lyrics - this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race : fall out boy

i aaam an arms dealer
fitti you witha weapons in the form of woOoo00ords
eh don’t redn caaaAAaare which sidah weeeiiins
as long as the room keeps singin that’s just the bidniss i’m iiiiieaAH
i’m not a shulduuuh to crah on
but i digresss
i’m a leedeh maaaan
and tah lihs ah weh are
oh so intricaaaate oh so intricaaAAAaaahaate
i’m a leedeh maaan
and teh lihs ah weh are oh so intricaaate oh so intricaaaAaaaahyeaaaah
i wrote tah gospel on given uUpp
but the real bombshells have already suuuUnnk
ant night weh paintin yoh trash goold
while. you sleep.
crashin nah liek hipsa cause
NO mo like p p p parties
bandwaaag is furm puhleeease caatch anotherrr
i’m a leadeh maaah
and the liiihs ah weve are oh so intricaaate oh so intricaaaaaaahaaddyaaah
i’m a leadeh maah
and the liihs ah weeeh ah oh so intricaaaah oh so intriiiiciiiihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHAAAAAYeAeEAaEAaeAHAhaaeeaaH
all the boys who the dance floor didn’t love
and all the girls who’s lips couldn’t move fast enough
until your luNgs give oout

my two types of g/t ocs

1. these are my ocs theyre cute and fluffy nd take naps together

2. okay so these are my ocs and heres how they die

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hello! do you know any artists similar to sik-k or any songs that are similar to his song alcohol?

His other songs are pretty similar so first of all check all those out
…and then these:

▸ Jay Park - Alone Tonight (Feat. Sik-K)
▸ Crybaby - Paramount
▸ Ian Ka$h - Better Lie (feat. JUSTHIS)
▸ Young Jay - They Know (Don’t Worry About My…)
▸ Reddy - Ocean View
▸ MKIT RAIN - Come Thru
▸ Dome - Pull me (Feat. Blocka)
▸ Hermes X Blocka - Keep Chasin 
▸ Blocka - Go Up
▸ Changmo - Bling!
▸ JayAllday - GODZILLAS (Guerillas Remix)
▸ Jia Lih - Night Riders (feat. Proton & JayAllDay) (Jay is featured so it counts lol)
▸ B-Free - 거짓말 (Lies) (Feat. Justhis)
▸ Bryan Cha$e - Finesse (ft. Okasian & Dok2) 
▸ CA$HPASSION x Dumbfoundead - All In Ft. KOHH (this counts too)
▸ Jay Moon - Ease (Remix)
▸ X.Q - Trinity (Ft. Sillyboot)
▸ Holmes crew - Boomerang / Errday
▸ Panda Gomm - Someday (Feat. 100KGOLD, Osshun Gum) 
▸ Pop Duck X HANZM - Whippin’ (feat. WHO$)
▸ Live - Till I Die
▸ 김승민 (Kim Seungmin) - Don’t Tell Me You Over (Ft. Hash Swan) 
▸ Jayci Yucca - About Time (Feat. Nodsgn) 
▸ Lolly - Girl Yeah I Know (Feat. Kash Bang) 
▸ JUHWI X Kash Bang - BAE

Artists you might like too:
Young Jay
Diamond Cash
규영(Kyu Young)
▸ the Cohort crew

PS. everything linked are Soundcloud links so make sure to check other sites too. 

                                  LITHA (SUMMER SOLSTICE)

                          * Masterpost and helpful information HERE <—*                  
                           DATES: northern hemisphere date is June 21/22
                                     southern hemisphere date is December 21/22
 Also called Midsummer, Vestalia, Whitsuntide, Gathering Day, Summer Solstice, Alban Heffyn and Feill-Sheathain . Keep in mind that pronunciation obviously differs between accents but, these are the most popular.

