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The power of psychology will bring a breath of fresh air to the legal system.

This took forever  (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

But it was worth it! She’s finished and ready to shine in the spotlight!

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I wasn’t worried about my hair at all. I don’t care what I look like; it’s how people think of me. And I do care how people think of me. I want people to say, ‘Oh, she’s nice,’ rather than, ‘Oh, she’s so pretty’. Yes, it’s hard for anybody to go through something like that, but it’s harder for someone to go through a disease like alopecia or cancer, losing their hair without any choice.

[Full Quotes Regarding Irene]

“Oh the posh boy loves the dominatrix, he’s never knowingly under-clichéd, is he?”

“How does this work? You and the Woman. Do you guys go to a discreet Harvester sometimes? Is there nights of passion in High Wycombe?”

“She’s out there, she likes you, and she’s alive! And do you have the first idea how lucky you are?! Yes she’s a lunatic, she’s a criminal, she’s insanely dangerous. Trust you to fall for a sociopath!” 

“Just text her back. Because High Wycombe is better than you are currently equipped to understand!”

“Just text her, phone her, do something while there’s still a chance, because that chance doesn’t last forever. Trust me, Sherlock, it’s gone before you know it. Before you know it!”

For reference ☺ Plus the confirmation that Irene had always known Sherlock’s birthday whilst not even John did.

*Editing to add (thank you! @francesca-wayland): “People text. Even I text. Her, I mean. Woman. Bad idea. Try not to, but you know, sometimes..”

Sherlock and John (mostly John) microexpressions from TLD

Sherlock: “Drey-cliff House—remember that one, John?”

Sherlock watches John stand up to Culverton’s creepy monologue, John says “No one’s untouchable”: 

End of the creepy monologue scene, Sherlock is looking past Culverton to John. This look to me says “NOW can we get him?”

And John’s face responds, breathing rapidly: “Oh God, yes”:

Sherlock: “We had chips, I think she liked me!”

Mary, on video: “…the man we both love.” 

And lastly, Sherlock finally puts on the deerstalker:

“I wasn’t worried about my hair at all. I don’t care what I look like; it’s how people think of me. And I do care how people think of me. I want people to say, ‘Oh, she’s nice,’ rather than, ‘Oh, she’s so pretty. Yes, it’s hard for anybody to go through something like that, but it’s harder for someone to go through a disease like alopecia or cancer, losing their hair without any choice.”


#shit shit shit shit shit fUCK ok  #do you think she noticed  #ok wang so there’s still time to recover you got this  #come on tHINK you’re the woLF DOG  #omg what if i just pretend like im brushing dirt off my outfit?? perfect  #that’s a totally reasonable reason to be next to her face right  #nice  #oooOOO ill just lean back and look to the side  #bitches love it when you look to the side  #yES oh my god brilliant  #she’ll never suspect a thing  #wang so more like wang sMOOTH amirite  #4th prince of goryeo 1st prince of motherfucking stealth  #and they say wook is the smart one get on my fucking LEVEL  #ok can i look back at hae soo now  #hae soo is so pretty  #i love her so much 


my favorite things: [1/?] favorite actors → millie bobby brown

I wasn’t worried about my hair at all. I don’t care what I look like; it’s how people think of me. And I do care how people think of me. I want people to say, ‘Oh, she’s nice,’ rather than, ‘Oh, she’s so pretty,’ Yes, it’s hard for anybody to go through something like that, but it’s harder for someone to go through a disease like alopecia or cancer, losing their hair without any choice.

Jackson As Your Boyfriend

A/N: I’m doing this for Got7 too, request who I should do next :)

