Golden Lane Estate Car Park by Laura McGregor
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lighttwells  asked:

#4 w/ anyone!! 😌😌

3. Is there anyone you disliked in canon that you like now?

Well, in FEA? Not really. I disliked really only a few people back then and I still dislike them now. I don’t think I’d like to talk to Virion or Gangrel any time soon.

Same goes for all of my canons. I don’t really like people I disliked…

*EDIT* I did the wrong number! Here’s the right one.

Is there anyone I miss and would like to see again?

Ohhhh gods yes.
Sumia, Panne, Flavia, Basilio, Lon'qu, Tae-San, and so many others!

Lightwell House is a minimal home located in London, England, designed by Emergent Design Studios. This unique 19th century Lion House is located in an exclusive Fulham terrace. The main body of the building and its rear wing are carefully extended towards the rear and side in accordance with the historical constraints imposed by its heritage context. Extensive rooflights topping the extensions are utilized to expose newly open, contemporary interiors, capturing abundant natural light and opening carefully sculpted internal openings. An ample basement is connected to the upper levels both visually and physically through light wells, glass floors and staircases, thus opening spaces across levels and creating a flexible and welcoming family home environment.