Gifts of the Heart (Newt x Reader)

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For a lovely anon who requested: could i request a fic about Christmas gifts with newt? thanks so much :)

Words: ~1500

Rating: Flattered and overwhelmed loving fluffy Newt that leads to fluffy cuddles that may kill you all <3

Hope you enjoy!

New York’s normally blackened streets were coated in a fresh blanket of crisp snow, streetlamps illuminating the occasional passerby and the wreaths that hung on almost every door along the street. You found yourself tracing the frost on the border of the  window as you waited impatiently for a certain wizard to meet you in the living room.

You and Newt had developed a small tradition of exchanging your last Christmas gifts with one another after the normal festivities and gift giving earlier in the evening with friends. This year your gift had taken all your effort and time, sketching and coloring every creature in the wizard’s wonderful case for him to use in his book. You were nervous and excited, hoping he would approve of them and find them useful.

Queenie and Jacob had gone out for the evening, and Tina was working late into the night on a special case that could keep her out until morning. You didn’t mind, though, since you found this little gift exchange to be more meaningful when in private. You cared deeply for the magizoologist, practically head-over-heels the day he opened up to you and showed you his creatures that you now helped care for. You considered that he felt the same, with the stolen glances he took when he thought you weren’t looking, or the way he would stammer when you complimented him. Newt was a bit on the shy side when it came to flirtation and all, but you knew deep down the feeling was mutual.

Your train of thought was broken when you heard rapid footsteps entered the living room, turning to find your wizard a bit disheveled, but seemingly excited regardless. “Terribly sorry, the Niffler got ahold of your gift, the little thief.” Newt smiled sheepishly, adjusting the collar of his vest and rolling up his off-white sleeves as he took a seat on the sofa that sat before the lighted Christmas tree and roaring fireplace.

Laughing, you plopped down next to him with a giddish grin, “I’m guessing my gift is a bit on the shiny side, then?”

“Very,” he chuckled back, handing you a delicately wrapped small box with a bright red bow on top.

You giggled with excitement, carefully unwrapping the present and opening the small velvet box to reveal a shimmering silver necklace. Elaborately worked silver twisted and turned into intricate designs within the emerald heart-shaped pendant, you had never seen anything like it. “It’s um, of my own design…” he explained, watching your expression of wonderment with a smile.

“Newt, it’s beautiful,” you told him breathlessly in amazement, admiring the way the emerald resembled the wizard’s equally shimmering eyes. “Thank you,”

“I-I’m glad you like it,” Newt grinned, your positive reaction making him feel a bit braver than usual as he asked, “I can put it on for you, um, if you’d like?”

You beamed at the shy wizard as you handed him the necklace, “I’d love that.”

You turned and pulled your H/C hair out of the way as Newt draped the jewelry over your neck. The cool metal raised goosebumps along your collarbone as he clasped the hook, his fingers lingering at the nape of your neck longer than necessary before he pulled back and gingerly rearranged your H/C locks. “Beautiful.” he murmured.

“You haven’t even seen it yet,” you turned around with a chuckle as his cheeks flushed in response.

“I-I know, I wasn’t exactly talking about the…necklace…” he trailed off, avoiding your E/C gaze with his characteristic half-smile. His words made your heart jump, and you flashed him a gracious smile before handing him your gift.

“These are for you.” you inhaled deeply in anticipation as Newt gratefully accepted the wrapped package, opening it delicately and gingerly pulling out the pile of sketches.

You couldn’t quite read the expression on his face as he stared at the bright Bowtruckle on the top page. “Y/n…these are just…”

Your heart plummeted, reprimanding thoughts swirling in your mind for thinking this could compare to his own gift, perhaps you should have made him a scarf instead, or spent more time on coloring, or–

“These are magnificent!”

You swallowed thickly, part of your mind almost not allowing you to believe his words. “You like them?” you chirped, feeling your chest lighten as Newt grinned and began flipping through your pieces rapidly.

“Y/n, I adore them, these are perfect, more than I deserve, thank you,” he rambled, his eyes lighting up as he observed each piece. “These are simply marvelous, they must have taken ages–”

His showering of compliments and praise came to an abrupt halt when he got to the bottom of the pile. You glanced down and swore your heart skipped a beat altogether at the sight of familiar watercolor freckles and lively sketched herbal eyes.

You had drawn that just the other evening in the magical case, while Newt was tending to the Occamys. You had attempted to capture his face of joy and contentment, as you loved seeing him that way and had a tendency to doodle him in the margins of most of your other work. You had forgotten you left it in the same pile as your creature art pieces…

“Is this…h-how you see me?” Newt mumbled, voice breathless in awe as he looked back to the drawing, seeming to choose his next words carefully. “I’m so…honored.”

