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My friend and i ligit held a cursing session in the back of our french class so that we could curse a kid to fail his french exam the other day. We're hoping it works

When I first read this I thought you meant curse words and I was really confused.


i’m laughing so hard because wade scans this huge mansion and the only two people in it are drakken and shego and ligit drakken’s just yelling and shego’s ignoring him and its perfect

and by the time ron gets up there drakkens yelling about shego sleeping around the lab (implying she does it often) and she’s just freakin tanning in the corner

Has Tumblr ever given you an entirely false idea of a show?

For instance, I kept seeing things pop up for lazy town  and the captions, or the way the OPs would take about it I thought Lazy town was about an exhausted single Dad. Robbie, his daughter Stephanie, and Sportacus loved Robbie. Not clear if they were together or not and they were opposites, very energetic vs. just needing a freaking nap and the energetic one entertained the kids/kids so the tired one could sleep. Although some of the info was confusing about how Robbie was always trying to get Sportacus to leave but I always thought it was so cool that a kids show depicted a single gay parent with a partner/husband.

I was wrong…I was very wrong…has Tumblr ever done anything like that to anyone else? I’m pretty sure its doing it to me again about Teen wolf and Stiles/Derek.But it’s hard to know because I thought it was fucking with me about Alec and Magnus off shadow hunters but that ones ligit!

Klance leaks

Anyone with leaks please delete them this is real people with real jobs and lives here think about what your doing.. I will ligit flip if the show is cancelled over a couple of dumb teenagers with no idea what they think there doing. Your blackmail won’t help you. Blackmail is a serious matter and you may get in legal trouble…

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If they wanted to, could the brothers speak each others' font? Can they speak any font they want to? Or are they limited? Can their friends hear the difference? And have they ever switched fonts or spoken in silly accents/fonts for an entire run?

Mmmm yes and no.

Skeletons are usually limited to their own font. But on special occasions, some are able to copy other fonts. So yes. The brothers can copy each others’ font thanks to being twins, but only for a short while and their friends won’t really notice it unless they’re paying really close attention to it.

The only font they can flawlessly use that isn’t their own actually happens to be WingDings. And it’s not because I like the font a whole bunch (I do), but because it’s spoken with various types of clicking and rattling noises. It’s the most classic and old language used by skeletons. Their native language, in a way. A ligit body language.

But yeah they totally went a route speaking in wingdings. They had fun.

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I saw someone else with your owl picture as their icon and I was so confused??? I was ligit like "since when does Reioka post anything about Detective Conan???" And then I realized someone must have stolen your owl picture.

It took me literally three minutes to make in Paint

Why would someone steal an owl made in Microsoft Paint

The MCD/Mystreet fandom insanity

I posted abit about this on twitter but I honestly wanted to just talk about what the hell is going on in the fandom. Now I dont know if this is cause alot of her fans are young like 16 and under compared to me who is 23 and some of my friends with in the fandom who are like 18 or just the fans being insane.

Ingapotato (i believe that is the full user) Just deleted her twitter and Instagram.. Why you may ask? Because she was getting constent and I mean CONSTENT messages, threats and hate mail because she wasn't “drawing enough Aphmau fanart” Like legit people were trying to get her Instagram BANNED because she wasn’t drawing alot of Aphmau. here is a tweet disturbing the situation since Ingas original tweets are gone. This is honestly not only insane but disgusting, Inga drew amazing realistic drawings of the MCD/Mystreet charaters but also of real people like Sky, Ross, Jess and other youtubers.Her style was very pretty and made me happy seeing it all the time. Now I wont, no one will because those “Fans” ruined it for her. Ive also seen people going to an Arists other drawings going “WHERE IS THE APHMAU FANART RAWR” when the artest like Proxy or my friend Mystic does something amazing and i can see the hard work they put into it. They are humans!

