Shadowhunters: A Summary
  • Lydia: This is my fiancé Alec.
  • Lydia: And this is Alec's boyfriend Jace
  • Lydia: And Jace's girlfriend Clary
  • Lydia: And Clary's boyfriend Simon
  • Lydia: Oh, and Simon's got a slight crush on Jace
  • Lydia: And Clary's girlfriend Izzy
  • Lydia: Izzy's boyfriend Meliorn, oh wait no, Simon.
  • Lydia: Simon's boyfriend Raphael
  • Lydia: Oh and Magnus. Who is also Alec's fiancé.

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Microfic! Pidge and Hunk and a scavenger hunt!

“I can’t read this list at all!” Hunk yelps, waving the scrap of paper anxiously. “How are we even supposed to start doing this?”

“That’s part of the training,” Shiro says. He looks calm, but Hunk is sure he’s smiling behind that leader mask, the jerk. “If you’re on a foreign planet you need to figure out what to do, right?”

Hunk grumbles. When Shiro had mentioned they were doing a new kind of ‘team building exercise’ today, Hunk had assumed it would be some kind of new combat exercise. Shiro was big on those. He hadn’t expected it to be a scavenger hunt of all things. Clearly, Shiro has more of a wicked sense of humor than anyone had anticipated.

“Hand it over,” Pidge says, reaching up for the scrap of paper in Hunk’s hand. She’s on tiptoes just trying to get it, and Hunk obligingly hands it down to his partner. For today’s exercise, Shiro had divided them into the right and left quadrants of Voltron, insisting that it was important to have good coordination between each other to literally coordinate the massive robot down the line.

Pidge snatches the paper as soon as it’s within reach, and glances over briefly at the opposing team, hunching over their assignments protectively. Hunk doesn’t think she has to bother. Lance and Keith are, from the sounds of it, already too busy bickering over their own inability to read their instructions. Hunk barely makes out any of it (“You’re the alien, you read it!” “I’m not an alien, I can’t read it any better than you!”) before Pidge taps him on the arm.

“I got it, let’s go,” she says, gesturing for the door.

“Wait, you know what it says?” Hunk asks incredulously, as he follows.

“It’s Altean, and I can recognize Coran’s handwriting,” Pidge says, grinning competitively. “Shiro must have asked him for help on the instructions. But I’ve been learning Altean, so I can decode it. I’m even used to Coran’s chicken-scratch.” She glances over her shoulder to make sure Keith and Lance aren’t following, and adds in a whisper, “The first item we’re looking for is a five and three-quarters lightwell wrench.”

Hunk lights up. “I’ve got one of those in my work station!” he says, trying to keep his enthusiasm relatively low-volume.

“Great, let’s go then!”

Two vargas later, the two of them stand proudly before Shiro, unloading the assorted items and requirements on their scavenger list. Some of them had actually been quite tricky—like getting Allura’s autograph (while she had been deliberately instructed to avoid them), or a photo of Shiro himself without being noticed (which had taken a team effort of Hunk distracting and Pidge sneaking close enough to get the shot). Other tasks had involved riddles that were a piece of cake to pull apart between their brains, or getting into difficult spaces (the trickiest of which was letting Pidge stand on his shoulders to unscrew an air duct vent, so she could crawl into it and retrieve a worn out filter they’d needed). In retrospect, Shiro had actually designed the challenges really well—the game had been silly, but Hunk can see how these sorts of stealth and problem-solving skills could be applied to actual missions.

“I’d say that’s a solid win, wouldn’t you say?” Pidge says, smug. Hunk glances over at Keith and Lance, and has to agree. Even if they hadn’t gotten every item on the list, they’d certainly beaten the opposing team’s whole three items, and the two of them were still bickering.

“You did a good job,” Shiro says, looking through the spoils. He glances at the perfect profile shot of himself on Pidge’s wrist computer, and nods, clearly impressed. “I didn’t even notice that. Left Team wins—you can be excused from the last exercise today.”

Pidge and Hunk grin in delight, and exchange a truly victorious high five.

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When I was a boy, my grandmother asked me to break a chopstick, which I couldn’t do, but was able to flex enough to get the idea. Then she gave me a bundle, which I couldn’t even bend with both hands. The lesson was that people in cooperation will prevail where a single person will not. Collecting leads to power.

At another time, she put a bean between two pieces of blotter paper, wet them, and put them in the window of her lightwell. Gradually, the bean put out roots, then a stem, and gradually an entire plant. Rising began from something small, and proceeded according to a process that was invisible in the short run, but which grew day by day.

For the Way of Change, how do we use collecting? We gather people, resources, and knowledge. Action depends on collecting what we need to be successful.

That collecting can be dramatic, as when a leader makes an urgent call to action to repel an invading enemy. But it can just as well be subtle and gradual. That bean, for example, was already a collection of DNA and nutrients. Once planted it continued to gather energy, water, and nutrients as it sprouted into a full plant over a long period of time. We may want to rise up—but we must know how to build little by little.

My grandmother’s first lesson was a matter of collecting. Her second lesson showed that it was not just collecting, but direction and patience it if we are to rise.

—  Deng Ming-Dao

2.23.17 (366/366) - Last Light

Well, I made it! I started this project a year ago on my birthday 2.24.16. I took a picture every day for a whole year. I had a lot of fun doing this and I learned a lot. My main goal when I started was to challenge myself to have a daily creative practice. Along the way I also learned a lot about mindfulness, motivation, and I got better at using my cameras. There were many days when I would have never gone out and explored the world if not for this project. I went on walks more and pushed myself to find new ways to see familiar objects. I found beauty or interest in the world every day. There were many days when I felt like giving up but I kept at it and I’m so happy I saw this through to the end. I worried about making this last picture special in some way but in the end I decided to stick with one of my favorite subjects. I want to once again thank all my followers, everyone who commented or liked, and all the amazing creators here on tumblr that have inspired me. Thank you! - Bob

Pairings when reading the books:

✔️ Clace
✔️ Malec
✔️ Sizzy

Pairings when watching the show:

✔️ Clace
✔️ Sizzy
✔️ Malec
✔️ Jalec
✔️ Climon
✔️ Salec
✔️ Melizzy
✔️ Clizzy
✔️ Jimon
✔️ Clalec (brotp)
✔️ Saphael
✔️ Clagnus
✔️ Lucelyn
✔️ Mizzy
✔️ Lightwell (brotp)
✔️ Lydiasbelle
✔️ Max + Fire

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> so Lydia and Alec are both being forced into this marriage, and they're going to stop the wedding, and--<p/><b>Shadowhunters:</b> *PLOT TWIST* Alec and Lydia planned the wedding all along and are totally okay with it! Now they're plotting together for world domination!<p/><b>Me:</b> Lolll I should have know better than to think Lydia was going to be forced into anything against her will, haha that would be ridiculous!! Ahahahaa<p/><b>Me:</b> *smirks*<p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> so wait who's gonna stop the wedding then<p/></p>

» pacify her (clary x alec x lydia) [AU]

what we all need in season 2

– more saphael
– sizzyyyy
– clizzy moments
– lydia and alec becoming brotp af
– some lucelyn cute moments
– maia roberts & jordan kyle
– magnus saying ‘i think of myself as a freewheeling bisexual’
– more max lightwood
– claceeee
– magnus and raphael scenes
– brother zaccaria
– jimon funny moments