So I got too lazy to get off the couch today and got stuck watching dancing with the stars. 

While watchingI came up with the idea for my public au that dancing with the stars has a dancing with the nations season and normally the nations dance with one of their civilian dancers but some weeks they have to team up ( which results in double elimination) This is the week that America and England team up their doing the Quickstep.

Like Mother, Like Daughter
  • (when STQR was in Beacon)
  • Raven: Hey. Hey Tai.
  • Taiyang: What is it Raven?
  • Raven: Can you 'sparrow' moment to talk stuff with me.
  • Taiyang: Not if you are going to make shitty puns.
  • Raven: Stop being such an old 'geeser' and ligthen up.
  • Taiyang: ಠ_ಠ God damn it Raven!
  • Raven: You know I am just 'winging' this all.
  • Taiyang: *leaves*
  • ~years later.~
  • 5ish year old Yang: Hey Daddy! Uncle Qrow!
  • Taiyang: Yes Sweetie?
  • Yang: *sticks something onto Qrow* Look! Now he is like 'velcrow'!
  • Taiyang: ಠ_ಠ *under his breath* God damn it Yang.
  • Qrow: *pissing himself from laughing so hard. Leans over and whispers in Tai's ear* She is SO my sister's kid. Good luck buddy.