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You know what - I don't like your art style. I freaking LOVE it. Your chibis are my absolute favorite thing ever and I just love it whenever I see you post new art on my dash. <3 <3 <3

Guys I’m like ligit gonna start crying, my week has been super super stressful and next week  isn’t looking any better your comments make me so happy, you don’t even know

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I have a lot of Depressing Caddimoose headcanons and I am ligit in a bet (no money involved) if you will mention one, like Caddy getting sick?

caddimoose headcanons? Sure! Here’s a small list.

  • when caddy gets sick he usually doesn’t tell ian anything about it. he’ll play it off as something small until he becomes too weak to do anything. then ian usually forces him to relax while he takes care of him
  • when ian first moved in with caddy he would have nightmares all the time. the nightmares were also followed by pretty violent sleep walking that sometimes lead to ian trying to fight caddy. even to this day, james still has a scar or two from the earlier days, which ian is always trying to apologize about
  • when ian gets upset or angry with james he will ALWAYS bring up the fact that caddy doesn’t understand what he’s been through. once while they were fighting and ian used that, caddy literally just stopped and refused to make any contact with ian for almost a whole week 

okay those were just a few but eh


Previous part of the convo was him trying to get me to move to kik, and me saying that made no sense. 

This really is one of the most relaxed places I have ever lived. Yes, traffic is bad at times, but there are ways to avoid that. Yes, there is crime, but that’s anywhere you go (and at least some of the things you see here are humorous #floridaman). Um, people… I really don’t think you are going to get away from them. Come talk to me when you have something ligit to bitch about! You have a “great job” and endless beaches to relax on. WTF are you bitching about! And to a total stranger to boot!

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Can I say that this blog is amazing? It has made ligit cry at the AU Jackie created months ago again.

thank you

i’ve been trying to make james as good as i can and with support like this i just feel even more determined to make this blog better.

I realized i am suuuuupppppeeeerrrr shy infront of people that i dont know

i mean like i know you guys, but like i wanted a picture with a girl who was cosplaying as D.VA from overwatch

i was so FUCKING shy i was ligit playing with my scarf.

i was so shy i was almost shaking.