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The Arrangement: Part 7

Title:  The Arrangement: Part 7

Summary:  He’s a mechanic. She’s a lonely woman with more money than she knows what to do with. Fate brings them together and sparks fly. But only for six weeks. That’s the arrangement.

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Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count:  2372

Warnings:  lots of angst; explicit language, explicit sexual content, nsfw,  

Author’s Notes:  This is a multi-part series. Shifts between multiple points of view. There is a NSFW gif beneath the cut.

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RAZIEL + in like a lamb                          CHALLENGE #O22

Forbearance reflecting moderation; building a sense of peaceful stability and harmony rather than conflict, hostility, and antagonism; resolving issues and arguments respectfully, as opposed to resorting to anger and fighting; showing forgiveness and being merciful.

An optimist views the Ascension as a success for, finally, Godhood has been assumed and the civil strife splitting Heaven into two factions over the last eight months has come to an end. A pessimist sees the manifestation of War and knows that it is unlikely that if bitter feelings still linger, the end may yet still be far out of reach. The realist understands that both are possible outcomes and to reach the favorable one, careful navigation is necessary. Shaped into a bitter creature through the ages, forgiveness and mercy are not terms that Raziel is altogether familiar with experiencing. But if he wants to exist into eternity with a thriving Heaven and Earth, a little patience will benefit them all in the long run.

RFA Male!MC Headcannon: Sleeping with them Summer vs. Winter



  • Jumin presses him into his chest. 
  • “You need to know how much you make my heart race” 
  • Male MC holds him closer 
  • The heater lets out a low hum
  • The night smells like a light wafting of cinnamon from their body soap
  • Elizabeth 3rd sleeps peacefully by their feet 
  • Warm cuddles


  • Freaking Let. Go. 
  • Jumin you can’t hug him like that in the Summer
  • Still trying to keep him close but Male MC is pretty much dying. 
  • Even with the A/C Male MC retains too much body heat. 
  • Finally let him go when he started having nightmares
  • Now resorts to at least having their legs tangled together.
  • Keeps water nearby so Jumin can mouth feed him it. 
  • “Sure. Whatever you want” 



  • “We can stick closer together if we’re not wearing any clothes”
  • Two throw blankets made out of Alpaca wool. 
  • Winter themed fuzzy socks
  • That’s it, that’s all they wear
  • Keeps the temp at 71 F jus so they don’t get too hot
  • “You’re logic always astounds me but sure okay.” 


  • “We can stick closer toge-”  “No.” 
  • They share a body pillow
  • They sleep on their respective sides of the bed. 
  • It’s just too hot for any kind of hugging.
  • Wears each others lightweight sweaters though for the smell
  • One long kiss before parting.
  • Male Mc wakes up with Seven holding his waist sometimes. 
  • Seven gets up earlier in the morning this time around anyways. 
  • A kiss to the forehead when he wakes up. Soon it’ll be winter and he can hold him again. 



  • Spooning. 
  • Yoosung always wears cute flannels
  • Nice quality ones, must have gone to Target 
  • Both like noise so the play quiet music in the background. 
  • Game music of course (like P3-mystic :P)  
  • Chest to back is they’re go to sleeping position. With one comforter on them.
  • Their cat sleeps next to Yoosung. 


  • Both just wears basket ball shorts with a t-shirt
  • Both retains too much body heat
  • They hold hands
  • Fall asleep listening to let’s plays 
  • Keeps the A/C on for the extra noise
  • Wakes up holding each other 



  • She always smells like freshly brewed coffee. 
  • He can’t let her go. 
  • She wears soft flannels 
  • He only wears long pants. 
  • They don’t hold each other all night. Eventually she rolls over. 
  • She wakes him up with a freshly brewed cup. 


  • She stills smells like coffee
  • He ain’t lettin go
  • Her body is normally cold so he can keep her close. 
  • Just the bed sheet and that’s it for them 
  • Likes petting her hair as she falls asleep 
  • He wakes up earlier this times of year. 
  • Wakes her up with freshly brewed coffee. 



  • Male Mc lays his head on ZEN’s chest
  • “Shall I sing you a lullaby?”
  • It’s always so comforting. 
  • ZEN draws lazy circles on his back. 
  • They barely move
  • And even when they do they’re holding each other somehow.  