The word Litha means “gentle or navigable" and represents the relaxing, ebbing and flowing energy of midsummer. This is the longest day of the year, and a time to celebrate the light as well as the nature spirits and energy that has been growing since Yule and has now reached maturity. This day is the most important and powerful day of the year for the Sun God because he is at the very peak of his power. On the other hand, it’s also representing the opposite too, because even though it is the longest day of the year, the days will begin to shorten. This signifies the decline and dying of the Sun God reminding us to prepare for the darkness that is coming but, while he is at his protective peak, we celebrate. We celebrate because he’s reminding us that balance must be found everywhere, nothing can last forever and we must enjoy what we have, while we have it.

Since this sabbat revolves around the sun, you should incorporate flames into your day somehow and since it’s usually super hot during the daytime, it’s nice to just set up a couple candles, allowing them to burn until they die out. The fire represents the sun and reminds us of the strength, power and resiliency of the God. Rituals should be performed at noon, when the sun is highest in the sky. 

Bonfires are usually lit in the evening and just like Beltane, people often make a wish, jump through the flames and then will later spread the ashes in nature as a blessing and to provide fertilization. This is a good time to give offerings to your spirit guides and to faeries or energy beings who live with you or help you out regularly. A nice little gesture like this encourages goodwill, peace and harmony around your home. While you celebrate Litha this year, be aware in every moment that you can and realize that never again, will you be in that same moment again; Embrace being aware and alive. 

The Gods that are associated with Litha are The Sun God, the Oak King, the Holly King, Hur, Gods of power and strength + more, depending on specific path/cultural background The Goddesses that are associated with Litha are Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Venus, Aphrodite, Yemaya, Astarte, Freya, Brigid, Gaia, Hathor, Ishtar + more, depending on specific path/cultural background The Colours of Litha are Green, blue, yellow, gold, white, pink, red and brown. Animals/Beings that correspond with this day are Summer birds, horses, cattle, butterflies, bees, faeries and dragons Essences that are perfect for Litha would be basil, cinnamon, vanilla, myrrh, sandalwood, saffron, frankincense, orange, lavender, rose, lemon and wisteria Stones that pair perfectly with this celebration are lapis lazuli, diamonds, emerald, jade, amethyst, bloodstone, garnet, ruby, onyx, and turquoise Popular things to consume during Litha are pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, poppyseed cakes/muffins/scones/breads, dairy products, peppers, onions, garlic, raisins, spiced Wines, fruit salads, smoked fish and herbal tea. Decorate your Altar with things like midsummer flowers, fruits and vegetables. Acorns, appropriately coloured flowers, candle wheels, brigid's cross and pictures of the sun. You can get oak, birch & fir branches, love amulets, seashells, a sun wheel, fire, circles of stone, a small sun dial, appropriate sigils, blades and bird feathers. The areas you should put thought into during Litha are your faith and the things that inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Litha reminds us that each individual has the power to drive out evil and illness and take control of their lives in order to manifest dreams into reality. This is time to realize what you want in life, what triggers you to fall back and the things that propel you forward. Midsummer is a time to believe in yourself and see that you have potential to be powerful, strong and great just like the Sun. Rituals and areas of Magick work are divination magick related to romance and love, nature spirit/fey communication, planet healing and protection magick. Some fun activities of Litha include leaving offerings to the God, Goddess and other energy spirits, lighting candles and then allowing them to burn out. Sending messages and blessings on a body of water to bring luck and love to whatever may find it, writing out things that no longer serve you and burning them in the flames to signify ‘letting them go’. You can sing and dance around a bonfire, have a picnic, a barbeque, a party and even go out to collect flowers, herbs and fruits of the season. 
                                         video used in .GIF here

Colours | Dathanna


  • YELLOWbuí — [bwee]
  • ORANGE oráiste — [or-aw-stah]
  • RED dearg — [jah-rug]
  • PINKbándearg — [bawn-jah-rug]
  • PURPLEcorcra — [kor-krah]
  • BLUEgorm — [gorem]
  • GREEN glas — [glaws]
  • BROWN donn — [done]
  • GREY liath — [lih-ah]
  • BLACKdubh — [dove]
  • WHITEbán — [bawn]
  • MAROONmarún — [mah-roon]
  • NAVY dúghorm — [doo-gorem]
  • TURQUOISEturcaid — [tor-quid]
  • BEIGEbéas — [bay-aws]
  • CREAM bánbhuí — [bawn-bwee]

rindu adalah perpustakaan langit,
luas kata-kata yang tak pernah kita baca habis.

rindu adalah biji-biji hujan yang habis diuap jarak.

rindu adalah badai yang tak selesai di dada kita masing-masing.

