think taking it would be too much of a big deal. He felt guilty, sick to his stomach, and ashamed. His longing after Stiles had never really caused problems before, and he couldn’t fix the problem without giving away he had stolen the hoodie in the first place.

“Really? I must have left it here…but this place is always so clean, why would it have been here a week ago? I haven’t worn it in at least two months.” Stiles trailed off, seeing he had lost everyone’s attention to the pizza that had just arrived. (The delivery guy didnt even get to knoock, the werewolves had already been there waiting. He was so startled Jackson had to catch a few of the toppling boxes.)

A fuck ton of pizza, two twelve packs of soda, and two bad horror movies later, everyone was saying goodbye and filing out of Derek’s loft. As Stiles was leaving, a hand gripped his bare arm firmly where he had pushed up his sleeves.(Derek refused to touch the blue monstrosity.) He looked up at Derek who was wearing the same annoyed expression as earlier.

“I’m sorry I was late, is that why-”

“I need to give you something.”

“Uh..okay, big guy. What’s up?” Stiles blushed, the close proximity being a little overwhelming.

Derek led him to his dresser, and carefully pulled something out of the top one. Stiles noticed he was acting slowly, like whatever was in his arms would fall to tatters or bolt if he moved too fast.

“I’m sorry.” Derek said gruffly, looking away as he held out something stiffly. Stiles grinned, taking the hoodie excitedly.

“My hoodie, you found it! That’s amazing, I’m so fucking happy. But wait, what are you sorry for? It’s in perfect condition, it even smells good.”

“…” Derek didn’t meet his gaze. Stiles stepped closer, touching his alpha’s arm lightly. The firm muscle of his forearm stiffened, and Stiles let go.

“C'mon, what’s up?” The werewolf looked up at him, cheeks burning bright.

“I took it. You didn’t lose it. I took it without your permission and I shouldn’t have.”

“But why, I don’t understand? I don’t think you’d wear it. It’s not really your style.”

“I couldn’t sleep. After the alpha pack and Kate kidnapping me again I didn’t feel safe. I was desperate. You smell like pack and someone I can trust. It helps.”

Stiles blinked, stunned. Derek trusted him. The sexy, badass, leather-clad alpha of his dreams was sleeping with hoodie to feel safe. The pale brunette felt himself flush from his chest to his ears. Derek had been looking less tired recently, and thinking about the countless terrible hardships he’s had to endure was heart-breaking, any kind of relief he got was well-deserved.

“Oh, that’s, it’s totally fine. No worries. No big deal. Keep it. I’m glad it’s been doing a good job.” Stiles rambled, smiling bashfully. Derek looked shocked, unsure.

“You’re not angry with me.” Derek stated quietly. Stiles’ heart broke a little more, Derek apparently thought he’d be furious.

“Of course not, you’re my alpha and my friend. I wish you had told me sooner. Maybe I can help somehow. Like, bring you some of my stuff to keep around or my bedsheets or something.” Stiles yelped when Derek suddenly pulled him forward and scented his neck gently with his nose and stubble-covered chin. He’d seen the alpha scent some of the others before on rare occasions, but he’d never been this affectionate with Stiles directly. Stiles wrapped his arms around Derek slowly, and damn did it feel great.

“You know, I could crash in your bed sometimes and then it’d really smell like Stiles Stilinski in here. Would that help?” Stiles was given an answer via Derek yanking his new hoodie off and pushing him towards the king size bed in the corner of the room.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Stiles gulped again. Was it getting hot in here? Was he dreaming? Did he hallucinate from some bad pepperonis on the pizza?

Stiles fell back when the back of his knees hit the mattress, bouncing lightly. Derek crawled on beside him, about a foot away after shucking his shirt and hitting the lights off.
Derek could hear Stiles’ pulse thumping loudly, and a mixture of nervousness and arousal. Derek was startled by his findings, but definitely on board. He’d take whatever Stiles was willing to give him.

Stiles rolled over, facing away from the alpha.
“This would probably work better if you’re c-closer. Like to me.”

Derek hesitantly wrapped his arms around Stiles, nose pressed into the brunette’s hairline. He was overloaded on the familiar scent and it felt so, so good. He could practically feel the stress pouring from his body.

Stiles felt the muscles of his alpha relax, his own body going slack against Derek’s hard muscled chest. After a moment, he felt hot breath tickling his neck. Derek had passed out.

“Wow. That was fast.”


“I hate the blue hoodie. Take it back to the store. Burn it. I’ll give you the money you paid for it.”

Stiles chuckled in Derek’s arms. “Okay, sourwolf.” It was the start of something, he could feel it.

Just one of the guys

Just one of the guys
Avengers x Reader
Warnings: sexist comments

Summary: you hang out with the guys of avengers so much and they never see you dressed up as a “girl.” But after pietro joined the team, he made comments about how you were a boy and cannot believe you were a female because of how you dress or look. You proved him wrong and left him speechless.
“What do you guys want to watch?”

You were laying upside down on the couch, your head hanging at the edge.

You look blankly at the black tv screen.

“Whatever you guys want is fine with me,” says Steve looking at Tony.

“How bout you (Y/n),” Tony says, going on his knees and staring closely at your face.

You sighed,“ I don’t know, you haven’t watched Fast and Furious yet, right Steve?”

You turn to him and he nods his head no.

“Fast and furious it is,“says Tony, looking for the DVDs.

