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been away from the tumblr phandom for a while now bc it's been pretty toxic, and came back to find that not many people like drawing phil or making artwork for phil bc of how little notes/attn it gets in the phandom in comparison to dan. it's depressing to see that ppl are afraid to even talk or support phil when it doesn't get them attention.

wHEre are you getting this information i??? Like literally ,, no one ?? Does that?? It’s all in your head pal

“Form Voltron !!” 
Well, close enough.

Air Gear crossover 


i need an aggro skating au ???

I just don’t understand...

How people can’t seem to see why Glenn was killed… Like.. Negan literally said “First ones free, I get it.” otherwise he would “Shut that shit down, no exceptions.” 

Ok look.

I understand that Daryl is a fan favorite. I understand that he is like the fandoms pet. And i understand that he the influence he carries.

But I also understand the laws of cause and effect, the fact that show isn’t just like the comics and that Daryl ISN’T a perfect character..

So the fact needs to be stated.

Daryl’s actions led to Glenn’s death. I won’t say that it’s his fault because that is honestly a personal interpretation. But it’s as simple as it gets. If Daryl didn’t have an outburst, What happened would not have happened. Now i understand WHY it happened, because let’s be real, who WOULD’NT  do something like that? 

But the fact still stands that his actions had repercussions.

Don’t Ignore all the good Glenn did and Don’t ignore all the good Daryl has done.

But DON’T ignore what Daryl did either.

Movie witches: “Only ride on your broomstick on the new moon, and never touch the holy ground. If you do, you turn to dust.”

Real witches:“K I’m too lazy to find my car keys so let’s just walk and hope we meet a dog”