LIH, 10 oktober 2017

Terlalu lucu sekedar memikirkan kembali bagaimana mengakhiri semua yang tak pernah berani kita mulai.
Tolong jawab ini: kau pernah dicintai laki-laki sebodoh dan segigih aku?
—  LIH

Doa Minta Kaya dan Lepas dari Utang


Beberapa do’a berikut bisa diamalkan dan sangat manfaat, berisi permintaan kaya dan lepas dari utang. Namun tentu saja kaya yang penuh berkah, bukan sekedar perbanyak harta. Apalagi hakekat kaya adalah diri yang selalu merasa cukup.

[1] Do’a Meminta Panjang Umur dan Banyak Harta

اللَّهُمَّ أكْثِرْ مَالِي، وَوَلَدِي، وَبَارِكْ لِي فِيمَا أعْطَيْتَنِي وَأطِلْ حَيَاتِي عَلَى طَاعَتِكَ، وَأحْسِنْ عَمَلِي وَاغْفِرْ لِي

Allahumma ak-tsir maalii wa waladii, wa baarik lii fiimaa a’thoitanii wa athil hayaatii ‘ala tho’atik wa ahsin ‘amalii wagh-fir lii

Artinya: Ya Allah perbanyaklah harta dan anakku serta berkahilah karunia yang Engkau beri. Panjangkanlah umurku dalam ketaatan pada-Mu dan baguskanlah amalku serta ampunilah dosa-dosaku.

(HR. Bukhari no. 6334 dan Muslim no. 2480)

[2] Do’a Memohon Kemudahan

اللَّهُمَّ لاَ سَهْلَ إِلاَّ مَا جَعَلْتَهُ سَهْلاً وَأَنْتَ تَجْعَلُ الحَزْنَ إِذَا شِئْتَ سَهْلاً

Allahumma laa sahla illa maa ja’altahu sahlaa, wa anta taj’alul hazna idza syi’ta sahlaa

Artinya: Ya Allah, tidak ada kemudahan kecuali yang Engkau buat mudah. Dan Engkau menjadikan kesedihan (kesulitan), jika Engkau kehendaki pasti akan menjadi mudah

(HR. Ibnu Hibban dalam Shahihnya 3: 255)

[3] Do’a Agar Terlepas dari Sulitnya Utang

اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّى أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنَ الْمَأْثَمِ وَالْمَغْرَمِ

Allahumma inni a’udzu bika minal ma’tsami wal maghrom

Artinya: Ya Allah, aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari berbuat dosa dan sulitnya utang

(HR. Bukhari no. 2397 dan Muslim no. 5)

[4] Do’a Agar Lepas dari Utang Sepenuh Gunung

اللَّهُمَّ اكْفِنِى بِحَلاَلِكَ عَنْ حَرَامِكَ وَأَغْنِنِى بِفَضْلِكَ عَمَّنْ سِوَاكَ

Allahumak-finii bi halaalika ‘an haroomik, wa agh-niniy bi fadhlika ‘amman siwaak

Artinya: Ya Allah cukupkanlah aku dengan yang halal dan jauhkanlah aku dari yang haram, dan cukupkanlah aku dengan karunia-Mu dari bergantung pada selain-Mu.