You sit up next to Steve, your legs spread open with your elbows on your knees and your back hunched over.

You sat like a guy, dressed like one too.

You wore a big, plain white tee and some sweatpants. Steve was wearing the same outfit too, and Tony, and Clint.

You had your hair in a weird, messy low bun. You didn’t wear makeup, you didn’t care about how you looked honestly.

Pietro walked in,” what are you guys watching?“

"All of the Fast and Furious movies, we’re on the first one right now,” you said looking at him,“ care to join us?”

He scoffed,“ that’s boring.”

“Don’t like fast car action typa movies? I do. I think they’re cool,” you said.

“They are not even fast,” he says sitting down,“ I am way faster.”

You roll your eyes.

“But anyways,” he says,“ don’t you all think that we should have more women in our team? I mean, we only have two and one of them is my sister. Plus Natasha scares me.”

“You only want girls in our team, to flirt with,” Clint says.

You scoffed,“ excuse me? Two? Hello, I’m right here?!”

Pietro laughs,“ you? You are a female?”

You open your mouth wide, who does he think he is.

Everyone just stayed quiet. Except for Steve but when he opens his mouth to speak, you put a finger on his lips. Pietro doesn’t know what’s coming.

They all get it though, you don’t dress like how other girls would dress or look.

“Anywaaaaaays,” Tony says breaking up the awkward silence,“ we’re having a party tonight, I forgot to tell you guys.”

“What time?” You asked.

“Starts at 9pm.”

“Tony it’s 8 o'clock.”

“Oops?"he shrugs.

You get up,"I’ll see you at the party I guess.”

Piet laughs,“ want to borrow one of my suits? I have a tie that would look great on you.”

Steve shoves his shoulder causing him to fall off of the couch.


“Pietro Maximoff.
You’re going to regret what you said,” you thought, while picking out the perfect dress.

Yes you had dresses. You just didn’t like wearing them.

You grabbed the sexiest one of them all.

It was a black, sleeveless and strapless, tight dress, that has a sweetheart neck line. It showed ALL of your curves and showed a good amount of skin. It went right above your knee.

You had your hair in waves and you put a some makeup on, not too much to the point where it doesn’t look like you.

You checked the time.


Okay perfect, everyone should be there already right?

You head to the stairs and began to go down.

You felt like Cinderella, everyone had their eyes on you.

The whole team especially.

Wanda and Nat wore a smirk on their faces and the guys had their jaws on the floor. Including Pietro’s.

You finally got down and walked towards the group of men.

“Sup dudes?”

“Babe,” Steve says, walking up to you, putting his arms around your waist, and giving your cheek a kiss,“ you look beautiful .”

You blushed,“ aww, thanks baby.”

Pietro’s mouth was still hanging open.

You looked at him and smirked.

“Do I still look like a man to you Pietro, huh?”

He just stared and violently shook his head no.

“I thought so.”

“Come on, sweetheart,” Steve says, giving you his arm for you to hook your arms through,“ let’s dance.”

You and Steve walked off onto the dance floor.

Pietro finally found his voice back and turned to Tony,“ she’s dating S-Steve?”

Tony smirked,“ yeah, why? You want her now don’t you Speedy.”

Pietro looked down at his drink and took a sip, walking off.

“He totally wants her.”

A/N: let me know what you think! Remember, I post every Friday at 5pm PST! Update: ps. I just re read it and didn’t notice all my mistakes (spelling etc) oops! Fixed it now!

I have to admit the Gerudo rules for who is allowed and who is not in their town seems arbitrary enough that they might just be fucking with people because hylian dudes are rude and they just don’t let you in if they don’t like you. Like literally all the hylian dudes that complained about not being let in are the same guys that creepily hit on link if he’s in Gerudo gear.

So what I think is the “no boys” thing is their excuse to filter out culturally disrespectful assholes. He’s small and polite and wearing Gerudo garb and won’t culture shock the younger Gerudo inside? Sure let him in. She’s big and hairy but wearing a dress and Barta says she’s a she? Let her in. They’re a Goron? Whatever. Let him in. I ask if they’re a voe and they say “oh, no. im a vai.” Let her in.

Dancing On The Roof

Take this away from me already, God. 

Happy late birthday, @l-x-ie​ !!!! Hope you enjoy this ‘small’ fic, and again a big thank you to @monsir-arts​ for letting me base the fic on this fanart of theirs. 

I have nothing else to say except: Thief Klance Au and that this may suck HARD but whATEVER. 

Ps. Guys, this is like 6k … like, here’s the Ao3 link tbh.  

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the art. 

His hand hovers over the empty marble surface and Keith just wants to scream.

That motherfucker.

He picks up the small yellow post-it on the middle, where his diamond is supposed to be, and his blood boils with fury.

Keith could kill him, honest to God, he could and he would throw the biggest party ever, but he can’t. He can’t because killing Blue will mean having the entire Altea Agency on his ass and Keith can do without the extra attention on him.

Keith just wanted to settle down on a motherfucking private island with a glass of lemonade, was that too much to ask?

‘Better luck next time, Red ~ <3’ it reads, handwriting playful and loopy.

Apparently, yes, it was a lot to ask.

He crumples the post-it with one hand before tugging it into his jeans’ back pocket. No point on leaving evidence of his presence on Blue’s robbery.

