i had to go change the laundry, the last i’d be doing today.

i went down in the basement. the dryer door was open, clothes hanging out a bit, and a shoe was halfway across the room.

it only dried for 5 minutes.

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What era is feral!adrien set in? I'm curious what kind of clothing Marinette would be typically wearing. Also, does Adrien dress himself in skins since he's like a hairless cat. (I want to draw it)

YOU WANT TO DRAW IT??? OMG??????? <3<3<3 Thank you~~~

Also, thank you for this ask!

To be completely honest, I considered having it in the 1800s because it would be an excuse to imagine Adrien looking dapper in breeches, and Marinette wearing an era dress she would have made and trimmed.

BUT the Feral!Adrien AU will be set in modern day

Marinette wears clothes appropriate for the jungle: light tees and camis to fight the humidity, and polo shirts and pants or shorts in earthy colors. She has sturdy boots, but she has also packed lightweight trekking shoes. (Which comes in handy when she and Adrien run in the jungle!) She understands that earth colors are best when in the jungle, but she manages to use light pinks somehow. She has a red handkerchief around her wrist (for wiping away sweat). She doesn’t always wear her hat, but she has one for practical reasons, and it has her insignia sewn on it.

She of course wears an apron when she cooks. Nothing frilly, something really practical, but with her insignia on it. She also has one with the Tom & Sabine logo on it. She wears it on baking days, or when she’s planning new menus for the camp…or when she’s feeling a little homesick.

As for Adrien… Yes, he does wear a loin cloth. Bby Adrien arrived in the jungle wearing clothes. He outgrows them right around the time he stumbles on the plane wreckage, so he looks for more cloth to use there. He’d seen other humans wearing cloths around their middle, you see, and he agrees that his…uh…human nether parts need protection from jungle fauna. Ahem.

ALSO, being a hairless cat is difficult because Adrien gets really cold. For a while, he manages to keep warm when Plagg flops on top of him. Much later, Plagg steals a pelt from a human village and presents it to Adrien. Adrien loves it–Plagg protests Very Loudly when Adrien tackles him, but secretly the big cat is very pleased with the reaction–and he wears it around his shoulders.

(Plagg still flops on top of Adrien, though.)

(And yes, Marinette makes a scarf for Adrien.)

Gear Recommendations

I need some gear recommendations for this summer. Consider the climate to be very hot and very humid.
Looking for a  good pair of hiking shoes, lightweight pants, and shirts.
Ive got a decent northface pack already but i’m considering other options, like a good backloader in the 35L range. Also looking into a compact camera in the $250~ budget range
I know a lot of y’all have a good bit of adventuring experience, and any input is welcome.



 Boeing has decided to fashion brand new spacesuits for its upcoming crew spaceflight missions. Their goal was to design a new kind of spacesuit for a new kind of astronaut - an astronaut leading the new business of commercial crewed orbital missions.
 Visually, it is immediate that the suits are designed for mobility thanks to the lightness of the materials used. Looking at the suit, it is evident that the suit is much-reduced in terms of its sheer mass compared to prior suits. This was made possible not only by using lighter materials, but by taking out stuff deemed non-essential for EVA activities (spacewalks).
 Some of the broader new features of the spacesuit include touchscreen gloves and lightweight shoes. Looking closer at the design, some of the more subtle changes emphasize the spacesuit’s need for minimalism and functionality: the slack in the rear and at the knees allow astronauts more convenience in their seated position during launch to the zip across the stomach to prevent bunching when bent at the mid-section.

Read more about this fascinating story at:

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1, 4 and 14 with Seungkwan please 😄 ~ Boo Anon

01 “I need you.”

04 “Why are you at my house at 3:00 AM?”

14 “Can I kiss you?”

Seungkwan, I need you.

Text Delivered 2:00 AM. You sat, waiting for a reply. You boyfriend was being an ass again and all you really wanted was to see your best friend so he could make you feel better. You should have expected that he wouldn’t see it, he had a busy schedule and he probably went to bed at nine.

Thirty minutes passed and you couldn’t wait any longer. Pulling on a lightweight jacket and some shoes, you made your way out of your empty apartment, along the dimly lit sidewalks to their dorms. Standing outside the door, you texted the only one you knew who would be up at this hour of the night.

Jihoon… Come let me in please!!

Why are you at my house at 3:00 AM?

The door opened and you looked up from your phone to him. “Boyfriend problems. I need Seungkwan.” You simply stated, walking past him, straight to Seungkwan’s bed where you quietly took off your jacket and shoes before carefully sliding into the bed beside him. Feeling the warmth radiate from his body made you feel happier and you quickly slipped off into a dreamless sleep.

The next morning when you woke up, Seungkwan’s arm was heavily draped over your waist, his face inches from your own, and you couldn’t help but smile as your eyes wandered his delicate features and perfect “flaws”. His eyes opened slowly, smiling at you when he noticed the face in front of him in his half-asleep daze. “Hi, Y/N… When did you get here…” his arms stretched above his head.

“Last night… Around three in the morning… Seungkwan… Can I kiss you?” the question slipped out of your lips before you had time to think and in that split second his head snapped to your direction, a sly smile playing on his lips. “I-I mean… My boyfriend and I, we… We are having trouble. I just want to feel loved and-…” your stuttering was ceased by his lips grazing yours in a passing kiss, and your eyes met again.  

“Leave him and I’ll make a real confession to you.” 

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Men’s Summer Trend: Hawaiian Tees

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