(HR. Tirmidzi no. 3563, hasan kata Syaikh Al Albani)

[5] Do’a Dipermudah Urusan Dunia dan Akhirat

اللَّهُمَّ أَصْلِحْ لِى دِينِىَ الَّذِى هُوَ عِصْمَةُ أَمْرِى وَأَصْلِحْ لِى دُنْيَاىَ الَّتِى فِيهَا مَعَاشِى وَأَصْلِحْ لِى آخِرَتِى الَّتِى فِيهَا مَعَادِى وَاجْعَلِ الْحَيَاةَ زِيَادَةً لِى فِى كُلِّ خَيْرٍ وَاجْعَلِ الْمَوْتَ رَاحَةً لِى مِنْ كُلِّ شَرٍّ

Alloohumma ashlih lii diiniilladzii huwa ‘ishmatu amrii, wa ashlih lii dun-yaayallatii fiihaa ma’aasyii, wa ash-lih lii aakhirotiillatii fiihaa ma’aadii, waj’alil hayaata ziyaadatan lii fii kulli khoirin, waj’alil mauta roohatan lii min kulli syarrin

Artinya: Ya Allah, perbaikilah bagiku agamaku sebagai benteng urusanku; perbaikilah bagiku duniaku yang menjadi tempat kehidupanku; perbaikilah bagiku akhiratku yang menjadi tempat kembaliku! Jadikanlah -ya Allah- kehidupan ini mempunyai nilai tambah bagiku dalam segala kebaikan dan jadikanlah kematianku sebagai kebebasanku dari segala kejahatan.

(HR. Muslim no. 2720)

Little Spoon

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There are many different versions of Harry. 

Feisty Harry is a sassy, picking it up from band mates and a few fans. Silly Harry is one that sparks when children are around but he is not afraid to show his funny faces or goofiness to anyone. Travel Harry is an adventurous one, making him prime for going out in a different city. 

However out of the several different Harry’s that exist, from time to time you’d see a different one pop only under a new circumstance. This is one of them. 

“Baabe.” He flops back on the bed, “Where you going?” You turn from your position outside the bathroom to his lazy figure, clinging on to the bed sheets and your pillow, as if trying to recreate the feeling of you being there. 

“I have to work Harry,” You giggle at the sight, “you know that.”

He nods, bearing a small pout on his lips. 

“But I don’t want you to leave yet, love! We just woke up ‘nd haven’t even had morning cuddles yet, you can’t cancel morning cuddles.”

You find yourself laughing at the audacity of the man whom you call your boyfriend. Silly man, your silly one.

Biting your lip, you relinquish your early morning routine in replacement of more time spent in bed with Harry. Today’s make up would have to be come tomorrow’s.

“That’s more like it.” He says, drawing your body into his embrace. You assume to your usual position if he was to be the big spoon, his strong arms encompassing your shape, nose nestled into the crook of your neck to give butterfly kisses to the skin. Occasionally his lips would brush against your jaw, other times going to your collarbone.

You always chortle to yourself whenever his hair tickles your ear. Harry laces his fingers with yours and you are complete. 

“I know it’s a bit too early to be askin’ this,“ He mumbles into your skin, “but could I be the lih-uhl spoohn tonight?”

“I’d love to be your big spoon Harry.” You grin. His accent is always thickest in the morning, or when he becomes outrageously angry. The latter you’ve only seen a few times seeing as H is a gentle giant.

“Hm.” He sighs contently. Mornings are only his favourite if he is able to be up against you in peace.

The minutes pass and you soon find yourself in a bit of a panic, for Harry has managed to doze off again and you’ve got to make it to work. Though a massive part of you wants to call in sick and spend the day in bed with him. The clock ticking in the corner of you shared room does not help: It’s 7:52 and you have to make it to work by 8:30.

You lie in a dilemma, a project is due to your boss on Monday but it’s already Thursday and you aren’t finished with it yet. 

“Oh fuck it.” You reach for your phone on the nightstand, dialling the number of your boss.

“Hi, erm..” You explain to them your sudden illness. They allow a day extension on the project, being in a somewhat good mood now that the week is almost over. You’re thankful as you hang up and wonder how you didn’t wake up Harry. On occasions he would be a heavy sleeper, if his circumstances were comfortable.

You shut your eyes and relax further into your boyfriend, charging for a day off with him.

“Y/N, aren’t you working today?” Harry shakes you and you groggily groan. It’s now almost 11, you two slept soundly.

“No, I called in sick because I couldn’t be bothered to get up.”

