Just like the moon, there are phases when you like someone.

The first phase:

You begin to think about liking this person. You slowly think about them more and more. Before you know it, they’re the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing you think about before going to bed. You think about all the things you would do together. You listen to songs that remind you of that person. Then, you tell all your closest friends about this feeling you have now,

The second phase:

This is the phase where you over think. You were thinking of that person a lot but now you’re just overthinking everything. Your thoughts are now drowned with “what ifs”. You begin to put meaning into everything that, that person did 2 hours ago or even 2 months ago. You feel sad just because you THINK this person does not like you back. You get into some awkward moments. But you really really really like this person still. Like you really really do.

The third phase:

This is the phase where you really can’t take it anymore. All you wanna do is tell this person about your feeling. This though takes a long time. You keep rethinking if you should and this is probably because you’re just scared of the outcome. Every time you wanna tell you get choked up and go “okay, maybe next time I’ll tell him(/her)”. Then, there’s gonna be that one day where those words are at the tip of your tongue and you just really need to tell. Due to adrenaline and the courage you have build up over time, you finally tell.

The fourth phase:

Now, this is the last phase and it all depends on you and whatever happened. You can be lucky and your love is reciprocated. You and that special someone will get closer than ever and everything will fall into place. Or, it all goes the other way. That person might not feel the same way. Now, this all depends on you on how you’re gonna deal with it. You can cry and be all sad, but you should remember that your tears will not change anything. You should remember the ugly truth, you can’t actually make someone love you. You can’t possibly make someone feel something that they wont. So this fourth phase could end with you moving on or you being stuck. 

In my case, we were already close before so I laughed it off and all is good. But for others, you know what? HIS/HER FREAKING LOSS.