Fourteen For February Fourteenth.

Title: Light Visions 3.3.0406

Copyright 2013 Patrick Daniel Trombly

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Light Visions 2.2.3106 - a picture in the 2nd Generation Series

Crafted with vision & purpose.  

What’s your vision?

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A Jackson Flying V Light Guitar.

Light Visions 4.2.9478

©Patrick Daniel Trombly 2013

All rights Reserved

A kinetic Photograph.

Lightvisions: Light Guitar.

Lightvisions is a form of Kinetic Photography utilizing, high speed intelligent lighting and elaborate set building. A open shutter is passed over a set in a particular motion and timing rendering vividly beautiful single exposure photographs with rich colors. There isn’t any post processing in the light images. We typically print these out on Red River Polar Metallic 80lb paper which is a incredible paper and looks simply amazing.

Over time we have been able to create many different sets and images so please stop by and have a look around, we would love to know what you think of the work.

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