Robbery that was supposed to be motherfucking his, honestly, what the fu –

‘Patience yields focus,’ Keith thinks, cutting his own train of thoughts, and then he takes a deep breath, shoulders losing their tension at each exhale he releases.

He opens his eyes and turns around, tugging his blade back to its holder before climbing the walls to exit the museum.

Shiro looks up from his tablet to find Keith ripping to pieces the last piece of newspaper in their floor. He waits until Keith has settled down, panting hard and an angry flush on his face, and then he speaks up.

“Blue?” He asks casually, and that earns him another scream from his partner.

“Shiro! Shiro! He stole my painting! The painting I have been eyeing for weeks now. I was going to steal it tonight and he fucking – ! Oh my god! I’m going to kill him.”

Shiro stares flatly at him. “Keith, he’s from the Altea’s Agency, you know, our allies?”

“He keeps stealing from me!”

The older man rolls his eyes but grins at his friend. “Then you need to be faster, buddy.”

Keith glares at him, annoyed and angry, throwing the remaining paper of his newspaper towards Shiro. “That motherfucker has been on my ass for weeks now! You know, when I accepted this job, by your constant pushing, I didn’t expect an annoying shadow following me around and stealing my missions.”

“He can’t be your shadow is he’s a step in front of you.”

Keith ignores him. “’Neck and neck’ he said, what the hell does that even mean?”

Shiro turns to him, looking confused. “Neck and neck? You have been back from the desert for two months and you already have a rival?”

“He’s not my rival!”

“The cub has a rival? So soon?” Another voice joins the conversation, both men turning around to meet another one of their co-workers, “Who is it?”

“Hi, Thace.” Shiro waves lazily.

The older man nods at him, “Shiro, hello, you still owe me that last week report.”

“Right, right.”

“So, back to the cub’s rival.”

“I don’t have a rival!” Keith snaps.

Shiro shrugs. “He’s called Blue. He’s from AA.”

Thace’s eyebrows lift up in surprise. “Ah, I have heard of him. Him and his occasional team is actually from your generation.”

“What?” Keith asks, hands finally lowering from the air and he pushes himself closer to this chair’s edge towards Thace, “What do you mean?”

“Back in the Garrison Academy, you know, where every student has to train under the program before they are selected or assigned into an Agency?”

“I know what the Garrison is!” Keith scoffs irritated.

Thace looks at him unimpressed. “Well, that guy, Blue, is from your generation and one of the top ones, if I may add.”

Keith blinks and scrunches his nose at his mentor, “Am I supposed to remember him? I didn’t even finish my program before I was tossed and shipped to the desert by Kolivan.”

“Hear, hear.” Shiro mumbles, taking a sip from his tea.

Thace shrugs with a smirk. “You got an undercover mission, a B classified mission, before you even graduated. That’s quite the achievement, kiddo.”

“That still doesn’t explain why this guy is on my shadow.”

“Technically –“

“Shiro, I swear to God –“  

The older man chuckles, ruffling Keith’s hair as if he was eighteen years old all over again, “Don’t think too hard, kiddo. I will have a talk with Allura and make sure your missions don’t intersect each other. Just focus on your own, alright?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Keith grumbles.

“Good. Now, has anyone seen the newspaper?”


“Keith ate it.”


“I’m on the move. Black, do I have the go?” Keith mumbles low under his breath, fingers pressed against his ear-com as he kneels on the edge of the roof, eyes scanning the security guard’s moves.

“Hold it,” Shiro whispers slowly and Keith can hear the way his partner is tapping the surface of his computer from his side of the com, the tapping clearly matching the security guy’s steps.

Ten full ticks and then, as the guard closes the entrance’s door behind him, Keith gets his go.

He jumps, feet hitting the roof’s ground harshly but painlessly. He stands up, rolling his shoulders back before cracking his neck. Keith smirks to himself, proud that he didn’t need to use the grappling hook to get across between roofs.

There’s a whistle and Keith snaps his attention to the right, face turning into a deep scowl as he meets Blue’s familiar body shape from the corner of his eye.

“Aw, hell no.” Keith mumbles, taking a deep breath before turning and meeting Blue’s eyes, staring unamused as the man winks at him as a greeting.

“Why, hello there, Red!” Blue says cheerfully, waving his arm around in the air towards the dark sky, “Lovely evening, am I right?”

Keith limits himself to stare flatly at him, flipping him off without a word before turning around, heading towards the window to get inside the building.

“Oh, oh, silent treatment? Rude. Where are you going, anyways? Oh, could it be? Could it be that you are looking for Angelica’s Heart? One of the most valuable gems on the National Museum of our country? Could it possibly be the reason you are here?”

Keith doesn’t answer and keeps walking.

“Because -”

He’s at the edge of the window, the hatch already open and Keith can feel his insides boil already. Blue better not have –

“It’s not -”

Keith pushes his face forward, eyes scanning the room below him, and there’s only one thought running through his mind –

“Going to be there.”

That motherfucker.

Blue barely had time to groan in pain before Keith’s on him. His back hits the ground hard and he coughs a few times, letting out a small ‘ow’ as Keith growls menacingly above him.

“Return what you stole, Blue,” Keith snaps, foot pressing further down against the brunet’s arm, “before I break your arm.”

The little shit laughs. He fucking laughs.

“Sorry, Red,” He chuckles, eyebrow raised in challenge and smirk sharp, “but your heart is mine now.”

This motherfucker.

