i’m laughing so hard because wade scans this huge mansion and the only two people in it are drakken and shego and ligit drakken’s just yelling and shego’s ignoring him and its perfect

and by the time ron gets up there drakkens yelling about shego sleeping around the lab (implying she does it often) and she’s just freakin tanning in the corner

Tbh despite everything I’m ligit excited for these characters, vetra who would do anything to protect family, jaal with his heart on his sleeve and who’s race is all about emotions, drack who has his flipping granddaughter on board, Liam over here with the movie night bullshit (I say lovingly 💕) peebee seeming to be a loner who we will no doubt bring into the fold and show her a family, Cora at a glance seems to solely be professional but obviously cares and of course the Ryder family, just I’m so ready for this group to feel like a true family, something we only saw occasionally in the original trilogy

So it just annoys me that like every scheduled meeting I’ve had with a professor this semester, they’ve been late. And like most of the time not even that late, like 5-10 mins and I have to act cool with it, but I know that if I pulled the same shit they’d be justifiably pretty annoyed


all I have to thank y’all for recently hitting 12k are some tacky sparkly setter icons. i want to make some ligit ones soon when i have more time but for now, thank you all so much for being who you are and for all the support and love!

credit would be appreciated but just know I love y’all. keep sparkling

Omg I was tagged in a thing guys

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Name: Gwyn Nicknames: Salty Bitch, Crazy, Green Zebra, Cray Kray Kabob (don’t fuckin’ ask)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5'1

Orientation: pansexual

Ethnicity: I am ligit the color of cream cheese

Favourite fruit: clementines

Favourite Season: winter

Favourite Book: Skullduggery Pleasant

Favourite Flower: either star jasmine or Christmas cactus

Favourite Scent: books

Favourite Animal: cats and chickens

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: everything besides chai tea is tied

Average sleep hours: 7 on week days, 14 on weekends

Cat or dog person: I like both but cats win

Favourite fictional character: ummm… not Umbridge?

Dream trip: Atlantis (never said it had to be possible)

Blog created: no idea 

Number of followers: last I checked it was 71

What do i post about: basically everything but porn

Do i get asks on a regular basis: I wish

Aesthetic: books, curly hair that gets in everything, glasses, my iPad, black clothes (pretty much all I wear), cool stuffed animals (zombie, Cthulhu, Totoro, etc.), creepy smiles, death glares, more books

Favourite band/artist: does Hamilton count? If not then Green Day

Fictional characters I’d date: does Veronica count? She seems to perfect to be real

Hogwarts house: slytherclaw. I am both. Fight me.

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Not new info I think (My B-Day)

So as many of you already know, it is my birthday today… I was born at 4:30AM (eastern time) and geez man like… I ligit can’t believe, for one, how many of u were so quick to drop an ask or a message to wish me a happy birthday, you don’t know how much that means to me so thank u all so so very much for that… But I cannot tell u my age unless u are a friend or I can tell u privately, So let me just put that there for now… i made a speed draw and a very small, one paged, one panel, comic thing all
In Japenese, but I wrote the English translation there just in case. Anyway, I hope u all have a wonderful day!!!

Shit the Signs Say A Lot

(this is based off of real things i’ve heard the signs say hehe)
Aries: “I ligit dont care”
Taurus: “Well…Maybe they are just having a bad day”
Gemini: “LET ME LIVE”
Cancer: “Oh well ok *kinda whimpers*”
Leo: “Seriously…? You do you, boo”
Virgo: *Laughs hysterically*
Libra: “what an asshole”
Scorpio: “They annoy me so much”
Sag: “awww you’re no fun”
Capricorn: “leave me alone please”
Aquarius: *mixture of hissing, growling, and screaming*
Pisces: “wait tf did she just say?”

Because @1dmademedoit was begging.

Right, so, I ligit went to the very last page in Niall Horan/Harry Styles on AO3 and worked my way back to the beginning. So…here this is. {I MADE THIS BACK IN JULY AND I HAVE NOT UPDATED IT SINCE THEN}

PLEASE NOTE: I have separated the fics into two categories, rated NC-17/M and rated G-T. Those fics containing smut/PWP will have a note saying so. For fics that I am particularly fond of I will make a notation. They are not in any certain order. Please remember these are fics SOLELY from AO3. {SIDE NOTE: Any and all smut is bottom!Niall. If you’re looking for bottom!Harry…you won’t find it here.} I’m also rather picky soooo…



I Want You So Much (But I Hate Your Guts) by siempreniall {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Angry Sex, Blow Job, Barebacking, Orgasm Denial
Summary: Niall doesn’t know what he’s still doing there. This isn’t really how he likes to spend his Sunday nights. He doesn’t want to be yelled at and made to feel guilty for something that happened months ago. All he wants is to leave, really.

