❝Rogue Squadron.❞
                                           ❝This is Rogue Leader.❞
❝Abort mission.❞

It has only been a few weeks since I last hit a new milestone… Here I’m sitting at my desk, nursing a migraine, not entirely believing that I’ve hit another one last week…

I know I haven’t been quite active lately due to my health being a little weak. I’m much better though. 

So anyway, I’m tired and blabbering. I just wanted to thank you all and let you know that I appreciate and love every single one of you!

Thank you for being part of my tumblr life :P.

Here’s a little list of people I love and I admire. 

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I just recently hit 400 followers. I really can’t believe it, you guys are amazing. In honor of this, I’m going to do a follow forever.

A: @abcnded, @agentsideburns, @albionshope, @a-moth-to-flame @artful-deception, @arvelbhux, @ask-first-order-elite-pilot, @ask-mitaka, @askpadme

B: @bencannolikenobi, @bigdeal-2187, @bigtrooperbeau, @blonde-in-the-cockpit, @bloodofmygrandfather, @bornamidala, @bounty-hunting-mando

C: @calledbythelight, @chromecaptain, @circe-aurelius, @ckhaostheory, @classifiedxrey, @conflictedknight, @corelliann, @cracked-kyber-crystal, @crylcrcn, @cxrellian

D: @dahliancgra, @damcron, @darksidewalker, @daughterof-solo, @dediicated, @desertdwellingscavenger, @destruxi, @detachedsleevesftw, @dirkrennic, @disheveleddarkness, @dominavis, @duplicis, @dxrkforce

E: @edgy-as-fuckk, @emberleigh-daya, @evilspacetrash, @exculpationism

F: @fcrceisms, @fcrgiveme, @finishwhatyxustarted, @finishwhxtyoustartxd, @firstcrderlieutenant, @first-disorder, @first-order-fuckboy, @flyboypoedameron, @forcetaken, @formayhcm, @fulfillingdestiny

G: @galaxyslasthope, @gary-hux, @generalsprotege

H: @heirofthefallenempire, @helluvapilxt, @hopeofreturning, @huntedbyastranger, @hux-ward

I: @i-am-the-multiverse, @ifeelitagain, @illvolition, @im-millicent-the-cat, @imncone, @imperial-director-krennic

J: @jediikiller, @jedionthemount, @jundlcndwastes, @just-a-lieutenant, @jxstascavenger

K: @keeperoftheliars, @kith-antilles, @knightiisms, @knightofduality, @knight-with-the-red-saber, @kylobenjaminren, @kylocanyounot

L: @ladysiith, @lastknightofren, @lightspeeding, @lighttempted, @likemyfather, @lonelybrokencreature, @lordofren, @ltxmitaka, @lxttleredd

M: @manichaeisms, @maskedmcnster, @maskedterror, @master-jedi-shaak-ti, @masterkylcren, @max-hux, @meowicent, @ministerofloth-cats, @mjxlnxr, @molliatenebris

N: @neverxtellxmexthexodds, @not-bensolo

O: @obiwankeno-bae, @ofdarkershadows, @oflightrey, @olivia-hux, @omgdontcallmeben, @onmycxmmand

P: @pacifistduchess, @petitehux, @petty-officer-thanisson, @phsycophant, @prodigalsolo

R: @rebelgeneralleia, @rebellioustrooper, @rebelsandxwings, @redsabcr, @rejuvenatiion, @reniisms, @reserve, @resoluteadmiral, @reyofsands, @rey-skygirl, @reyxofjakku, @rollingmapcarrier, @rxnkylo

S: @scavxngerscxm, @serratedlight, @silrens, @sinsof-ourfathers, @sithofren, @sithsided, @smugglerdax, @smugglingscavanger, @snokesupreme, @solaevis, @sonoftheforce, @stillwciting, @sunderedforce

T: @tcrmentedpcwer, @techsided, @textsfromthefinalizer, @thecallfromlight, @thelxght, @themasterofren, @therevanchistknight, @the-scavengergirl, @thescavengerx, @thesonofsolo, @thetruthsweclingto, @thismuchgreen, @tornbetweensides, @traya-ren, @txrkin​, @txrncoat

V: @vaderiisms​, @vadersdestiny​, @vilecrowned

W: @waysxftheforce​, @whatyoustartcd​, @wrxckage

X: @xresistancefighter​, @xwingacepilot

Z: @zecheriah-hux

                     SOULLESS ;    So, I’m halfway to a the biggest milestone I’ve ever had on a female oc and I’m jUST??? FLOORED. Since my revamp the outpouring of love & support I’ve received has been astronomical and I am so incredibly humbled. You guys are such a HUGE part of my life and I cherish each and every one of you. You are all so talented and creative it’s an honor to interact with you. Whether we have been following each other for years, weeks, or days, I admire the hell out of your portrayals, as well as WONDERFUL people behind them. For old friends, I love you dearly, for new friends, I very much look forward to getting to know you all better. Thank you so much for sticking around <3333333333

