Inking Velharthis chapter 10.

I sketch the pages first on 65 lb paper, then tape marker paper (20ish lb) over and trace. I’ve got a nice lap sized LightTracer light box. It’s especially good to use in winter, when it’s cold out. You warm right up!

I ink using a plain ol’ crow quill pen nib. These are replaceable and I go through a lot because I find the nib ends dull too regularly, and I like to have a large variety to my line weights without having to switch pens constantly. As the pen is one you have to dip in an ink well (just like in the old days), I use Speedball India Ink (easiest to find, and comes in big quantities). I usually keep the ink well in the box because it helps prevent spills.

For lines that must be drawn evenly with a ruler, I’ll use my Staedtler pens. The blacks won’t be as strong as with the India ink, but you can fix that later on the computer.