No guys. That picture of Luke has fucked me up. I bet he fucking made that guys life. Luke just wants people to be happy. You want him to kiss your cheek? Cool. Hold your hand and have a meaningful conversation for a moment? Awesome. And he does it with no hesitation. Fuck what it might look like. He just cares about that moment and you and making sure you smile. I’m emotional.








Apparently, this was the guy who was deported for being too handsome.

Suddenly, I understand.

Pretty sure it’s not just women they should have been ‘worried about’ not being able to—what was the wording? Control themselves?

That guy is hot.

I’m straight as an arrow and a Jew and I’d let him do things to me so vile they’d make Moses rise from the dead and punch me in the throat.

At which point, Moses would take a look at that guy and ask to join in.

this post is wild

I’m here for this. 

reblogging again cause i need this

OOC:  This is the mech that got deported off the Nemesis because he was too Fabulous.

It had to be done…


So I got on the phone yesterday with Misha and I the first thing I asked him was if he shipped Destiel.. he said yes.. then hung up.. that was the single greatest moment in my life.

Okay so earlier on Twitter there was a thing going around that if it got to 75,000 times of #bigAreveal being tweeted that we would get a clue or a post of some sort
We got this picture of the girls ^^^^
This is probably the S6 poster thingy but I thought it was weird because if you look closely you can see that Emily’s strings have been cut but the other girls are all still tied up could this mean something like Emily is -A or could it mean she is set free and the other girls aren’t??
and also they are covered in dirt too and the shovel is there again!
It reminds me a lot of the poster from S2 its ligit the same Google it then you can compare but yeah what do you guys think about this??

"…I’m sorry…I..failed..I..I couldn’t save him…I tried.. i really did…I just…just wasn’t fast enough a-and oh gods…the roof caved in a..and the fire…I..I’m so so sorry!" Shiro said between sobs, tears streaming down her face like small slat water rivers.She sunk to her knees in front of Honey Lemon. She was covered in ash and multiple small gashes and burns from having run into the expo fire after Tadashi. ((I hope this is alright? *waves*))


amelia-hurricane-shepherd asked:

Calzona song for this season: When We Were Happy by Rob Giles. "When we were happy like how these pictures show, you were smiling at me like I'd won the war. But the war moved into the bedroom and the kitchen and the doors started slamming. The silence roared. I can't tell you I won't come running if you knock on my door. But don't knock on my door."

Ok but ligit question

Why the fuck do white men who happen to be part of the government think they have aNY jurisdiction over women and their bodies concerning issues like abortion and wage gaps??¿??