I want to ask you what your plans for Valentine’s Day are, and if you even have any, but I know that no matter what you say I will be disappointed. Because I want to spend the day with you, and I know that every answer you will come up with will not include me, you, or us.
—  6:53pm thoughts// I want to, but I won’t

Alright. Figured I would join in on this dank meme stuff. I really hope it’s dank enough. Bernie sanders is the great dead pool. Seriously, go see it. Amazing. Hillary is that shitty dead pool from Xmen Origins and Trump is of course the character from the worst super hero movie yet, The Green Lantern. Tied with the terrible Hulk movie though. #follow #followme #like #love #cute #ryanreynolds #deadpool #xmen #greenlantern #marvel #dc #feelthebern #berniesanders #hillaryclinton #donaldtrump #trumpsucks #president

look i mean. im just. saying.

  • mom-and-pop coffee shop probably owned by obi-wan tbh because he just seems the type
  • and then there’s anakin who casually insults customers and is constantly getting distracted but he’s family so Obi-Wan can’t fire him and anyway he is, somehow, popular with the regulars
  • Ahsoka shows up somehow
  • probably Obi-Wan signed Anakin up with a local mentoring group or something without telling him and then wouldn’t let him talk his way out of it so he got stuck with this snippy little kid
  • Obi-Wan invites her to hang around the shop after school, Anakin protests on the grounds that the last thing he needs is Ahsoka around coffee, Anakin is overruled
  • Ahsoka starts working there when she turns sixteen because she likes it and anyway Obi-Wan lets her get away with MURDER
  • mostly to piss off Anakin
  • meanwhile Barriss is the perfectionist anxiety-ridden senior, no social life, pretty much definitely gonna be valedictorian, who brings her textbooks and spends hours in a corner with a large black coffee every day because god forbid she slip below her freaking 5.0 GPA
  • (She just needs somewhere to study for a few hours until her mom picks her up, Luminara worries if she spends all her time holed up at school or in her room)
  • anyway long story short one winter break Barriss comes home and stops in either out of nostalgia or because she genuinely doesn’t know any other coffee shops
  • and Ahsoka is just like
  • fuck