He chuckles, lying back down next to you.

“But I do have some things I need to get finished H.” You admit, craning your head so that you would be facing him.

Groaning, Harry moves his body so that he is resting on your stomach, wrapping his arms around you like you’re a teddy bear.

“We really need to go food shopping, we don’t even have any more butter or eggs.” You laugh. Between your expanding career and Harry’s promo for a new album, neither of you have had the chance to do any grocery shopping.

“Mm, nooo. We’ll do fine without them for a while, I just wanna stay in bed all day,” He tightens his grip around your stomach, glancing up at you through thick eyelids, “wanna be close to you baby.”

You laugh again, coursing your fingers through his hair. 

“We won’t do fine without them if you want to do any cooking or baking anytime soon, H.” He juts his lip out in respond. 

“Please? I already took the day off for you my love, and our dinner can’t really just be olive oil and some stale bread. Besides, I also need to get some,” You pause, “some feminine stuff.”

He snickers, “You can say pads and tampons darling.”

“I know.” You snap jokingly. 

“Now come on, the sooner we get going out over work the sooner we can come back and cuddle together. We can also get lunch on the way.” With a sigh, Harry agrees to let go of the warmth that is your body and comfort of the bed.

Normally, he would let get ready first since you took a bit longer than him to wash up. But as you turn the levers of the shower, Harry is keen to follow you into the bathroom.

“Whatcha doin’ there?” You giggle. 

“I thought we could shower together.” He answers proudly, as if it is the best idea he’s ever had. “Really? Now?” He nods solemnly. 

You sigh, stripping down whilst your boyfriend does the same. The water reaches your desired temperature and you step in, with Harry trailing behind you. Though you’ve been dating for two years, you still feel shy being so bare around him.

Your cheeks redden as Harry kisses the top of your head, reaching for your shampoo. His eyes are on you, but not gazing at you with lust, rather it is love and awe. You’re the most beautiful woman he knows and he wouldn’t dare disrespect your body. 

It’s a routine if he’s in the shower with you, insisting on doing your hair before you condition his. He then would use the shower sponge to soap up your body, taking care in letting his hands roam your body. At times it would lead to something else, but that’s a story of a different time.

“I love you all the time.” He murmurs, pressing wet kisses to your newly soaped skin. You’re melting at the moment, tracing around his soft skin.

The water is soon shut off and you hastily wrap a towel around your body before stepping out of the bathroom, wanting to get into warm clothes immediately.

“Where you going?” Harry calls for the second time today. You left him in the bathroom but only momentarily.

“I was getting clothes?” You cross your eyebrows at his odd question. Where else?

Harry blinks at your figure, “You just went out so quickly I thought I did something.”

Nothing more is said as you dress, shaking away the thought. That was a bit awkward of him to ask, but oh well.


At Tesco’s, Harry holds on to you more than ever. Instead of striding in front of you as he normally would whilst grabbing the side of the cart, he insists on standing next to you with hands held. You two push the trolley together, one hand on grip and the other intertwined. 

You don’t mind at first, seeing as you both walked in with hands held and he wouldn’t want to break the connection. However you find it difficult to venture off for the cereal with him right there, so you decide to pull your hand away in order to get food faster.

“Y/N,” He wears the same face he did earlier this morning, “why’d you let go?”

“To get the eggs..” You tell him, placing the carton in the trolley. You’re a bit puzzled at the question since it is on the same ridiculousness as the one from the bathroom.

“Oh.” He says curtly, but you know he is indirectly waiting for your skin to come back on his.

“Is everything alright?” You ask once back next to him. He nods without any words. 

You are not satisfied with the answer but know it’ll be something to discuss during lunch in a bit and so you wait to question him further there.
Before anything else is said, a couple fans spot you and Harry in the fruit section. 

“H-Hi!” One blurts out. Your boyfriend turns from the strawberries with indecisive face to the younger girls. 

“Hello!” He smiles, setting the fruit down to put all his attention on them. 