{One of my favorites!} Once In Your Life by wearecities (falsetto) {Contains bits of smut} M
Summary: Niall and Harry make a marriage pact.

{super hot. Love this author} Baby You’re a (Porn)Star by trespresh {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Anal Sex, Blowjobs, Slutty!Niall, Riding, Sex Tape
Summary: “Is it weird that I kind of want to watch us having sex?” Niall asks nonchalantly one morning, and Harry chokes on his cereal. “I mean, it’d be hot, right?”

{love this one} Gentle by aguantare M
Tags: Angst, Slash, Sexual Content
Summary: “I’ll be gentle,” the first guy Niall decides to sleep with tells him.

Bottle Blonde by PoisonApple M
Tags: F/F, F/M, Girl!Niall, CisGirl!Niall
Summary: Niall is twelve the first time she dyes her hair blonde…

Trial and Error by strawberryfinn M AU
Tags: Friends to Lovers, Fluff and Angst, Slash, Hurt/Comfort, College/University, First Time
Summary: Niall falls in love five times before he finds the one, and Harry? Well he’s been there all along. Or the one where Harry and Niall are best friends who fall in love.

Bienvenido a Miami by rivers_bend {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Marijuana, Stoned Sex, Rimming, Friendship
Summary: Harry and Niall share a joint and a bed on a yacht off shore while visiting Miami.

We’re All Just Broken Hearts, So it Yours To Mine by explicitones M AU
Tags: High School, Angst, Boys pining, Jealousy, First Time, Public Sex, One Sided Niall/Louis
Summary: In which Niall spends a lot of time pining after Louis, and Harry very patiently waits for him to figure things out. Though, that’s not to say he doesn’t play dirty. Highschool!AU

{very hot read} Underneath Me by leitmotifs {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Fingerfucking, Rough Sex, Overstimulation, Dirty Talk, Multiple Orgasms, PWP, Mild Dub-con
Summary: Harry just really wants to ruin Niall.

Leviticus 18:22 by KelliDiane AU NC-17
Tags: Catholicism, Sex in a Church, Physical Abuse
Summary: Harry is the new kid with a bad attitude and Niall’s the son of priest who’s never even thought about girls- let alone boys. Somehow, they make it work.

Let Me Ruin You by KayleeJohn {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Anal Sex, Alpha!Harry, Omega!Niall, Bathing/Washing, Felching, Knotting, Missionary Position, Punk!Harry, Rimming, Scent Marking, Snowballing, Side Zouis, Mild Dub-con
Summary: Niall is dragged to a party by his friend, Zayn, who is only there to hang out with his ‘not-my’ boyfriend, Louis, and Louis likes to play matchmaker so, naturally, he introduces Niall to his friend, Harry. Or the one where Niall runs into someone from his past and, wow, this is not how he saw his night going at all.

Fine Again by elounarry M {Warning: Contains Non-Con/Rape}
Tags: Mentions of rape/non-con, Sexual Content, Protective Harry
Summary: When Niall gets raped by Justin Bieber he has to work on getting his life back together. Thankfully Harry’s there every step of the way. Except he doesn’t expect it to end the way it does.

My Baby, I’m Afraid I’m Falling For You by smuttythings {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Age Play, Kink Negotiation, Daddy Kink, Developing Relationship, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Barebacking, Dom/Sub Undertones, Spanking, Phone Sex, Kink Exploration, Watersports
Summary: Harry and Niall have a thing. They’re sleeping together and it’s fun and easy and wonderful. Then everything changes because of one word and they have to figure it out together.

(NOTE: You have to have an AO3 account to read this. I do not have the author’s permission to hand it out.) In The Back of The Closet by CerinityKS {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Underwear Kink, Daddy Kink, Shameless Smut, Rimming
Summary: Niall likes wearing women’s underwear, and Harry is more than okay with this.

{A+ smut fic} Pretty in Lace by MemoirsofNarry {SMUT/PWP} NC-17
Tags: Crossdressing Kink, Feminization, Lace Panties, Dirty Talk, Light Angst, Light Dom/Sub, Aftercare
Summary: In which Niall learns that Harry wants him to dress up real pretty for him and it’s weird until Niall finds himself in panties and he kinda likes it.

