Shadowhunters: A Summary
  • Lydia:This is my fiancé Alec.
  • Lydia:And this is Alec's boyfriend Jace
  • Lydia:And Jace's girlfriend Clary
  • Lydia:And Clary's boyfriend Simon
  • Lydia:Oh, and Simon's got a slight crush on Jace
  • Lydia:And Clary's girlfriend Izzy
  • Lydia:Izzy's boyfriend Meliorn, oh wait no, Simon.
  • Lydia:Simon's boyfriend Raphael
  • Lydia:Oh and Magnus. Who is also Alec's fiancé.

Pairings when reading the books:

✔️ Clace
✔️ Malec
✔️ Sizzy

Pairings when watching the show:

✔️ Clace
✔️ Sizzy
✔️ Malec
✔️ Jalec
✔️ Climon
✔️ Salec
✔️ Melizzy
✔️ Clizzy
✔️ Jimon
✔️ Clalec (brotp)
✔️ Saphael
✔️ Clagnus
✔️ Lucelyn
✔️ Mizzy
✔️ Lightwell (brotp)
✔️ Lydiasbelle
✔️ Max + Fire

The Branwood/Lightwell Wedding

So guys I was looking the wedding stills and I felt like something was off.

First, they all are weird. Alec looks like he’s dead inside (okay that’s normal lol) but Lydia looks overly happy. She knows that’s a fake wedding, it’s not like she’s marrying the love of her life. Isabelle smiles, why does she smile? She knows her brother is ruining his life. In one still there is Isabelle smiling looking at them. No making sense. Max isn’t there, why should he miss his big bro wedding? And if Hodge is there then they are in the Institute, so what the hell is doing there Simon? First he shouldn’t be able to be there because the Institute is on consecrated ground, they’re in a church, how can a vampire be there? And even if he can be there, for some weird reason, why should he be there anyway? i mean it’s not like he’s friend with Alec or Lydia. And he’s a downwolder and that church is full of Shadowhunters who pretty much hate downwolders. 

So I had a thought. What if these stills are deceiving us? Maybe the wedding doesn’t actually take place. Maybe they found some sort of an escamotage to show us something that’s not real. Plus there are stills of Jace and Clary being somewhere (looks like Idris) to find Ragnor with Magnus, and they’re also at the wedding. The Ragnor thing seems a bit long to be just a 5 minutes scene.

Something is not right in those stills. This is just a theory but still it could make sense.

Please tell me what you think. 

There’s in the books something that can help us figure out this thing?

Shadowhunters fandom

tonight there’s the season finale

Shadowhunters is not gonna come back till 2017

no more Izzy, Alec, Magnus, Lydia, Simon, Clary, Jace, Raphael…

no more Clizzy, Jalec, Lyzzy, Lightwell, Saphael, Climon, Jimon, Clalec…

no more Alec, Jace, Hodge and Luke abs

no more Malec, Sizzy, Clace…

no more Shadowhunters

till next season

I’m not going to let you guys forget that Lydia was literally going to be left at the altar after her previous fiancé who she truly loved died, and her dream job would never be hers after this and she STILL touched Alec’s face, looked him in the eye, and told him something he deserved something she KNEW he had denied himself for his entire life: happiness

what we all need in season 2

– more saphael
– sizzyyyy
– clizzy moments
– lydia and alec becoming brotp af
– some lucelyn cute moments
– maia roberts & jordan kyle
– magnus saying ‘i think of myself as a freewheeling bisexual’
– more max lightwood
– claceeee
– magnus and raphael scenes
– brother zaccaria
– jimon funny moments

  • <p><b>Me:</b> so Lydia and Alec are both being forced into this marriage, and they're going to stop the wedding, and--<p/><b>Shadowhunters:</b> *PLOT TWIST* Alec and Lydia planned the wedding all along and are totally okay with it! Now they're plotting together for world domination!<p/><b>Me:</b> Lolll I should have know better than to think Lydia was going to be forced into anything against her will, haha that would be ridiculous!! Ahahahaa<p/><b>Me:</b> *smirks*<p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> so wait who's gonna stop the wedding then<p/></p>