  • Same thing with winter except without shirts on
  • Only one blanket
  • They normally part after falling asleep
  • Then are back together in the middle of the night
  • “My sweet prince, don’t think I’ll ever let you go.” 
  • Mhmm good night. 

Bonus V and Unknown in general


  • Male!MC is still tentative to get close
  • What if doesn’t want that?
  • What if he still hasn’t gotten over the pain? 
  • Suddenly he’s being lightly pulled by the collar of his shirt 
  • He rolls over and feel’s V’s arms around him. 
  • Ah…is this what true happiness feels like? 
  • MaleMC has to keep himself from crying. He finally get’s to be with the one he loves. 


  • I’m sorry. Was there a battle in here? 
  • The bed sheets are always tangled
  • Their legs look like some kind of wizard tied them together 
  • Unknown has MaleMC in some sort of vice grip. 
  • Still MaleMC is holding onto to him. 
  • Like if he let’s go Unknown will be gone.

These are fun! :D  I hope you all enjoyed! They’re (kind of) quick to write up and I like coming up things for my beloved Male Mc. Ahhhh…I wish it were real. 

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whats a good outfit for a concert in the heat

Graphic oversized tee, denim shorts, sneakers, camel fedora hat, ankle boots or 90′s shape mini dress, lightweight sweater wrapped at the waist, all star/vans/ adidas gazelle or metallic silk slip dress, military arm green shirt

anonymous asked:

How can I satisfy my intense craving for pressure? Specifically my upper body (I've always kind of wanted a straitjacket or weighted vest). I can't afford a weighted blanket and I haven't got any pets or humans I can get to lie on me. Baths help (water is heavy) but obviously I can't live in the bath.

Since you enjoy the water, you might see if there is a pool nearby. If where you live is large enough it might even have a disability specific pool or a pool with autism friendly times.

Wearing tight clothes can often simulate pressures - this is my go to, and I constantly wear tight, long sleeve, lightweight sweaters, jeans and leggings that are tight around the thighs, compression socks, compression gloves, etc.

You can also try weighted lap pads, which you can make with a bag of rice from the grocery store. You can do this by taking a king sized pillowcase, putting  5lb bag of rice in it, and basically rolling it up. You can tie a piece a string around it, use velcro, or anything else to keep it closed.

Those are probably your two best low cost options.

- Sam

Rue’s unit, although small, has a dedicated general uniform and are to uphold their appearance. Despite this, the unit is allowed to customize and personalize their uniform.
Generally the issued uniform would be a lightweight flak jacket, grey sweater, two pairs of combat gloves, one being forearm length, the other wrist length.
Either shorts and pants, both built for quick and silent movement. Their boots are standard issue, although if requested they can be without laces.
Their jackets can contain whatever accessories they want or need so long as it maintains some sort of tactical advantage.   Their normal color scheme is black and grey for their night operations.

Your body had never been perfect in your own eyes. You couldn’t help but notice the three distinct rolls that formed in your stomach just as you sat down, your tummy flopping over your jeans; your bra was never loose enough and your shirt wasn’t either. You knew that it was probably all in your head, but you couldn’t help but over analyze everything about yourself. You tried on outfit after outfit, trying not to catch a glimpse of your stretch marks or cellulite in the mirror. You ended up resorting to a pair of leggings and a long, lightweight sweater. You couldn’t help but feel like shit knowing that Luke would look stunning no matter what, his tall, thin frame drawing attention to the already famous boy. You knew that Luke loved you endlessly, every curve and rough edge of your body, but you couldn’t help but let the tears fall as you knew he could do so much better than you. Luke could get with anyone in the world; someone skinny, someone that could wear his clothes, someone that he could literally carry off into the sunset. You didn’t mean to start sobbing and forget to meet Luke in the parking lot of your building, but you did. You were absolutely a wreck, a self-pity party following you like a cloud as you tried to calm yourself down, splashing cold water on your face and attempting deep breaths. Luke let himself into your bathroom, hearing your small cries and deep breaths. “Princess..” He mumbled, wrapping his long arms around your waist. “It’s okay,” you sniffled, trying to smile at the beautiful boy behind you. “No, it’s not.” He frowned, letting you continue to cry. “Why are you here?” Your voice was much softer and sadder than you had wanted it to be, and Luke looked like he was on the verge of tears as well. He didn’t answer your question, just let you get it out, holding you and pressing kisses to your head. “You could do so much better.” You told him, wiping the tears from under your eyes. “Nothing seems to fit quite right, and I swear to god I just keep putting on weight and-” Luke cut you off, shaking his head and smiling at you. “I don’t care if you’re fat. I just want you to be happy, I want you to be in love with me and happy and healthy and that’s all. You could gain a hundred pounds and I’d still love you the same.” Somehow, you knew Luke was being completely honest. He loved you completely and wholeheartedly, no questions asked. “How about we skip our reservations and order you some clothes that you feel good about wearing? Would that make you feel better?” You didn’t give a clear response, just hugged Luke with all of your strength. In Luke’s eyes, you were absolutely flawless. He loved every curve, crease, bump. He would do anything and everything to make you feel beautiful and loved, even if it meant skipping out on a fancy meal and ordering in every once in a while.

