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May 28th, 2014

The Professional level. The Personal. There’s a fine line between the two, but where does it truly start? Surely, we post things on social media about our personal outlook on life, a nifty video, a witty quote or comic strip, or even light propaganda. Social media can be used for direct communication, making it a good source for publicity. But when you direct things that are meant to be professional, it’s usually done in a sense where punctuation and spelling are accurate. There’s been many cases where people who hold leadership positions who have to think about what they say and post at times, since there is a role to set. It’s kind of ironic that we used to live in a society where we’d never share our lives unless we found it was completely necessary to. Now that we have the option to bring up a feed for all our friends to see, it becomes inevitable that we post about absolutely everything. Life’s there to make you laugh, cry, teach you new things, and to test your greatest extents. Of course, there has to be a fine line in between what is publicized and what is kept to ourselves. Sometimes, more than a schedule needs to be kept in order to make time for both lives. When the people you work with eventually become your friends, there needs to be an establishment where everything needs to crack down as well as have fun with one another. True balance is what keeps a good and healthy team together. Being assertive as well as a gregarious person is hard, and may seem difficult to switch between the two, but highly necessary if you want a team to work together and excel. It’s good to keep everyone on the same page and to know that we need to keep certain things to ourselves, and remember the example we have to show to the world. The example that we make.. and the impact that we will leave in years to come. The impact that people will remember us by. 

- - - -

Defining the line of professional and personal may take some sit-down time to think about. Going through this as President has definitely taught me a lot. When in that position, I was representing my own club. I was the face, being the liasion to other collaborating service organizations. Creating ties and keeping a professional etiquette was essential.

- - - -

Sometimes we forget about things that we’ve learned. It’s nice to relearn about these barriers again.