Any Daddy Would Be Proud to Say I’m His by MemoirsofNarry {SMUT/PWP} NC-17 AU
Tags: Sugar Daddy Harry, Sugar Baby Niall, Light Dom/Sub, Daddy Kink, Feminization, Feminine Niall, Light Angst, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Genderbending
Summary: From the first whiff of the sugar vanilla body lotion on the boys skin and his blue eyes shining in the dim light of the club, Harry knows this boy is his. In which Niall is quite feminine and is Harry’s sugar baby.

(NOTE: You have to have an AO3 account to read this. I do not have the author’s permission to hand it out.) Love Like Whoa by CerinityKS {PWP/SMUT} NC-17
Tags: Light Bondage, Overstimulation, Felching, Dom/Sb Undertones
Summary: Harry just loves teasing Niall and pushing his boundaries, and Niall loves it just as much

Selfish Pain by nuuuge M AU
Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega!Niall, Alpha!Harry
Summary: Prince Niall is the youngest son of King Tomlinson. His older brothers Louis and Liam are Alphas while Niall is an Omega. Everything changes the day King Malik comes for a state visit.

Anticipating The Days Ahead by glamourinthegutters M AU
Tags: Harry is 27, Niall is 17, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Daddy Issues, Mild Sexual Content, Subspace, Underage Relationships
Summary: What he doesn’t suspect is that Niall knows exactly what he’s doing, his actions calculated when he gets up on his tiptoes to reach Harry’s jacket which is slung over his wardrobe door, revealing a pair of pale pink, particularly feminine-looking underwear as his shirt comes up over his hips.

Doubly Blessed by butterflytattoohaz {PWP/SMUT} NC-17
Tags: Double Penetration
Summary: “Lube. We need lots of lube.”

Let’s Spin The World Around by jamesniall {PWP/SMUT} NC-17 AU
Summary: Harry learns spanish thanks to Niall’s dirty talk.     


{love!} A Guide To The Human Mind by orphan_account T AU
Tags: OCD, Mentions of dyslexia, Fluff
Summary:  A super self indulgent fic where Niall has OCD and Harry likes him.

Lost At Home by brokendrums G
Summary:  Harry gets home from tour but feels terrible so he goes and finds Niall to make him feel better.

These Arms Of Mine by brokendrums Strong T
Summary: Companion to Lost At Home but can be read alone. Niall is naturally a touchy feely person - he’s grown up with people comforting him with his hands. A look at how his friendships, especially with Harry and Zayn quickly turn into something more.

{Really, really love this} Ache for Home by Indigotuesday T
Tags: Asexuality, Homophobia, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Cuddling & Snuggling
Summary: Niall is asexual. This changes things, eventually for the better.

And Then One Day by significationary T AU
Tags: Stripper/Exotic Dancer, Stripping
Summary: Harry goes to a strip club and meets someone.

{MY FAVE NARRY FIC} Are You There God? It’s Me, Niall by wendydarling T AU
Tags: Fluff, Angst, Family, Romance, Comedy, Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage, Drama
Summary: Life was perfect for Niall. That is, until he discovers that his classmates in the nursing department have a fanclub dedicated to his husband Harry Styles, an MD student, and that no one knows he’s the one Harry married.

{Really, really love this. Another favorite of mine) Want To Hold You High and Steal Away Your Pain by leitmotifs Strong T AU
Tags: One-sided Louis Tomlinson/Niall Horan, Angst, Self harming behavior, Abusive Relationships (NOT Louis and Niall), Mentions of eating disorder
Summary: (That’s not what the voices say, and Niall loves Louis but best friends are supposed to tell you things like that. Niall nods wordlessly whenever he hears it, but he knows; it’s his fault his parents didn’t love him, it’s his fault he’s never good enough.)

(He thinks there’s some saying that goes, we accept the love we think we deserve.)

(This is a love he knows he deserves.)

Or: Niall and Harry are both a little broken, but somehow fall in love anyway.

Carry You by LonelySparrow G
Tags: Claustrophobia
Summary: Niall gets stuck in a lift, and Harry’s not there to calm him down.

yami-sama  asked:

I am ligit so close to pushing back one or two of my convention cosplays to make a few of your YGO/SU Fusion Characters because they are fantastic and i love them!!!

If I ever see a fusion cosplay of my characters, I’m going to scream. That would be like a high honor to actually see that happen for me XD

But please, if you already planned a lot for a cosplay of something else, don’t let my fusions change that!


Who doesn’t love tiny (adorable) Alycia Debnam-Carey? You should totally watch this if you haven’t, it’s a really good short film called Martha’s New Coat.