One Life One Melody


The air that day rippled in and out of a peaceful, fluttering breeze, and a stagnant ether. The sparse, thinned out clouds went about lazily in the sky, sculpting and resculpting ever-transforming pictures in itself. 

A vernal breeze blew through the small layers of hazel-coloured waves, snapping a diminutive girl out of her daydream. She glanced at the opened window behind her; The ligneous shutters were open, leaving the breeze to dance about in the store, playing with the sheer, yellow curtains.

The girl rose to her feet, trembling momentarily before stabilizing herself with her cane, gripping it comfortably as she looked around at her surroundings. 
There were a plethora of flora, incidentally, because it happened to be a Florist’s shop. She gave a steady, yearning glance out of the window at the gorgeous, small city before she began to stagger behind the counter to await for customers.

Rise and Shine Café


March 7th, 1992

Shibuya, Japan

The sound of car horns, blaring chatter, and birds chirping filled the air outside of a new café run by a Ms.Petrillo. She hadn’t many employees as of yet, but they had help wanted signs for chefs, waiters/waitresses, and bus boys.

One of the waitresses, Gloria Edwards, was waiting behind the counter, glancing over at her friend Thalia who was the greeter of the establishment.
The interior of the café was beautiful. Glittering hear and star stringed lights decorated the ceiling as small bright lights hung down from the pale wooden beams.
The tables were sparkling clean menus situated at every one, a shiny ligneous floor covered every inch of the café; pale sheer yellow curtains adorned the windows, pulled back to let the optimal amount of sunlight shine in. 

The exterior looked cute, too. Ann loved flowers, so there were small hedges of flowers at the front of the shop, some bloomed, others were a bit late. A fashionable pink awning hung over the front of the shop right below a large sign that read:
“Rise and Shine Café”