hello HELLO!! my name is ELDER CUNNINGHAM!! and we would like to share with you this book of jesus christ!! (hello! hello! dingdong! highho!) just take this book! it’s free! for you! for me! you see, you simply won’t believe how much this book will change this book (hello) change this book will change liiife so you won’t burn in HEELLLLLLOOOOO


||March BPC: Just One Word|| 4. Yourself. So … guess who got to go to a book signing on March 4? That’s right, I did!! It was awesome and she was super great and I loved it and I only had to say one sad word to hear her thoughts about one of my favorites and it was hella good for closure purposes.

Hey all!
So today is my dads birthday and there is also this festival thing and todays the last day. Going to be busy most of today but i’ll be on later tonight. ^^ i will available on discord and skype all day however. Bye for noooow

gUYS! Thank you so muuch for 1.2k! I can’t believe it because I’ve only been apart of the studyblr community since last December so wow guys thank you so much !! Sooo, here is a list of people I love and I think are amazing (okay let’s be real, all of you studyblrs are so amazing I love you all!) and I am kinda friends with some of these people but I would love to be better friends with all of you guys :)))) I LOVE YOU !

That isn’t everyone but maybe I’ll do something else when I reach 1.5k (any ideas?) Thank you everyone again and if there is anyone out there that I missed or just wants to be friends, shoot me a message :)

Kiki ❤

Sherlock sleepily mumble-singing stupid love songs to John when John gets up in the morning and is moving around getting ready, just, a fluff of curls on the pillow and then from somewhere in the covers, “youuuuuu light up my liiife,” but he doesn’t know the words so he just sings like one or two lines over and over, and when John is done getting ready he goes over and lifts away the covers so he can silence the next line with a kiss, and Sherlock lets him, and when John pulls back Sherlock is already asleep again but kinda smiling a little and John just loves him more than John ever thought possible