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ghostocelot  asked:

Josephine worrying about everyones health when winter comes, getting them all garrish sweaters and baubly knitted hats and fur boots for going outdoors and fluffy slippers for indoors (because how dare they dirty up the floor with their boots! And holy maker Lavellan, aren't your toes cold?!) , and those gloves that are just one finger and a thumb. Leliana takes everything in stride and Bull is really into it for some reason. Dorian secretly likes it but refused to admit it.

The hat had holes for his horns. Holes. For his horns.

It even had handy little buttons so he didn’t have to finagle it around their massive breadth. He just snapped it on in the mornings and, voila! No more cold scalp. He had no idea where it had come from, who had given it to him, but he appreciated them more than he could say. There was a matching scarf, too, and fingerless gloves, all knit from the softest, warmest woolen fibers he’d ever encountered. They were patterned with red made to mimic the geometric vitaar patterns worn by Qunari soldiers, perhaps not entirely accurate, but, damn, did he appreciate the thought.

He wore them shamelessly whenever he stepped outside, and he’d never felt so snug and warm. If only he knew who they were from so he could thank them properly. He didn’t often receive gifts, but when he did, he liked to show his appreciation.

It confounded him for days (several warm, cozy days of bundling up in the mornings and being able to stand the cold for once), and over those few days, he saw others bearing the mystery knitter’s work:

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Consider The Knitted Polo Sweater

For A Dad-core Spring Lewk

A subset of the sorta non-sensical “spring sweater” category, the knitted polo sweater is lightweight, usually banded at the bottom, and has a distinctively retro feel to it. Think vintage kewl Dad or like an off-duty Don Draper to put it in perspective. Aside from its chic throwback appeal, my favorite part about this particular article of clothing is the banded hemline. It will literally give you a waistline and make you appear skinny minnie - oh hayyyyy - and if that doesn’t appeal to you then you’re obviously crazy. And let’s face it, as we lose the ability to add interest to our warmer-ish weather outfits by layering all the clothes, the polo sweater is a unique alternative to the rotation of button downs and tees we’ll be sporting throughout the spring. Thoughts?


Ted Baker (Similar) Shirt //  Original Penguin (Similar) Trousers  //  UGG Shoes  //  Daniel Wellington Watch


I don’t think I’ve ever put together a more unconventional color palette in one of my outfits before.  I’ve had this bow tie for a long time now, but had never worn it.  I thought I’d do something I wasn’t comfortable with, and match my outfit to the colors in the tie.  I just wish I had some gold jewelry to match the yellow stripe in the tie.

Bow tie - from thrift, and is the only bow tie I’ve ever seen that uses buttons at the base to adjust the tie length.  Has three shades of green stripes,three shades of purple stripes, one mustard yellow stripe and one tobacco brown stripe (although the lighting here does not convey that color scheme as well).

Button-down shirt - also from thrift, has collar stays, and is a pea/army green color.