Then lets get to the tumblr side (since thats where i see alot of this insanity) MCD and Mystreet has a lot of shipping and so on which is cool. I personally love being able to write alot of different ships and have the creator approve of it But as soon as a ship seems to be a “cannon ship” I see people get constent messages going “HA YOUR SHIP IS SINKING” “HOW DOES IT FEEL THAT TRAVLYN IS SINKING CAUSE OF THIS ONE 2 SECOND CLIP OF LUCINDA SAYING SHE HAS A CRUSH ON TRAVIS” and more crap like that to wonderful people like @sinner-sebby Like honestly your a dick if you go to someones blog just to be an ass. Like look at me I have alot of ships I know will never be cannon but i still love writing them, Travis x Zane, Garroth x Laruance, Garroth x Cadenza, and about a dozen other ones. I still enjoy them even if its not gonna be cannon. Let others enjoy their ships and just bugger off.

The VA’s i feel very sorry for.. I am a beginer myself and Ive already had this and it honestly bothered me alot. When a fan call us by our charater and not our name which in somecases are right on screen (Mine is Axelle on all my accounts) Alot of the VAs for Aph i follow on twitter and instagram and I constently see people calling them “Garroth! Travis! Katelyn!” or in my case having people call me Jessica when my name is right there Axelle. (I do va work for CyanideEpic) Like Patrick (travis’s voice actor) does so much stuff OTHER THEN MCD/MYSTREET he has been in games, animations, videos yet i keep seeing people demanding him to do travis’ voice, same with Andy (Garroths VA) When i go to his streams all i see is “SAY -INSERT SOMTHING GARROTH SAID-” People can not understand we are not out charaters, we are just people who can do a different voice.

And now the part i really hate thinking about.. Fanfiction, as a fanfiction writer myself I love reading fanfictions..But unforchenally looking for MCD/Mystreet fanfiction that is good is insanely difficult to find. To be honest i hate trashing other writers but on Wattpad (i had to look through that site to fine my stolen story a month ago) Ligit all I found were rape storys.. “I love you” then the guy rapes Aphmau like this is fucking disgusting. Whats worse is I know for a fact who writes this stuff are like under 18 cause of the words they use, how poorly written it is and how its pretty much a poorly written porn. Other then me and @undercovermcdfan I have no found a single fanfiction simuler to ours that are focused on love, romance or just silliness. Just poorly written sex, using “love” as an excuse to rape and just disgusting works in general.

I really hope @aphmau adresses some of the issues the fandom is having cause its starting to get out of hand and insane. No i am not blaming her, I am not saying “THESE ARE YOUR FANS YOUR FAULT” I just have hope if she says somthing then it might cool down abit. I am sorry for the rant and mistakes. Its been along day.

The lunar chronicles characters In a nutshell

Cinder: *sarcasm will hit you harder than her cyborg hand* “im a what now?” “Fucking levana” “sTOp”

Kai: *will sasses you into the next planet* “wait what.” Forever lost. “Fucking lunars”. Cinder obsessed

Torin: “why kai” “stfu kai” *100% done with everyone’s shit*

Throne: *ego is bigger than his rampion* everyone: throne no
Throne: throne yes
“annoying you is my part time job besides looking good”

Iko: *ligit everyone reading TLC* *lowkey badass* *cutest robot that ever lived* *forever fangirling* *#1 kai and cinder shipper*

Scarlet: *will shove your head up your ass probably 7 different ways* “grandMOTHER” fuck you and you and not you… nah jk you too" “I’m gonna shoot it” “Wolf????”

Wolf: SCARLET SCARLET SCARLET *can rip your throat out and gargle on your blood but will also watch f.r.i.e.n.d.s with you * *scarlets tomato twin*

Cress: *shy plant* *hacker slave* “Thorne love me”

Levana: “fuck cinder” “fucking kai marry me” *fake beauty 24/7* *language consist of your majesty and you fucking idiot*

Jacin: *walking and talking dick* “sorry you should talk to someone who actually gives a shit” “Winter” *can be related with a glacier*

Dr. Erland: *can be sarcasm twins with cinder* *science talk no one understands* *kill levana squad leader* “wtf cinder”

Winter: *cute but crazy* *secretly smart af* *real life cinnamon roll*
Someone: literally hates her
Winter: FRIEND