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Ok when I first heard the title Groupie Love I cringed but then when I first heard that initial preview snippet I mistakenly heard the lyric in the prechorus as: “I know what you’re doing / and then offer me” like as if she was speaking as a young woman, a groupie, willingly going up to be offered, ie sacrificed on the altar of male hedonism, superstardom and creative ‘genius’

In my head it was like some psychospiritual metaphor. The chorus melts into like a mantra as she walks up to the groupie altar and she sees it as a beautiful thing, like a service, and an expression of some twisted ‘groupie love’ that really isn’t love at all because of the context of groupie culture with the power and often age dynamics being as they are, it twists up what love is.. She supposes that she knows what he wants (in reality it’s her youth, her naïvete, her disposability) and she declares and repeats and repeats it

a lot of men have written songs about groupies.. like I remember reading about some Spirit song that was about a woman (who turned out to be a groupie) and I thought it was sweet lol and then I looked up who the woman was and it was literally like a 13 year old girl. So there’s the men taking the twisted love behind the scenes in the trashed hotel rooms and tour buses and turning it into the beautiful idealized love in the songs. And then there’s the groupie who both expresses the darkness of but also idealizes this kind of vampirism. It’s sort of the response track to the ‘groupie love’ tracks that rock bands have written in the past. Which is all moot because that’s not what the lyric ended up being but still

I mean clearly the interpretation is still there but without that explicit cultish religious symbolism .. a framing which I feel would have been very her

most small scale food infrastructure (package sizes in stores, fridges, pots, etc) is made for families of 4-5. if you’re not a family of 4-5 but, for example, a large group house where everyone is responsible for their own food, you’ve probably run into some issues regarding this. to make food more convenient, it helps to gather the best approximation of a family of 4-5 (or more, that doesn’t really cause problems) you can and/or cook like five portions at once and freeze it

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At this point in time I send this to you at midnight. My brain feels weird. I'm the anon who asked about potions and stuff. Do you ever wonder WHY the Caelum royal bloodline wears black? It's quite interesting because Lucis almost sounds like Lucifer. And if I remember correctly, before Nyx put on the ring, the kings weren't exactly kind. Maybe they worshipped the devil or some kind of demon and turned it into a religion? What do you think? My creative mind needs this for fanfiction plz. ;)

Not that far off there, fam!

Versus XIII was supposed to be way darker and more tragic, if you believe it or not. What is probably thousands of shitposts ago, I read this entire dissertation of a thing regarding the game FFXV was supposed to be, and… I can see why some fans were upset and disappointed with the final product if they had their hearts set on that.

Anyway. Yes. The reason why the traveling emo boy band looks like they popped right out of the most stylish early-2000s Hot Topic/Spencer’s Gifts ever with all the skulls n shit is because they revere the goddess of death, Etro. So yes, black is a holy color for them, of course. This was all explained in Versus XIII but Squenix kinda… never followed up on it in XV but left all the symbolism and shit in there, LOL!

Discord group chat

((Okay so I have an idea, in light of discord seeming to get more popular I was thinking of opening a in character chat group, a place where muses can interact together in groups instead of just one on one, there is no plot but maybe we could have events every couple of weeks or rotate events every couple of weeks. 

Please let me know if you are interest, if I get three or more people who are then I will get the chat started.


Updated tutorial? My advise is – use references! All those hands were drawn from the references, photos and life. There’s also loads of useful tutorials on drawing hands that explain how hands work. It’s your job to understand the anatomy and find a way of constructing hands that’s easy for you. And thank you! :)