“Oh yeah, that’s so clever, Blue, har har,” Keith laughs drily, hand curling into a fist as he leans further down, hovering over the brunet’s face, scowl back on place, “Now, give me back my ruby.”

“Funny how they call a ruby a ‘heart’, right?”

“Second try: give me back my ruby.”

“I didn’t see your name on it.”

“What are you? Twelve?”

“On the scale from one to ten, yes.”

Keith inhales deeply, hand twitching and aching to grab his blade but he controls himself. “One last chance: give me back my ruby or I will kill you.”

Blue purses his lips, as if thinking it over, before he clicks his mouth and sticks out is tongue in mock.


He will kill him. That’s it, no more holding back, he’s 100% going to kill him –

“Red,” Shiro’s voice makes its way back to his com and Keith’s shoulders tense up at the sharp tone on his partner’s voice, “The mission is over, turn back and report back to the base.”

“But –” Keith complains, eyes falling back to Blue’s frame, scoffing in annoyance when he sees the brunet is laying almost lazily on the floor, not minding in the least that Keith is basically pinning him down.

“Now, Red.”

Keith grunts but nods nonetheless, mumbling a quick ‘understood’ before he pulls himself back and starts walking away from Blue.

“Yeah, okay, fun night, huh? See you next week, man! You know, if you actually get there in time!”

So, okay, Keith returned to the base with one knife missing, and he might had had his ear chew off by Kolivan because of it, but the surprised yelp and pained grunt of Blue as the knife hit him straight on the shoulder made it worth it.

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I’d just like to point out for the people who says “Dominique’s game is horrible, why do people like her? She’s putting her foot in her mouth” and etc. just imagine being Dominique, knowing you did 100% nothing wrong. All these people who were your friends yesterday are suddenly calling you shady, aggressive, a liar and whatever else they can think of when you absolutely did nothing wrong. How would you feel and how would you defend that? 

You guys are acting like she can pull out her diary sessions and automatically prove some these things. Some of these people know Dominique has done nothing wrong (Kevin, Christmas, Paul) and are calling her out her name and trying to come for her character. Yes, this is Big Brother, scheme, lie and betray…but to call someone out of their character and paint them as something else is uncalled for and goes beyond game especially with Dominique being a black woman. 

The things they say are very micro-aggressive and some of you need to stop thinking “this is a game for my pleasure” and realize Dominique is a person surrounded by multiple caucasians calling things out her character to try and stereotype her and that was hard to watch. Imagine if this was a white girl surrounded by multiple poc doing the same thing, the media would have a field day. We defend Dominique cause no one else going to defend her despite her being innocent cause that’s the way it goes when you’re a person of color in America. Even when you’re innocent, you’re guilty.

Okay but imagine what DA2 could maybe have done with the clinic if there had been more time and resources to flesh out all parts of the game more?

  • More ambient dialogue where the people are actually supportive of and thankful for their Healer, and that tell you about what sort of patients Anders has
  • a collection box maybe where Hawke could plonk herbs or a little money, potions, or whatever. Something to help running the clinic, or to distribute to the people of Darktown. Maybe the box is something that Anders hasn’t actually put there on purpose because who in Darktown has anything to give but Hawke just keeps leaving stuff in it and eventually Anders remarks on it, or maybe the clinic could get some little visual upgrades if you donate enough? Nothing mandatory you know, but just maybe a good place to throw like thrown trousers for bandage material or something instead of selling them for some copper pieces. xD
  • maybe a patient or two with a quest? Some patient that a healer mage Hawke could heal when Anders is busy with some other patient, or something else for rogue and warrior Hawkes? Bandaging the wound instead? idk something small and nice that’d let you help a little bit. ;u;
  • or maybe a scene where Anders asks your help with something there? Holding a patient’s hand or helping to keep them steady or whatever, I don’t even care. LET ME HELP ANDERS.
  • stuff you could interact with to see and hear Hawke comment on what’s there (like you can at Gamlen’s, and at the manor later) and what Anders’ life is at the clinic - DOES he leave his socks under the bed there as well? What’s on the desk? I WANNA KNOW. (tbh everyone’s home base would so benefit from this). Some of these things could change in each act to SHOW what’s going on in their lives!
  • idk guys I’m just saying that that place could feel really alive and cool instead of a big mostly empty room. ;u;<3 (Also the Alienage? could have had something cool to do as well.)
something that i think is an important philosophical point that we all have to consider, is that altruism as a concept is pretty rubbish. altruism is the idea that you should do things that help other people and not feel good about it, like you should just do it because - and you should just do it because - but the idea that you shouldn’t feel good about being nice is rubbish and you know, it’s one of those things that puts too much pressure on people’s mental health. if you do nice things for your friends, if you do nice things for your family, if you are a friendly person out when you’re in public, if you do something to help out charities - then you should feel happy and proud of that. because we’re way too harsh on ourselves, people are really hostile to each other, people are always trying to bring each other down. if you - even if it’s holding a door open for somebody - you should just take a moment to think “and you know what? i like that i was nice to another person”. so don’t let anybody say “don’t feel good about that big sale that you did (for whatever reason)!”
—  @danielhowell via his liveshow 06/06/17
Michael Mell x Chubby!Reader

