An underappreciated side of film!Pippin is that he’s so recklessly compassionate. The other hobbits weigh their decisions *somewhat* carefully, but Pippin’s all “Someone’s sad? I gotta make them happy! Someone’s hurt? I have to help them!”

 He never even stops to think about it, which is obviously heartwarming but also obviously gets him into trouble

He finds out Denethor is Boromir’s grieving father and like instantly swears to serve him to atone for his son’s death. He meets Faramir and about ten seconds later is reassuring him that “you have strength too, of a different kind, and one day your father will see it.” He sees Merry is injured, and desperately tries to get literal uruk-hai monster murder-captors to feel enough compassion to help him.  When he sees Frodo is about to leave the Fellowship he immediately rushes out to talk him down, and then seconds later is instantly on board with Merry’s plan to distract the uruk-hai long for Frodo to escape. The moment he realizes Denethor is trying to burn Faramir alive he tries to pull apart the pyre alone, with his bare hands, outnumbered by Denethor and his armed guards, and when he’s tossed aside (because he’s only three feet tall and technically not even an adult) he immediately runs down into a bloody dangerous battle, pushing past wounded men fleeing in the opposite direction, to find help, and so on and so on

 Like Pippin is foolish sometimes. But I feel that a lot of moments that get written off as “foolishness” are just…caring so much that he immediately tries to help without sparing a moment to consider whether the task he’s undertaking is actually possible

Emma Swan, though. Let me tell you what I love about Emma Swan.

I love that we meet her as someone who’s alone and wants to be all cynical and standoffish, but she doesn’t quite manage. She immediately cares about Henry, she doesn’t call the cops, she drives him home.

She’s slow to trust when it comes to her personal relationships, but she always gives people a chance. Not immediately, but she does open up to people, slowly. One step at a time.

She constantly reaches out to people. She wants to help every stranger in need that she meets. She gets it. She knows what it’s like to be alone and vulnerable and desperate, and if she can prevent someone else from going through what she went through, she will.

She gives people chances. Even if they’re villains, even if they’ve done bad things, even if they just shot someone or left her behind bars or fought her. She doesn’t even seem to realise it, but she’s more open-minded and accepting than her parents sometimes.

She’s got a temper, and she’s absolutely ready and willing to get in your face if you annoy her or get in her way, and it doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re the mayor, or the Dark One, or whatever. Emma will find a chainsaw and cut your damn tree down just to make a point.

She’s terrified of believing in something, of trusting again, but she does it anyway. It might take her some time, but she does it. She’s been betrayed and let down and disappointed, she’s had her heart broken, but she hasn’t given up. She might swear that she has, but she hasn’t. She’s still here, ready to believe and trust and love if she’s given a reason. She’s still open to being proven wrong. She wants to be proven wrong.

She’s not afraid to call people out on their wrongs, whether it’s the sheriff, or the mayor, or Captain Hook. Doesn’t matter if you’re the Dark One himself, she doesn’t have time for your shit.

She has a wry sense of humour, sometimes she’s a little cynical and sometimes you can see her inner kid peek through. She can be a little gruff, but then she makes a stupid pun and is so proud of herself for it, or she makes a joke that’s maybe a little rough but you can tell that it’s another way of trying to reach out, make the other person feel better or more comfortable, forge a connection.

She’s not good at that, on a personal level, but she tries. She doesn’t connect with people via earnest, heartfelt confessions or talks. It’s all wry jokes and gruff teasing and the occasional accidental admission, but she tries, and I think she appreciates the hell out of people who see that.

She’s closed off, but she’s not that closed off. She’s introspective and self-aware enough that when Mary Margaret says “there it is”, she doesn’t deny it or get angry, she gives that smiles that people get when you hit the truth, and agrees: “there it is.” She may not be up for long talks about feelings, but she does have them, and she knows it.

Her reaction to everything she went through could have been to close off completely, only look out for herself, and let everyone else do the same. But it wasn’t. She knows that she could, and maybe she even wanted to - “look out for yourself and you’ll never get hurt, right?” - but she didn’t. Because she knows how it feels, and she doesn’t want anyone else to feel that way, so if she can help, she does. If she can offer someone an out, an alternative, a place to belong, she will. And ultimately, despite everything, she still has the courage to believe and take another chance.