Flufftober Day 18: Eyes

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The eerie sound of footsteps out in the hallway wakes Magnus from a particularly pleasant dream and he sits up slowly, squinting into the pitch black room as his heart begins to race. No one should be able to get in here, especially at this hour. 

He slides out of bed and tiptoes over to his nightstand, pulling out a can of pepper spray and clutching it in his hand. He makes sure the nozzle is facing away from him, then stands beside the door and waits, pressing his lips together as the footsteps come closer. 

The door creaks open slowly, and just as the intruder’s head peeks inside, Magnus sprays. A scream sounds through the room and the intruder stumbles, nearly knocking into the bed frame.

“Magnus, what the fuck! My eyes are burning!” 

Magnus freezes as he registers whose voice it is and he quickly flicks on the lights. He claps a hand over his mouth when he sees Alec standing in the middle of the room, his hands covering his eyes. 

“Oh my god,” Magnus breathes out, rushing over and grabbing Alec’s shoulders. “Come on, I’ll lead you to the bathroom.” 

He rubs at Alec’s back soothingly as he painstakingly flushes his eyes with water, repeating apologies over and over again until Alec finally straightens up and turns the sink off. 

“That really wasn’t the greeting I was expecting,” Alec says, his voice gravelly, and Magnus nearly tears up when he sees how red his boyfriend’s eyes are. 

“I didn’t think you’d be home until tomorrow afternoon,” Magnus says, gently pressing a hand to Alec’s cheek. “Is the irritation still bad? Do you want me to call Catarina? I can get her over here in-”

“Magnus, it’s fine,” Alec says, offering him an equally fond and amused grin. “I’ve been attacked by much worse than pepper spray. Can I ask why you even had it, though?”

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The Last Hours

Lucie Herondale ↠ Impetuous and practical and dreamy

Cordelia Carstairs ↠ Vivid and beautiful and brave

Anna Lightwood ↠ Confident and dapper and powerful

Ariadne Bridgestock ↠ Lovely and delicate and perfect

Grace Blackthorn ↠ Cold and lovely and statuesque

  • Magnus: I'm just going to go get the groceries, I'll be back later
  • Alec: Do you need me to come with you?
  • Magnus: No, I should be fine, I just need to grab-
  • Alec: To help you reach the top shelves?
  • Magnus, smiling slyly: Actually, Alexander, I will need you for that
  • Alec: Wait, really? Normally you hate my height jokes
  • Magnus: Oh, absolutely. It's rude to knock an absolute stranger to the ground and stand on them to reach the shelves. Luckily I know you
  • Alec:
  • Magnus: Come along

 Things are very shitty here in Brazil right now with the possibility of a homophobic, racist, sexist and pro-torture man becoming the next president. As a lgbt girl, I am terrified of what is going to happen, but, boy, seing Martino and Nico falling in love is really giving me hope. Hope that we are gonna make it, no matter what. Hope that someday I will love someone like that without having to worry about the bullshit people like me are going through right now.

Because today I can see that representation fucking matters. Stories like Nico and Marti are important. All lgbt+ stories are important. I have truly been a wreck lately, but I know I need to keep going and fighting. So that is what I will do, just like many others in Brazil and in the whole world.

So, I guess I just wanted to share this here cause there is no one I can confide this to right now. Well, things are shit now, but we have been through worst and we only got out of it stronger. And, in order to keep my hopes up, I just wanted to make a little list of a couple of lgbt+ characters I hold dear to my heart.

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Flufftober Day 19: Past

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Magnus comes home to the odd sight of Alec, Cat and Raphael seated together in the living room.

It’s a strange picture; Alec is on the floor sitting against the armchair while both Cat and Raphael are sitting on the couch.

All three of them seem to freeze in place when they see Magnus looking at them from the doorway.

“Hey,” Cat says with a brilliant smile. One that Magnus knows means she’s been caught doing something she wasn’t meant to.

Hi,” Magnus replies, looking at each of them slowly.

Raphael looks terribly amused though he’s hiding it well, Alec looks like he’s trying not to laugh, and Cat is smiling innocently back at him.

“What are you guys doing?” He asks and Alec actually laughs, apparently unable to stop himself any longer..”

He quickly quiets himself and bites his lip, still smiling.

“Cat and Raphael were telling me about how you got banned from Peru,” he says, looking at Cat as he says it.

Magnus feels his eyes widen and he turns on Cat and Raphael.

“You what?

Raphael just shrugs, seemingly unfazed by Magnus outburst. Cat laughs and raises her eyebrows.

“What? He was curious. Who were we to deprive him of such a great story.”

Magnus glares at his so called friends and turns back to Alec, who is now leaning on his hands and watching the three of them with poorly concealed amusement.

“Whatever they told you, it’s all lies,” he says, throwing another glare over his shoulder at his friends.

Alec laughs and nods, “of course.”

He’s doing that face. All raised eyebrows and wide eyes. Magnus knows he’s lying.

“Liar,” he mutters and moves to sit on the ground next to Alec.

“Traitors, all of you,” he says, and groans when all they do is laugh.

Two can play this game though. Magnus feels his lips quirk up into an evil grin as he turns to Alec delightedly.

“If you liked the Peru story, you’d love to hear about that time in 1877 when Cat-“

He’s cut off when Cat jumps on him and slaps a hand quickly over his mouth.

Raphael rolls his eyes and Alec starts laughing so hard he can’t stop, as Magnus wrestles Cat off of him and mouths a ‘later’ in Alec’s direction.

He loves his friends. Even if they do like to tell embarrassing stories about him.