-Michael is a little chub himself okay, like the boy plays video games all day and eats junk food
-you guys like late night snack runs???? Like you guys can text the other saying your craving something and like Michael will be outside your house in his PT cruiser 5 minutes later
- “babe, I want [insert fave cravin’ here]”
“Look outside”
“Omg mike”
“Get in, loser, we’re goin’ on a snack run”
-sharing each other’s clothes tho, like you’ll steal Michael’s jackets and he probs steals your crazy big sweaters cause you probs like bigger baggier clothing
-so many cuddles
-when I say so many I mean so many you guys latch onto each other whenever you get the chance
-if you like baking or cooking, Michael is d o w n to eat whatever you made because you’re Best Cook TM
-he’ll even buy you an apron that says Kiss the Cook or maybe if you guys have a similar interest like a video game or show he’ll get you an apron that’s has a reference to that
-when you guys have bad days you guys just lay under the covers together and just silently cuddle with small kisses and comforting comments
-you guys are also little shits playing “The Floor is Lava” and that’s literally your workout for the week
-seriously Michael literally did a pull up just to sit on a 10 ft fence because of this game
-he fell but that’s besides the point
-you guys go on walks, it’s relaxing and nice, you guys get to hang out and stay active
-if people make rude comments about you guys’ weight there’s a possibility of y'all getting into a fight or retort with a snarky comment
-“do you really think you can pull off those clothes?”
“Oh no! But I have a boyfriend who can pull these clothes off for me!”
-lots of compliments, smooches, and cuddles between you two, lotsa lovin'

dinosaurswearingdior  asked:

hello fun fact I would read like 50k of your frat au it's fantastic thank you and good night

also follow up: re: frat au: how did sid and geno meet?? <3

And also from other anon: 

Sid meets frat boy geno while he’s wearing the “looking 4 a one night stand” t shirt

Anon 2: 

At my university the Greek life clubs are well known for doing service work outside of their partying so I’d like to think that frat president Geno met Sidney at some kind of volunteer program and falls in love immediately. Cue Geno signing up for all these different service opportunities just to be able to stare at Sid all day

Anon 3:

Okay, but I neeeeed to know how frat!president Geno woos Sid. Like does he meet him in a class freshman year and follow him around like a puppy? Does he see him at the gym sophmore year and get the pledges to help him stalk (benefits of being on the rush committee) Does Sid come as a package deal with the French Canadians and Geno has to prove he’s not just a stereotype to get Sid’s attention? Do their mutual friends scheme? Is Ovi involved? *gasp*

It starts like this: the Rho Epsilon Nu international headquarters requires each member to do at least ten hours of volunteer service each semester, and Geno, the hockey-loving, current VP of Service and President-hopeful, signs them all up to help out in a local youth hockey program.

“It’s so damn early,” Flower moans. “Why are we awake?”

Because apparently children love to be awake at 9 AM to gear up and slip and slide all over the rink like baby penguins. And it’s because the Rhos have been very much lacking in community service hours, and the Greek Life advisor has been on their ass about it since Geno got the position, and he’s sick and tired of being hungover and having to go to the office to discuss what they could do together to help Rho Ep improve when Geno knows fully well that nothing can really be changed until the next rush event when they get new pledges, which isn’t until the following semester.

On an unrelated note, it’s at this very rink where Geno meets the most gorgeous man in the country, possibly the world, in the shape of the head program volunteer. Unfortunately, the most gorgeous man in the world seems to hate Geno on sight. He glances at Geno and the Rhos behind him, at their sweatshirt letters, all sleep-rumpled and looking like they’d had too much to drink last night (not Geno; he knew he didn’t want to die and collapse on kiddies), and gave a very unimpressed and unfairly pretty frown. His nametag says ‘Sidney.’

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First Dates With - G Dragon

Originally posted by julla

  • He’d be shy when he asks you to date him
  • Like really shy
  • It’d be adorable too
  • Like he’d be blushing and looking down at times
  • He’d smile widely after you accepted it
  • All the guys would be watching from a distance too
  • He’d be really nervous before your date too
  • All the guys would pep talk him and he’d get even more nervous
  • He’d try to do the things the guys said as he prepped for your date
  • Only to throw it all away when he saw you
  • He’d gain his confidence as he realized that you can be a dork like him
  • He’d find all the small quirks that you did adorably
  • He’d smile every time you do something small
  • You wouldn’t notice too cause he’d do it when you fold your napkin a certain way
  • Or when you always brush your hair back a certain way
  • Or when you cover your mouth when you laugh
  • You wouldn’t notice but he loves it
  • He’d take you somewhere fun after your dinner date
  • Like an arcade or a carnival
  • Somewhere where he can just be himself and relax
  • It’d be calm and chill, but still fun
  • He’d always be smiling
  • Playful Ji Yong would come out and tease you at times
  • Only for you to either show him up and win at whatever game you’re playing
  • Or his adorableness and your shyness combined would leave you to be a mess
  • And he’d have to help you with the games
  • It’d be so cute
  • Like he’d come up right behind you, his chest right against your back
  • His arms guiding yours
  • And then perfectly scoring
  • Then giving whatever prize you guys won to you, no matter how big or small
  • This smooth mother Hubbard would make you blush like crazy during this
  • He’d drive you home afterward
  • Then he’d walking you to up your apartment door
  • And cute and shy Ji Yong would come out once more
  • He’d look down gaining courage as he looked at your eyes again
  • He’d then ask if you’d like to go on another date
  • And with a smile, you say yes
  • You give him a kiss on his cheek
  • He’d stand there smiling as you shut your door
  • And he’d walk back to his car, the smile still wide on his face
  • His thought would only be of you during his drive home, already planning the next date

[T.O.P vers.] [SOL vers.] [DLITE vers.]

