Sublime Lacuna

Recycled plastic jugs, coffee filters, wax, wire mesh, spray-paint

Two story installation in Lightwell Gallery, University of Oklahoma


For my senior capstone exhibition I explored space, color, and materials through large scale installation. I collected and transformed non-traditional art materials, incorporating recycled plastic jugs gathered from the community and donated coffee filters. By using these materials I was interested in creating something beautiful and engaging while shifting perspectives and pushing boundaries that define our ideas and expectations of art. 

Grand Designs-Saturday 27th of June 2015 12:00 AM

Helen Gould and Phil Reddy wanted their Cumbrian home to make the most of the spectacular views, but they also wanted it to be ecologically friendly. Their solution was to build an earth-sheltered home, with most of the house built into the hillside. They used large quantities of concrete and waterproof membranes to protect themselves against leaking, and sank lightwells into the back of the building to provide them with a modicum of light. But would this building survive the climate, and would

from Grand Designs-Saturday 27th of June 2015 12:00 AM
Adventures in Architecture: Giant Pivoting Glass Doors Grace a Mexican Couple's Dreamy Summer Home

All photos courtesy of EDAA via Dezeen

There’s just something about big, pivoting glass doors. First, this Belgian house debuted what its architects are calling the largest such glass doors in the world. Now this Mexican dwelling, a dreamy summer home for a couple in their 60s according to Dezeen, is adding to the long list of lovely glass portals. Set at the foot of the country’s Tepozteco mountain, the two-story abode—dubbed Casa Meztitla—is the work of Mexico City-based firm EDAA, which created the long, low volcanic stone-and-stucco dwelling with the hope that its materials would age naturally and gracefully. Though the exterior is lovely enough, set against its ancient, mountainous backdrop (a popular tourist spot), the interiors also offer plenty of visual deliciousness. Inside, spaces are naturally sun-lit via not only the pivoting glazing, but also a sequence of lightwells and courtyards throughout the house.

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EDAA pairs volcanic stone with pivoting glazing at Casa Meztitla in Mexico [Dezeen]