“That lightsaber… It belongs to me.”

“Come get it.”

Fem Finn: Victory Cosplay / @queenofdoom

Fem Kylo: Mistress of Fear / @mistressovfear

Photographer: Trevor Toma

more photos from this shoot here

Our fav resident badass, @800lbproductions delivers once again, this time with a commission of Kylo Ren vs. Rey, entitled “You need a teacher!”

667 Days until the Han Solo Movie

506 Days until Episode VIII










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by saltandlimes

Hux has a fantasy, Ren owes a favor, and lightsabers are used in ways they were never intended to be used.

Words: 2032, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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everything about aotc is iconic

  • padme changing costumes 20 times
  • obi-wan looking like a cross between jesus and billy ray cyrus
  • my young padawan
  • the sand discourse
  • floating space pear
  • anakin admitting he supports dictatorship
  • the jedi just waving their lightsabers around randomly
  • anakin thinking the best way to seduce padme is to tell her about how torturous his feelings for her are
  • the origins of sith lord jar jar

monsterscavenger  asked:

prompt: jealous kylo, because he's everything.

Here you are, dear ( I was in a rush to complete this, so please forgive any spelling errors or things of the like, and the same goes for the last piece that I wrote 😊 ) !

———————————————————– It took everything he had not to draw his lightsaber as he watched her mingle with senators and other prominent political figures across the ballroom. The empress that he had been assigned to protect was very good at dissuading any suspicion of a relationship that spelled so much danger for them, each deciding that the small and gentle moments they shared away from the eyes of the public far outweighed any Jedi or political code that spoke against it.

She flitted about with a natural grace in her steps, and every once in awhile, she graced him with a small, but bright smile as their eyes locked for only a few wonderful seconds at a time. He was so happy that she’d finally given in to the desire that he’d been enduring for months on end, every thought or dream being of her.

The time they spent alone and even time in the public that he was able to spend with her were things that, to him, would be ones that he could always treasure, but as he watched her dance with other politicians, he could not help but to look away every so often as images and thoughts of Rey, his empress and secret consort, deciding that she fancied some other life form that was far less deserving of her him.

His lightsaber began to grow warm under his hold and the irritation and frustration coiled within him when one of the male human senators she was currently dancing with moved a hand down over the bare skin that the back of her dress did not reach. The man was not deserving of the wondrous gift of touching her, but she kept her expression stoic and unfeeling as they moved around the floor in dance of what felt like courtship to him. Kylo grabbed a small Kibi strip from a sliver platter that passed by him, the need to satiate a sour tongue soon becoming difficult to quench.

His empress looked like a shining constellation in the midnight blue dress that was cut high over one of her legs so that the beautiful golden skin was displayed for all to see. The bodice of the dress was fitted, but no sleeves connected to it, the sleeve instead connecting to each of the silver armbands that adorned the top of her arms. The sleeves flowed freely around her, the sheer whiteness of them matching beautifully with the silver band that circled around the messy bun. She looked beautiful as she always did, but he ached to have his own arms around her waist and back. To have his own lips caress the smooth skin of her face and body.

He fumed as the other senator brushed his hand along her jaw, a pang of hurt hitting him with she finally blessed the other man with a small smile.

“He means nothing to me, my darling. No one will ever mean more to me than you. If we are to make this work, I must throw off as much suspicion as I can. You know that.”

Her sweet and tender voice echoed through his mind, the Force-bond they shared instantly coming to life at her will to open it to him. Her voice was like the sweetest honey to him, and though he trusted her, he was still angered and flustered at the attempts of the other senator.

“I trust you, Rey, but I cannot help but to be saddened that I am not at the receiving end of your touch. You know how I am during these events. He is probably better for you, anyway.”

Across the ballroom, she was spun around by he other man, but when she came back around, her eyes darted around to she found his, the compassion and tenderness in them almost making him melt with the feelings that he had for her.

“If I could have you in my arms, Force, you know I would, my love. I do not want this man to be touching me, but I’ve told you that I must do this for us to be less conspicuous. I promise when this event is over, I’ll make it all up to you.”

Her gentle and mellifluous tone made his hand fall away from the lightsaber, his gaze never willing to leave her as she was spun around again. He may not have held a kind disposition toward the senator that was holding his empress, but he would be damned if he didn’t believe her when she spoke so sweetly and sincerely to him about something he was too self-conscious to remind himself of. The senator took her hand and placed a kiss on it, excitement and joy bubbling within him as her eyes fixed on Kylo’s with a warm and light smile that was rising at the corners of the mouth that she would allow him to worship later.