Colin O’Donoghue and Lana Parilla Panel--OUAT Chicago 6/10/17

Originally posted by lanasfeather

[Note:  I made an audio recording of the Colin and Lana panel, the Colin panel, and the Rebecca Mader panel.  The sound quality isn’t at all good, so rather than post it somewhere, I decided to make a transcript.  These transcripts take a while to make, so it’ll probably be another day or two before I finish the Colin panel and the Bex panel.]

Lana:  Welcome to Chicago. [gestures to Colin] For us, to us.  Welcome Colin.

Colin:  Thanks for having me.  Welcome to Chicago.

Lana:  It’s such a pleasure, such an honor to have you here. How’s everyone doing? [crowd cheers]  I see a wicked witch and Robin…

Fans [from crowd]:  I love you! You’re gorgeous!

Lana:  Thank you so much!  Anything else?  [crowd laughs, cheers, starts cheering for Colin] Colin, you’re gorgeous.

Colin:  Thank you.  I know.

Fan [from crowd]: Your accent’s sexy!

Colin: [points at fan]  Thank you very much.  Oh, it’s cosplay day.

Lana:  It is!

Colin:  A lot of great costumes here today.

Lana:  I should have dressed up as you.

Colin:  I should have dressed up as you.

Lana:  So, I’m starting on this side. [To Colin] Am I blocking you?

Colin: No.

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Requested By Anon

Pairings: Loki x Reader

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has invited Sam, Vision, Bruce, Wanda, Scott, T’Challa.

Thor: Greetings my friends. I would like to inform you all of the riveting secret I have uncovered.

Bruce: I did not take you for one to gossip.

Wanda: If it’s a secret, we should not know about it.

T’Challa: Respect peoples privacy, Thor.

Vision: It is most likely something embarrassing, in which case do not inform us about it and tarnish someone’s reputation momentarily.

Scott: If the person wanted us to know, they would have told us, but they didn’t.

Thor: It concerns my brother.

Bruce: Why didn’t you just say so?!

T’Challa: Tell us everything!

Scott: Oh thank god. I really wanted to know the secret but my conscience was getting in the way.


Wanda: Go on.

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the signs as terrible things on tumblr, part 2

Aries: fanartist being sent death threats all because of a fucking genderbend

Taurus: people disliking and harassing Writscrib devs because the new site says you can’t tell others to kill themselves over cartoons + no MAPS allowed

Gemini: the shoplifting “fandom”

Cancer: romanticizing/excusing actual serial killers

Leo: doxxing 

Virgo: that qpp shit 

Libra: romanticizing mental illnesses and spreading the message that it’s ~cool and hip~ to want to kill yourself

Scorpio: bleeding hearts cutting ties with everyone who slightly disagrees with them like it’s no big deal

Sagittarius: whatever the fuck “social justice” has become, also whatever anti sjws are now too

Capricorn: when people chased away the lovely xkit guy back in like 2015, which plunged tumblr into further chaos (i will never forgive this site for that)

Aquarius: people sharing animal videos where the animal is clearly in distress but ofc no one looks stuff up so they don’t know any better

Pisces: people easily accepting the fucking babadook into the lgbt community but still alienating bisexuals and aces

amatterofcomplication  asked:

So i'm not sure if you ship Alex/Lucy specifically, but Alex and Lucy "Hold my beer" Lane at an amusement park and someone makes fun of Lucy's height

Alex ignores the people who run games at the carnival. She always has—all they ever do is either fake compliment you or insult you and all they want is your money. Plus, when they were younger, Kara wanted to play every game, and Alex had to make sure she played exactly no games, because she’d always get too excited—the sort of excited where she’d throw a ring too hard and shatter the bottles she was supposed to be throwing it around.

Alex has always ignored people who run games at the carnival, so it’s easy to do so now, walking hand in hand with Lucy and wondering if she’ll think riding the ferris wheel together is lame.

“Hey there ladies,” a carnie calls. “You know, you could win your girlfriend a teddy bear as big as she is.”

Alex ignores him.

Lucy does not follow Alex’s example.

She whirls around to glare at the guy. “Was that a joke about my height?”

“Um,” the carnie says. “Of course not? We just have really big prizes. Your girlfriend totally looks like she could win one for you.”

“Alex, hold my lemonade.”

“Babe, it’s really not worth it,” Alex says, but she takes Lucy’s lemonade.

It’s the game with the sledgehammer, where you have to hit a target hard enough to made the bell at the top ring, or whatever, and Alex knows Lucy can win. Everyone who knows Lucy knows she can win. But she apparently feels the need to prove herself to a carnie.

She rolls up her sleeves, shoves three dollars into the guy’s hand, and grabs the hammer.

“To get the top prize, you have to make it go all the way—”

Lucy swings before he can finish explaining. The tower lights up to the very top, makes a noise like a cash register opening.

“Yeah,” the carnie says. “All the way there. You win. Any prize you want.”

Lucy smirks. Alex tries not to laugh.

Lucy picks the biggest prize they have—a huge stuffed shark. Then she makes Alex carry it because it’s too big for her.

High School Tips for my American Freshmen

Okay, so you’re about to go into the ninth grade, right, Freshman year? 

Here are some tips for you and it’s a long post. I graduated from high school in 2015, and I WISH someone would have made a post like this for me to see.