Frankly, you’re quite glad that they’ve approached you two as this would be the first contact Harry’s had with other human beings besides you since last night. You feel that things are a bit off today so to have Harry interact with fans makes you gain the relief of normality. 

However, this relief does not last long as regardless of Harry speaking to them, his hand still has not left yours. Normally you two would step off the touching, even if it is something as small as hand holding, in front of them to make them feel more welcome.

The fans see the link and wonder if they’re intruding, to that you reply. The corner of your eye told you Harry was going to say something but you step in.

“No, no! I was actually just going to get some things from a different aisle, I’ll be right back.” You smile, taking your hand away from his. Harry has a small look of defeat seeing you walk away but decides to focus on the fans.

You venture into the feminine needs aisle, collecting all that you required for your upcoming period (sigh) and headed back to your odd-behavioured boyfriend. 

He waves off to the girls before darting his eyes around the room, making you know he’s already looking for you. 

What’s the matter with him? You think to yourself. Why’s he being so clingy? He’s never like this, at home or even when we’re with others.

Things are rung up at the register before you both head to lunch. 

At the table, you realise that the waitress serving you is a fan of Harry. It becomes obvious within the nervousness of her tone and the light in her eyes as she sees him. 

Harry is kind to her of course, but oddly keeping as close to you as possible within sitting. He does not even bother to sit across as usual, insisting on sitting next to you at the table.

Even the waitress furrows her eyebrows as Harry moves the menu and chair from across to next to you, but shrugs along with it anyways. You eye her warily and she throws you a smile.

“Erm.. H?”

“Hm?” He looks at you without a single thing wrong.

“Never mind.” You sigh, opening the menu. 

Harry then proceeds to shower you with compliments before you two talk about random topics. Nevertheless his touchy behaviour still remains in your mind until you must ask.

“Earlier today when I asked you if you were fine, did you mean it when you said you were fine? I mean really, are you doing alright?” You poke once the food is served. 

He looks at you with confusion as if what you’ve just asked is out of sheer irrelevance.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? ’ve got the girl of my dreams next to me.” He smiles at the last part. 

“Yeah that’s what I mean.. you’ve been really touchy all day.. and I don’t know, I just wanted to make sure.”

“I love you, that’s all.” He confirms, turning his head down to his food and you know not to speak of it anymore.  

Maybe you’re just being too much of a skeptic. You think. Maybe.


The rest of the day is spent at home, snuggled within the confines of your couch. You two never quite stood up and away from each other unless it was to go to the bathroom. 

Every once in a while, Harry would kiss the your hand or crinkle his nose into your neck, mumbling about how wonderful you are. Though him following you to the kitchen to watch you get water irked you, the thoughts you had earlier about the way he was acting disappears in his kiss. You pushed away the doubt, trying to accept the extra love.

You figured it was fine for a day, perhaps he was just having another one of those days. 

However once Harry shows himself at your work the next day, the apprehension you held on him being clingy surfaced more prominently than before.

“You’re here..” You speak with less enthusiasm than you intended.

He nods, strolling towards you with a take-out bag in hand. It’s from your favourite restaurant, you raise your eyebrows in question. 

“Thought we could have lunch together.” He communicates as if the idea is something ordinary, though it is not. 

You’re very appreciative of the gesture however it confuses you, Harry is usually never able to visit you at work since the studio is across town from where you are, or promo would take him to odd places. The commute alone to see each other would be worth your entire lunch break and some of his, depending on how much needed to be done. Usually it was a lot, therefore erasing a daytime meet up.

“Oh, erm, that sounds nice.” You smile, sitting in front of him. 

“You should know though that I don’t really have time for the usual half hour break though, darling.” You announce sympathetically. “Not coming in yesterday set me back on the work I have to get done so this’ll have to be a quick one.”

He meets your gaze, “ ’s alright. I don’t mind.” You drop your jaw just a bit in horror. Alright, what the fuck is going on with you Harry.

“But- uhm..” You stutter, not knowing how to respond. You know never to bother him while he’s working, and the same goes for your job.  What either of you do stays in the work place (if not for the occasional song writing at home, that you didn’t mind). 

