lighttwells asked:

#4 w/ anyone!! 😌😌

3. Is there anyone you disliked in canon that you like now?

Well, in FEA? Not really. I disliked really only a few people back then and I still dislike them now. I don’t think I’d like to talk to Virion or Gangrel any time soon.

Same goes for all of my canons. I don’t really like people I disliked…

*EDIT* I did the wrong number! Here’s the right one.

Is there anyone I miss and would like to see again?

Ohhhh gods yes.
Sumia, Panne, Flavia, Basilio, Lon'qu, Tae-San, and so many others!


Luckily Gen was saved by Waylon soon after… well sort of. 

“So there’s a rumor you’re into Environmentalist stuff? You know I wrote a song for the MCL when they were doing those smear ads for Lightwell a couple years back. Some of my best work. Maybe I could show you.”

“Speaking of work I did bring my emt kit if you were interested in that too. I know there’s no hospital here so my training could come in handy.”

“Sorry Braden, kind of talking to Waylon right now but that does sound neat. Maybe later?" 

Installation is complete and just beckoning for your viewing!! See Miramé,Mirate in the UNT Lightwell Gallery through the end of this week! Featuring Diego Romo, Fey Sandoval, and myself. (at UNT College of Visual Arts + Design)