lightskin chicks

Don’t trust no black man who posts hella white porn and lightskinned chicks… Like, if 90%+ of their content is that, keep away

If they wanna show off their internalized racism via this website, take it as a bigass red flag

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I'm tired of all these basic fanfics. They're ALL the same. The main chick is lightskin and Slim thick with curly long hair who falls in love with a drug dealer or thug or something and then they arguments and breakups and then reconcile and then become a family and they lived happily ever after. Like where's the originality?

Lol I feel you but tbh it’s stories that is not like that for instance ;

It’s more but here is a few I read

Naruto/Hinata is so bad considering Naruto could’ve gotten with that thicc ass lightskin chick from the cloud village

you know who im talking about