“As you say, my empress.”

Dear Little Boba fic

The song lyrics were ripped off from “Dear Theodosia” from Hamilton.

Thanks to @markwatnae for proofreading it! 8D For @jhaernyl and @marloviandevil because they made me ship Obi/Jango, and my attempt at writing that turned into this. XD

Mando’a used (italicized): Buir (father/mother), ‘lek (yeah; shortened of elek, which is yes), vod’ika (little brother)

Jango smiled as he watched Obi Wan help Boba hold the bo-staff as one would hold a lightsaber. It hadn’t been something he had planned on doing; falling in love with Obi Wan, and subsequently raising Boba with him. Of course, when Boba had first been handed to him, he had made a lot of promises, and none of them changed when Jango moved in with Obi Wan, ten years later.

~Dear little Boba… What to, say to you…~

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The signs as EXO’s lyrics (in English)

Aries: “love is a sickness, an addiction, overdose, it’s harder to control as time goes by, I’m falling in deeper and deeper” -Overdose

Taurus: “all you need to do is take my hand” -CALL ME BABY

Gemini: “even if nothing is for certain, and even if I cannot make any promises on it” -El Dorado

Cancer: “spilling forth like stars, defying the darkness, it’s time for me to make you bloom” -Lightsaber

Leo: “day by day, I secretly wrote you a letter, and that’s what I wrote at the end, although I’ve never given it to you” -XOXO

Virgo: “something hidden inside me has opened its eyes” -Wolf

Libra: “I’m like an antinomy to you, but I’m part of you” -Monster

Scorpio: “so tonight, let’s run to the end of the moon” -LOVE ME RIGHT

Sagittarius: “in case you don’t know, I’m warning you, listen carefully, you’re in danger right now” -Growl

Capricorn: “oh baby baby baby, you’re as dangerous as you’re elctrfying” -Transformer

Aquarius: “there’s no answer so I just blankly satred” -Transformer

Pisces: “yeah, it’s a stupid thought, but what if” - 첫 눈 (First Snow)

janiedean  asked:

okay but in reverse to what we said last day, pls consider the tfa new characters (I mean, light side trio and dark side trio) crashlanding in westeros with no ties to go back where they came from and no way to contact their bases whatsoever. discuss.

Rey rescues Theon Greyjoy and lightsabers Ramsay Snow in the face on the way out, bc the mental image in my head is an absolute beauty. she and Theon proceed to have probably the most darkly hilarious road trip in the history of road trips. (“you’ve never seen the SEA????” “I grew up in a desert, the only sea I ever saw was made of SAND.”)

Finn ends up on the Wall. Finn becomes great friends with Jon Snow and they make an Alliance and everything, and also Finn’s like “ok dude did you know you’re Force-sensitive, I AM TOO” “what the fuck is that” “hoo boy” (Finn is not equipped to do this teaching thing but by GOD is he going to try).

Poe ends up in Braavos! Poe takes Arya in, and then they head deeper into Essos, and through a number of circumstances Poe ends up charming Daenerys Targaryen as well. actually Poe manages to charm the pants off everyone, not actually literally bc he and Rey and Finn are quite happy thanks but FIGURATIVELY pants are being charmed off people.

meanwhile, Hux and Cersei are pretending to get along but are secretly plotting to murder each other, possibly through use of explosions.

Kylo Ren’s getting his ass handed to him by the sun in Dorne. I can’t be arsed to think of much more than that for him bc I don’t really give twenty shits for Kylo Ren beyond “well Anakin and Padmé are Embarrassed for him”.

Phasma and Brienne do not LIKE each other, man, they have opposing views on everything, but holy shit they look uncannily alike. Jaime may or may not be having a lot of, uh, very interesting dreams featuring the both of them right now.

corelliasfinest  asked:

tell me more about han's awful jedi training in the time traveler au

OH MY GOD okay.

as stated before, Han does not use a lightsaber. at least, not for its intended purpose. the hilt serves as a great blunt instrument, bc some of the scrapes they get into require a lot of blunt force trauma to get out of. he built said lightsaber with the understanding that he would prob use its blade VERY RARELY outside of training and the occasional laser-cutting and that its hilt would see a lot more use.

(basically it’s a club. a club made out of starship parts that can laser you in the face. but still a club.

and boy can it hit.)

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