Harry hums whilst eyeing you, face innocent as ever.  

“It’s just, I dunno, I saw your schedule for today and it seemed like you had a lot to do so I’m wondering how you’ve made time to make it here..?” You say in an attempt to sound the least bit rude. 

He shakes his head, opening the containers of food. 

“I moved some ‘round so that I could get some extra time with you today.”

Your eyebrows crease as his actions are not that of the usual. He’s being awfully adherent to you. Switching his very tight and busy schedule which probably took months for some poor person in management to plan is becoming a bit much. 

Before you say anything, Harry puts his hand in yours. 

“I made sure to have time to pick up this from your favourite restaurant, I hope you’re in the mood for it ‘cause if not that’d be a bit awkward… heh.” He laughs nervously as if it’s only your second date. 

You exhale a big sigh, shutting your eyes for a moment. You don’t want to ruin the lovely gesture he just did nor would you like to make a scene at work. But this would definitely be an at home talk, if you could get him home before you go. 

Fifteen minutes later and the containers are thrown away with the food gone into your bodies. 

“You going to get back to your meetings then?” You ask, rubbing his fingers with rings cool under your touch.

He laughs, “ ’m here for the day, love.”

“T-The rest of the day?” You study the clock, it’s only 1:45 in the afternoon.

“I rescheduled more than one meeting.” He chuckles like you’ve said something daft.

“Oh-oh.. It’s just, erm, like I said I’ve got a lot of work to finish, so..” You trail off hoping he’d get the hint. 

He doesn’t, simply agreeing to the statement.

“And I wanted to be able to concentrate..”

“Won’t even know I’m here darling. Consider me like one of your colleagues.”He takes the book he previously set on your desk.

You swallow a lump, not knowing what more to tell him besides er, well, get out? This is ridiculous. 

“Harry, my love,” You tug him out of his page, though he still wears a smile. 

“I can’t really concentrate with people around.. plus I don’t think it’s professional to keep people’s boyfriends in an office I haven’t been working at for long.“

His face visibly falls and you feel a heart string pulled. You don’t ever like denying him to being around you. 

“Y-You want me to leave?” He asks timidly. As much as you’d love to have him around, you bite your lip and nod slowly. 

He copies your shake of the head and packs the small things he brought; a book, his phone, the take out and his sunnies.  

“ ’m sorry, I didn’t know I was distracting you.” He does not look into your eyes.

“No, no, H. It isn’t that, it’s just..” You stand to peck him, running a hand through his hair.

“I promise I’ll see you at home, okay?” You tell him as if he’s worried, however part of you fears that he is. He shouldn’t be.

Harry nods again a bit sadly, kissing your lips once more. You watch him exit the room, glancing out the window to see him drive off.


At home, you return a bit with butterflies in your stomach. You love Harry, but the extremely clingy version you’ve just witnessed for the past two days is overbearing. 

Despite it taking a bit of hard thinking, you figured out why Harry has been holding on to you like a sloth. 

“H, love, I’m home.” You call out whilst locking the door behind you.

No one answers so you make your way into the kitchen, soon becoming overwhelmed with the sight in front of you.

A table with dinner set, dim lighting and a bouquet of flowers on the counter.

“I’m sorry about intruding at your work today.” Harry snakes his arms around you, whispering the words into your ear.

You did not really expect to come home to this. Nevertheless, your face softens as you turn around to him.

“I think we should talk.” You say gently, sitting in the chairs. 

“Is something wrong?” Harry’s eyes dart around you unsure, causing you to chortle.

“If anything I should be asking you that.” 

His eyebrows cross and you hold his hand once more, rubbing the skin. 

“Listen Haz, I know you’re just like this because tour is soon and you don’t want to let go of me. I see this in the romantic side of you however you’ve been quite if not a bit too clingy for the last thirty six hours and I understand that it’s probably just pre-tour jitters and of being separated. But we won’t be, you must know that, right?” You never break eye contact with him.