Now, I say “American freshmen”, because I know about the American public school experience, I can’t say the same for any other country’s school systems.

Here we go:

- Keep a daily planner and write your assignments down, I know it’s cliched, but trust me, it can help you out.

- bring your phone charger (portable) and headphones.

- don’t send nudes, I don’t care who is asking for them, just don’t send them, I’ve had too many friends get theirs leaked, don’t do it.

- Last one to get pregnant wins, so have safe sex and ALWAYS USE A CONDOM and if the guy says “I don’t like condoms”, “they feel uncomfortable”, “I’m too big for a condom” or whatever, 1) they aren’t worth your time, 2) STDs can stay with you for LIFE and babies can ruin your whole future, and 3) I’ve seen people put condoms on 2 liter bottles of soda, so there’s no such thing as being too big.  

- That senior doesn’t love you and upperclassmen rarely come over just to “chill”. 

- Popularity doesn’t mean shit.

- You will not walk out with the same squad you walked in with.

- 99% of friendships won’t matter after high school, so don’t get yourself down with petty drama.

-If you’re gonna be late to school, eat some breakfast and make it count. 

- Get involved in something, don’t be the person that sits around and does nothing for four years. Lots of extracurricular activity looks good on transcripts.

- You don’t need that big ass backpack with every single piece of school supplies in it. Just get a couple sturdy ass three ring binders (not those pieces of shit that zip up, because they crap out on you halfway through the year), load them up with loose leaf paper, and a couple folders and you’re all set.


- If you carry a handbag, guess what, you’re gonna turn into Mary freaking Poppins, so listen up.
Keep your good school supplies in there and always have extra tampons and shit, because the nurse is stingy af when it comes to giving that stuff away and you usually gotta buy it from them, so just in case you or your friend needs it, carry it.
Also carry around tissues, hand sanitizer, lotion, Carmex (get that brand, it works really well), all sizes of band aids, Tums and Ibuprofen (I know you aren’t allowed to have pills in school, but the nurse can’t give you much in the way of meds, so just carry them and put a cotton ball in the container or carry them along with some tic tacs, that way if a hard ass teacher wants to know why your bag is rattling, pull out them tic tacs and boom, you’re alright). Carry around hard candies or cough drops too, because cold season can be brutal.
Like I said, you’ll be Mary Poppins.

- Work smart, not hard and use your resources. 

- If the teacher is out and the sub work is graded on a curve, you can get the whole class to not do the work, that way you all pass because nobody did anything. 

- Make friends with the crazy weird kids that everyone makes fun of for a few reasons, 1) they are usually pretty cool people, 2) everyone needs friends, and 3) you’ll probably be spared in case they end up having some sort of psychotic break and decide to shoot up the school (I hope that doesn’t happen, but you never know with people these days, especially in America, so stay safe). 

- Always take water to class. 

- Dress in layers or keep a hoodie on you at all times, you never know when you’ll need it.

- Wash your gym uniform every day you have gym or at least once a week and keep lotion, baby wipes, and travel sized deodorant in your gym locker.

- Try to make friends with the teachers, you’ll need them to write letters of recommendation for you for college, so, by all means, kiss ass if you need to.

- Carry an umbrella, even if there’s no chance for rain in the forecast, you’ll need it eventually.

- To my athletes: Buy some odor eaters for your bags or throw in some cheap air fresheners. Yeah you play sports, you don’t need to let the whole damn class know with your smelly duffel bag. 

- Make a lot of friends in your grade and other grades, even when you’re not a freshman, you never know when you’ll need to call in a favor or save someone’s life.  

- Don’t cheat on your S.O., that’s just messed up. 

- If you do need to copy answers, don’t copy verbatim, that makes you look like a dumbass.

- Go to the dances, even if you don’t have a date, they can be fun sometimes

- Leave time for sleep, I know it sounds impossible with all the homework, but trust me, if you don’t sleep, your immune system will weaken and you will get sick and miss school, so a couple missing homeworks here and there are worth it

- email your teachers, blow their inboxes up, they are paid to help you, and if they don’t do their job, go to their boss and show them the emails.

- If a teacher starts saying some crazy shit or bullying a student, take out your phone and press record. 

- don’t be an asshole to your teachers unless they really deserve it. They don’t get paid enough to deal with all your nonsense, so have some empathy. 

- If you need a mental health break, take a day, I know this won’t work for everyone, but if you really need it, go ahead. Your brain can get sick and exhausted just like any other part of your body, so you need to rest it occasionally.

- Learn study tips and stay organized. I know it’s cliched, but it will keep you sane.

- keep a three hole punch in your backpack/binder, you never know when you’ll need it. 

- Eat breakfast as often as you can. I don’t care if it’s saltines and water on the way to the bus, your body can’t function without food.  

- Talk to the counselor about your problems, that’s what they get paid for. 

- SparkNotes, EasyBib, CitationMachine, and Khan Academy will bless your soul. 

- Always carry at least an 8 GB flash drive with you because you need to save your digital work to something.

- Start looking into scholarships now. I know that college is a long way off, but find any and every way to reduce your tuition that you can and take it. 

- Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It took me until college to realize that my own understanding is worth more to me than what anyone else thinks about me.

- Ladies, if some boy is cutting you off in a debate in class, say “excuse you, I wasn’t finished talking”, and continue. Don’t back down.