You observed in wonderment as the magizoologist swallowed back tears that brimmed his seafoam eyes as he tilted his head thoughtfully. He absorbed every detail you had drawn, from the perfectly placed freckles to the curvature of his amused smile, so precise and carefully executed. He felt his cheeks heat at the thought of how long you must have studied him to have captured his likeness so well. Not that he minded, of course, if anything it gave him a sense of pleasure he was able to hold your very-much-desired attention for long periods of time.

You felt your heart leap again when Newt’s gaze flickered to the writing at the bottom, his thumb gingerly tracing the messily sketched title, a grin spreading across his face as he quietly read it out loud, “My…beloved…”

A moment of quiet settled in the room, save for the crackling of the fireplace, its heat unable to prevent the titillated goosebumps that rose on your skin when Newt read your caption aloud. You gnawed at your bottom lip anxiously when he looked up to you with an expression of complete adoration that bordered on idolization. “D-do you mean that?” he asked tentatively, voice shaky and breathless in anticipation and longing.

You felt your heart practically melt at the sincerity that lined his glossy herbal eyes, a genuine smile of affection cracking across your face as you admittedly sighed, “Always.”

Newt gave what could be described as a halfway point between a sob and chuckle, relief evident as his shoulders relaxed, though his eyes were attentive and reflected disbelief as he glanced between you and the drawing. He quickly placed it aside, sniffing slightly as he blinked away forming tears, looking to you once more.

“I too…cherish you, Y/n.”

You felt your own knot in your throat threaten to form tears at his heartfelt confession, though you found the emotionally overwhelmed magizoologist shed enough for the both of you. “Oh, Newt…” you cooed, cupping his face and gently stroking his tears away compassionately.

Newt seemed to melt into your touch, giving a watery chuckle as he raised his hands to cover yours. He opened his mouth to apologize for his ridiculous reaction, though he could only give a sharp inhale as you ever-so-gently planted a tender kiss to his freckled nose. He gripped your hands tightly, the sensation having sent waves of reassurance that calmed him completely.  

You gently pulled his head downward as you leaned back into the couch, coaxing him to lie down and rest on your chest as you immediately set to running your fingers through his cinnamon-dusted golden curls. Newt’s arms instinctively wrapped around your waist as he relaxed into your soothing touch, inhaling deeply as his eyes fluttered closed in pure bliss.

The two of you remained that way for the night, cuddled on the couch, legs tangled but comfortable, and arms embracing with the utmost of affection as your fingers trailed from his neck, through his soft locks, and back again in a steady rhythm. The hours drifted on, warm, peaceful, and comforting. You pondered how nothing felt more natural than this moment with the slumbering magizoologist in your arms.

As if on cue, Newt nuzzled further into your embrace, sighing in satisfaction in his sleep. You sleepily glanced at his content expression as he dreamed comfortably, mouth slightly ajar and eyes fluttering in deep sleep. You found yourself tracing along his freckles, fingers ghosting over invisible constellations that intrigued you to no end.

Newt shifted slightly, making you pause in your freckle-mapping as he seemed to murmur in his dreaming. “What was that?” you asked softly with a giggle, not expecting an answer, let alone the one you received.

“ you.” he sighed, devoted, gentle, and completely smitten.

You felt yourself smile as he drifted off again, your thoughts occupied by your beloved wizard as you too succumbed to the pull of sleep in the comfort of his presence.

You couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift.   

Hope you enjoyed!

A big thank you to all those who like/reblog and leave such lovely comments that make my day, it’s a pleasure to write for you all. <3

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heyy i cant seem to find the rules but im wondering do you accept poly ask? if so then can you write a scenario of oikawa kuroo and their so having a movie night but the boys choose horror movie and they know shes not good with scary things, thankyou

Not sure about Admin Jen, but Admin Emma is all about polyships! I made this a bit more gender neutral, I hope that’s ok! 
~Admin Emma


“Come on, ____-chan–”

“Absolutely not.”

“You’re being kind of a baby.”

“I’m being a baby? We have dozens of Halloween-themed movies and you had to go and choose the one horror movie we own? Why do we even have Ju-On anyway? We never watch it!”

“Specifically for this type of situation!”

“Tooru, that doesn’t really make sense.”

“Whose side are you on, Tetsu-chan? I am legitimately hurt!”

You sighed, raking your hand through your hair. You loved your two idiots, but once Kuroo and Oikawa started bickering about something, there was no stopping them. It was always good natured, but it still grated on your nerves. You’d been going back and forth for the better part of an hour trying to figure out what to do for your movie-marathon night. Where Halloween fell on a work night for all of you, you wanted to devote Friday night to fun and spooky movies and enough candy to make yourself sick just in time for Iwaizumi’s party on Saturday night. It had all started out just fine–Tooru insisted on ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ for his horror pick, and given how old and campy it was, you didn’t mind. Kuroo wanted ‘Psycho,’ and that was a bonafide classic, while you had chosen ‘Dracula,’ the original Hammer production, of course. The rest of the stack was mostly fun and light stuff–’Nightmare Before Christmas’ and ‘Hocus Pocus’ and the like. They’d even let you cue up the “Halloween” episode of ‘Ouran…’ and you were thrilled for that. But for some reason, Oikawa had gotten it in his head that he wanted to watch ‘The Grudge’ and you didn’t think you could handle that.

