like 'ugh you jerk'

Au where Sam signs up as camp councilor at a summer camp in the woods pretty much entirely so that he can keep an eye on Kaelynn because she wanted to go so badly. He ends up falling for Peter who is also a councilor despite the fact that he’s probably the most annoying person Sam has ever met. He’s a know it all, and was totally unbearable especially when they were in training, but the more he spends time with him, the harder Sam falls.

More below the cut because I have ideas but I’m not in the mood at all to do any actual writing, so you get headcanon rambles instead.

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A Birthday Poem for Satoru

Ahem *clears throat*

S is for your sadist ways that drive me up the wall

A is for your asshole smirk that truly does appall

T is for the trust issues you use as your excuse

O is for the “Oh, hell no!” I scream at your abuse

R is for the rotten way you treat our sweet Meguru

U is for the “UGH!” I feel BECAUSE I STILL LIKE YOU


Happy freakin’ birthday, jerk! (⊃‿⊂)

For a more sympathetic view of Mr. Kamagari, check out my fic “Not in Love”.