@antagxnized / @astramessianic / @ahphra@alleyspat / @alabastrined  / @ancnomes@arielshepard / @apastrron /  @akuzing / @blckvcnom / @barbavior / @bvtcher / @crxella / @croique / @culebral@cagcdbird / @cannifatale / @cosmichymns / @dissolvedshadows / @devourshim / @datseabass / @dookdookdook / @eyesofwater / @empireworthy / @ensnarer@eaglehoe / @elcnath / @eggspionage / @feedingfrcnzy / @fewkarats / @fracturedportrait / @finesuicide@falsegcd / @fatalistichymns / @fcrtuneboy / @godcoded / @grimherald / @halfhell / @hclywcrs / @harlemforged / @ignte / @influencedbyfear / @ingriimes / @infcrnalking / @imperatorre / @jaxonsawyer / @kniivesandlint / @kxllercolt / @krivicudo / @kaledvoul / @lightdeath / @lolgrave / @lighttempted / @lookuponyourwork / @moranument / @metallsinne / @manipulatcr / @miimicked / @missicnreport / @murderfiend@midnightriider / @nogcd / @nosouthpaw / @outlawiism / @ofeterniiity / @porticosdaughter / @padshiy / @persuadedparticipant / @perilist / @purehubris / @revvupyourharley / @radiasi / @royalsadist / @roxannemorton / @redsabcr / @showmaxter / @siihas@swordriven / @silverheartsilverskin / @scythiun / @secretusreginam / @spoopyarsonist / @spacetol / @spiritsensed / @starchillcd / @strongvoice / @spookylxstbirds@trcmblings@thedestrcyer / @urulxce / @undevelopedisms / @voleurie / @varakaar / @vasilyevna / @wrxckage@wovenintoreality@wildhearted / @warsarch / @whoopsiedaisy / @xaedificare / @xstrange / @xvitvarg / @youmaythinkyouknowme / @ziinariya

 replied to your photoI keep saying ‘I’ll sleep early tonight but then…

I DO THE SAME THING AHHHHH!! XD Also, your headphones rock!

yes!!!! ok good i feel like a loser sometimes i’ve got the biggest music boner. and aaAAA thank you!

lighttemptations replied to your photoI keep saying ‘I’ll sleep early tonight but then…


hahahAHHA NOPE (only 4 u)

 replied to your postWhat if the first song i learnt on guitar was How…

woosh missed that reference - mine was the Super Mario Theme or Gerudo Valley lawl but all really short and shit. SMOKE ON THE WAAATER

hOMESTUCK mim just think its homestuck and you’re probably about 99% correct. Also woW ok Gerudo Valley das cool!!

Holy frick you guys!! I didn’t know how well the fandom would take to a Sith ! Rey in the beginning but y’all have been so incredibly warm && welcoming, I’ve had an absolute blast here. I love my girl Rey more than I love most things in the world and the reception she has received fills my heart to the brim! TFA reignited my adoration of Star Wars && everyone here has kept it burning for the past five months. I have made so many incredible friends along the way. You are all such wonderful, creative people, I’m truly lucky and blessed to have you in my life, to create such enthralling stories with you, && to read what you share with us. This is only the beginning! I eagerly await the next two films, && all the character development and craziness that is likely to ensue. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for sticking around w/ my slow ass. You are all divine <3333333

@antagxnized / @alderaanheir / @aanakin-skywalker /  @aceofcaydes / @arielshepard / @atlasvein / @artcfwar@abelcth / @anvbiis / @brideofsparda & @kannonbiraki / @beststarpilot & @dediicated / @bioticiisms / / @blckvcnom / @cptphasma@calisvol & @chodesh / @crownedsadism / @chasiingfreedom /  @crgana & @mxtari / @deadsolo / @diedherway / @demonkiiller / @protivach@darkenedvow / @dutyslain / @darkdevours / @dysphoiras / @disacquiesce / @disthvmia@eyesofwater / @forcemeadow / @faculaed / @fatresumbra / @fademarking / @flycasxal / @fcrcepilot / @fracturedson / @finesuicide / @fewkarats / @feltloss / @forcetaken@featherdicks / @fearridden & @midnightriider@garmrr / @gunnerychief / @halfhell / @heardroar / @ignte / @illripyourthroat & @spacepiratemaz  / @imperatorre / @iamnowarrior / @jedimessiah / @jediveined / @khuravhi@khagaan / @kcnobiating / @lieutenantbae@lightpaved / @leviiora@lighttempted / @legacydecay / @legacia / @luxbringer / @mutantfirst & @nephii / @martyriou / @mcsmirky / @matriarkh /  @makersjoy & @shepcrd / @porticosdaughter / @persuadedparticipant / @perilist / @paramounticebound / @punchedagod / @radiasi / @redsabcr@streetratted / @silverheartsilverskin / @sunworn / @saintlyhart@starchillcd / @siihas@toshootfirst / @thedestrcyer / @txlon / @tyranusss@transcendedhumanity / @unseenmockingjay / @vckarian / @vasilyevna / @whiiskeystained / @wardestined / @xaedificare / @youmaythinkyouknowme / @yavinian / @zabrakmaul /

I’d also like to give a shout out to a few specific people that have made a huge impact on me && my muse, they are below the cut <3333

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So I’ve reached my first milestone on this rebooted blog and I feel so honored. I am unable to put words enough to praise how grateful I am to have you people around. Old and newcomers, I am blessed that you have found this blog to your liking. This list is for the people that have made this journey in the SW fandom pleasant. People who has entertained me and my muse as much as people I admire from afar. I must admit that it’s late and I’m sure I’ve forgot a bunch of you. I am having trouble with tumblr at the moment so I’m sorry if I missed any of you. Please don’t hate me… I love you. 

Without further ado, here is a little of people I cherish (in no particular order):

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