“That’s why we have planes, so that I can fly out to see you if I need to feel your skin. That’s why we have phones, so that I can call you at a moments notice if I need to hear your voice. That’s why we’ve got FaceTime, so that anytime I need to see you for anything, I can.

“I know you want to keep our bodies as close as possible before they have to be apart for a while, but you know we’re never too far away from each other, we’ll never be.” 

Harry sighs, squeezing your hand. 

“The first time ‘round that I left for tour, leaving my family was the hardest thing. I could hardly contact them because of time difference or timing itself. Back then I stumbled a bit, I was lost and I didn’t know where to put myself.” He looks away from you.  

“But then.. then I found you and you made me forget that I could be so lost. Everything came together.” He glances up at you with glossy eyes, chortling to himself a bit, “I was in the dark but you reminded me there was dawn.” 

You bite your lip as he continues, “Now I’ve got to be away from that light for months and it won’t even be like last time when you came along.” He peaks up at you again, “I don’t think I can be in the dark again.”

“You won’t be, H.” You tilt his chin to make your eyes meet.

“I’m here now, and I’m not going anywhere. The distance, the distance doesn’t matter because I’m always going to be with you. Maybe not physically, but we’ll make it so that you’re never more than a call away, alright.”

You hold up your phone, “It doesn’t matter the time, if you need me just call me, okay?”

He sniffs a bit, kissing your knuckles. He takes the palm of your hand so that it is holding his cheeks.

“Thank you.”

You lean over, placing a kiss on his forehead. 

“I feel a bit stupid actually, looking back on how I was acting and even admitting all that. I don’t know why I got so emotional about it. I’m sorry.” He chuckles at you with wet cheeks.

With a smile you reply, “Don’t be. I don’t think I could complain about extra cuddles from you.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to come along like last time?”

“I didn’t have a job last time, Harry.” You roll your eyes with a breathy laugh.

“And if anything,” You add, “I should be the clingy one! You’re leaving me in London to go all around the world, again!”

The two of you laugh but he holds his hands up, “Hey, hey. I’m not saying you have to stay here." 

The laughter quiets down as Harry’s eyes bore into yours, which evidently are his favourite to look at. 

“How do you always know what to say?”

"I don’t,” You reply, tucking one of his curls back behind his ear.

“but I know I love you, all the time.”

Harry offers to reheat the food as after the talk it turned cold. But you shake your head.

Come to think of it, the dinner can wait. What you can’t wait to have is already perfect and right in front of you—your little spoon.

I think this is one of my favourites :) I had more to add to this however I feel like H is already clingy enough in this, maybe even a bit too much. I was beginning to get a bit sick lol.

Have you guys ever heard “I Love You All The Time” by Florence + The Machine and The Maccabee’s? It’s such a lovely song, if you haven’t, you should give it a listen, it’s very sweet. 

PLEASE feel free to send me a message or strike up a conversation with me! Tell me what you guys think I should write next! Perhaps a bit of smut? ;) I dunno, I had some ideas. Let me know, I’d love to hear your guys’s opinions. 

Also, I’m wishing luck to whoever has finals coming up. Please remember to rest while studying every once in a while, get enough sleep and eat as well! Don’t forget to take care of yourself as well as your grades. 

Love to you,

Iz xx

Mikołajkowy prompt - Kto jest moim Mikołajem?

Autorka propozycji: smallworldinsideofme

Treść: Harry i Louis są w jednej klasie. H od dłuższego czasu czuje coś do Louisa, jednak ten zachowuję się względem niego jak przyjaciel. Podczas losowania sekretnych mikołajów, H losuje Louisa i postanawia wykorzystać fakt, że są anonimowi. Kupuje szatynowi prezent ;o przez który chce wyrazić do niego swoje prawdziwe uczucia. L jest tym tak zaintrygowany, że postanawia odszukać swojego tajemniczego Mikołaja.

Od Autorki: Nie do końca jest tak, jak w propozycji. Odwróciłam nieco role, sama nie wiem czemu. Jestem z niego nawet zadowolona i mam nadzieję, ze Wy też będziecie. Przepraszam, że musieliście tyle czekać. Miłego czytania! :) xx


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