“I’m as big a fan of creepy chicks herky-jerking their way out of plastic bags and ripping off people’s jaws as the next guy,” Kuroo said dryly, making you squeak a bit. You hated the ending of that fucking movie. “But Tooru, I have to know–why Ju-On? You’re afraid of Sadako, and the girl from that is easily ten times worse.”

“Well…” Oikawa twisted the DVD case over and over in his hands. “I mean… it’s just a movie, yeah? Halloween is supposed to be about horror movies, yeah? Plus, we’re going to watch the fun movies after. We can watch it first!”

“Alright, fine! I’m getting started on the popcorn, you two the movie cued up,” you said.

“Yay! Thanks ____-chan! I promise, it’ll be fun! You can even snuggle us when you get scared!”

“Come on, you goober,” Kuroo laughed, wrapping his arm around Oikawa’s neck and ruffling his hair.

“Ow! Mean Tetsu-chan! And I am not a goober! I am too perfect to be a goober!”

“Maybe a perfect idiot!”

You shook your head, fixing up the snacks, before settling down on the massive couch, situated between your boyfriends. They were both idiots, and hell, they were even fine during the first parts of the movie. Kayako didn’t freak you out as much as, say, Sadako; you were even able to distract yourself when Kayako’s freaky cat-howl (which normally scared you to pieces) sent Kuroo’s geriatric, fat black cat, Gumball, fleeing from the room in terror.

But then the sound… that sound. That stupid gurgle that sent shivers down your spine and guaranteed you nightmares for the rest of the week. You took the pillow and jammed your face into it, no longer paying attention to the movie, or the fact that your boyfriends had gone very quiet. You nearly jumped out of your skin when you felt Oikawa’s arms snake around your shoulders.

“Tetsurou, switch out for ‘Nightmare…’ would you?” He was rubbing gentle circles against your back, humming tunelessly under his breath. It was a soothing sound. “I’m sorry, ____-chan. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok, Tooru,” you responded, still not pulling your face from the pillow. “It’s not a big deal. You can finish your movie.”

“It’s not fun if you’re not having fun,” Oikawa protested. “We’ll watch whatever you want. I’m sorry.”

“Please stop apologizing, Tooru,” you said, leaning into his chest. You felt Kuroo curl up against your hip, his beautiful, long fingers drawing soothing shapes against your skin. “I’ve got my best guys. I’ll be alright.”

But they did learn that night–movie nights had better cuddles when you were happy rather than scared.


Ask Ethan: Could We Reach The Speed Of Light By Christmas?

“In a book I read recently the author tried to explain Einstein’s twin paradox by imagining a space ship accelerating at one “g” for 20 years then returning […] is it actually possible to accelerate at one g for any thing like twenty years? Doing the math, if one starts out at New Year’s Day and accelerates at 32 feet per second per second one would attain light speed before Christmas. How would one continue to accelerate beyond that?”

So you’ve got dreams of interstellar travel. do you? And you don’t want to wait for multiple generations to come and go before we get there; you want to make it happen in a single human lifetime. The most straightforward strategy of all is to accelerate in one direction at 1g for some time, turn around mid-flight, and decelerate so that you’ll reach your destination at a reasonably low speed. With current technology, this is woefully impossible, as the energies required – as well as the fuel masses you’d need – are simply too great. But with antimatter technology, accelerating close to the speed of light is a real possibility. Reaching it or exceeding it, though?

Special relativity simply won’t allow it. Come learn all about our dreams for reaching the speed of light by Christmas, and how close we can actually get!

2.1k of romantic sappy fluff. they dance to billie holiday. (ao3)

It’s not that Dean would say he’s a romantic, per se.

Sure, he likes doing things for Cas that he doesn’t really have to. Sam can make fun of him all he wants but the smile that Cas gets whenever Dean brings him flowers or honey from the farmers market is worth all of that grief and more.

And yeah, ok, maybe Dean has made Cas breakfast in bed just because he felt like it a time or twelve. Is it a crime to want to eat waffles in bed with his best friend?

And okay, just because their first kiss was in the rain while they were fighting on a dock, that doesn’t mean anything. It’s not like Dean went to that dock after their fight on purpose, okay? That was just - that was the universe. If the universe wanted there to be some sort of Notebook vibe, who was Dean to argue with it?

Dean wouldn’t say he’s a romantic, but Dean doesn’t say a lot of things.

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