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Bucky Got a new arm! He loved it. Buck Light-year to the rescue

Fem!Steve Rogers- vanaethiriel (Me)
Tony Stark- yaaurens

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Whats a Few Lightyears Between Friends

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Prompts: “Okay, but, consider this: I don’t care.”, “Let me get this straight. He told you he loved you and you punch him him in the gut.”, “What hideous sin have you committed lately?”, and “On a scale of one to ten… how illegal do you think doing this is?”

A/N: This one was ridiculously hard for me to write and took my a day longer than I expected. 

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When I was little I always used to hate Sid from Toy Story. As you’re meant to. I mean he tortured and dismembered toys. I just assumed he was the evil villain that is always portrayed.

One day when my brother was 12 we were watching the movie again. He paused it at this line and said
“This is how I know Sid isn’t evil. He is a deeply sad kid who doesn’t know how to be affectionate. For all we know he never got any from his parents. He might be trying to fight mental disorders or learning disabilities that his family haven’t noticed. He clearly wants attention which is why he does these horrible things. This totally innocent line from his dreams show that he actually just wants to be noticed and have the same opportunities as his sister, who I think he is jealous of. He may even be confused about his gender. Sid isn’t evil, he’s misunderstood and alone.”

Never watched it the same way again.


Couple #4 for the Month of Love- Buzz and Woody

The love of two best friends. Woody and buzz have been through so much together. The might be from two different worlds but they prove that anyone can be friends no matter how different they may be. They have stuck together and no matter what obstacle came their way they pulled through. They are always there for eachother as Andy grew up and even when given to Bonnie. Their friendship will go to Infinity and Beyond!