- Stand up for yourself and for others.  

- don’t take classes because your friends are in that class, because the person you like is in that class, or because the popular kids are in that class, take a class because YOU are interested in the subject matter. YOU are in charge of your future, don’t let some irrelevant stuff change your perspective.

Feel free to add onto this if you want to, but definitely share it.


A little blurb for @yorugami‘s really cool fanart, the Frostiron/American Gods Crossover Series.  If you haven’t seen it, go check it out, it’s amazing.  Also tagging @feelingsinwinter since she was the one I saw asking for a story. :)

“How will your friends have time for me, when they’re so busy fighting you?”

Tony smiled as the metal tip of Loki’s spear hit the arc reactor with a sharp tink.  The smile only grew wider when Loki tried it again, and the power of the spear and the gem inside it dissipated harmlessly.  Tony reached out and took the spear from Loki’s suddenly nerveless fingers, and the look in the sorcerer’s eyes went from smug to confused. “Sorry, Saruman.  You’ve drastically underestimated what you are facing here.” He ran his hands over the spear thoughtfully.  “Did you know that this thing is actually a very complex machine?”

“I don’t understand,” Loki said slowly, narrowing his eyes at Tony.

“Yeah.” Tony finished his examination of Loki’s spear and tossed it back to Loki.  He went back to the bar to pick up his glass of whiskey. “How can I explain this,” he said musingly, tapping his finger on his glass as he took a sip.  “Well, the short answer is, you’re not the only god in this room.”

“You’re mad,” Loki said when he saw that Tony was serious.

Tony barked out a laugh.  “You’re not the first to say that, but no.” He walked to the window overlooking New York City and gestured for Loki to join him, which he did after a moment of hesitation.   “The world has changed a lot since the last time you or Thor were here.  Did you know that, in many parts of the world, there are more electronic devices in a given house than people?  Phones, tablets, computers, televisions, DVD players, microwaves…the list goes on and on.  Technology has changed the world, and people love it. And you know, it’s a curious quirk of Earth that that much devotion has power.”  Tony glanced over and smiled at Loki’s look of horrified comprehension.  

“You remember now, don’t you? It’s been a long time for you both, but once upon a time, you and Thor came to Earth and people worshiped you, were devoted to you, and over time you realized that you had powers that you didn’t have before.  Now maybe you didn’t realize what was happening, or maybe you forgot, but either way, you weren’t the first or only gods this planet has created.”   He drained his glass and pressed it between his palms, where it became a cell phone. He hit a couple of buttons on it with his thumb and said, “We’ve got some time before the others arrive. Let’s go take a look at this machine you put on my roof. My roof, of all places!”

He took the stairs two at a time, checking at each floor that Loki was still following him, up to where the device housing the Tesseract was powering up with a vibrating thrum that was more felt than heard.  Tony put his hands in his pocket and circled the machine while Eric Selvig puttered around it, approaching Loki with a fawning look on his face until Loki waved him away.  “Why are you telling me this?” Loki said, raising his voice to be heard over the muted roar of the city and the sound of the device.

“Well, first, the way you came to my planet, kicking up a fuss, blowing up one of my favorite children, I figured that maybe this guy didn’t know that this place doesn’t belong to his kind anymore.  Maybe I’ll give him a chance to make it right,” he answered, giving him a significant look, complete with raised eyebrows, then looking at the device as it continued to gain power.  In a few minutes it would reach critical mass, and the portal would open to the army waiting on the other side.  “Second, have you ever heard the saying, ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’?”

Now Tony had to laugh because Loki’s look of suspicion had become astonishment. “You are suggesting an alliance?” Loki said incredulously.

“Sure,” Tony said with a shrug. “Why not?  To put it a different way, I am the god of the technology we understand, and you are the god of the technology we don’t.  I feel like it’s a natural alliance.”  Suddenly the device’s thrum became a high pitched whine, and Tony waved a hand at it absently, eyes and arc reactor glowing briefly as he powered down the machine, until even the Tesseract was deactivated and became a dull, lifeless blue.  “Whatever you’re running from, I can protect you.”

“I doubt that,” Loki said, but he made no move to reactivate the machine, even as Eric watched him with nervous astonishment, wringing his hands but hanging back, instinctively realizing he was outmatched.

“Yeah? Let me guess, do these big bad guys have spaceships? Fancy laser guns? Would you say they are pretty technologically advanced?” Tony smirked and rocked back on his heels.  “If they come here, they will be on my turf, which means all of their technology will answer to me.  So what do you say?”

Loki stared at him for so long that Tony pulled his cell phone back out of his pocket to check the time.  At the edge of the horizon a small dot could be seen, rapidly resolving itself into a quinjet.  “Very well,” Loki said finally. “I am interested in seeing how this…alliance turns out.”

“Great! Now you definitely should have a drink.  Maybe after my friends get here.”  He smiled at Loki and turned to the quinjet, waving them to the side for a place to land.  “Just don’t tell them, yeah? They don’t know about the whole god thing. I feel like it would freak them out.”

Versace on the floor (Pt. 5)

Jimin x you

“After the party at royal heir Park Jimin’s manor, you have realized that thinking you can overcome the gap between you was stupid. Jimin is headset on proving otherwise.”

Pt. 5/5, final, rated M for my oh my, finally 

“Make love burnin’
Love how you keep me hurting
So be mean to me
Would you promise that you’ll always be mean to me?”

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