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Could the ELF cosmetics poreless face primer be a possible dupe for Smashbox's photo finish face primer? I really like smashbox's primer, however paying 36 dollars for it is a little too much for a college student.

I think the best dupe of the Smashbox primer is actually Maybelline Baby Skin.  Both are clear, lightweight primers that blur pores without clogging them.  I might even venture so far to say that the Maybelline primer out performs the Smashbox primer in terms of smoothing the skin to perfection.

Maybelline Baby Skin Face Primer - $6

Hope this helps!

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anonymous asked:

Blending tips? X

I’m assuming you’re talking about blending eye makeup so here are my top 3 tips!

• I found that using lightweight primers instead of thick bases are easier to work with in terms of blending (creamier skin tone bases like MAC soft ochre paint pot gives more vibrance in colors though)
So I recommend Urban Decay primer potion or NARS smudgeproof eyeshadow base

 • Using a matte brown eyeshadow thats a few shades darker than your skintone into your crease will make the transitioning of your lid color to browbone much easier and it’ll save so much time and effort (fun fact: for this reason I couldn’t live without MAC wedge and soft brown)

• Blending everything with a clean blending brush will finish off everything and perfect it! (another fun fact: main reason why I love the MAC 217)

• I honestly think I’m lowkey genius for this idea but if before applying the transition shade and any other eyeshadow color, using a fluffy brush to apply a translucent powder on the upper crease towards the brow bone helps glide the transition shade and every eyeshadow blend SO seamlessly- i love this trick so much