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-Best friend

I have a lot of friends that are really dear to me!!! and more than one best friend

My moirail is my bro silver though (i keep forgetting his tumblr, so I’ll link it when he’s online aiushfd)

and my two best friends are Dray and Lit

I love all three of them very much and I hope they stay in my life for a very long time!!!! ;v; Dray and Lit have taught me a lot that I’ve been needing to know for a long time and also help me thorugh the rough times, we’re all big dorks together (though I end up being the silent one ahaha) and I enjoy them being part of my life. <3

As for Silver

Silver and I have known eachother for about 4 to 5 years now and him and I have been best bros from the very beginning, we’ve been in and out of fandoms and we’ve never split up, I love him with all my heart and if anything were to ever happen to him I would make sure to be there for him and help him through his rough times.