V-neck lightweight sweater - in a woodsy brown color, from Destination XL, one of their in-house brands

Chinos - love love love these, my purple Tommy Hilfiger pants from Casual Male XL.

My brown hat is also from thrift, but my shoes are from Kohl’s,their Sonoma brand.


Suit Up For Spring

The Non-Traditional Way

Now that spring has finally sprung you’ve probably already started transitioning into lighter clothing like tees and white denim. But what about your suiting? While heavy tweeds and wools work well for fall and winter, spring time suiting calls for lightweight fabrics like seersucker, cotton, and linen. This year I’ve updated my seasonal suiting for spring with a cool oxford cotton gray suit. To keep it casual, I paired my suit with a graphic tee for a look that’s more “rooftop cocktails” than “business meeting.” You can even dress your spring suit down some more by wearing it as separates. Pair the jacket with denim and a tee, or sport the pants with a polo or lightweight crewneck sweater to get even more wear out of your suit. No matter how you wear it, a seasonal suit should definitely be on your spring must-have list.




in my colors

tiny drabble for ana, who tempted me with the siren song of bokuakas on winter hogsmeade dates. also because slytherin akaashi and gryffindor bokuto are my ultimate weaknesses.

harry potter au (kind of, if you squint, just go with it)

“You look cold.”

Akaashi shoves his fingers deeper into his pockets and tucks his chin down, wishing he’d thought to wear a heavier coat. He’d known it was cold; it’s been snowing for weeks, and the cold is always worst in the peak of winter, when it settles into everything the air touches and leaves no room for heat. The temperature must be negative, or close to it–and yet Bokuto seems not to mind at all.

“Well, it is cold, y’know,” Akaashi points out.

Not that one could tell from looking at Bokuto; he’s in thin gloves and a lightweight jacket over a sweater that Akaashi had essentially forced him to put on before they went out (because Bokuto’s the one who’d convinced Akaashi to go to Hogsmeade with him, and Akaashi’s not going to put up with Bokuto and the cold he would inevitably catch if he were allowed to dress the way he wanted). The biggest concession is the red-and-gold scarf draped around Bokuto’s neck like he’d never worn one before–and, coincidentally, that’s what Akaashi’s trying his best not to envy.

Bokuto notices and grins, wide, before he yanks his scarf out of its messy configuration of loops. He looks all too happy to be freed of its confines when he says, “Take mine! I’m too hot for it, anyway.”

Akaashi weighs his options, picks warmth over the admittedly undesirable alternative of freezing, and lets Bokuto sling the scarf around his neck with a good deal of carelessness. The fabric is soft from age and frequent wear–mostly because it’s one of the only items of winter wear that Bokuto ever uses–and it smells like spilled coffee and cologne and sweat. Akaashi knows that because the scarf is wrapped partially around his head. He has to tug it down under his nose to breathe properly; it’s just an added bonus that now he can see to level Bokuto with a proper glare.

As usual, Bokuto is undeterred; he steps closer still, and Akaashi’s brain goes a little haywire. Though, he supposes, this sort of progression makes sense: Bokuto had asked him out to Hogsmeade (rather, he’d bothered Akaashi about never leaving the grounds until Akaashi had finally relented), and now he’s giving Akaashi his scarf. All signs point to this excursion being less of an excuse to get out and more of a…well, more of a date. And Akaashi might be a bit of a bookworm, but he’s got a good idea of what’s supposed to happen on dates–specifically, that whole kissing thing, which does something odd and fluttery to Akaashi’s stomach, so he usually tries not to think about it.

However, if that is the case (and Akaashi thinks it is, because Bokuto’s looking down at him with nothing less than fondness, and when he smiles it’s wide and exuberant and warm enough to thaw ice), Akaashi has a few options. He could ruin the moment on his own and avoid the situation entirely, or he could turn away, decisive, and deal with the pouting that would inevitably follow.

(There’s a third option, which is: to let Bokuto kiss him, to reciprocate the way Akaashi’s wanted to do for months, to have his one obligatory cliche kiss amidst flurries of falling snow and nevermind the lack of mistletoe.)

(This third option is the most enticing. It is also the most frightening, because Akaashi doesn’t know for sure what will come after, and he can’t bring himself to guess.)