  • Would definitely act all confident when asking you out.
  • But on the inside he’s super nervous like ‘oh shit what do I do if she says no’.
  • And when you say yes he gets super giggly as always.
  • So many giggles, like SO. MANY. GIGGLES.
  • Staring at your butt while you’re looking away and if you catch him doing it he’s like “You can stare at my butt too, so we’re even.”
  • Boy just really likes your butt let him live.
  • Which means he’d squeeze it a lot. If you’re cooking, he’ll come stand beside you and okay there’s a hand resting on your butt now that’s cool.
  • “Do I look good, Y/N?”
  • “Yeah, sure you do.”
  • “Y/N-aaaaah please, this is an important matter!!”
  • Corny jokes that you roll your eyes at.
  • Surprisingly little skinship in public.
  • But in crowds or around other boys, oh man he’d pull you close and hold your waist so tight.
  • He’d never hold your hand, only your waist.
  • Winking at you from across the room and it ending in the two of you having a sexual staring contest.
  • So much teASING.
  • Sex with Jackson… Would be exactly how you think it would be.
  • That means really really good.
  • Hanging out at the dorm a lot because Jackson is the biggest Got7 fanboy and needs to be around them.
  • Jackson then getting jealous if you sit too close to Mark.
  • Or compliment Yugyeom’s dancing.
  • Or Bambam’s fashion sense.
  • Jealous and whiney Jackson dragging you home and placing you on his lap on the couch, wrapping his arms around you.
  • “Jackson, what’s gotten into-“
  • “Huush be quiet and cuddle ME.”
  • “Oh – oh okay I get it.”
  • “Shut up.”
  • Kisses are always very longing and lingering.
  • You can never get a kiss shorter than 3 seconds noPE NOT WITH JACKSON.
  • Most kisses ending in makeout sessions, like you’re reading a book and he kisses you and slowly removes the book from your hands, okay then The Great Gatsby can wait, you know how it ends anyways.
  • Him scooping you into his jacket when it’s cold, stroking your back while doing so.
  • Lip bites followed by giggles when he’s feeling it ya know what I mean.
  • And you just laugh because Jackson you’re a grown up why does it makE YOU GIGGLE SO MUCH.
  • He probably tells you that he loves you once or twice a day.
  • “Are you gonna’ wear that to dinner with my MEMBERS?”
  • “Uhm yeah?”
  • “Uhm noOOo?”
  • “Should I wear something less revealing?”
  • “I love youuu~“
  • And then you wear a dress that is a bit longer but still he can’t contain himself and rubs your thigh under the table god damnit Jackson.
  • But honestly Jackson just loves you so much and he always needs your reassurance that you love him too and he always just wants the best for you and for you to be happy because he’s one of the most kind hearted people in the world.

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Sherlolly is Canon!

After TFP, near Mycroft’s fridge.
Mycroft: She’s not a goldfish you know.
Sherlock: Don’t you think I know that already.
Mycroft: Well, if that’s all, I would like to make a suggestion.
Sherlock: Piss off, Mycroft! She’s mine! I was the one who said I love you. I am the one who loves her, not you!
*Sherlock glares at him*
*Mycroft grins*
*realization dawns on Sherlock, his jaw drops*
Sherlock: Oh Dear Lord!
Mycroft: Yes, indeed.
Me: I told you, Sherlolly is canon!

Alec lightwood imagine

requested by @shawnsbae98:  hey! Can I request an imagine where Maryse doesn’t like y/n so she gets upset and Alec tries to cheer her up?

Yes! I love this idea!


Gif is not mine

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You are my world

Y/n pov:

Y/n was in her room getting dressed because she was going on a mission with Alec and izzy when someone knocked on the door. “Come in!” Y/n shouted and maryse walked in. “Oh, hi maryse. What are you doing here?” Y/n asked and Maryse gave Y/n a nasty look. “I was looking for Alec but i guess he isn’t here so i’m going to go” She said and turned around. “Wait” Y/n said and Maryse turned to face Y/n and raised her brows. “I just um..” Y/n started but Maryse interrupted her. “You…You.. what? so insecure” Maryse said and shook her head. “Why don’t you like me? Is it because i’m with Alec?” Y/n asked without thinking. Maryse laughed. “Sweet child, do you really think Alec loves you? Your beneath him” Maryse said and Y/n was surprised by her words. “That’s a lie” Y/n said and felt her heart beating faster with rage. Maryse walked closer to Y/n. “ You know it deep in your heart, you make him weak! I don’t even understand why you’re still here. You should have died alongside your traitor parents” Maryse said and Y/n felt her eyes tearing up. “My parents were not traitors!” You screamed as Alec walked in through the door. “Whats going on?” Alec said when he saw you crying. You walked passed maryse and Alec and said “Ask your mother” Before you slammed the door behind you.

Alec’s pov : 

“What is she talking about and why was she crying?” Alec asked his mom who put her hand on his shoulder. “She makes you weak Alec, someone needed to help her see that she doesn’t belong here” Maryse said and Alec shrugged her hand away. “What did you say to her?!” Alec said in a harsh voice. “It doesn’t matter. It’s time you see that you really don’t love her” Maryse said and Alec was starting to get really angry now. “Mother, you have no idea what you’re talking about! I love Y/n and i don’t know what your problem is with her but you need to let it go!” Alec said and walked out the door leaving his mother .

Y/n pov:

Y/n was in the training room punching the sack. Her hands started to bleed but she kept on punching. Tears streamed down her cheeks, Y/n was starting to really miss her parents. Alec walked into the training room. “Y/n” Alec said but Y/n ignored him and kept on punching the bag. “Y/N stop, your hurting yourself!” Alec said and walked towards her. “I don’t care!” Y/n shouted and hit harder. Alec took her hands and pulled her away. “Y/n look at me” Alec said, it was almost a whisper. Y/n looked up and met Alec’s eyes before breaking down on the ground crying. Alec crouched next to her and hugged her and Y/n hugged him back so tight that she thought she was going to disappear into him. Alec backed away and tilted her chin up. “Y/n don’t listen to my mother, she is wrong. You don’t make me weak okay, you make me strong, happy. Y/n you have made me into a better person and i love you” Alec said and Y/n looked at him. “I just don’t know what to think, she really got into my head Alec” Y/n said and Alec looked like he was about to cry as well. “Do you love me?” He asked and Y/n looked confused. “Ofcourse you know i do” Y/n said. “Then listen to me, you are the most amazing person i’ve ever met and i won’t let her speak to you like that ever again. You trust me?” Alec said and Y/n nodded and Alec leaned in and pressed a soft kiss against Y/n’s lips. When they pulled away Y/n smiled. “How do you always make me feel better?” Y/n asked and Alec laughed. “I’m just amazing like that. Come on get up” He said and helped her up and looked at Y/n’s knuckles. “You’re bleeding” Alec said with a worried look. “I’m fine, with you i’m fine.” Y/n said and leaned against Alec’s chest and he pulled her tightly against him. “You are my world Y/n. I love you so much” Alec said. “I love you too babe”.Y/n said and then they stood there just holding each other.

I tried something different with the Alec pov. Let me know if you guys want to see more of that!XX

Sherlock: Oh for gods sake, I don’t text her back

John: Why not, you bloody moron?! She’s out there, she likes you, and she’s alive, and do you have the first idea how lucky you are?!!
Yes, she’s a lunatic, she’s a criminal, she’s insanely dangerous, trust you to fall for a sociopath -

This is breaking me right now, John is like “big deal that she’s a sociopath and a lunatic, I fell for one too! But guess what, MINE didn’t like me back, and MINE wasn’t even alive for two years, I didn’t have a chance, you have a chance, go! Out! There! Right! Now!”

No wonder he’s so angry, he’s screaming at himself….

i am so sorry not sorry


Now Percy slams into Jason’s cabin door, then breaks the door down.





Piper pops her head in.









The door flies open and slams on the wall after Annabeth puts it back on.







“well jeez when all of you say it like that it makes me sound annoying”




Everyone screams.



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Imagine being Lestrade’s wife and Sherlock’s sister and when Sherlock comes back from faking his death your husband finds out you knew the whole time.

——— Request for anon ———

“Have you seen your sister yet?” Lestrade asks, breaking the hug with Sherlock as he takes another shaky look at the man before him. It was like seeing a ghost.

“Why?” Sherlock asks, genuine confusion on his face as Greg lets out an annoyed breath.

“Because she doesn’t bloody know you’re not dead, you bastard!”

“Oh, yes, she does,” Sherlock raises a brow, making Lestrade get even more visibly agitated.

“She’s known this whole time?”

“Of course,” Sherlock nods, as if it would be ridiculous to think otherwise. “She is my sister, after all.”


I saw a woman at my work so stunning my jaw actually dropped oh my lord. She was sweet as pie, her figure was to die for, and she was in heels that really showed off her legs I was just in awe, but she also had her daughter with her who I had a conversation with despite her being younger but she asked me if I was ‘like her’. I made a confused face at her before asking what she meant and she’d meant am I biracial like her, I told her yes and she said she wished she had hair like mine because other people made fun of her’s. I told her those people don’t realize how pretty her hair was because they were stupid, I told her how I used to get made fun of for my hair when I was younger too and told about how big my hair just was and how it sat just like her’s. She got super happy about it and said she can’t wait to come back to the store to see me again cuz she was gonna grow it out to be bigger. Her mother told her to go out to the car and when she left the store she grabbed my hands and told me she was happy people like me exist. SO I ALMOST CRIED AT WORK CUZ I HELPED A FELLOW BI-RACIAL GIRL 💗

I hate when I complain about the lack of malec in the books and someone’s like “Oh but there’s malec content in the bane chronicles and on cc’s blog and in born to endless night” like yes Im very aware, but I shouldn’t have to buy extra books and scour the Internet for tiny snippets of these characters that were apparently main characters when it would have been so easy to just include them in the main series. But no, we only got this when casserole realised she could make money off them. I mean we saw every other couples first kiss and nice fluffy moments and how they interact with each other like for fucks sake even Maia and Jordan’s Abusive relationship had more development than theirs and they’re not even in half the books. I mean you can like the books but you have to admit cc greatly neglected her lgbt+ characters and its fricking bullshit how she managed to find a happy ending for everyone but them

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so a friend of mine just got out of a really toxic relationship and she's moving in with me. i've never had a roommate befroe but i offered cause i know she needs someone right now and needs stability. do you know of any spells i could do for like a peaceful home?

Oh, goodness. First of all, good luck. Secondly, yes, here.

This is totally random but

The funniest story I have to tell is about a friend of mine .. her parents got a divorce when she was young and her mom remarried really quickly and she hated the guy for it.

in a fit of teenage angst she yells at the guy “you’re not my real dad” and he snaps “YES I AM!” before looking horrified which later lead to an awkward conversation with her mom that her mom had been cheating on her dad with her new husband and he actually was the father of her baby.

Ok not funny ha ha more funny like “oh my fucking god”


Testing new tees with these goofs >.>