Akaashi’s split-second dilemma ends when Bokuto reaches around his shoulders, takes the ends of the scarf and says, “Here, let me tie it for ya.”

Bokuto is typically not one for personal space. This moment is no exception; Akaashi’s nose is pressed into Bokuto’s shoulder as he knots the scarf into what is likely a very poor attempt at a bow. Akaashi closes his eyes, leans against Bokuto in a gesture that could be passed off as a momentary lapse in balance, and is only mildly embarrassed by the deep breaths he needs to take to calm his heart.

In this brief reprieve from the weight of Bokuto’s gaze, Akaashi finds himself both slightly relieved and more disappointed than he’d like to admit. Akaashi thrives on sureties and probable outcomes, but Bokuto is all spontaneity and thrills and Akaashi likes those too, likes that about Bokuto, likes what that means when they’re together.

(Option three is the most frightening, but Akaashi thinks it could be the best chance he’ll ever take.)

“It looks good on you,” Bokuto says when he’s done, clearly proud, tone dangerously close to bragging.

Akaashi’s warmer now than he’s been since they left the grounds, and only part of that warmth is because of Bokuto’s scarf. He’ll blame the pink of his cheeks on the cold and Bokuto will be none the wiser.

“Don’t get used to it,” Akaashi says, but Bokuto slings an arm around his shoulders as they resume walking, and he thinks there’s a chance he could warm up to wearing red and gold.


yes… it’s that time again… pulling out trends and essentials for s/s out of my ass. just kidding.. except not.. this is just what i’m feelin’ for summer idk if i’m right or wrong every single time i do this


  • boho with a mix of edginess 
  • minimalism (like zara style) 
  • muted colors
  • denim cutoffs BUT not high waisted ones (shocking something not high waisted…) just regular shorts you wear at your hips. i’m talking about like the one teaspoon shorts.
  • sick ass oversized graphic tees
  • muscle tees
  • kimonos 
  • sleevless button downs
  • halter tops
  • fringe
  • anything lace/mesh/velvet/crochet/sheer
  • oversized everything
  • wearing an oversized top with cutoffs is literally everything to me that will probably be me everyday over summer 


  • high waisted shorts - light wash, dark wash, and black 
  • denim cutoffs - like i said i love the one teaspoon ones! and free people has some as well and they’re to die for 
  • bustiers
  • bralettes!!!!
  • oversized anything and everything - that goes for tshirts, tank tops, lightweight knits
  • basics - i fuckin love basics this goes back into the oversized thing i love oversized basics like all the ones from brandy 
  • slip dresses - i’ve expressed my love for slips in previous posts
  • basics with a “twist” - examples would be like an oversized tshirt with a bunch of holes in it, oversized tshirt with slits on the side, tank tops that have cool strappy backs etc etc etc 
  • knee high lace up boots
  • hats - i’m a sucker for wide brim hats it’s like an obsession that and i love snapbacks?? i have a rvca one and i love it  but mostly wide brim hats
  • lightweight sweaters/cardigans 
  • high top converse - black or white
  • nylon knee highs
  • a-line skirts 
  • sick vintage tshirts - i love vintage harley davidson and band tshirts 
  • a nice leather bag/backpack - especially if you’re going to a festival

this was all kind of repetitive i guess idk. but yeah if i think of anything else i will for sure add to the list and reblog it 


Bombers & Baggy Jeans

Business As Usual In My Winter Uniform

If you’re a creature of habit like myself, then you stick to what you know. For me that means going to my sartorial comfort zone in baggy jeans and bombers. This combo is pretty much my go-to when I want a casual, comfortable, no-fuss look so it made the perfect outfit this past weekend when I traveled to Philly for a little weekend getaway. I paired my “uniform” with a lightweight sweater - I can do that now…since the 40 degree weekend is practically a heatwave compared to last week - and my black zip-up boots which have been saving my feet all winter long. Of course, no trip would be manageable without a good carry-all, so I brought along my new backpack to stand in for my regular city “murse” - guys have stuff to carry too!


7 Diamonds Jacket  //  French Connection Sweater  //  Ernest Sewn Jeans  //  Carlo Pazolini Boots //  Skagen Backpack